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CUBLiFT drum stackers easily help you to load drums or any liquid storage unit efficiently

  • Lift, move and pour a heavy drum up to 60″ high
  • built-in weighing scales options are available
  • Multiple functions of Lifting, tilting, and weighing
  • Handle multiple drums of plastic, fiber, steel, lifting up to 1100 Lbs
  • Operating: manual lift & tilt/ AC power lift & tilt
  • Durable stacker truck frame furnished with solid steel metals

Choose CUBLiFT’s drum stackers, Give you more durability, more stability, more economy

Drum Stacker with Tilt Function
● Model-DLH-400/450 With Scale

● Capacity(kg):400/450
● Lift Max (mm): 1600
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1500*950*2060
● Wheel Nylon size (mm): 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 160/170
● Tilting: Manual

Drum Stacker Tilter DLM-500A
● Model: DLM-350/450/500A/520

● Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1620*980*1880
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU/Nylon 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 340/400
● Tilting: Manual/Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Drum Stacker Lifter DLE-420
Drum Stacker Lifter DLE-420
 ● Model: DLE-420

● Capacity(kg): 420
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1560*980*1860
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1650
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

55 Gallon Drum Stacker DBH-450L
55 Gallon Drum Stacker DBH-450L
  • Model: DBH-350L/450L
  • Capacity (kg): 350/450
  • Scale Options available
  • Height Max (mm): 600/1100
  • Fork width (mm): 950
  • Over size (mm): 1150*1120*1360
  • Wheel PU (type) size: 150/125
  • Weight (kg): 60/120
Hydraulic Drum Stacker DBM-350
Hydraulic Drum Stacker DBM-350
● Model: DBM-350

● Capacity (kg): 350
● Height Max (mm): 260
● Fork width (mm): 670
● Over size (mm): 1120*740*990
● Wheel PU (type) size: 125
● Weight (kg): 140
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/12AH
● Multiple Grabber options available

Drum Stacker and Lifter DBM-300B
Drum Stacker and Lifter DBM-300B
● Model: BMQ-103/1118

● Capacity(kg):300/500
● Height Max (mm):1500
● Height Min (mm) 90士2
● Fork overall length (mm): 680/850
● Voltage:24V/32Ah/24V/20Ah
● Charging Time(Hour):4~5
● Recharger:200V/5A
● Lift Times of Full power:300hrs
● Multiple Grabber options available

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Drum stacker Manufacturer in China

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Drum Stacker: Ultimate Guide FAQs (2021)


What is a drum stacker?

Drum stacker is the equipment used to lift barrels, steel drums, plastic drums, and fiber drums; it is also capable of not only lifting but tilting and moving the drum from one place to another.

Where is the drum Stacker used?

Drum stacker is mostly used at petroleum, chemical industries, or anywhere drums are used, drum stackers are used there as well.

Why is drum Stacker used?

We humans, have a range of reach in terms of height and lifting the weight; places where humans can’t reach, or weights humans can lift easily; they use machines to do so.

In warehouses where the drums are used in huge quantities and due to narrow space, humans can’t work properly; the drum stacker is used to lift, tilt, or move the heavy drums from one place to another.

What are the applications of drum stackers?

Drum stacker provides safe transportation of huge drums to the docks and marines.

It is also used in construction activities, to move construction material safety.

What are the advantages of using a drum Stacker?

Since the machines are always convenient to use; and provide many advantages with ease and comfort while using it, the drum stacker also offers numerous advantages: its strong body provides the operator’s complete safety. It saves the time, effort of the labor, and avoids any possible injury. Battery-operated drum stackers are even more beneficial as they only need one press on the button.

  • Save money: Drum stacker will speed up productivity, the work will automatically be done faster. You will need a smaller number of people for the same work. Industry owners can save money by hiring a smaller number of workers.
  • Improve efficiency: workers can do better work if they will use a drum stacker rather than moving drums by their own, it will take less time for them to complete the same task, and work will be done with perfection. Each worker will accomplish more.
  • Maximize the space: By using a drum stacker at the warehouse, you can lift the drum and place it at a height, and maximize the space, which is not possible if a human lifting the drums. You can store your drums at height and free the horizontal distance.
  • Reduce accidents: It is highly risky for workers to lift, tilt or even move the drum from one place to another, and if the drum is filled with content, the risk even increases. Since the worker’s safety is the biggest concern for businesses and industries, any mishap can cause serious injury and the loss of valuable contents. So, to reduce such risks, the drum stacker is highly suggested equipment to use. The drum stacker will eliminate the factor of risk, and prevent any accident.
  • Better customer service: Every business wants to make their customers happy by completing the orders faster and irreproachably. Drum stacker allows you to maximize your productivity with accuracy and make an increment in the number of your customers.
  • Increase warehouse value: Drum stacker will make a grand atmosphere at your workplace, in case if your resale your warehouse or workplace, that factor will surely cooperate. Not only this but the resale value will go up with these stackers.
  • Attract employees: Machines like drum stacker make the atmosphere of warehouse attractive, If you need employees in you workplace, you can easily attract and can hire professional employees.

What are the disadvantages of using a drum Stacker?

When any machine is manufactured to provide convenience and comfort; all the factors, including disadvantages are considered during the process of manufacturing, and it is their first priority to minimize the disadvantages, so that the machine can be used without any fear.

The drum stacker is also having the following general disadvantages like most of the stackers:

  • The initial cost of equipment: it is undeniable that it needs a hefty investment if you are getting drum stackers for your company, since battery-operated drum stackers are more convenient to use, they are more expensive as well. So, in the beginning, they will cost, but they will pay off by helping in increasing the speed of production.
  • Reduce flexibility for change: It is very easy for business owners to hire and fire the workers or change their duties from one place to other but in the case of machines it is not that much easy. If you are having drum stackers in your industry; neither you can change the model and equipment type frequently because it will cost you more, nor you can go back to the old system in which workers carry the drums on their own. In case you have upgraded your warehouse by replacing the hydraulic with electric, you can’t easily go back to your previous system.
  • Possible downtime due to malfunction: machine can be faulty at any time, you have to be prepared for any kind of breakdown, and that can lead you to any impairment; and if the machine takes a long time to get repaired, the production speed will go down. And in case of a major dilemma and your mechanic can’t fix it, you might need to call a specialist from the outside, resulting in a wastage of a long time, especially when the work is possible to be done only with the help of a drum stacker. It is observed that in many industries the regular maintenance and care of machines are not taken seriously and cause an accidental breakdown. If the maintenance and care are taken properly, such an issue will not occur frequently. To avoid such an issue the manager needs to be very responsible regarding the maintenance.
  • Maintenance costs: Hydraulic drum stackers might not need regular maintenance but battery-operated drum stackers do need maintenance on regular basis. Regular maintenance doesn’t cost more but periodic professional maintenance might cost you more, which is usually done by specialists who are trained to inspect the machine. Proper maintenance will save your money in the long run by avoiding breakdowns and the lift span of the stacker will surely increase.

What size of drum can a drum stacker carry?

Few models are designed for small drums and small operations; and few stackers are designed for large and heavy drums, so it depends on what model are you using.

If you are using the smallest size model, you can carry the 572×917 mm size of drum, but if you are using the large size of stacker, you can carry 890x2020mm size of drum easily.

If you are looking for a stacker you must need to know your requirement, that what type of stacker will be useful for your industry.

Keep in mind that small drums are for small operations and large are for larger operations, don’t make a mistake of using a small drum stacker to carry and move a large drum; that could be risky.

How heavy can the drum stacker carry the drum?

That depends on the type and model of the drum stacker; if you are using the smallest model you might lift the drum weight up to only 50kg, but if you are having a large model you can carry the drum weight up to 450kg.

How long can the drum stacker lift the drum?

It depends on the type and model of the equipment; a small drum stacker can lift the drum up to 250mm height while the giant drum stacker is able to lift the drum up to 1400mm height.

What is the difference between manual, semi-electric, and fully electric drum stackers?

Manual drum stacker:

Manual drum stackers are designed for small lifting work.

Their load capacity is around 50kg and their maximum lifting height is around 250mm.

To move the hydraulic machine, the operator is supposed to put an extra effort while lifting the drum by pumping the tow bar and moving the machine.

Though this machine saves time but still takes a lot of effort.

Lifting can either be achieved by pumping the steering tiller or the pedal depends on the model.

A manual stacker is the most simple and effective solution for occasional work but if you need the stacker for frequent work or for your warehouse you should go for the semi-electric or electric drum stackers.

Semi-electric drum stackers:

The semi-electric drum stackers are capable of lifting and tilting the drum by the motor, but still, you need to pull the machine to move it.

It is an upgraded version of hydraulic/manual drum stacker and much better than that.

It half the required effort as the manual one and speeding up the pace of your work. It extends the lifting height and load capacity; few models can lift up to 900-1400mm and carry up to 300kg.

The button is installed at the steering handle to enable lifting and lowering operations.

The motor in this type of drum stacker is battery-powered.

In some models, the facility of displaying the remaining power and other features is also available.

A simple plug recharges the battery. For moving the machine, you are provided with a tiller.

Electric drum stacker:

The best one is a fully electric drum stacker which is fully battery-operated.

You don’t need to put any effort; it can lift and lower the drum by the motor; not only this but it can also move by the motor.

Transporting of drums, loading, unloading, pouring can be done rapidly and effortlessly.

Buttons are available for different operations like lifting, lowering, tilting, moving forward, speed up, speed low, breaking, and moving backward.

This update in the drum stacker came up with an increment in the height of lifting and lifting capacity.

This model can lift the 450kg load up to 1400mm in height.

In some models, a platform is provided for the operator to stand on it and move with the machine while others allow the operator to walk with the machine.

How many types are the drum stacker?

There are many drum stacker types, such as forklift attachment drum stacker, drum rotator, below hook drum handler, and mobile drum handler.

What is a forklift attached drum stacker?

Heavy-duty forklift attached drum stackers are designed to slide the steel drums into a forklift.

This equipment is ideal for handling the heavy drums loaded with valuable content.

You can safely load and unload the drums without putting in the extra effort.

You just need to insert it into forklifts trucks and easily clamp, lift, and transport the drums from one place to another.

This model can handle drums with a high mass to volume ratio and carry 45-gallon (210 litter) steel drum without any risk.

There are variations in forklifts attachments drum stacker’s models like a carrier with waist type, tilt function, carrier without tilt function, multi-drum carrier, forklift mounted, and rim type.

A battery-operated forklift drum stacker reduces the time, effort, and labor cost. It doesn’t need high maintenance and requires meager service costs.

What is a Mobile drum handler?

The mobile drum stacker is an impartial model; which provides a reliable and convenient way to lift, tilt and move the heavy drums, this stacker is capable of lifting 55-gallon fiber, steel, or plastic drum.

In this model the handlers are already built to reduce the effort and increase safety; made up of stainless steel with a heavy-duty jaw, which is capable enough to grip the top rim of heavy drums.

The operator just needs to fix the drum in the handler then you can move it effortlessly.

These models are available in two types; manual and hydraulic powered.

It is perfect for the locations like docks and marines; because they are movable and can move a 475 lbs. drum with no extra effort.

What is the below-hook drum handler?

This model is used to lift, tilt and pour the drums.

It is hydraulic-powered lifting and pulls by a chain puller.

Its body is made with premium-grade stainless steel.

A grip is provided here, which holds the drum from the drum’s mid-section and ensures that the drum will not fall down.

Additional fork packets are also provided for extra support.

Drum lift carriers and drum pourers are examples of the below-hook drum handler.

This model is ideal for plastic, steel, and fiber drums transportation in docks or factories.

It can lift a heavy drum of 454 kg (1000 pounds).

What is a drum rotator?

The drum rotator is designed to make the task convenient of rotating drums and transferring the contents from one drum to another.

Hydraulic and battery-operated drum rotators are used widely in chemical industries.

This type of drum handler/stacker can lift the weight of 600kg up to 2400mm.

The robust machine consists of electromagnetic breaking in electric models.

Vital Ring gear and rotator, which could be hydraulic or electric, provide smoothness in operation.

This model is capable of turning the drum for 360o so that all the contents can be transferred.

The portable and stationary rollers, tumblers, drum rollers are a few examples of drum rotators.

Is using a drum stacker safe?

It can be risky for a fresh employee or one who doesn’t know the proper way of operating it, so it is highly recommended for fresh employees to learn the fundamental method of operating machines before trying it.

But if an experienced person knows the proper operation method, it is not risky at all.

Because it is designed to provide a complete balance to the drum while lifting, tilting, and lowering.

How to use a hydraulic drum stacker?

A hydraulic drum stacker requires a little effort; if you want to move a drum from one place to another, you need to move your stacker and set the stacker’s position beside the drum.

The hydraulic drum stacker carries the drum with its two supports.

You have to set the stacker’s upper grip to the rim of the drum by pumping the pedal; the lower support will set beneath the second support line of the drum.

And then you can stacker is ready to lift the drum, as you will pump the feet pumping bar, the drum will be lifted.

Don’t lift too high as we all know it has only two supports to be risky.

Now you can move the stacker, to lower the drum you are provided with a foot button, push it and the drum will be lowered.


How to use an electric drum stacker?

Electric drums stackers are battery-operated, they move, lift, and lower the motor’s drum.

If you are having an electric drum stacker and you want to move it from one place to another, you need to set the position of the machine, your machine has a wide grip that is used to lift the drum from its mid-section.

Make the position according to it and then press the provided button to tighten the grip, make sure that the grip fits to the drum so that the drum doesn’t fall during lifting.

The button is provided for lifting, you just need to press a button and the drum will be lift, you can lift as much as you want within the machine’s range.

For moving, again you need to press the button and move with the machine providing the direction, button for tilting is there, press it for pouring the content, you can tilt up to 360o.

For lifting, you need to set the position where you want to drop the drum and then press the lowering button.

Does it require any special training to operate a drum stacker?

Yes, training is essential for all the workers to ensure that you know the proper way of operating it and you know all safety measures.

Because the drums contain valuable content, you can’t let it be wasted by an untrained or inexperienced worker; so it is highly recommended for all the workers to learn the proper way of operating them.

This but the untrained worker can make trouble for himself/herself by operating it, it could be risky for them as well.

How much can the drum stacker tilt the drum?

That depends on the drum stacker model, manual stackers tilt up to 180o while the electric machines are capable of rotating the dump up to 360o.

Can only one person use the drum stacker?

Yes, only one person can easily use any type of drum stacker; whether it is manual, semi-electric, or electric.

What is the dimension of the drum stacker?

Different models have different dimensions, but mostly drum stackers are 19 to 21 inches wider and the length of the legs of the drum stacker is usually 32 to 39 inches.

The machine’s height varies with the model; some model’s height goes up to 85 inches.

Which battery is used in electric drum stackers?

In the latest electric drum stackers, the 12/80x2V/Ah battery is being used for electric drum stackers, which supply DC power to the motor.

What is the lifting speed of the drum stacker?

If you have a manual drum stacker, it depends on the operator how fast he pumps.

But in the case of semi-electric or it depends on the motor.

In the latest models 2.2W motor is being used to lift at the speed of 145/80 mm/s.

What maintenance is required to drum stackers?

If you are having an electric drum stacker you must maintain it regularly to avoid any fault.

Experts suggest the following necessary steps to follow:

  • Check the water level at the battery cell; add up if required.
  • Please charge the battery only when the power goes below 30%, and remove the charge when it is set at least 90%. Avoid connecting or disconnecting the charger when the power is between 40% to 70%.
  • Check the tires and the surface of the floor.
  • Lubricate all steering joints during periodic maintenance.

What is the average life of a drum stacker?

If you are giving your machine proper attention by its regular and periodic maintenance, it will be operational for 20000 hours. However, it observed that the operators and managers don’t maintain their machines properly that reduces the machine’s lift, in these conditions an average life of a machine is approximately 10000 hours.

Which one is better among hydraulic and electric drum stackers?

If you need a piece of equipment for a small operation or have small drums in your warehouses, you should go for a hydraulic drum stacker, but you must keep in mind that it will not completely eliminate the effort of workers.

And if you are looking for equipment for a large operation or have a large number of drums in your storage area, you should use an electric drum stacker, which is capable of lifting heavy drums and eliminating the extra effort.

Drum Stacker Vimage 4

  • Oil Drum Stacker DH1
    Oil Drum Stacker DH1
  • Fully Electric Drum Stacker DH1
    Fully Electric Drum Stacker DH1
  • Drum Handling Stacker DE1
    Drum Handling Stacker DE1
  • Multiple Grabber Drum Handler Stacker DH7
    Multiple Grabber Drum Handler Stacker DH7
  • Drum Stacker with Scale DH1S
    Drum Stacker with Scale DH1S
  • Electric Drum Stacker DE1
    Electric Drum Stacker DE1
  • Hydraulic Boom Drum Stacker DHQ
    Hydraulic Boom Drum Stacker DHQ
  • Manual Drum Stacker DH4
    Manual Drum Stacker DH4
  • OEM Drum Stacker DE2
    OEM Drum Stacker DE2
  • Plastic Drum Stacker DH1
    Plastic Drum Stacker DH1
  • Boom LiFT Drum Stacker DHQ
    Boom LiFT Drum Stacker DHQ
  • Vertical Drum Stacker DH1
    Vertical Drum Stacker DH1
  • Plastic Drum Stacker
  • Drum Handling Stacker
  • Drum Electric Stacker
  • Drum Lifter and Stacker

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Drum stacker Manufacturer in China

A drum stacker is also called a rotator and it is used to handle materials by weighing them, lifting, and emptying. Drum stackers are designed to give you efficiency in material handling. Drum stackers are designed to have excellent inbuilt features like an adjustable clip that can rotate the drums to 120 degrees. The rotation helps in emptying the drums for the next round.

Drum Stacker QC iconDrum Stacker QC icon7 Drum Stacker QC icon5 Drum Stacker QC icon4 Drum Stacker QC icon3 Drum Stacker QC icon2 Drum Stacker QC icon1

 Drum Stacker DESC (17)

We manufacture a wide range of drum stackers in different sizes, capacities, and models. Our drum stackers are made using steel and aluminum and they are superb value worth your money.

Drum stackers are what you need in your business as they bring you reliability, safety, and accuracy in equipment handling. Drum stackers have inbuilt outrageous features that suit your business.

Drum stackers are used in warehouses, construction sites, factories, industries, and dispatch centers. Drum stackers can lift materials of 0.4 tons to a height of 1.9 m in a second.

We also have spare parts for your drum stacker at a cost-saving price. We also help in fixing broken drum stackers that keep slowing your business operations. We stock autonomous drum stackers from electric drum stackers to manual drum lifters. If you might be interested in any of our drum stackers don’t hesitate to send us an OEM order.

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