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Pallet trucks are great complementary material handling types of equipment.  Most of you must have ever managed to cope with the seasonal busy period in your fruit farming. Have you ever lost the perfect harvest time due to a lack of material handling tools? Most owners in the fruit farms have experienced such peaks activity or exceptional events such as falls and fruit picking period.How can pallet trucks help on fruit farming applications

CUBLiFT is in the right position to react and help you quickly to offer you the right material handling tool to cope with the increased demands.

CUBLiFT pallet trucks include the following types:

Manual pallet trucks

Electric Pallet trucks

Pallet stackers

Electric pallet stackers

And more other CUBLiFT pallet trucks for your options as per different environment’s needs.

Boost material handling efficiency

If your applications are to store the fruits in your refrigerated storage. Sturdy structured hand pallet jack and pallet stackers will be easy and flexible tools that help you lift and load the fruits pallets in your warehouse sites.

The aforesaid mentioned pallet trucks are surely ideal lifting/loading solutions to cope with the large quantity fruits harvesting, loading, storing, and process especially when you face a particular challenge of a deadline.

If you are in the procedure of fruit deep processing, you may need pallet stackers, pallet drum lifters during the production as well.

Keep fruits storage running smoothly.

Fruits harvesting is always a race between humans and seasons/time. The extreme weather and lack of labor can be obstacles to your business. This may require quick response on putting the material handling equipment in position.

CUBLiFT pallet trucks are available in various capacities and loading/stacking ways, which will have your fruit storage running smoothly and boost the material handling capacity.

We are here to help

CUBLiFT is one of the best pallet truck manufacturers & suppliers in the world market, who knows the industries and what matters most to your business. Talk to one of our pallet truck support experts, you will definitely find the right solutions for your business. Don’t be struggled to choose the un-reliable suppliers from so many pallets truck companies. Saving your time, here has the best suitable pallet truck products for you.

We suggest electric pallet trucks for fruits warehousing application

Higher efficiency: electric pallet trucks are more quickly than manual pallet jacks in speed and workers operate with less effort

Lower cost: most of the users choose electric pallet trucks as it is much more cost-save compared to counterbalance trucks.

Easier operations: electric pallet trucks are much easier for workers to operate on. No need for special training, easy to learn, easy to handle.

More flexibility: electric pallet trucks are much smaller in turning circles compared to traditional counterbalanced forklifts.

Less maintenance: electric pallet trucks require less maintenance compared to counterbalanced fork trucks since it is simpler in structure based on daily rechargeable use

Zero Pollutions: battery-powered electric pallet trucks are more cleaning than fuel forklifts. During operations, we presume it is zero-emission. This is quite important in enclosed spaces like warehouses.

Choose the correct pallet trucks

The area under 15CBM – Hand pallet jacks or electric pallet trucks can be effective tools to fulfill the loading/moving task. Depending on weight and frequency, as per weight and working frequency, for longer & frequent moving /loading, we suggest electric pallet trucks.

The area under 15CBM ~20CBM – Using electric pallet trucks could be an ideal solution. CUBLiFT offers a full line of electric pallet trucks with various configurations, structures, fork lengths, etc.

The area over 20CBM – For faster and longer distance transferring, CUBLiFT suggests a fully electric walkie rider pallet jack, walkie stacker, or sit-down forklift.

Depending on different working conditions, we have the following suggestions:

All-terrain pallet jacks  for warehousing sites where floor bump and dent here and there

Compact electric pallet jack for warehousing site where the room is tight

stainless steel pallet jacks for loading/unloading in cold storage

Pallet truck with scale: recommended pallet trucks for weighing farm produce while lifting/loading

Loading Under 1000kg – Consider 1-ton pallet jacks

Loading under 2500kg – Consider 2 ton pallet jacks, 2000kg pallet truck 

Loading Under 3000kg – Consider 2500kg pallet truck, 3-ton pallet jack 

Loading up to 5 tons or more:  Consider 5-ton pallet jacks,  or counterbalance trucks could be a perfect choice.


Finding the correct pallet truck suppliers are sometimes a headache. CUBLiFT is one of the best pallet truck manufacturers based in China with decades of experience in pallet truck manufacturing. You are welcome to send us material handling related inquires to us, our support team would be honored to serve you with great prices and supports at any time.

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