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Electric Pallet Truck

CUBLiFT:Top China Forklift Truck Manufacturer since 1999

Electric Pallet Truck

Electric Pallet Truck

CUBLiFT, your reliable pallet truck manufacturer provides you with factory cost electric pallet trucks

  • Load capacity up to 5000lbs
  • Reinforced steel forks size options: 36” 42” 48”
  • Power options: led-acid or Lithium-Ion batteries
  • 24-Volt Lithium-Ion energy storage system offers more powerful maneuverability
  • Reinforced steel forks size options: 36” 42” 48”
  • Factory-installed weighing scale available for saving your time while lifting

With CUBLiFT electric pallet trucks, we offer you added convenience and productivity with extra security

Electric Pallet Truck Standard Series

● Model:BH Standard Style
● Capacity (kg): 1000~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 520/550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon

Electric Pallet Truck Scale Series

● Model: BHA(Custom /Stainless Steel)
● Capacity (kg): 1000~3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 460/550/680
● Screen: Waterproof/Printer /A-27E
● Wheel (type): PU/RU/NYLON

Electric High Lift Pallet Truck Series

● Model:BMX High Lift
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500
● Lifting height(mm):800
● Fork overall length(mm):1150
● Fork overall width(mm):540/685
● Wheel (type):PU
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V / 70AH
● Custom: CCD

All Terrain Electric Pallet Truck 1000kg

● All Terrain Pallet Jack:BM-2000AT
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width (mm):700/850
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Weight (kg):280
● Voltage/ Capacity:48V/32AH

Walkie Electric Pallet Truck 1800kg

● Model: BE1 (Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/1800
● Load center distance (mm): 600
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1220
● Fork overall width (mm): 550/685
● Voltage/ Capacity/type: 24V / 65AH
● Wheel Type: PU

Walkie Rider Electric Pallet Truck 2500kg

● Model:BE2 (Rider Style)
● Capacity (kg): 2000/2500/3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 560/685
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1545
● Voltage/ Capacity/type:24V340AH
● Wheel Type:PU

Semi-electric Pallet Truck DC 1500kg

● Model: LM-DC
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000/1150
● Fork overall width (mm): 320~680
● Voltage Capacity: 12V / 120AH
● Weight (kg): 380~480

Electric Pallet Truck Walkie 1000kg

● Model LE1(walkie)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000
● Fork overall width (mm):560/680
● Voltage/ Capacity :2X12V / 85AH
● Weight(kg):540

Electric Pallet Truck Walkie Rider 1500kg

● Model:LE2 (walkie rider)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Weight (kg): 750

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Electric Pallet Truck Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT is one of the best forklifts manufacturers in China, with decades of experience in manufacturing pallet trucks, we offer you a wide selection of pallet trucks for our valued customers around the world. for all your lifting needs, Electric Pallet TruckCUBLiFT offers this electric pallet truck with load capacities of up to 5000 kilograms (i.e. It is particularly suitable for intensive long-term use and transporting heavy loads.

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Electric pallet trucks have ergonomic features, include the long safety control handle and the pro track steel bar. This ensures increased safety and stability during operations. Due to electric pallet trucks’ heavy-duty design, ensure only trained personnel is allowed to operate the truck. Also, another safety precaution is to avoid carrying people on the forks.

You need to ensure the red emergency stop switch/button is pulled up after using the electric pallet truck. As soon as the pallet truck is ready for use, you will see the battery charge status on the display. To determine the direction of travel of your electric pallet truck, you can use the green rocker switch which can be operated on both sides. This pallet truck is very fast and will ensure you complete your task on time.

With our electric pallet truck compact shape, it can fit in any warehouse space, be it small, tinny, or squeezed. We have provided the emergency switch to enable the stop of the pallet truck in case of an emergency. We provide you with high-quality durable lithium-ion batteries to support your entire electric pallet truck operation. CUBLiFT has 20+ years of manufacturing forklift trucks experience, when it comes to invest your fleet of pallet trucks, here is your best choice.

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Electric Pallet Truck – Complete FAQ Guide 1


Introduction. 2

An Electric Pallet Truck- is a type of pallet truck that is battery-powered and commonly used in industrial companies. This type can be Walkie or ride-on pallet truck. It also offers the following functionality; shifting of load, lowering, and lifting.

What type of training does electric pallet truck operator require?

For correct equipment handling, correct training is vital. The correct training equips the operators with key skills for safely and efficiently handling equipment. The type of training should be compatible or in line with that recommended by Provision of Work Equipment Regulation (PUWER. Employees ought to be given essential preparation in how to work the electric pallet truck, and how to accomplish explicit business-related assignments in the stockroom climate while utilizing the electric pallet truck.

How long does the electric pallet truck training take?

The length of the training relies upon the particular sort of electric pallet truck that you’re being prepared on. For instance, undeniable level trucks have some extra preparing contemplations contrasted with a low-level pallet truck. Specifically, this course covers how to work with an eye-level and significant level modern-racking, giving the preparation on stacking on stature, the various difficulties and dangers presented, and the safety precautions should be observed. The course length will likewise change contingent upon the number of up-and-comers on your training and expertise level. This course forms a base upon which one can progress from being a basic operator from the advanced training received.


Figure 1; Electric pallet truck

What positives does a business gain from using an electric pallet truck?

Electric pallet trucks operate on the electric motor, it lifts by use of hydraulic pump on motor. The truck is motorized and no need for physical effort for an operator to use the electric pallet truck.

  • High speed: An electric pallet truck operates at high speed and can charge quickly thus keeping it operational.
  • Versatile: because of its ability to operates in narrow spaces.
  • Improved productivity: due to its speed and efficiency, a lot of work is accomplished in a short time.
  • Ergonomic: fewer injuries for the operator.
  • Lifting heavy and large loads: Electric pallet trucks are durable and can lift heavy loads from one area to another.

What type of industries uses Electric pallet trucks?

Various industries benefit from the use of electric pallet trucks. The industries include the following:

  • Retail stores
  • Factory floor
  • Chemical factories
  • Manufacturing industries
  • Foodservice industries

What type of Electric Pallet Trucks are there in the market?

Electric pallet trucks come in different models with different functionality.

  • Pedestrian-powered trucks: ideal for unloading and loading loads indoors. Have capacity for heavy pallets. Strong suspension development and perseverance tried forks give upgraded strength and sturdiness in even the hardest conditions. Fixed case and waterproof electrics oppose dampness, earth, and consumption – expanding uptime, reducing support expenses, and drawing out truck life. Simple admittance to basic truck segments permits quicker issue analysis and speedier support, diminishing vacation even further. The incorporated drive and lift framework highlight fewer segments than past models, lessening extension for a breakdown. Shut battery compartment with steel cover ensures battery against impacts, deferring expensive battery substitution. Weight capacity 600-2700kgs

Figure 2: An image of pedestrian -powered trucks

In terms of equipment productivity, this type of electric pallet truck has an advanced AC programmable controller that helps the operator to focus on performance and smoothes the handling of equipment.


  • Platform power trucks: have fixed and foldable platforms ideal for both short and long transport distance, loading, and picking. Strong case development and perseverance tried forks give improved strength and toughness in even the hardest conditions. Fixed body and waterproof electrics oppose dampness, soil, and erosion – expanding uptime, reducing support expenses, and drawing out truck life. Simple admittance to basic truck segments permits quicker deficiency conclusion and speedier support, decreasing personal time even further. The incorporated drive and lift framework highlights fewer segments than past models, decreasing extension for a breakdown. Shut battery compartment with steel cover secures battery against impacts, delaying expensive battery substitution. Standard battery sizes permit compatibility with different brands. In terms of productivity, the availability of a lower/lift control button ensures smooth equipment operations. Weight capacity 2000-2500kgs.


Figure 3: An image of platform power truck

  • Platform double pallet handlers: carriers two pallets at once thus saves time.

Solid construction development and perseverance tried forks give improved strength and dependability even in the hardest conditions. Fixed body and waterproof electrics oppose dampness, earth, and consumption – expanding uptime, reducing upkeep expenses, and dragging out truck life. Simple admittance to basic truck segments permits quicker flaw finding and speedier support pressing vacation even further. Residue-protected burden wheels help broaden the life of the wheel course. Has programmable control buttons helps the operator focuses between speed performance and smooth handling. Electric steering wheel adds efficiency of operating in long distance. Weight capacity 2000kgs.


Figure 4: An image of platform double pallet handlers



  • Stand on the power pallet truck: provides optimal protection to the operator. Has the following features: warning lights, battery charge indicator, drive direction indicator, an electric steering system that has acceleration, brakes, and speed functions. Forks rounded tips that ensure smooth load handling. AC motor that ensures high productivity.

Ergonomic handle for comfortable maneuvering. Weight capacity 2000kgs.

Figure 5: An image of stand on the power pallet truck

  • Sit -on the power pallet truck: this type of electric pallet truck, offers outstanding load handling. Its ergonomic handle enables the operator to comfortably operate the electric pallet truck. Has AC in drive technology that ensures longer service and productivity. Also has a battery discharge indicator that has a cut-out, a key switch instead of an on and off button, an overhead guard, and a large battery capacity of up 500Ah.

Any safety pros for using Electric Pallet Truck?

  • Pro-ride system in electric pallet truck development solves stability of the equipment.
  • Castor wheel design with damping effect that minimizes vibrations and shocks and smooth operation on different floors.
  • Empowered ergonomic handles for easier controls; lifting and lowering of loads.
  • Powered steering arm with a hydraulic damp feature that helps in controlling and comfortable maneuvering.
  • The mechanical steering option helps in a less intense working environment.
  • Automatic corners control ensures the electric pallet truck operates effectively.
  • Availability of folding and fixed platforms on the electric pallet truck reduces operator fatigue and knee injuries.
  • Protective sidebars on a platform that are cushioned, highly positioned and a shock absorber prevent operators from injuries and falls.

Which are the key indicators to consider when purchasing an electric pallet truck?

  • Storage: distribution of goods in a warehouse that is first in and first out, last in and last out. this determines the type of electric pallet truck needed.
  • Type of goods: the weight and size of goods are key when choosing the type of electric pallet truck.
  • Load stacking: determine whether the loads allow for the pallets stacked on top of each other.
  • Load racking: the height and shelves depth is key as it let you determine the height of the forklift that lifts the pallet.
  • Warehouse doors: height and width of the door act as a guarantee that the selecting electric pallet truck can easily fit through, without any damages to the warehouse.
  • Floor-type: this helps determine whether the electric pallet truck is operating on a smooth or slope floor. Pathway width is also key.
  • Load transportation distance: The distance to which the load is being lifted, transported should be essential when selecting the type of electric pallet truck to purchase and use.
  • Working environment: before selecting the electric pallet truck, determine the environment in which the equipment will be operating from that is outdoor or indoors.
  • Maximum load capacity: this factor is crucial when selecting the correct electric pallet truck. Electric pallet trucks have a weight capacity of 2000-2700kgs. The electric pallet truck selected should be able to lift the maximum weight.
  • Wheel Material: electric pallet truck wheels are crucial as they help in the smooth operation of equipment and ensure no damages on the floor. A selected electric pallet truck should have polyurethane wheels.
  • Electric pallet truck length: The length of the fork is the main consideration of what it can and can’t convey. Besides, it can influence the mobility of the electric pallet truck, which can lessen its productivity and its general worth.
  • Weight of electric pallet truck: How much the electric pallet truckloads is additionally a significant angle to consider. At the point when you move materials with it, you’re not simply moving the heaviness of the materials, yet also the heaviness of the electric pallet truck. This is significant, because you may end up utilizing it on surfaces that additionally have a restricted lifting or weight limit, similar to vehicle plate and holder floors. Try not to purchase an electric pallet truck that is excessively weighty, as it can harm portions of the stockroom and different bits of hardware while shipping them.
  • Fork length: it is important to note the length of a fork that fits the warehouse needs.

While large forks may meddle with the essential level of mobility of this equipment, short forks won’t permit you to achieve the errand in the correct manner

What are the things/features should one focus on while looking for an electric pallet truck?

  • Availability of battery sockets ensures the electric pallet truck is charging even without removing the battery before charging.
  • Steel electric pallet truck frames protect the equipment from harsh environments and corrosion.
  • Fork shape. Most electric pallet truck forks are C-shaped for rigidity and strength.
  • Work environment. Electric pallet trucks can be able to operate indoors under low temperatures.
  • Battery life. Electric pallet trucks come with batteries that enable 3-6 hours working time.
  • Charging minimum time: 2 -4 hours
  • Fully electric operated
  • Fork length: 540mm width, 1150mm
  • Lift height: 115mm
  • Low height: 80mm
  • Lithium battery technology
  • Forks gap: 220mm

What are different parts that are assembled to make up the Electric pallet truck?

An electric pallet truck is made up of various parts that include:

  • Emergency press-button
  • Battery to indicate discharge.
  • Charging indicating led
  • Tiller
  • Chassis
  • Load roller
  • Battery
  • Driving unit

What are safety warning labels that should be on Electric pallet trucks?

Most electric pallet trucks come with safety and warning labels that should guide the operator. Such labels include:

  • Capacity sticker
  • Oil filling point
  • No passengers
  • Instruction sticker
  • Identification plate

The pallet truck is normally fitted with a crisis-switch meant to stop lifting, fork lowering, or driving work, in return it draws the safety electromagnetic brake once it is pushed. Through this, the electric pallet truck can be used after checking the regulator’s capacities. Prior to using it, a secret-phrase should be keyed in on the pin code board and the activating button.

Additionally, the electric pallet truck is also fitted with a security activation button which once pushed it increases the pushing capability of the operator, pushing it away from him. The turner is thereafter actuated into- turner working zone. Adhere to likewise the guidelines given on the decals.

What are warning and safety instructions should an electric pallet truck operator consider?

  • Pull or push of pallets
  • Weight overload of electric pallet trucks
  • Lack of use of manufacturer’s manual
  • Unstable loads on electric pallet trucks. may damage the loads and cause the operator’s injury.
  • Placing feet in front of the electric pallet truck wheel. may result in injuries.
  • Allowing an unauthorized person to operate the equipment.
  • Placing feet under electric pallet trucks.
  • Operating the electric pallet truck when lighting is below 50 lux. Before an operator operates the track, ensure the minimum lighting is 50 lux.

What are the daily inspections that operators of electric pallet trucks?

An electric pallet truck operator needs to develop a routine for daily inspection of the equipment.

  • Check all nuts and bolts are firmly tightened.
  • Check the switch braking function.
  • Check the lowering and lifting function of the equipment.
  • Check for any disconnected electric wire.
  • Check the emergency brakes are well functioning.
  • Check any oil leakage of the equipment.
  • Ensure wheel movement is smooth.
  • Check for cracks and scratches on the equipment.

What are the functional instructions of electric pallet trucks?

Electric pallet truck operators should ensure the daily inspection is done. Ensure the load being lifted or lowered is stable.

Before starting the electric pallet truck, ensure the password on the Pincode panel is inserted and the horn function is activated.

  • Parking: always ensure the electric pallet truck is parked on well-leveled surfaces. Also, ensure all-electric pallet truck forks are lowered before parking.
  • Load lowering: Ensure the load is always stable before operation. Press the bringing down button cautiously. The load should thereafter be lowered until the forks are off the pallet at that point drive the truck cautiously out of the load unit
  • Load transportation: when transporting load ensure it faces uphill and stable.

Turn on the accelerator button and direct it towards the direction in which the load will be offloaded. Control the speed by moving the gas pedal catch cautiously until you arrived at the desired speed. If the truck is halted, the leaving brake will be locked in. Drive cautiously the truck to the objective. Watch the course conditions and change the voyaging speed with the gas pedal catch. For the slow speed option, press the turtle button.

  • Braking: Ensure the electric pallet truck brakes are functional. By releasing the accelerator button, the braking is activated.
  • In malfunction: In case the electric pallet has any malfunction If there are any glitches or the truck is broken, kindly quit utilizing the truck and enact the crisis button by pushing it. If possible, the truck should be left in a protected area and be deactivated from the pin code board. Immediately pass the information to the relevant office. Importantly, town out the electric pallet truck of the working area.

    What factors to consider when charging and replacing electric pallet truck batteries?

  • When you are handling batteries ensure no open fire around.
  • For batteries recycling, follow nation regulation strictly.
  • The only qualified operator is allowed to charge and replace batteries.
  • Safe parking of electric pallet truck before charging.
  • Before and after charging the electric pallet truck batteries, ensure the cables are well connected.
  • Electric pallet trucks have lithium batteries technology.

The battery’s condition of charge sign is coordinated into the LCD show; it is appeared by ten indents. As the battery becomes released, the indents turn off dynamically, consistently, to the estimation of the remaining battery charge. This worth, shipped off the MDI-CAN by the regulator using CAN-BUS. As soon as the battery low alert shows up on the regulator, the battery image is under the score’s squints.

Battery charging

  • Before charging make sure that you are using a fitting charger to charge the battery.
  • Always adhere to these guidelines.
  • Ensure that the charging room is well ventilated.
  • Before utilizing the charger, kindly completely comprehend the guidelines of the charger guidelines.
  • It is easy to check the status of the charge from the release pointer. The electric truck should be switched off so that control before beginning to charge.
  • Ensure that the pallet truck is parked in a protected area.
  • Lowering of forks to be done so to bring down the load.
  • The electric pallet truck should then be switched off, disconnected from the charge supply. The battery continues to get charged as long as it’s still connected to the power source.
  • If charging is complete, disconnect the battery.
  • It is also possible to disconnect the battery and use direct current for charging.
  • Led status: Red the battery is charging; Green the battery is fully charged.

What is the regular maintenance and maintenance checklist for electric pallet trucks?

Maintenance is key for electric pallet truck service life.

  • All maintenance should be done by authorized and trained personnel.
  • Before any maintenance of the electric pallet truck is done, it should be empty and forks in their normal position.
  • Ensure spare parts used are from approved dealers and manufacturers.
  • Ensure regular check is done on the hydraulic oil level and oil leakages.
  • Ensure the pressure piston is well functioning.

Maintenance checklist for electric pallet truck

  • Inspect the level of hydraulic oil, and refill if need be.
  • Hydraulic oil refill should be done after 6 months.
  • Check any damages on the hydraulic cylinder and pistons.
  • Inspects forks damages and cracks.
  • Check the tightness and missing nuts and bolts.
  • Check gearbox damages and replacement needed.
  • Check worn-out wheels tire and replace them.
  • Ensure all pivot points, moving parts of the truck are well lubricated.
  • Check electric cables and wire damage.
  • Ensure the emergency button is functional.
  • Check the accelerator and drive motor are working.
  • Check the battery voltage.
  • Check the brake performance and any malfunctions.
  • Test emergency brakes and horn function.
  • Test the safety button function
  • Check the lowering /lifting function
  • Check the availability of the power supply.
  • Check the charging system of the electric pallet truck.

What are lubricating points on electric pallet trucks?

The following electric pallet truck parts require regular greasing/lubricate:

  • Gearbox
  • Axle
  • Load-bearing
  • Side bearing
  • Bolts and nuts


What are common malfunctions that electric pallet truck operators experience?

The following are malfunctioning that electric pallet truck can have and how to solve them:

  • Oil Leakage: this could arise due to excessive oil quantity. Reduce the number of oil refills.
  • Load can’t be offloaded/lifted: this may be caused by various reasons, battery discharge, low hydraulic oil levels, overload, and oil leakage. The following can be solved by charge the battery, check and refill the hydraulic oil and lift the weight capacity indicated on the equipment.
  • The truck’s inability to start: reasons could be, battery not connected, battery charging, low battery, and activated emergency switch. Ensure the battery is correctly connected, Let the battery fully charge before using the truck, and ensure the emergency switch button is turned clockwise before starting the electric pallet truck.

Figure 4: An image of an electric pallet truck

Electric Pallet Truck – Complete FAQ Guide 2

What are the features of an Electric Pallet Truck?

The electric pallet truck has a carrying capacity of approximately 1600-2100kg.

It has a fork length of 1180mm.

It has a fork width of 570/690mm.

It has a walking speed of 11.7km/h (no-load/full load)

It has a lithium battery with the advantage of energy-saving and environmental protection.


What are the advantages of an Electric Pallet Truck?

Its operation is simple since it is small in size and has a lightweight.

It has a relatively low cost of operation since it is energy-saving and environmentally friendly.

It is more convenient for maintenance and easy to recharge between the times it is used.

It is safer to operate than a manual pallet truck and reduces operator strain.

What are the disadvantages of an Electric Pallet Truck?

It is more expensive as compared to manual pallet trucks.

It can face more maintenance issues due to its complexity, more money and time is spent on repairs and maintenance.

It can be hard to make an electric pallet truck to stop fast because they are designed to transport larger pallet stacks.

It requires more training to operate an electric pallet truck due to its complexity of the operation.

What are the factors to consider before buying an electric pallet truck?

What is the initial purchase price?

One should consider his/her budget to avoid purchasing a more expensive electric pallet truck.

What is the size of the load?

One should consider what weight is to be carried by the pallet truck and the size of the pallets to be moved. It is important to understand the job also to ensure the stacker chosen can handle the job.

What is the required lift height?

During the purchase of the pallet truck, one should consider where the loads are being moved to and how high up will the pallets need to go.

What area are you going to use the electric pallet truck?

One should consider the working environment that the manual pallet stacker will be used in. While choosing a pallet stacker one should consider if there are any restrictions in the working environment if there are overhead obstructions like beams and lights and if there is enough space to maneuver.

What is the type of pallet being moved?

A buyer should consider if the pallets being moved whether are ‘open’ or ‘closed’. This is necessary to choose the relevant type of stacker for the pallets. If the pallet is ‘closed,’ that is, there are no gaps at the base of the pallets then there will be the need for a straddle pallet stacker to ease the lifting process. However, if the operation involves ‘open’ pallets then there is no need for legs to straddle the pallet as they can go into the pallet directly.

What is the charge retention capability?

Potential buyers should consider that pallet trucks use eight hours to charge and so it is important to make sure that there is enough space and time to charge preferably overnight

What operation is being carried out?

A potential buyer should also consider operation requirements such as the number of lifts to be done per shift, whether it is viable to operate a manual lift in a work environment that is busy, and also consider whether the manual operations will put pressure that is unnecessary on the operators using the pallet truck.

What are the benefits of using an Electric Pallet Truck?

It can perform multiple tasks since it can lift and carry several pallets and transport them to their desired location.

It can pick up heavy and large equipment since it is incredibly robust and durable.

It offers the user great visibility while operating it since the operator can move along narrow paths and vast warehouse floor easily as all obstacles can be seen.

It improves productivity since it can work anywhere in a warehouse with its high speed and fast charging.


What type of industry benefits from using an Electric Pallet Truck?

Some of the industries that benefit from using an Electric Pallet Truck include retail stores, food service industries, chemical factories, and any manufacturing industry.


Do you need a license for an Electric Pallet Truck?

One does not need a driver’s license to operate an electric pallet truck. One is only required to have a certification to operate it. For instance, in the United States, companies that operate electric pallet trucks are required to have a certification program in place for its operators. An individual certification comes after the completion of the program. In some programs, this comes with a date of expiry so that one may need to take a program at a date soon afterward.


What is the required skillset for operating an Electric Pallet Truck?

Maneuvering skills- an operator is going to handle heavy equipment and moving it around a warehouse. One will need to ensure heavier equipment moved does not collide with obstacles or personnel on the warehouse floor.

Manual handling skills- trainers and operators need to have a sense of how to manually handle equipment to avoid injuries and accidents before operating an electric pallet jack.

Loading and arranging skills- one needs this skill set to maintain the safety and security of packages to avoid endangering oneself in the process of loading and stacking packages.


Which routine checks are carried out before operating an electric pallet truck?

  • Some of the routine checks carried out before operating the electric pallet truck are as follows:
  • Make sure that all nuts and bolts are properly tightened.
  • Ensure the emergency brake is functional without any fault.
  • Ensure that there are a smooth movement and grip of the wheels
  • Ensure that there are no cracks or scratches on the pallet truck.
  • Make sure there is no oil leakage from the cylinder.
  • Ensure the controls of lifting and lowering are functional.
  • Ensure the warning devices e.g. Horn are functioning
  • Always make sure the roller channels are coated with a visible layer of grease.
  • Ensure the hoods are correctly positioned.
  • Ensure the wheels show no signs of defects of heavy wear. They must be mounted correctly.
  • Ensure the battery hoods must be closed.
  • Ensure never to restrict the field of vision. Ensure the visible area specified by the manufacturer is observed.
  • Ensure damaged or missing stickers are replaced in compliance with the marking position table.
  • Ensure there are no foreign objects that could hinder the operations of the wheels and rollers.


What are the safety guidelines when using an electric pallet truck?

Some of the safety guidelines include:

  • Know the pallet truck controls and their functions.
  • Operate the electric pallet truck from the operator’s position only.
  • Avoid wearing watches, jewelry, and rings when operating on this truck.
  • Follow the strictly scheduled lubrication, inspection, and maintenance instructions.
  • Never work with this truck if it needs repair or it is not in any way safe to use.
  • Ensure to always park the electric pallet trucks indoors.
  • Never operate the truck unless properly trained or authorized to do so by the owner or operator Manual guide.
  • Strictly follow the safety instructions on the manual and avoid taking shortcuts.
  • Always clean any hydraulic fluid or oil that has spilled on surfaces of the truck or warehouse floor
  • Never use flammable liquids when cleaning parts.
  • Never use an open flame near the electric pallet truck.
  • Never clean the electric pallet truck by use of a hose pipe.
  • Never park an electric pallet truck in a cold storage area overnight.
  • Never modify or add parts on the truck until you contact your authorized deal receives official manufacturer approval.

What are the safety guidelines before charging an electric pallet battery?

  • Always charge the battery in areas assigned for that use only.
  • Never try to install or remove your battery unless you are trained and authorized.
  • Ensure the truck key switch is turned off and all controls are in the off or neutral position.
  • Ensure that cells of serviceable batteries are filled to the proper level. Never use an open flame to check batteries.
  • In the case of an external charger, make certain the charger is the same voltage and amperage as your battery.
  • For an in-built charger, make certain the AC outlet is the same voltage as the battery charger.


What are the maintenance practices of using an electric pallet truck?

Some of the practices include:

  • Make sure one is operating on smooth surfaces- any colliding experienced from moving on uneven surfaces tampers with the pivots.
  • Every six months, steering joints need to be lubricated for long-lasting high performance.
  • Do not allow the electric pallet truck to be operated in the rain or left to be rained on.
  • Tires should be regularly checked to see if there is cracking or damage on the surfaces and replacement should be done if such damages are discovered.
  • To ensure the longest battery life, make sure every charge fully restores the battery life.
  • Batteries of the electric pallet truck should be frequently charged.


What steps should be taken in operating an electric pallet truck?

  • Remove/unplug the electric pallet truck from its charger.
  • Using the release on the handle lower the forks to the ground.
  • Maneuver the pallet trucks using the controls on the handle. Most electric pallet trucks have push buttons to control functions.
  • Line the folks of the electric pallet truck with the pallet.
  • To slide the forks into the pallet openings, move the electric pallet forward using the controls.
  • Use the controls to lift the equipment off the floor.
  • To accelerate the electric pallet truck, press the forward buttons, and use the handle to direct it to the desired location where you want to unload the pallet.
  • On arriving at the desired location of unloading, make a complete stop using an accessible brake button on the handle before lowering the forks.
  • Lower the forks to the floor surface.
  • Finally, move the electric pallet truck backward to remove the folks from the openings.


How much can an electric pallet truck lift?

The electric pallet truck can lift between 1600 -2100 kg and can move a heavy load from one location to another. The wheels and rollers are also made from resilient polyurethane that provides extra support and grip on smooth surfaces.

Who invented the electric pallet truck?

The invention of the electric pallet truck is credited and patent to George Raymond Senior and his company that began as Lyon ironworks and later on became Raymond Corporation. It patented with the wooden pallet and the hand truck that was used to move them around.


How much does an electric pallet truck Weigh?

An electric pallet truck weighs approximately 460kg. Weights are different by model and manufacturer, but this is a good average weight. Here are some of the weights of different electric pallet trucks by different manufacturers.

Weights of different electric pallet trucks:

Milestone Heavy Duty Electric Pallet Truck – 843kg

Borch GF30 Electric Pallet Truck –234kg

Vestil EPT-2547-30-SCL Electric Pallet Truck with Scale –308kg

Crown 24V Electric Pallet Truck PW3520-60 – 1,275 kg

GF40 Electric Pallet Truck –268 kg


How does one clean an electric pallet truck?

Cleaning depends on the type of use and the workplace. Should the truck come into contact with highly aggressive elements such as saltwater, fertilizers, chemical products, cement, etc., it should be cleaned as carefully as possible after every work cycle. It is preferable to use cold compressed air and detergents. Use water-dampened rags to clean the parts of the body.


What measures should one take before storing an electric pallet truck for an extended period?

If the truck is to be decommissioned for a long period, it must be parked in a frost-free and dry location. Before decommissioning:

  • Clean the truck thoroughly.
  • Lower the fork arms to the lowest position and unload the load.
  • Check the brakes.
  • Check the hydraulic oil level and top up if required.
  • Apply a thin layer of lubricating oil or grease to all non-painted mechanical components.
  • Lubricate the truck per the lubrication schedule.
  • Remove the battery and recharge it at least once per month.
  • Clean the battery and apply specialized grease to the terminals.
  • Spray all exposed electrical contacts with a suitable contact spray.


What does one do in the event of incorrect use of an electric pallet truck battery?

Lithium-ion batteries present no chemical danger in the context of normal use. Batteries must not be opened or burned for example.

In the event of exposure to the internal components or of their being burned, follow these instructions.

  1. In the event of contact with eyes

The content of an open battery can cause eye irritation. Dust is likely to cause inflammation of the eyelids.

  • Rinse immediately and thoroughly with water for at least 15 minutes.
  • See a doctor as quickly as possible.
  1. In the event of contact with skin

An open battery can lead to skin irritation and allergies.

  • Remove contaminated clothes
  • Rinse the parts of the skin affected thoroughly for at least 15 minutes.
  • Wash the skin using soap and water.
  • See a doctor if the irritation persists.
  1. In the event of inhalation

An open battery can irritate the respiratory tracts and mucous membranes or an allergic reaction. During disassembly of the battery, a gas may be released and irritate the throat.

  • Carry the person affected into the open air.
  • See a doctor as quickly as possible.
  1. In the event of ingestion
  • Rinse the mouth thoroughly with water
  • Drink lots of water.
  • Do not make the person vomit.
  • See a doctor as quickly as possible.
  1. In the event of a fire

If a fire breaks out, follow these instructions:

For a small fire:

  • Use class D fire extinguishers or inert gas, carbon dioxide, powder, or foam fire extinguishers.
  • Establish a safety perimeter of five meters around the battery.
  • Call the emergency services and tell them that it is a lithium-ion battery fire.
  • After extinguishing the fire, do not re-use the battery.  Contact the after-sales service department.

For a large fire:

Establish a safety perimeter of five meters around the battery.

Call the emergency services and tell them that it is a lithium-ion battery fire.

Special fire-fighting procedures (intervention of firefighters):

  • Firefighters must wear self-contained breathing apparatus.
  • Use an approved mask to avoid inhalation of toxic fumes.
  • Wear protective clothing and equipment to avoid accidental bodily contact with the electrolyte solution.
  • All the types of extinguishing agents given can be used on the batteries
  • Use a large amount of water to cool the outside of the batteries if they are exposed to fire to prevent rupturing.

After extinguishing the fire, do not re-use the battery. Contact the after-sales service department.


What are some of the risks observed while using the electric pallet truck?

The forks cannot descend. This mainly occurs when the piston rod or the mast or is damaged which occurs because of slanting the load to one side or overloading past required capacity. This also happens when the fork was kept in a high position for a long period hence the piston rod is blocked from arising due to rusting and jamming of the rod. The adjusting nut or the screw may not be in the right position. The rollers may be the problem when they are not well lubricated. This may be solved by replacing the damaged parts. This may also be avoided by keeping the fork in a low position when not in use and paying attention to the rod during maintenance practices to lubricate it. The operator may also adjust the nut or the screw to be in the right position as well as lubricating the rollers.

The fork of the electric pallet truck cannot be up to the required height. This shows that hydraulic oil is not enough. This problem is m solved by adding more oil.

The fork descends without working the release valve. This may occur when there is the presence of impurities in the hydraulic oil which cause the release valve to be capable of being tightly closed. This can be solved by replacing the oil. This also can occur when there are some parts of the hydraulic system that are cracked. This can be solved through regular inspection to replace the waste parts. When air comes into the oil the same problem can occur. This is solved by eliminating the air. This problem also occurs when the sealing parts are worn out or damaged. This problem is eliminated by replacing them with new ones. This problem also can be caused when the adjusted nut or the screw is not positioned correctly. This is solved by adjusting the nut or the screw.

The forks of the electric pallet truck cannot be lifted. It is caused by oil that has impurities or if there isn’t any hydraulic oil. This also occurs when the nut FS116 is too high or the screw FS223 is too close which keeps the pumping valve open. This also happens when air has entered the hydraulic oil. This problem can be solved by filling in the oil, replacing the oil with fresh oil, one may adjust the nut or the screw or removes the air.

Leaks – this mainly occurs when the sealing parts of the electric pallet truck are worn out or damaged causing spillages. This can also happen if there are any cracks on the sealing parts. This is solved by replacing them with new sealing parts.

Does an electric pallet truck require CE labeling from the manufacturer?

The manufacturer uses CE labeling to indicate that the truck complies with the standards and regulations valid at the time of marketing. This is confirmed by the issued EC declaration of conformity. The CE labeling is attached to the nameplate. An independent structural change or addition to the truck can compromise safety, thus invalidating the EC declaration of conformity. The EC declaration of conformity must be carefully stored and made available to the responsible authorities.

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