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CUBLiFT: 15+years Research & Service Forklift Truck Manufacturer

  • Full range of pallet jacks, pallet stacker, order pickers
  • CE Approval, ISO9001, ISO 14001 certified forklift Manufacturer
  • More than 20 industry markets approved quality & performance
  • Standard and customized forklift trucks available upon request
  • Decades forklift manufacturer experience + industrial strength
  • Offers you the best Chinese forklift at best prices

CUBLiFT Industrial Weighing SolutionsAccelerate Logistics & Transportation

CUBLiFT delivers quality-proofed pallet jack scales,  truck scale/ weighbridge scales, bench scales, crane scales, etc. Being a vital role of the industrial scale market player, CUBLiFT aims on delivering long-term value for the industry weighing industry.

We always keep operator safety, durability, and functionality in mind when producing industrial weighing scale products. We focus on long-term value, extra comfort & functionality, fatigue-free efficiency.

So CUBLiFT industry scales are born ideal helpers for the business involved in logistics, transportation, storage, material handling, etc. Discover a full selection of pallet scales, truck scales. etc from CUBLiFT today, with the most cost-effective solution that fits your need.

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For Your Logistics Every Need
CUBLiFT Lifting & Weighing

weighbridge System

CUBLiFT is your best weighbridge manufacturer in the market, that understands your needs and can produce the best truck scales, axle Scales, wheel weigher pads, and … More

Floor Scale Series

One of the experienced floor scale manufacturers in China assists you in building the weigh system configuration that’s right for your application … More

Bench Scale Series

CBBLiFT manufactures a variety of industrial bench scales which are portable, accurate, and Indispensable for serving your material handling every need … More

Among our most popular fork trucks, the pallet jack offers you the most convenient handling solutions in your storage sites. CUBLiFT fork trucks are durable enough to stand the test of time, with a creative design that exceeds the toughest needs. … Read More

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CUBLiFT offers quality pallet stackers varying from manual pallet stackers, electric pallet stackers, semi-electric pallet stackers. All of the fork trucks are ideal tools for loading/unloading, moving, stacking palletized loads in warehouses, docks, workshops & homes… Read More

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CUBLiFT reach trucks are built to perform with the ever-accelerating supply chain needs. Our full selections of fork trucks are designed for unit load handling tasks, which allows you to handle loading operations in  narrow aisle warehousing spaces … Read More

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CUBLiFT designs & Manufactures quality drum lifters. This type of fork truck is the ideal tool for lifting, moving steel drums, plastic, or fiber drums efficiently and safely. By using drum lifter fork trucks, you can load the drums easily reducing spills and injuries during operations…Read More

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CUBLiFT manufactures rugged and extremely durable counterbalance trucks for meeting your heavy lifting needs. You can use our fork trucks both at indoor warehouses, stores, and outdoor docks loading sites. Our fork trucks can meet your multiple loading purpose … Read More

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CUBLiFT manufactures a full range of scissor lifts for your operations in construction, industrial maintenance, entertainment, etc. Our scissor lifts are engineered and produced for exceptional mobility and productivity, with large capacity loadings as well… Read More

Your Premier Forklift Truck Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd is a China-based forklift manufacturer and supplier for material handling equipment and logistics solutions.
Being a competent forklift manufacturer that offers all sorts of pallet jacks and customized forklift trucks for decades, CUBLiFT has become one of the most promising forklift manufacturers in the global hand pallet jack market.

With the significant demand for Chinese forklifts in the market, we are proud to support material handling logistics in keeping the transportation and supply chain moving. CUBLiFT is founded in Taizhou, Jiangsu, the biggest forklift manufacturing base in China. This manufacturing base enjoys very convenient traffic to Shanghai Port, rich-experienced technology teams, and well-educated Laboure forces as well. So you can find every type of forklift truck from our side.

By consolidating the industry chains leading position and increasing demand in the forklift market, CUBLiFT is dedicated to being the best forklift manufacturer and the most competent intelligent material handling solution provider in the warehousing and transportation logistics industry worldwide.
We can proudly announce that 20 plus industrial realm has enjoyed our pallet trucks and other sorts of material handling equipment.

CUBLiFT always strives to be the leading forklift and innovator of material handling equipment providers in the worldwide market. And we are well-prepared to be one of your forklift manufacturers in China. Looking for the best Chinese forklift? here is the solution.

CUBTEC Lifting & Weighing Solutions
Your Overwhelming Choice

Ergonomics Design

CUBLiFT forklift trucks feature ergonomics design and solid construction, which benefits your business.

You can rest assured to get safe, easy-operating, endurable forklift truck products with most cost-saving solutions from us.

Focusing on Durability

Fully generous use of steel on forklift trucks’ critical stress points can definitely withstand the test of time.

50+ regions’ buyer feedback makes us be one of the most trustable forklift truck manufacturers and suppliers from China.


Ongoing Innovations

15+ year forklift truck manufacture experience makes CUBLiFT obliged to deepen product innovations.

Unparalleled Price

China-based forklift manufacturers + industrial-strength offer you attractive cost-saving solutions.

Customize Forklift Service

Find here for any specific forklift trucks as per your logistics and transportation needs. You deserve to get the best Chinese forklift.

Friendly Expert Support

Being one of the most experienced forklift truck manufacturers in China, CUBLiFT offers one-stop Chinese forklift and china forklift parts wholesale service and life-long expert support.

Who Chooses CUBTEC Lifting & Weighing Items

Well-known Brand Owners

Since 1999, CUBLiFT has been offering forklift truck products and OEM service with the finest quality standards, prompt lead-time. We have set up solid relationships with many well-known brand owners across the world.

As per your brand strategic blueprint, you can get pallet jacks, pallet stackers, order pickers, scissor lifts, counterbalance trucks, drum lifters, and any necessary fork truck parts as well. 100% quality & service.

Trade Wholesalers

If you are in need of multiple forklift trucks for expanding your business scope, CUBLiFT is definitely your solid support from China, since we have been a competent forklift manufacturer for over around 20years.

CUBLiFT Offers you a varied selection of hand pallet trucks, pallet stackers, scissor lifters, electric pallet stackers, drum lifters at the most affordable prices. Besides we have life-long technique support too.

Importers & Distributors

If you have your own forklift trucks distributing channels, CUBLiFT is your primary manufacturer & partner here in China. We can offer you pallet jacks, pallet stackers, scissor lifts, counterbalance trucks, and china forklift parts with cost-saving material handling solutions.

CUBLiFT is confident to be one of your reliable forklift manufacturers and suppliers in China. Offering you super service to support your business.

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What Makes CUBLiFT
Standout From Competitors

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Multiple Wheels Options Withstand Tough Abrasion & Corrossion

You can choose rubber, Polyurethane(PU), or wheels for your fork trucks so as to withstand the possible tough abrasions or corrosions from your side. The selected wheels definitely facilitate turning and decrease operator fatigue.

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Integrated Oil Pump & Imported Brand O-rings

CUBLiFT self-designed transmission system uses the latest hydrodynamics technique. This means our forklift trucks are more powerful, smooth, quiet, and endurable during operations. The quality O-rings prevent oil leakage with high resistance to the hot and cold environment.

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Unibody Frame Made from Refined German Steel

Our Forklift trucks are mainly boltless, unibody designed & manufactured. The frame is made from german technique steel, which makes the fork truck strength increased by 20%, thus improves durability and less maintenance. It is one of the most cost-effective Chinese forklifts in the market.

Send Us Your Inquiry


    Do you have MOQ requirement for your Fork Trucks?

    Thank you for choosing us from so many forklift companies both in China and the world market. Basically, we have no MOQ required for standard pallet trucks. We have numerous standard fork trucks in stock for immediate shipment. We are amongst the best Chinese forklift brands you can find ever.

    What type of industrial scale are you manufacturing?

    CUBLiFT offers you one stop industrial weighing solutions at cost-effective budget. our industrial weighing scales includes floor scale, bench scales, truck scales, axle scale, crane scales, pallet jack scales and other industrial standard weighing scales.

    What are the most popular fork trucks from your factory?

    Well, CUBLiFT is committed to take quality differentiation, engine differentiation, and brand differentiation as the core, make use of local forklift industrial chains advantage, Laboure force advantages, and tech innovations advantages. Our goal is to be the best forklift china manufacturer and manufactures the best Chinese forklift.

    Hand pallet jacks are among the most popular fork trucks from CUBLiFT. You can get manual hand pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks, semi-electric pallet jacks as per your needs.

    What countries do you ship forklift trucks to?

    Our distinguished buyers are from different cities around the world. Even if you are in the south pole, we can deliver your fork trucks safely to your hand. Chinese forklift from CUBLiFT has withstood the time of test over decades.

    Do you offer OEM forklift truck for my order?

    Yes. We do.

    Leave us your design drawings, capacity requirements, we will handle all the balance works and give you the desired fork truck within a short time. It is a Chinese forklift, but with your brand.

    Do CUBLiFT forktrucks durable enough?

    CUBLiFT pallet trucks are durable enough to stand the test of time. Our valued customers and industry partners agree that CUBLiFT wins the reputation of being an award-winning forklift truck manufacture among those forklift companies in the global market.

    What types forklift trucks does CUBLiFT Manufacturer?

    You can find a wide selection of forklift trucks from CUBLiFT, ranges from pallet jacks, hand pallet jacks, electric hand pallet jacks, pallet stackers, electric forklift trucks, reach trucks, order pickers, Hydraulic drum lifters, counterbalance trucks, and other forklift-related logistics equipments.

    What types of heavy duty weighbridge do you offer

    Basically, our weighbridges or truck scales include pitless weighbridge, pit type weighbridge, and portable truck scales such as 50 ton weighbridge, 60 ton weighbridge, axle scales, and more weighbridge scale options, which is cost-effective in budget and convenient for installations.

    Pit Type Weighbridge capacity up to 200tons
    Pitless Weighbridge with durable structure & high accuracy
    Axle Weighbridge quick set in  mines & factories sites
    Mobile Weighbridge with capacity as per your request

    Do you offer China forklift parts and related forklift trucks accessories?

    Yes, we do. You can get reliable quality China forklift parts such as wheels, hydraulic units, etc.

    Where can I use CUBLiFT fork trucks?

    CUBLiFT forklift trucks are designed to perform and manufactured to meet the material handling every need. You can get extra durability, comfort, and time-managed efficiency from CUBLiFT forklift trucks. Wherever in warehouse, supermarket, docks, logistics transportations etc. CUBLiFT fork truck is your correct choice.

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