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CUBLiFT Manufactures & Suppliers High-Quality Jack Scale in China

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Jack Scale

Get the best quality jack scales from CUBLiFT for fast and precise mobile weighing in industrial and logistics applications.

  • CE Approval Jack Scale; ISO9001 qualified palle truck manufacturer
  • Affordable jack scale, heavy-duty pallet jack capacity up to 5000kg
  • Jack scale weighing accuracy: 1lb/o.5kg
  • IP-67 waterproof OIML approval indicator  & built-in thermal printer optional
  • Display: large LCD with 6 digits, adjustable white backlight
  • PU(Polyurethane) steering wheel ensures smooth rolling on different floors

Always choosing jack scales from reliable pallet jack manufacturers to make your pallets and containers weighing efficiently.

jack scale list BHA-15T69CR (23)
  • Model: BHA-15T69CN
  • Capacity: 1500Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):680
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A12E W/print
  • Wheel(type):Nylon / PU
Jack Scale BHA 2000Kg
  • Model: BHA-2T69CN
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):680
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A12E W/print
  • Wheel(type):Nylon / PU
Jack Scale BHA 3000Kg
  • Model: BHA-3T69CN
  • Capacity: 3000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):680
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A12E W/print
  • Wheel(type):Nylon / PU
Jack Scale BHA 1500Kg 550mm
  • Model: BHA-2T56CP
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):550
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: Waterproof
  • Wheel(type):PU
Jack Scale BHA 2000Kg 680mm
  • Model: BHA-2T69C
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):680
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: Waterproof
  • Wheel(type):PU
Jack Scale BHASS 1000Kg
  • Model: BHA-1T56SR Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):550
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: Waterproof
  • Wheel(type):Rubber
Jack Scale BHASS 1000Kg
  • Model: BHA-1T56CN
  • Capacity: 1000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):550
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A27E W/print
  • Wheel(type):NYLON
Jack Scale BHA 2000Kg 550mm
  • Model: BHA-2T56CN
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):550
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A27E W/print
  • Wheel(type):NYLON
Jack Scale BHA 3000Kg 550mm
  • Model: BHA-2T56CN
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):550
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A27E W/print
  • Wheel(type):NYLON
Jack Scale BHA 1000Kg 680mm Stainless Steel
  • Model: BHA-1T69SN Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):680
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A27E
  • Wheel(type):NYLON
Jack Scale BHA 2000Kg 680mm Stainless Steel
  • Model: BHA-2T69SN Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 2000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):680
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A27E
  • Wheel(type):Nylon
Jack Scale BHA 3000Kg 550mm Stainless Steel
  • Model: BHA-3T56SN Stainless Steel
  • Capacity: 1000Kg
  • Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
  • Fork overall width(mm):550
  • Height Min/Max (mm):80/220
  • Display: A27E
  • Wheel(type):Nylon / Rubber

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Jack Scale Manufacturer in China

Jack scale is what you need to keep your day in day out logistic operations around your storage facility. It helps you maneuver merchandise from picking to lifting them on shelves. Jack scale is designed with an inbuilt scale that helps in knowing the weight of materials being handled.

Jack Scale QC icon Jack Scale QC icon1 Jack Scale QC icon2 Jack Scale QC icon3 Jack Scale QC icon4 Jack Scale QC icon5 Jack Scale QC icon6

The scale is equipped with a touch screen indicator for clear visibility. Jack scale can multitask within a second to give you accurate results for the job. It is the best tool to get rid of employee exposure to hazardous working surroundings.Jack Scale forklift DESC (32)

With a jack scale, you can save time as it helps you weigh the items as you carry them to storage or from storage. It is also labor intensive and saves you space as it is designed to fit in tiny spaces.

We offer high-quality durable jack scales in different capacities, sizes, and designs. You can select from our catalog the best jack scale suitable for your operations.

If you are not sure which jack scale you should choose, you can contact us and our technical team will help you out. We are happy to help you make the perfect choice for your business.  If you are interested in our jack scales, send us a quotation and we will respond immediately.

How to install jack scale handle quickly First take out the cotter,
then the bolt Then take the bolt out again Horizontal mounting lugs Pass the bolt through on the right Put in this bolt Bend it with a tool Put on the chain
The chain goes through the middle hole of the bolt
The gap goes in and out There is also a slot on the bottom foot side
Run the chain through the slot Screw it down Tighten up And then after the installation is done here When the installation is complete

push the jack scale down Push the handle down Take out the long bolt jack scale handle is installed



Jack Scale

Model BHA
Capacity(kg) 1000/1500/2000/2500/3000
Fork overall length L (mm) 1160/1220
Fork overall width W(mm) 460/550/680
Height Min/Max H/H1 (mm) 80/220
Display Screen Waterproof / A12E; A27 W /  Printer
pump type BF/DF/AC
Wheel(type) PU / RU / NYLON
Weight(kg) 80/90
Red or Yellow options; More colors and stainless steel can be customized

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Jack Scale forklift DESC (33)

Jack Scale: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

Jack scales serve two primary functions as a normal pallet jack and performing the role of a scale that comes as an in-built feature or integral component of the machine. Alloy steel is used in making durable jack scale machines. The machines are used in the warehouse as an excellent means of weighing, loading, and moving goods in the stores.
Table of Contents

What are the types of jack scales?

Jack scale exists in many versions as described in the following section.

Manual Pallet Jack Scale

Generally, a manual pallet jack scale is the least expensive and simplest to use. It is capable of handling a load of up to about 2500 kg. By pumping the handle up and down, the manual pallet jack scale lifts and moves the load. An operator only needs to position the two forks material to be moved. This machine is effective in moving load over short distances in places with small spaces.

Walkie Pallet Jack

This machine is twice in size as the manual pallet jack. It is powered by a battery that can either be on-board or an industrial one. The term Walkie is formed from the fact that an operator has to walk either behind or alongside the machine. Its lifting capacity can reach up to approximately 3000 kg. Because of electrical assist, lifting and driving load is made easier. Besides, its smaller size makes it maneuverable in many areas of a warehouse.

Rider Pallet Jack

This machine uses an onboard battery and possesses a riding platform. With the riding platform, an operator stays on the rider pallet jack instead of walking behind or alongside the machine. Rider pallet jack moves load offer long distances making it more beneficial in a large warehouse.


Center Rider Jack

This machine looks similar to a rider pallet jack; however, it is more ergonomically designed and safer to operate. The uniqueness of the center rider jack is that it directs the operator to face forward or backward instead of sideways. On its two sides exists a chassis that protects the operator from injury. The center rider jack is effective in an environment where the operator is required to stay in a straight line.

What are mechanical properties to be considered in designing a jack scale?

  • Flexible wheels – Rubber wheels are recommended since they make it easier to hold the grip and remain stable on the sliding or rough floors in a warehouse
  • Strength and toughness of the forks – steel or aluminum casting are most recommended for designing the forks since they are hard and possess excellent strength for holding heavier loads.
  • Stiffness – Each part of the jack scale should be made of materials that resist deformation due to external forces.
  • Constant viscosity of the hydraulic fluid with a change in temperature to provide desired pressure for lifting the forks

What are the challenges experienced in a jack scale and their solutions?

Weight value incorrect– this normally happens due to calibration error and linearity errors, problems underneath of the scale, or the weigh scale not balanced on the jack. It is solved by calibrating the scale again, checking the stability of the scale and its appropriate installation. Loose nuts should also be tightened.

Battery not charging for powered jack scale – it may be due to battery failure or charging circuit problem. This problem is solved by verifying whether the battery is rechargeable and confirming the current flow in the entire system.

Pressure not developed – may be due to a problem with the pump or hydraulic fluid. This challenge can be overcome by replacing the pump and checking whether the hydraulic fluid is in good condition.

Difficulty in lifting and moving load – this usually happens due to poor lubrication of the joint parts. It can be solved by frequent lubrication of the moving parts of the machine.

Tear and wear of the moving parts– typically result due to poor lubrication. It can be prevented by applying lubricating oil to the moving parts.

Damaged wheels – this can occur due to overloading or when something cuts through the moving wheels in the warehouse. It can be solved by replacing the wheels. However, this can also be prevented by ensuring the floor is clean and overloading of the jack scale is avoided.

Failure of the hydraulic system – This problem usually arises as a result of the presence of the air pocket in the hydraulic fluid which occurs when the valve cartridge is damaged or wears out. It can be solved by replacing the hydraulic fluid and fitting in a new valve cartridge.

How high can a jack scale lift a load?


The jack scale can lift a load to a height of about 120 mm using two of its forks. Generally, this level is the most preferred and high enough to move materials in the warehouse. However, the height varies with the types of the jack scale and the type of load to be lifted and transported.

How many types of jack scales basing on the lifting height and size of the load?

There are two primary types of jack scale according to the lift height. They include manual and powered jacks

  1. Manual jacks- are powered by the operator’s hand and they are commonly used in lifting light to medium size loads over short distances.
  2. Powered jacks: operated with an electric assist from the battery. They help the operator in lifting and transporting heavier loads.

How much does it cost to acquire a jack scale?

The prices of the jack scale vary with models as described below.

Hydraulic low-profile jack costs between 96 and 99 dollars.

Manual hand jack that handles 3000 kg costs between 99 and 129 dollars.

Lithium electric hand pallet jack costs between 117 and 126 dollars.

Adjustable warehouse pallet jack costs between 288 and 347 dollars.

Jack with lithium iron battery costs between 650 and 880 dollars

Hydraulic forklift hand jack with a load capacity of between 2500 and 3000 kg costs a range of 170 – 200 dollars.

What are the safety guidelines for handling a jack scale?

The jack scale should be maintained regularly to avoid any problem associated with its failure.

Ensuring safety handling of the jack scale requires that prior checks are performed before putting the machine into use. This process involves inspecting the jack scale to ensure it is in good working condition, getting used to controls of the machine, and ensuring that the path to be used in the warehouse is clear and free from any obstacle.

Avoid exceeding the recommended capacity of the jack scale. Overloading can lead to deformation of the machine and can even cause accidents when the load falls.

Never put your feet under the jack scale machine because it could cause injury when the machine runs over them.

Avoid over-speeding while moving the load to ensure safety in case the machine fall.

On an incline, you should go with reverse to reduce the speed at which the machine moves and avoid uncountable movement of the machine.

Apply appropriate lifting techniques when operating the jack scale machine.

An operator should be cautious about pinch points in the machine to minimize the chances of a hand injury.

Does the jack scale machine require fall protection?

The machine does not require fall protection since the stack of load can be moved lifted and moved easily provided the advised capacity is not exceeded.

Can a jack scale machine be used in small corridors in a warehouse?

Jack scale can be used in wide varieties of areas in a warehouse depending on the size of the machine. The mini-jack scale is smaller in size and can operate in small corridors of a warehouse. However, it should be noted that the shape of the load should be able to fit with the small areas to facilitate effective transport.

What are the advantages of using the jack scale?

  • Only one operator is needed to handle the jack scale machine hence it saves on costs of hiring many workers.
  • It can be used to lift and transport load in small corridors, and narrow that are difficult to reach
  • Using a jack scale machine does not require special skills which make it easier to operate provided the operator follows the simple guidelines in the manual.
  • The jack scale machine only needs a minimum working space to move load helping in saving on the resources that could be used in enlarging the workplace.
  • Electric Jack scale machine has optional lift buttons that help in raising the load hence making the work of an operator easier.
  • Jack scale comes in varieties of sizes and models that fit multiple works of lifting and moving goods.
  • The maintenance cost of the machine is low hence saves on money. The jack scale only needs good storage, frequent calibration, and appropriate lubrication of the moving parts.
  • Jack scale makes promotes work productivity since it speeds up the work with little cost.
  • Both manual and powered jack scale machines do not hazardous fumes that may pollute the environment or workplace.

What are the disadvantages of the jack scale?

  • On-board batteries for powered jack scale may be expensive to replace when they wear out.
  • Replacing hydraulic fluid may be frequent if there is an air pocket.

What are the recommended maintenance practices for jack scale?

  • Regular lubrication is advised to minimize the rate of tear and wear of the moving parts. Lubrication enhances the effectiveness of the machine in handling loads.
  • Store the jack scale machine in a dry place to prevent rusting that may happen when kept in a moist environment.
  • The jack scale machine should be inspected for loose nuts
  • Regularly check and top up the hydraulic fluid of your jack scale machine
  • Protect the wheels of your jack scale from damages by using it in a safe way
  • Avoid overloading which may break down the machine or reduce its lifespan

Who invented the jack scale machine?

The jack scale was invented by Richard Dudgeon in 1851 when he was granted a patent for the hydraulic jack.

What are the qualifications a jack scale operator need to attain?

A professional and certified jack scale operator should have the following skills.

  • Ability to troubleshoot the problem associated with the jack scale
  • Ability to identify and recommend site safety for the machine operation
  • Able to offer maintenance procedures and keep the machine in good condition
  • Skills required to control the jack scale
  • Ability to apply emergency controls
  • Ability to operate both manual and powered jack scale
  • Knowledge in safety standards as well as regulations

Where can I get training on using the jack scale?

You can get training in the manual that comes with the newly bought jack scale.  Other than the training manual, more training can be obtained online by searching on the internet for the training materials. Besides, training can be received from any operator of the jack scale since having experience in using the machine gives one the advantage of mastering all the necessary procedures that must be followed when using the jack scale.

Why is jack scale certification important?

  • To have the necessary knowledge on how to operate the jack scale under different working environment while observing the workplace safely.
  • To be able to understand maintenance procedures of jack scale.
  • Operating scissors lifts on various types of terrain.
  • To understand better ways of handling load including lifting and moving them within the workplace
  • Understanding how to carry out inspections and routine maintenance for the jack scale
  • Ensuring jack scale stays in good working status and preventing extra costs on expensive repairs.
  • To have knowledge and skills in assessing the environment for possible risks that may lead to an accident.
  • To prevent potential causes of an accident that may lead to injury to an operator and other co-workers.

How do I charge the battery on the jack scale?

The powered jack scale usually uses electricity that comes from the onboard battery or industrial battery. When the battery loses charge, recharging is required immediately to continue with the work. Therefore the following are the basic steps that must be undertaken to recharge the battery.

  1. An operator should safely put the jack scale close to a power source
  2. The operator should press the power off button on the machine to give it an appropriate time to recharge.
  3. The operator should take out the charging cables and plug them into the main power socket to charge the battery for the recommended time indicated in the battery manual. Usually, the charger is plugged into an extension cord before plugging into the power outlet.
  4. The illuminating light is an indication that the power is on and the battery is recharging. However, other models of the jack scale would display voltage.
  5. When the battery is fully charged, the green light displays. Then the charger may automatically switch off in some models of jack scale but it is advisable to remove the charger to avoid risk due to charging that may damage the battery.

Who are the manufactures of jack scale?

Toyota company- the company was founded in 1937, Japan. The manufacturing company is headquartered in Toyota city; Aichi. The company was the first in the world to manufacture automobiles. The Toyota Company manufactures jack scale with a load capacity of up to 3000 kg.  It specializes in the manufacture of several types and models of jack machines that meet many customers’ needs.

TCM company- provides a long-lasting and easy-to-operate manual jack scale at competitive prices. It has been known for highly branded material for handling goods in a warehouse in the world. As a result of a variety of jack scale machines among other products, the TCM Company has been complying with many clients globally since they can meet many of their needs. The TCM products are obtained from its manufacturing facilities in China, Japan, and Europe. Together with the distributors, the company provides delivery services to its customers.

Clark manufacturer – in 1919, the company began its operation as a manufacturer of automobile components that included transmissions and axles. The Clark manufacturer offers a jack scale with a warrant of two years. The company possesses several factories that are located in China, Vietnam, South Korea, and Lexington, Kentucky. Its headquarters is located in Lexington, Kentucky in the United States of America. The Clark manufacturer offers over 300 models of handling and loading equipment. In 1920, the corporation is credited for having invented the first truck that was incorporated with the hydraulic lifting mechanism. Since then the company has also been engaging in the manufacture of several types of jack scale machines.

Blue Giant manufacturer – makes both manual and powered jack scale machines of high quality. The company’s headquarters is located in Toronto, Ontario. It was founded in 1963 where it only specialized in making dock levelers and hand pallet jacks. But it later becomes a dealer with a variety of loading dock solutions. The company has won several awards in the manufacture of loading equipment. In 2009, the manufacturing corporation had won the Bronze Award that was based on the material handling systems in firm engineering magazine’s 2009. This recognition was due to making products that emerge the best in the year. During the same year, Blue Giant became the first in the position of professional door dealer.

Crown Company – The manufacturer corporation is privately owned in the United States. It is ranked as the fifth-largest company that manufactures and supplies powered jack scale in the world. As early as 1956, Crown manufacturer had been providing both manual and electric jack scale including related solutions. As of the year 2019, Crown had made sales revenue of about $3.72 billion.

Lift Rite manufacturer – The Company is found in Mississauga, Canada. It is dealing with manual jack scale machines which are made in their facilities in Lowa. The company provides sales of new equipment and after-sales service and support. Lift Rite has outlets in Canada and across the United States. Dealers of these branches can be reached by contacting the regional office.

Wesco manufacturer- since 1948 Wesco Company is a source supplier of both manual and powered jacks and other handling equipment. Wesco distribution started in 1922 as a subsidiary of a company known as Westinghouse electric corporation in Pittsburgh. By then its primary function was the distribution of industrial and electrical components. In 1994, the company was sold to Clayton, Dubilier, and Rice who transformed the Westinghouse electrical supply to Wesco distribution. By 2019, serve over 150,000 customers in the world, with approximately 30,000 suppliers and 18,000 workers.

Can I rent a jack scale?

Renting a jack scale is much easier when you find rental agencies. With this method, your machine would be rented for the specific period agreed on with the company at a given rate of income for the rest of the renting period. Usually, the amount of money received will be dependent on time, demand, and location. For instance, DOZR as one of the popular rental agency will charge much higher prices if your machine would be in high demand, and turn, you will get a good payout for it. Sometimes you may find a friend or a neighbor who wants to rent your jack scale, which also provides you with the ready market though care must be taken because they may not be trustable or when the machine gets broken they may not help you repair as the rental agencies do.

Do I have to pay for maintenance costs while my jack scale is still used by rental agencies?

No, rental agencies will cover all the costs during the period that they would have your machine. However, they would deduct the amount used from your income/revenue generated by the equipment.  In other words, you need not bother about maintaining your machine; you only need to be told how much money it made for the rental period after deduction of maintenance expenses.

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