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CUBLiFT Manufactures & Supplies Accurate Weigh Pads for Vehicle Weighing System Since 1999

Weigh Pads

CUBLiFT, one of the leading truck scale manufacturers and weighbridge manufacturers offers you high-quality advanced wireless, compact, portable axle sale solutions.

  • CE approval truck scales including weigh pads series
  • ISO9001 approved truck scale and weighbridge manufacturer
  • Strived in truck scale and weighbridge manufacturing since 1999
  • Weigh pads weighing capacity 20t,30t,40t,50t,60t,80t,100t
  • Wireless/Bluetooth design, movable, portable, and flexible for installation
  • dynamic accuracy of 1% & static accuracy within 5‰
  • weigh-in-motion Axle weighing solution
  • Multi-language support

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Weigh Pads Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT weight pads provide a portable and cost-efficient way to weigh any size, shape, and weight of vehicle. These weigh pads represent a fraction of the expense of a complete weighbridge and give superior accuracy.

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This CUBLiFT weighs pads series of vehicle and axle weigh pads are suitable for individual wheel weights, individual axle weights, and collect a whole weight of the weighed vehicle, automobile, lorry, or trailer.
The wireless line of weighing pads scales for vehicles is offered in three distinct sizes for all types of vehicles. CUBLiFT weigh pad series has IP68 protection throughout.
Also, each pad has its rechargeable internal battery that can be used for 40 hours with one load. Each pad has its built-in display and wireless communication to a central display via a radio frequency.
A maximum of 20 separate weight pads may be attached at any time, which means that the car with 10 axles may be weighed to individual wheel weights correctly.
These scales are usually used to evaluate whether a vehicle is within its legal limitations for driving on public highways, helping drivers avoid large penalties.
Various weighing pads like the axle pads have different loading capabilities. This requires that different versions of axle pads are suited for various automobiles.
You should always verify your maximum load capacity before deciding on a series of pads for the axle weight, which will define the capacity of your pads for the axle.
If you are not sure what portable weighing pads are ideal for you, please take the phone and chat with us for the finest advice. You may also always contact us using our online contact form.
Regardless of your weighing needs, we will always be there to find the best truck scale for you. To know more about these weigh pads check our ultimate FAQ guide from us.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

How do Axle Scales/weigh pads Improve the Efficiency in Agriculture & Farming?

Axle scales are one type of truck scale or weighbridges, which are industrial weighing scales that assess a truck’s total weight by measuring the weight of each axle individually. In addition to transportation, axle weighing scales are primarily utilized in the agricultural sectors.

Regarding how the axle scale works, each wheel’s weight is recorded individually on the scale, and the entire vehicle weight is computed by adding all the axles’ weights. Thus, axle scales may be used for static and dynamic weighing. Some of their benefits in agricultural farming are…Read More


Weigh Pads-The ultimate FAQ guide


Weight is critical in logistics, and there are several reasons why commercial vehicles must be measured on-site or using portable weighing devices.

One of the most compelling reasons is safety. An overloaded vehicle is a threat to both the operator and other road users.

Another reason is economics, since unidentified weights may cost a business thousands of dollars in overweight penalties, increased vehicle maintenance expenses, and inventory interruptions.

When determining whether to use portable or in-ground tractor-trailer scales for over-the-road transportation, several aspects must be considered, including location, vehicle throughput, space limits, data gathering, and, of course, money.

CUBLiFT manufactures dynamic and static in-ground and portable weigh pads for trucks and other commercial vehicles.

These weigh pads are utilized in several sectors, including transportation, logistics, construction, energy, aggregates, and bespoke vehicle modification.

Our extensive line of portable and stationary tractor-trailer weigh pads and systems assists clients in adhering to legal weight constraints.

They also help in optimizing payload for increased efficiency and safety and reducing operational costs via the tracking of incoming and outgoing cargo.

1. What are weigh pads

As the name indicates, CUBLiFT weigh pads are used to determine the weight placed on each axle of a vehicle. This data may then be used to determine if any balance concerns need to be addressed.

A poorly balanced axle weight may be a severe issue for cars in terms of safety and compliance with applicable regulations.

Overloading a single axle of an automobile may make it difficult to maneuver and, in severe situations, may result in a collision.

Additionally, cars that exceed their axles’ maximum weight limitations face financial fines and maybe a court summons if these limitations are exceeded by 30% or more.

Additionally, weigh pads may help your business save money by ensuring that your fleet operates cheaply and efficiently.

When a vehicle is overloaded, its engine will certainly use more gasoline to finish a given distance excursion. By monitoring and regulating gross weight using these weigh pads, you may reduce related fuel costs and boost profitability.

2. What features do these weigh pads have?

CUBLiFT weigh pads feature an aluminum alloy construction. This ensures the weight pad is strong enough to hold any weight and also prevents rust and corrosion effects.

Also, they have a slope or a sliding platform that can be mounted upon request. Some of our weigh pads come with the slope or you can order them later.

They are hermetically sealed and are adaptable to a variety of environments. CUBLiFT weighs pads can work in both dynamic and static modes.

When two or four weigh-pads are joined together, it is possible to assess axle weight and total vehicle weight. Our weigh pads provide weights that are accurate the first time and every time.

If you have doubts concerning the weight results please let us know. If you think your weigh pad is giving you the wrong readings let us know immediately.

With CUBLiFT weigh pads you will find that installation is quick and inexpensive. We also provide Superior corrosion protection by shot blasting and epoxy paint coating

At CUBLiFT, we have factory-built and calibrated weigh pad scales to exacting standards of quality. Superior steel quality guarantees improved sectional efficiency and load-bearing capability.

Our committed engineers contribute to the production of consistently high-quality weigh pads for numerous applications. Before delivery, each weigh scale system is calibrated and tested.

3. Where are weigh pads used?

CUBLiFT weighs pads are a large capacity vehicle weighing scale. These weigh pads are used to calculate a vehicle’s axle weights and overall gross weight.

CUBLiFT weigh pads are normally used in pairs, one for each wheel on the left and one for each wheel on the right.

Axle weighs pads are often used to assess if a vehicle’s weight is under the legal limit for public road travel.

4. What are the advantages of using weigh pads?

Axle weighing is an important way of determining the weight of a vehicle that should not be disregarded.

This method of weighing is accomplished by the use of purpose-built weigh pads that target a particular location of the vehicle and measure the impact felt by the surface upon which it is driven.

Using a weighing pad in your vehicles brings you many advantages. With a weighing pad, you can avoid sanctions happening to your vehicle.

Exceeding your vehicle’s allowable axle weight is a felony that carries significant financial consequences depending on your circumstances.

It should be noted that cars are allowed a 5% margin of error without incurring a penalty. Nevertheless, if this discrepancy reaches one ton, you may pay a fine.

These regulations are in place to not only govern the weight of commercial vehicles but also to prevent imbalanced trucks from putting excessive strain on road surfaces.

As a consequence, it is essential to ensure that corporate vehicles adhere to their established maximum weights to avoid fines. This can be accomplished via the use of CUBLiFT weigh pads.

Commercial vehicles such as vans, lorries, and coaches may be stopped by both the police to do the necessary tests to determine if your vehicle is compliant.

The other advantage of having a weighing pad is to avoid damaging the road surfaces. One of the primary reasons for avoiding imbalanced axle weight in all vehicles is to reduce road damage.

This is particularly true for commercial cars, which normally carry far larger weights than passenger cars. To avoid all this police drama, get yourself a weighing pad from CUBLiFT.

One component of road structural engineering is its pressure resistance. As a result, cars are built with specified axle weight limits that should not be exceeded.

Even when loaded to capacity, heavy trucks are considered to be more hazardous on the road merely because of their weight.

As a consequence, owners must verify their vehicle complies entirely with the manufacturer’s standard to avoid extra road maintenance costs being borne by the taxpayer.

The other importance of these weigh pads is that they help you avoid damages to your vehicle. In addition to causing damage to the road, overloading one or more axles may also result in vehicle damage.

Although many of the components in big industrial vehicles are quite robust and have high-stress tolerances, they nevertheless have maximum limits that must be followed.

Without routinely evaluating weight distribution, axles, driveshafts, tires, and a variety of other components might be damaged as a consequence of overloading.

This might result in a variety of issues, such as the need for more regular maintenance or even the entire replacement of some components. You will end up spending more than expected.

Additionally, the driving experience might be significantly altered as a consequence of an excessive payload.

For example, when a truck exceeds its weight constraints, the steering and braking systems may become inoperable, making it considerably more difficult to handle than usual.

These weigh pads are very essential in minimizing unnecessary costs/spending. As a vehicle’s weight grows, its fuel economy decreases significantly since the engine consumes more gasoline to maintain the same speed.

If not handled promptly, a vehicle’s fuel usage may become a significant financial burden, eroding your company’s profit margins.

Additionally, exceeding your vehicle’s maximum weight limitations may result in the cancellation of your insurance coverage.

As is the case with many other elements of commercial cars, insurance premiums are much greater than those for passenger cars, making it essential to adhere to their qualifying standards.

By regularly inspecting your axles, you may maximize your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and ensure that it complies with the terms of its insurance policy.

You are assured of 100% drive protection when you have this CUBLiFT weigh pad.

Overwhelming weight concentrated on one side of the vehicle naturally results in an uneven load and, in extreme situations, prevents the rear wheels from making contact with the ground.

Even with a less severe distribution, a vehicle’s vulnerability to collisions may readily increase as a result of impaired braking capabilities and decreased stability.

Overweight cars have a greater stopping distance than those that meet manufacturer specifications, which may be lethal in some situations.

These are just a few of the significant advantages of doing routine vehicle inspections using a CUBLiFT weigh pad. This can help you save money on car maintenance while also safeguarding the road and the drivers.

5. Why do I need to have weighed pads in my business?

Businesses that carry items commercially must be informed of the newest loading/weight limitations while utilizing the road networks.

Gross weight restrictions vary by vehicle type, size, and design. Thus, you must be aware of current restrictions before loading your vehicle.

Overloaded trucks are expensive for your business and add needless wear and tear to the UK’s roads and highways.

Therefore, you may ask yourself why these constraints have been imposed? To begin with, there is the concern of car and driver safety.

If the center of gravity of your van is too high, it will be difficult to drive, especially while cornering.

Additionally, it may impact stopping distances and exert severe pressure on the tires and suspension of the car. All of these elements add up to create safety concerns for you and other road users.

If your driver is found transporting an overweight vehicle or if the car is involved in a traffic accident, your company will be significantly punished.

Chances are that your insurance premiums will increase as well! CUBLiFT weighs pads may assist you in monitoring truck loading effectively.

Numerous businesses now use portable weigh pads. They are available in a variety of sizes to accommodate a range of weight capabilities and are conveniently stored and transported.

Because the scale is portable, personnel can take rapid, precise weight readings anytime they need to – regardless of their location. Numerous configurations to meet your needs

A weighing station for portable weighing pads may assist your company in resolving weight and loading concerns.

Whether you choose a standard analog platform or portable axle weigh pads, as many do, equipment providers such as CUBLiFT will assist you in determining the best option for your company or business.

6. How many models of weighing pads do CUBLiFT stock?

We have the following weigh pads models at CUBLiFT;

  1. Value weigh wireless weigh pads

CUBLiFT offers wireless, space-saving, and very portable weigh pads for precise and dependable vehicle weighing without the need for permanent installation or danger of cable breakage!

These CUBLiFT weigh pads provide rapid and uncomplicated axle overload and vehicle weighing inspections, making them perfect for busy logistics, couriers, haulers, and other transportation-related activities and vehicle weighing applications.

No more pricey cable damage! The pads communicate wirelessly with PCs, our tablets, or our portable device from up to 100 meters away.

They have handy carry handles that enable them to be easily transported to the weighing place and stowed out of the way when not in use.

They are wireless hence you won’t experience any broken cords by using them. They are also Ultra-low profile, very lightweight, and very portable.

They are built to Last with a manufacturer’s warranty of 12 months. They also feature an extensive battery life.

With this model of weighing pads, the weight will be displayed on your mobile device, PC, or even your laptop. It depends on the device you have linked with the weigh pads.

They offer a transition range of about 100 meters or even higher than that. The material used in the construction of these weigh pads is aluminum or even stainless steel.

They are available in load capacities of 750kg, 2000kg, 5000kg, 10,000kg, and 20,000kg. We also offer other customized capacities upon request by our clients.

7. What are portable weigh pads?

Portable weighing pads are advantageous when the site of the weighing is changing often. This system can be configured in a matter of minutes.

Each system has a roll-up leveling track that ensures the vehicle rolls over the weigh pads with the least amount of disturbance possible, resulting in a more accurate weight readout.

The portable car weighs pads are available in both wired and wireless configurations. They are used in conjunction with the Touch screen Indicator for dynamic or static weighing.

Both the wired and wireless Pads are IP68 rated and constructed of a unique alloy to withstand the harshest conditions.


8. Which are the optional accessories for CUBLiFT weigh pads?

We provide a variety of weighing accessories, including printers, driver-operated consoles, and other peripherals.

Consider weighing pad accessories offered by CUBLiFT, which include remote LED displays, ticket printers, pre-fabricated foundations for your new truck scale, and our famous ZM Kiosk series, which enables you to operate your truck scale 24 hours a day without the need for a professional operator.

With extensive sales support, we provide a comprehensive scale and balance product range from the industry’s leading scale manufacturers.

We can create a weighing system that suits your specifications and budget. Consider the items we provide and contact our sales team if you don’t find what you’re searching for.

Numerous instruments and equipment are utilized in numerous industrial sectors, one of which weighs pad scales. Accurately weighing items is critical in a variety of businesses, including purchasing and selling, as well as quality and safety.

You may use several industrial weighing scales depending on the application and industry. Almost every business puts a premium on precise weighing for a variety of reasons, the most important of which are safety, cleanliness, and quality.

Scales such as recipe and batch scales ensure that the finished product meets all applicable quality requirements.

Industrial scales also save time since scales such as conveyor scales or truck scales avoid the need to weigh items repeatedly since they weigh the commodities in real-time.

Additionally, weighing scales aid in guaranteeing maximum efficiency and compliance.

You’ve come to the right place if you’re searching for weigh pads for your vehicle. For all your weighing scale requirements, contact CUBLiFT.

Our extensive selection of industrial weighing scales, knowledgeable personnel, and rapid service will undoubtedly suit your many requirements.

9. What should I look for when buying weigh pads?

Overloading your commercial vehicle greatly increases its risk on the road. It adds to the vehicle’s and the road’s wear and tear, and offers unfair advantages to those who load their trucks safely.

For these reasons, it is unlawful to overload your vehicle and may result in severe penalties for drivers and businesses.

As a result, businesses need to invest in weigh pad technology. These weigh pads enable you to verify the individual axle weight and the total weight of a vehicle before it is driven on the road.

This will assist your firm in being legally compliant and road safe.

CUBLiFT weighs pads are available with a variety of various features and advantages. These are the features you \ must consider before purchasing them for your organization.

We’ll go through the majority of the popular features and technical specifications that you should be aware of before making a purchase.

The first feature to consider is the size of the vehicles to be weighed. You must know precisely what kind of vehicles need weighing, where they will be weighed, and how often.

The pad’s surface area must be customized for the vehicle being weighed. This is because bigger cars with twin wheel axles may not fit on smaller axle weigh pads.

Similarly, consider how often you utilize your weigh pads. Our most popular weigh pads stand at only 18mm in height.

Due to the height of these pads, cars may easily be driven directly onto them without the need for ramps or jacking up the car. This makes them highly ergonomic compared to other options.

In comparison, higher pads need more area for ramps or more time to lift the car off its wheels. While this is a modest adjustment, when weighing automobiles every day, it may make a significant impact in terms of the economy.

Additionally, if these pads are to accompany the weighted vehicle on its travels to guarantee compliance, the pads you buy should be as tiny and lightweight as feasible. This is for the reasons stated above, as well as to save space and weight that may be used for products and cargo.

10. Why are CUBLiFT weigh pads better than other manufacturers?

First, CUBLiFT weighs pad capacities cannot be compared with other weigh pads available in the market.

The capacity of a weighing pad refers to the maximum weight that it can measure. If you want to often weigh cars up to 15 tones in weight, you will want a weigh pad system with a capacity of more than 15 tones.

This is due to two factors. The first is that you will naturally be unable to measure a weight greater than the weigh pad system’s maximum capacity.

Second, loading a weighing pad with a weight more than its maximum capacity might permanently harm it.

Maximum capacities are determined by the weight that can be handled by a single weigh pad, not by the whole system. A system of four weigh pads, each capable of carrying a maximum of 5- tons, would theoretically have a combined maximum capacity of 20 tons.

This, however, presupposes an evenly distributed weight distribution, which no commercial vehicle has. If a 20-ton vehicle is loaded onto this system, several of the axle’s weigh pads will be broken owing to the increased weight exerted on these wheels.

CUBLiFT weighs pads are better than other manufacturers as they protect your vehicle against overloads. This is when the overload protection feature comes into play.

Overload protection protects your weigh pads from damage caused by excessive weight and provides. They are an additional piece of mind while driving a 20-ton truck onto your new business investment.

Overload protection is often described in the same way as maximum capacity. The weigh pads will operate normally up to their maximum capacity.

You should note anything over this number will be ignored by the device. The weight will not cause damage to the weigh pad until it reaches the overload protection.

Because the vehicle’s weight cannot be determined until it is weighed, overload protection is a critical feature that may prevent your weigh pads from being ruined by an incorrect or abnormal load.

You don’t want to be continuously trailing an extension cord to your car to weigh it. You certainly don’t want to be spending hours trying to locate appropriate batteries if yours fail.

Before acquiring a set of weighing pads, verify that the system’s batteries are readily accessible and simply replaced.

If they run out in the middle of weight, you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where it’s simpler to continue without weighing than it is to replace the batteries.

The majority of systems are powered by common AAA batteries that may be easily changed and recharged. They also use lithium-ion batteries.

However, if your system of choice does not seem to have this option, check to see whether it has a replacement and rechargeable battery. Simply purchase a couple more and charge them beside the pads to avoid any future concerns.

Certain axle weigh pad systems, such as our wireless or Bluetooth weigh pad system, have built-in indications to make operation easy and efficient.

Other systems, such as the digital weigh pads, provide wireless communication, which enables the addition of a remote indication, printer, or touch screen.

Whichever features you choose in your weigh pads, check that the system you choose has a matching indicator. Without the supplied indication, you’ll need to purchase a suitable system separately.

As desirable as it would be to live in a nation where the majority of the time is dry, this is not the case, and we must prepare for the worst-case situation.

It’s reasonable to anticipate that after making this investment, your weigh pad system will be utilized in rainy weather and regularly.

It is essential to select weigh pads that have suitable protections. Your weigh pads need to be protected against dust and water infiltration.

IP ratings indicate the degree of protection against water and dust. IP ratings are two digits; the first represents dust protection and the second represents moisture protection.

The greater the figure, the better. IP55 offers equal protection against water and dust, IP67 offers more protection against moisture than dust, and IP69K offers complete protection against both.


11. What are digital weigh pads with a wireless connection?

CUBLiFT offers digital weigh pads with a wireless connection. This weighs pad model is used in vehicle weighing.

This type of weighing pad scale comes in three distinct sizes to fit any kind of vehicle. The CUBLiFT wireless series is completely waterproof to IP68 standards.

Also, each pad has an internal rechargeable battery that provides 40 hours of usage on a single charge.

Each pad has an integrated display and wireless communication to a central display via radiofrequency. A maximum of 20 independent weigh pads may be attached simultaneously, allowing for precise weighing down to individual wheel weights on a vehicle with ten axles.


12. Does CUBLiFT offer weigh pads with Bluetooth connectivity?


The CUBLiFT weigh pads with Bluetooth connection are the newest model of scale collections from our catalog.

A single analog weighs pad may be linked to a wireless CUBLiFT weigh pad through a short connection. Then the wireless weigh pad’s built-in display will show the sum of both weigh pads.

Once connected through Bluetooth, the wireless weigh pad communicates with a smartphone or tablet through the Smart Axle app, providing a comprehensive solution for weighing.

It is one of the best scale technologies we have ever developed throughout our manufacturing process. We highly recommend you to try this weigh pad with Bluetooth feature.


13. Do you have analog weigh pads with cable connection?

You can still use this analog weigh pad for your weighing needs. It has a cable connection for powering the weigh pads.

The CUBLiFT line of cabled weigh pads provides an accurate solution whether used in groups of four to weigh a whole vehicle or in pairs to weigh a vehicle axle by axle.

The cable’s weigh pads are constructed with high-quality cables and IP68 connections throughout. This makes them ideal for use outdoors or in tough settings.

The only major disadvantage of the cabled connection weighs pads is that they are restricted to a maximum of four per system when linked to one of the popular touch screen displays.

If you need to weigh a whole vehicle with three or more axles, the wireless version is your only choice. These analog weigh pads with cable connection is used on rare occasions.

CUBLiFT provides both cabled and wireless weigh pads in a range of platform sizes and capacities to accommodate vehicles of all shapes and sizes.

Additionally, there is a weight indicator option to fit your needs. For instance, the digital weighs pads with Bluetooth will show the wheel, axle, and overall vehicle weights in addition to a simple printout.

This CUBLiFT weigh pad is configurable. It may be used to hold customer, product, and vehicle databases.

Due to its center of gravity characteristic, this indicator is quite popular among automotive modification engineers. Contact our support staff if you have any questions about our weigh pads.

14. What are vehicle and axle weigh pads?

CUBLiFT weigh pads are used to calculate the axle weights and the vehicle’s overall gross weight.

Typically, an axle weighs pad system comprises a pair of portable 20 ton weigh pads that weigh in 5-kg increments and a weight indicator with a printer.

Axle weighs pads are often used to check if a vehicle is within the legal weight restrictions for road travel. If a vehicle is discovered to be above the legal limit axle weight or total gross weight, the driver may be issued a fixed penalty notice or be reported to the authorities.

Additionally, Axle weighs pads are a convenient and economical way to weigh cars of any size, shape, or weight.

Vehicle weigh pads cost a fraction of the price of a complete weighbridge and give more precision since a weighbridge can only show a vehicle’s gross weight.

The CUBLiFT series of vehicle and axle weigh pads are capable of providing individual wheel and axle weights as well as accumulating the entire weight of the car, van, lorry, or trailer being weighed.

15. What maximum weight do you need?

This is the maximum weight that the CUBLiFT weigh pad system can support and will not be able to support anymore.

For example, a device rated at 15,000kg cannot be used to weigh vehicles weighing up to 20 tons. In general, more quality scales have a larger weight capacity.

The easiest technique to determine your vehicle’s possible weight reach is to check at the manufacturer’s plate. This is the same plate like the one with the VIN.

This plate will indicate the maximum weight that the vehicle may lawfully be loaded. This is the maximum weight that you should seek for legal and safety concerns.

You should provide some wiggle space in case of unintentional overloading. Avoid overloading your vehicle by using this CUBLiFT weigh pad.

16. Do I need weather protection when using CUBLiFT weigh pads?

Another consideration is weather protection. Are you willing to utilize your weigh pad system regardless of the weather conditions? Is it raining or shining?

This is where ratings for Ingress Protection (IP) come into play. IP ratings indicate the degree of protection against water and dust.

IP ratings are two digits; the first represents dust protection and the second represents moisture protection. The greater the figure, the better.

IP55 offers equal protection against water and dust, IP67 offers more protection against moisture than dust, and IP69K offers complete protection against both.

The typical level of weatherproofing is IP54, while the majority of weighing pad systems are rated far higher.

For a comprehensive list of items to look for when purchasing weigh pads, seek guidance from our esteemed customer care team. We offer 24/7 support service to our clients.

Our Weigh Pads are priced plainly on our product page, or you may contact us for a customized quotation. Prices are sometimes expressed in terms of “per pad.” The majority of enterprises will need one pad per wheel.

17. Is it necessary to have overload protection for this weigh pad?

In the rare event that you overweight a car and set it on axle pads, you risk damaging the scales. If you believe this is a possibility of which it is you should consider overload protection for your weigh pads.

This means that although your scales can handle up to 15,000kg, they are safeguarded against overload up to 20,000kg and will not be destroyed until you surpass that limit.

18. Are the weighing pad measurement accessible online?

The most recent advancement in our weigh pad technology is an online weight measurement system. It is composed of two components: a weighing plate and a base.

This is done by linking the weigh pads to the display unit via a wire. The plate might be put underneath your car or truck during loading.

Additionally, it is compatible with all vehicles whether small or big. The display unit is a separate module that may be mounted in a suitable position to improve visibility.

This weigh pad is also beneficial for weighing unwell infants who are attached to a ventilator. All your weight results will be recorded on an online platform where you can access them anytime you need.

19. If I need troubleshooting problems with my to weigh pads, who do I contact?

It’s usually preferable to contact the manufacturer for assistance with troubleshooting. When in doubt, do not seek assistance from illegal merchants.

If you have a troubleshooting manual, properly read it before calling us. If the problem persists you can replace your weigh pads with a new one from CUBLiFT.


20. Is readability and Accuracy the same thing?

While some believe they are synonymous, they are two distinct entities. The smallest amount shown by the weighing machine is called the readability, while the largest discrepancy between the applied test weight and the real weight is called the accuracy.

Both are stated in the instruction manual or on the accompanying specification sheet.

21. How do I choose the right to weigh pads for my business?

Consider the range, readability, and your specific needs when purchasing a weighing pad for your applications.

Determine the minimum and maximum capacity requirements for your applications. Bear in mind the range of weights you’ll be weighing.

Consider the scale readability. Determine the number of decimal places required for measurement.

If you are required to report the measurements, verify the required number of decimal places. Check to see if you have any particular application or technique requirements to use these weigh pads.


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