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Drum Lifter and Tilter

CUBLiFT: One of the Best Drum Lifter Manufacturers from China

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Drum Lifter and Tilter

CUBLiFT supplies you certified, selected drum lifter and tilter trucks to load/unload drums from pallets/ground with ease

  • Load Capacity: up to1100 lb.
  • Lifting Height: up to 1500mm from ground
  • Operating: Manual Drum Lifter Tilter
  • Hydraulically lift and Mechanically Rotating
  • Operating Type: Manual lift, Hydraulically Up-Down
  • Drum Rotation: 180 degrees
  • Applicable for 30 gals. 55 gal. 85-gallon steel drums & 200L plastic drums

Easily help you to load drums or any liquid storage units to truck beds, shelves, and racking

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DLH-400

● Model-DLH-400/450 With Scale
● Capacity(kg):400/450
● Lift Max (mm): 1600
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1500*950*2060
● Wheel Nylon size (mm): 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 160/170
● Tilting: Manual

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DLM-350

● Model: DLM-350/450/500A/520
● Capacity(kg): 350/450/500/520
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1620*980*1880
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU/Nylon 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 340/400
● Tilting: Manual/Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V/120AH

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DLE-420

● Model: DLE-420
● Capacity(kg): 420
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1560*980*1860
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1650
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DBH-450L

Model: DBH-350L/450L
Capacity (kg): 350/450
Height Max (mm): 600/1100
Fork width (mm): 950
Over size (mm): 1150*1120*1360
Wheel PU (type) size: 150/125
Weight (kg): 60/120

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DBH-350U

● Model: DBH-350U/450U
● Capacity (kg): 350/450
● Height Max (mm): 300/450/600
● Fork width (mm): 700
● Over size (mm): 920*920*1130
● Wheel PU (type) size: 150/125
● Weight (kg): 60/120

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DBM-300B

● Model: BMQ-103/1118
● Capacity(kg):300/500
● Height Max (mm):1500
● Height Min (mm) 90士2
● Fork overall length (mm): 680/850
● Voltage:24V/32Ah/24V/20Ah
● Charging Time(Hour):4~5
● Recharger:200V/5A
● Lift Times of Full power:300

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DBH-250CH

● Model: DBH-250CH
● Capacity (kg): 250
● Height Max (mm): 300
● Fork width (mm): 700
● Over size (mm): 1020*750*815
● Wheel PU (type) size: 125/150
● Weight (kg): 60

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DBM-350

● Model: DBM-350
● Capacity (kg): 350
● Height Max (mm): 260
● Fork width (mm): 670
● Over size (mm): 1120*740*990
● Wheel PU (type) size: 125
● Weight (kg): 140
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/12AH

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DBH-450HO

● Model: DBH-450HO
● Capacity (kg): 450
● Height Max (mm): –
● Fork width (mm): 670
● Over size (mm): 1450*700*850
● Wheel PU (type) size: PU/Rubber/Air-filled
● Weight (kg): 23

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DG-300C

● Model:DG-300C
● Capacity(kg):300
● Drum Numble:1
● Size:1190*940*920
● Weight(kg)60/66
● Tilting:Manual/Electric

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DG-720HO

● Model: DG-HO
● Capacity(kg): 360/720/1000/1500/2000
● Drums: 1/2/3/4/6/8
● Size (mm): 810*670*815~2210*1030*745
● Weight (kg): 45/52~155/207

Drum Lifter and Tilter List DG-3000V

● Model: DG-V
● Capacity(kg): 2000/3000/4000
● Drums: 4/6/8
● Size (mm): 1250*960*830~185*960*830
● Weight (kg): 320~410

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Drum Lifter Manufacturer in China

Automated Drum Lifter and Tilter DESC (30)

When it comes to drummer lifting, CUBLiFT must be one of the best drum lifter manufacturers among those competitors. CUBLiFT has been manufacturing forklift trucks for over 20years. So sure enough, CUBLiFT can offer the most versatile drum lifter and tilter.

With a compact design, Our drum lifter and tilters can be used in very tight working spaces. It features a 1.4 m lifting height and an almost 360-degree tilt. To engage a drum you simply need to roll forward with the beak height aimed at the leap of the drum. Second, tighten the top beak which will enable you to lift the drum slowly. This also allows you to fasten the bottom of the drum lifter and tilter by using the spring-loaded hook. The lifting of the drum lifter involves the use of the foot pump or the hand pump.

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Sometimes the foot pedal/pump is often the preferred option as it causes less strain and fatigue to the operator. Besides, you also have a release pedal to lower the drum lifter.  Our drum lifter and tilter also come equipped with a brake unit available on the rim of the wheels. The tilting mechanism gives you an almost 360˚ tilt to empty all the drum contents.

You can lift your drum to a height of 1450mm. The drum lifter and tilter are designed for use in various industries that store their goods/products on drums or barrels.

For more information about CUBLiFT’s drum lifter and tilter, visit our website at https://cublift.com/drum-lifter/. You will find other related products for fitting your drummer lifting requirements.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

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Metal Drum Lifting – Manual Drum Lifter
Plastic Drum Lifter and Tilter


Drum Lifter and Tilter: The Ultimate FAQs

FAQ for Drum Lifter and Tilte


A drum lifter and tilter are specialized liftings and tilting devices used in an industry company (s) by workers to make lifting, tilting, picking up, and rotating drums. They are mainly preferred due to their capability to shield employees from physical harm and damage to goods being transported. Additionally, they greatly increase efficiency at work when used.

What are some key beneficial features of drum lifter and tilter?

  • It has a lifting capacity of up to 500 Kgs.
  • A drum lifter and tilter have a lifting height of up to 1420mm.
  • Has the ability to stack drums over others.
  • A drum lifter and lifter can do a 360 degrees rotation enhancing precise storage.
  • Its equipped with a leakproof, strong hydraulic system to support heavy lifting.
  • It is highly suitable for drums made of polymer and steel.


How do a drum lifter and tilter function in a working setup?

A drum lifter and tilter are user-friendly while in use. This is because it has both electric and manual modes. Having these two modes present, the worker’s effort is made easier to a greater extent. Loading and offloading work is made possible while applying less effort.

The ability by the drum lifter and tilter to stack drums and other loads on top of others increases its versatility capability. One will also be able to tilt drums and other related loads, empty their contents in matters of minutes. Also, it is possible to move drums for a longer distance.

When moving a drum for instance from point A to B, the drum lifter has lifting tongs that embrace the drum by the body, lifts it, and then the worker can move it from one point to a preferred destination. During this exercise, the lifter also works as a trolley, a lift mat, and a turner simultaneously.

What are important safety measures that need to be adhered to while using drum lifter and tilter?

For effective use of drum lifter and tilter, the user needs to keep the following in mind so that they remain protected from various hazards.

  • Ensure that employees are in full protective gear which includes wearing protective gloves, steel toes boots, safety glasses, industrial overalls e.t.c
  • Ensure that the room where the machine is being used is sufficiently light, adequate space to minimize squeezing. Tight space for working can turnout dangerous to workers.
  • Ensure right ergonomic equipment, forklifts are clearly labeled for safe handling by the employees as advocated by OSHA. This greatly applies to a person handling drum attachments.
  • Also, while handling drum lifter and tilter, the user must ensure that the drum truck, hook drum lifter, forklifts are functioning properly while moving drums from one point to another.
  • Make sure the drums being moved are well sealed as the contents may keep shifting inside posing great danger to the user. Avoid slippery floors, uneven surfaces, restricted spaces, this can lead to inflicting serious injuries such as strained backs, sprained feet, and even crushing of fingers. Besides, it can lead to damage of the drum and content spillage.
  • While moving empty drums, one should use the help of his thighs to lean the drum, while transporting it, he/she should face away.
  • While rolling the drum, roll the drum using its lower rim and when rotating the drum, use the upper rim to rotate it with your hands.
  • During lifting empty drums, it’s best to squat and then rise. One should not bend straight away and lift. Adopting correct posture, hand movement and feet is crucial while handling empty drums.
  • For safety, while moving empty drums, it’s best to use drum trucks. When rolling it by the side, always wear gloves.


Should I buy or rent a drum lifter and tilter?

This is a common question among customers. Acquiring a standard drum lifter and tilter is indeed costly. Nonetheless, it is worth noting that despite the price, one recoups the money within months and the advantage of having your own is that you can use it at your convenience, and for whatever purpose. The only thing one needs to consider is the maintenance of the drum lifter and tilter in the best way. It’s best to keep in touch with your supplier who will help you maintain it and have a longer service life. Alternatively, one can also learn maintenance techniques and do it for yourself.

What are the various types of drum lifter and tilter available?

Many are the times one will want to transfer contents from one drum to another or into another machine. However, due to tight operating spaces, it becomes difficult due to lack of adequate movement space. Now, with the help of an electric drum lifter, one can turn, tilt and even lift it to higher heights from which it is easier to pour contents into another drum or another machine. Nonetheless, it should be noted that, while handling hazardous chemicals, you must strictly observe all set safety rules and regulations. It is prescribed that the drums be made of stainless steel and for such purposes, drum lifters and tilters are highly recommended.

Where are drum lifters and tilters used?

The main user of drum lifter and tilter are companies and manufacturing firms majorly dealing in pharmaceuticals, chemicals, cosmetics, food who have to store them in various barrels in form of liquids or powder form. Drum lifter and tilter becomes extremely useful more so during manufacturing where drums have to be tilted and turned, and be emptied. With most drums weighing over 150kgs, it is quite a challenge to get it done without the use of a drum lifter and tilter. Therefore, the use of manual labour without violating the set-aside safety measures is almost impossible. On the other hand, heavy reliance on manual labour while lifting and tilting heavy barrels of contents in an industry setup has an adverse health impact on the workers in the long run.

What are some of the advantages of using drum lifter and tilter in place of work?

Due to their ability to lift heavy drums of up to 400kgs, it’s easy to lift and pour contents from one drum into another.

It can operate as a lifter and as a tilter at the same time.

Has an ergonomic handle, hence comfortable for long hours use.

Increased efficiency among workers due to easy and quick handling of drums.

It has simple controls making it easy to use.

Has adjustable height capability which can be done when necessary to support various types of drums.

Increased safety at the workplace since there are reduced injuries, accidents among other hazards.

What are the various types of drum lifter and tilter available?

Manual Hydraulic Drum Lifter and Tilter



  • Has a lifting height of up to 250 mm.
  • Can lift weight between 50-350Kgs
  • It is operated manually.
  • Wheels are made of rubber.

Figure 1: Manual Hydraulic Drum Lifter and Tilter

  • Can comfortably lift open drums containing hazardous content and high-temperature substances.
  • Easy to use to stack drums over others without the help of pallets.
  • Operated by one person.

   Figure 2: Battery Powered Drum Lifter and Tilter


Battery Powered Drum lifter and tilter.


  • It is battery-powered.
  • Has a lift height of up to 250 mm.
  • Has a lifting weight capacity of up to 450 Kg.
  • It is made of stainless still tilters.






 Electric Drum lifter and Tilter


  • Has a weight lifting capability of up to 300 Kg.
  • Can lift load up to a height of 225 mm.
  • It electronic driven.
  • It is easy to use.









Figure 3: Electric Drum Lifter and Tilter

Approximately, how long can a drum lifter and tilter last?

Generally, when a drum lifter and tilter is well maintained as required by the manufacturer, it can serve you for a very long time. The owner has to make sure that parts that need to be continually serviced are attended to so that it retains its efficiency while in operation.

Does one require specific training to be able to operate a drum lifter and tilter?

To operate a drum lifter and tilter, one does not require specialized training. However, one should be able to use a handling guide that comes along with the device to ensure safety while working.

What are some of the work-related injuries that use of a drum lifter and tilter protect a worker from?

  • Back or spine-related injuries- this result due to prolonged wrong handling of heavy barrels/drums/loads.
  • Broken limbs – this is mainly the lower parts of the legs while moving full drums and accidentally fall on the worker’s legs.
  • Crushed fingers – sometimes fingers get trapped between drum and surface or pallets when moving them manually resulting in fractures.


What are some of the recommended safety clothing needed while using a drum lifter and tilter?

  • Industrial boots – they should always be worn to protect one’s toes.
  • Non-corrosive gloves – these are necessary when handling hazardous liquids.
  • Eye protecting goggles – normally should be used when handling substances likely to splash.
  • Hard headgear/hat – this is necessary to protect one from head injuries when lifting loads above one’s head.
  • Gas helmet – this is to protect one from harmful gases and chemical dust.

How do I effectively use a drum lifter and tilter to lift a drum in my place of work?

  • First, confirm whether the drum lifter is well tested before beginning the lifting and ensure that your hands are in a safe position away from the drum.
  • Secondly, ensure that the drum lifter and tilter is the right one for specific weight lift that you are handling to avoid crashing.
  • Then, confirm that the drum is well fastened to the drum lifter and is secure, should you have doubt, lower the drum and make the right connection.
  • Once in movement, always make sure that the load is as close to the ground as possible should it get off the hook at any given time.
  • At no one given time should one leave the drum raised for whatever period.
  • While lowering the drum, the surface should be clear of anything that could act as a destabilizer such as cables, hosepipes.

How do I use the drum lifter and tilter to transfer contents from one drum to another barrel?

  • First, ensure the drum lifter and tilter are in a tightly fixed position before raising the drum. The person using this machine shouldn’t stand in front of the drum tilter while operating it.
  • When tipping the contents, this should be done at a slow speed once the load is lifted since the drum lifter’s stability reduces as the weight moves further up.
  • At least have an extra person on standby to assist in watching and ensuring that contents are not tipped wrongly or there is spillage.
  • Ensure that the vessel receiving the content has a larger receiving surface or use a large funnel to prevent spillage.
  • Keep the drum in a raised position when decanting contents, and once you are through lower the drum slowly back on the ground.

Figure 4: Hydraulic Drum Lifter and Tilter



Is a drum lifter and tilter adjustable to lift different weights?

Normally, different drum lifters support different weights, hence it’s not advisable to lift a weight that is not recommended in the drum lifter and tilter handling manual. Therefore, it’s best to purchase a drum lifter and tilter that suits your lifting needs.

What are some safety challenges one is likely to face handling a drum lifter and tilter?

  • An instance where the wrong quality/ type of drum lifter and tilter is used not fitting certain purpose leading to injuries to employees.
  • Companies being unaware of existing drum lifter and tilter handling legislation, where employers end up placing employees at risk for not ensuring safe handling of drum movement at a place of work.
  • Exceeding set handling limits when it comes to pulling, lifting, and pushing by those operating.
  • In certain scenarios, some operators avoid using the drum lifter and tilter only to sue the company later once they sustain permanent injuries.
  • Some companies asking their employees to move drums manually, definitely putting them in danger, and at risk of suffering serious injuries.

How often should a drum lifter and tilter be serviced?

The secret to a long-life service of a drum lifter and tilter is maintenance. Despite that these machines are made of super-hard metals such as stainless steel, they also have other operating mechanisms such as hydraulic systems which need to be serviced. It is advisable that for a hydraulic system after 600 hours, a qualified technician should do the servicing for the hydraulic drum lifter and tilter. During this exercise, the oil will be replaced, check the tension chain, tilt cylinders, brakes, among other major parts. However, for a full service, after every 200 hours of work, servicing should be done.

What are the factors to consider in conducting a maintenance exercise for the drum lifter and tilter?

  • Usage hours/number of hours worked – this is the major factor to consider where if a drum lifter and tilter reaches a specific number of hours while in operation e.g 200 hours, servicing should be done.
  • Equipment’s age – how long the drum lifter and tilter have been operating determines its need for maintenance requirement.
  • Maintenance history- how frequent a drum lifter has been receiving is one to carry on with so that its functionality remains intact.
  • Working environment – working in a rugged environment calls for frequent maintenance as compared to a clean working environment.
  • Type of drum lifter and tilter – different drum lifter and tilter require maintenance at different times because of the mechanism they use as recommended by the maintenance manuals as provided by the manufacturer.

Do a drum lifter and tilter require preventive maintenance?

Yes, just like any other form of machine that one chooses to invest in, it is best practice when preventive maintenance is carried out regularly to foster optimum functioning and increase its life span.

Why are drum lifter and tilter preferred for lifting and tilting of drums in most companies?

  • Increased efficiency – employees can finish their jobs in a shorter time and correctly without straining themselves, and hence achieve more results.
  • Space maximization – with the help of drum lifter and tilter, a worker can maximize the available space and equally deliver as expected within the available space.
  • Increased worker safety – with the elimination of manual heavy lifting, there is reduced chances of an employee hurting themselves or getting injured.
  • Saves money – with the use of drum lifter and tilter, there is increased productivity in processes and hence more work is done faster by fewer people hence saves on hiring so many people reducing on overall company overheads.

What are some possible disadvantages of drum lifter and tilter?

  • Possible malfunction – with the use of machines, there is always a possibility of malfunction or breakdown. This may turn out time-consuming before the drum lifter and tilter are repaired and sanctioned back for use. In some scenarios, work may temporarily be halted until the machine is repaired. This may end up interfering with the production schedule.
  • High machine dependency – once the drum lifter and tilter are in place, it is therefore impossible to use another method hence depending on it, and cannot revert to manual lifting.
  • Cost of the purchase – it seems a bit costly when acquiring it for the first time, but the benefit of having it than manually handling drums, can’t compare to lack of it. Again, the financial benefits accruing from its use eventually break even and becomes more of an asset than a liability.
  • Cost of maintenance – sometimes employers may be blinded by the cost of maintenance due to routine to keep the drum lifter and tilter in good shape. But the ensuring that it performs efficiently has more pros than cons.

If a drum lifter and tilter are to be stored for a long period, what are some storing measures to consider?

Should there come a time when the drum lifter and tilter will be out of use for quite a long period to protect it from rusting, and getting rugged, therefore, the storage area should be humid free or free from frost before storage. Measures to take before include:

Clean the drum lifter and tilter thoroughly

Make sure the holding arms are well covered and lowered if possible.

Ensure the drum lifter and tilter are well lubricated.

Ensure the brakes and the wheels are in good condition.

For the battery-powered drum lifter and tilter, remove the battery and be recharging it on monthly basis.

Clean the battery terminals and apply grease to them.

Clean the body truck thoroughly.

Ensure the hydraulic system is well oiled and greased to protect all its components.

All the electrical appliances attached should be sprayed with an appropriate spray.

Does one require a license to operate a drum lifter and tilter?

A license to operate a drum lifter and tilter is not mandatory. However, the person must be trained using the drum lifter and tilter training manual so that handling the machine is correctly done to prevent accidents and injury.

Why is it important to acquire a drum lifter and tilter today for material handling?

With the current times of technological advancement, work efficiency is something that most companies seek to achieve. This not only helps them increase production, but also ensures that a company can maximize it in terms of revenue, and guarantees sustainability. Therefore, the acquisition of drum lifter and tilter in business for equipment lifting is a necessity. Moreover, it improves the safety of workers.

How many people are needed to operate a drum lifter and tilter?

This is mainly dependent on the type of drum lifter and tilter that a company is using. For example, in the case of manual drum lifter and tilter, at least 2 people should operate the machine so that they can help in loading and during tipping. In the case of hydraulic and electric drum lifter and tilter, one well trained and safely dressed is enough, though at times a helping hand is necessary.


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