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Pallet Stacker

CUBLiFT designed and manufacture quality pallet stackers to help you get your job done with unbeaten durability and productivity.

  • Standard base legs are varying from 31” to 54” and a more adjustable base-leg design available upon request
  • Lifting capacity up to 5oookg, lift height up to 145” varies on models
  • Powerful and rechargeable Lithium-ion batteries provide long-lasting lifting
  • Special designed alloy bumper ensures smooth stacking, moving and lifting
  • IP65 rated electronic protection system allows all-weather lifting operations
  • The latest technology on-board diagnostics system offers perfect maneuverability
  • High-hygienic required pallet stacker is available too
Reach Electric Pallet Stacker

● Model: LER (reach)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Reach out(mm):500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~5000
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 200
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 150AH

Electric Narrow Aisle Forklift

● Model: LES 1000/1500
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500
● Reach out(mm):500
● Lifting height (mm):1600~6000(custom)
● Voltage/ Capacity : 24V/270AH

Counterbalanced Stacker 4 Wheels

● Model: LEC (3/4 Wheels)
● Capacity (kg): 1000~3000
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 920/1070
● Fork overall width (mm): 210~930
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/500AH

● Model: LM-DC
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000/1150
● Fork overall width (mm): 320~680
● Voltage Capacity: 12V / 120AH

Electric Walkie Pallet Stacker

● Model LE1(walkie)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm):1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1000
● Fork overall width (mm):560/680
● Voltage/ Capacity :2X12V / 85AH

Walkie Rieder Electric Pallet Stacker

● Model:LE2 (walkie rider)
● Capacity (kg):1000/1500/2000
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Stacker Manufacturer in China

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Pallet Stacker manufacturer

Pallet Stacker —The Complete FAQ Guide

Table of Contents

It’s also important to understand that CUBLIFT prioritizes eco-friendly environments.

CUBLIFT manufactured pallet stacker features quite working, safety, durability, and reliability.

In the right environment, our pallet stacker is capable of handling more than 1000 pallets per hour because of its high speed, precise control and handling, and exceptional performance.

This FAQ guide will help you understand what features our pallet stacker holds and how CUBLIFT design is to balance safety and efficiency.

Furthermore, you will learn a lot about what benefits you can have through our pallet stacker and how it can be a great asset for you.

What is a Pallet Stacker?

Pallet Stacker Forklift Vimage (39)A pallet stacker has the potential to improve your business efficiency, safety, and productivity.

Using it can give you a greater edge towards success. In a warehouse environment, nothing is more important than pallet handling.

No matter what’s your business is, pallet stackers can act as powerful equipment for you.

A pallet stacker is a machine designed to help you handle the pallets easier and in an optimized way so you can save space, time, and money as well as also increasing productivity.

A simple pallet stacker features motors and hydraulics, allowing you to lift, handle, and transport pallets easily.

In short, a pallet stacker is a combination of a conventional pallet truck and a pallet lifting truck.

At CUBLIFT, many pallet stacker models are powered by electric batteries in order to make them extremely faster and eco-friendly.

Save money and the planet’s future with us. Additionally, choosing the right pallet stacker can be an exceptional addition to your warehouse equipment.

Furthermore, CUBLIFT can offer you a range of options so you can get the one that fits you perfectly.

With so many pallet stackers available, choosing the right one is a real challenge.

Stay with CUBLIFT, and we will assist you in a perfect way so you can make the right decision that can benefit you for a lifetime.

Figure 1: General Structure of a Pallet Stacker

How can Pallet Stacker be Used?

The pallet stacker is an important part of warehouse environments where pallets’ transportation and handling are crucial.

It is a fast way to tackle every task involving pallets.

Furthermore, the pallet stacker can easily deal with high-volume, large, or complex pallets without decreasing its performance.

Most importantly, if you require a pallet handling truck that can access higher locations easily, a pallet stacker is your go.

However, there are many pallet stacker models, and each one can be different in many ways based on your warehouse structure and need.

These pallet stacker models include mini pallet stackers that are designed to handle small pallets and so on.

Moreover, the pallet stacker includes the functionality for lifting and unloading the pallets and transporting them in an efficient and rapid way possible.

If you want to transport pallets, pick and drop them from heights, and want to carry a lot of pallet weight at once, then a pallet stacker can be useful.

Figure 2: Working Structure of a Pallet Stacker

Where is the Pallet Stacker Most Useful?

A pallet stacker is a multi-functional machine that can perform mostly pallets related tasks single-handedly.

Simply, a pallet stacker can transport a large number of pallets easily, can lift them higher with precision, and can handle them with care.

That’s what makes pallet stacker exceptionally useful.

Its exceptional design enables it to be physically perfect, easily accessible, and intuitively maneuvered into a range of positions.

At CUBLIFT, our latest technology makes pallet stackers highly functional and useful in a variety of professional scenarios and environments.

In order to get the most out of your pallet stacker, you need to ensure that it is deployed by a trained staff member that is experienced enough to tackle any complex condition perfectly.

The pallet stacker is fast and efficient across great transport distances. It makes the pallet transportation process fast, efficient, and easy.

Additionally, a pallet stacker is most useful for tasks and operations that require additional loading, handling, and maneuvering time with larger and more cumbersome pallets.

A standard pallet stacker can handle between 600 – 3000 kg, and this pallet weight is combined with its ability to move with speed and precision, allows it for quick and safe delivery.

Its handling is just supreme, preventing unnecessary effort from you as well as CUBLIFT use modern technology to take the stress out of work.

Figure 3: Pallet Stacker in Warehouse Environment

What are the Advantages of Pallet Stacker?

Pallet stacker benefits are the most important factor that will help you decide whether to adopt a pallet stacker as a part of your warehouse equipment or not.

Because in this way, you can know the pallet stacker’s importance and in how many ways it can be productive for you.

The following are some of the advantage’s pallet stacker offers:

  • Designed to be simple in use
  • Simple and straightforward design
  • Flexible
  • Effective against versatile and tough conditions
  • Cost-effective
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Its mechanical components require low maintenance
  • Faster and precise
  • Provide quick and easy battery recharging
  • Auto-off feature
  • Excellent low-speed torque
  • Improved durability
  • Emit no exhaust fumes
  • Noise-free
  • Ideal for both indoor and outdoor
  • High-level maneuverability
  • High versatility

Additionally, there are just a few and most common advantages of pallet stacker; it has many more to offer based on the specific model.

For more detail, please contact CUBLIFT experts.

What are the Safety Protocols for Using Pallet Stacker?

It’s important to focus on environmental and staff safety.

A perfect pallet stacker should be secure enough to be used in versatile conditions and rough environments without the caution of any danger.

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture pallet stackers by using solid and top-tier raw material in a perfect and precise way so it can withstand any type of pressure and can perform outstandingly.

CUBLIFT manufactured pallet stacker can increase the safety of your warehouse.

The pallet stacker prevents injuries and accidents in operations, ensuring the highest safety standards.

Our pallet stacker allows you to take quick turnarounds on pallet handling.

Sometimes our pallet stacker enjoys a highly stable mast, enable you to manage the pallets with a high degree of safety and in a secure way.

CUBLIFT designs and manufacture pallet stackers based on international safety specifications and offers a step-up in terms of safety, performance, and functionality.

It’s also important to ensure safety when lifting pallets of all specifications and sizes.

Strong hydraulics can accomplish that. Most importantly, a commitment to high-class safety and security is continued in the pallet stackers through a dedicated emergency button and disconnector.

Furthermore, in addition, to limit protections, ergonomic handles, and a troubleshooting indicator, the pallet stacker system has become an example of safety in a warehouse environment.

Figure 5: Pallet Stacker Safety Protocols

How is Your Pallet Stacker the Best?

At CUBLIFT, we never compromise on the quality and performance of our products, and that makes us the best in what we do.

Our pallet stacker is one of the best and manufactured based on the principle of quality over quantity.

CUBLIFT pallet stacker is designed to meet your every specification. Our pallet stackers are easy to handle, smooth, and more efficient.

Furthermore, it also features durability, innovation, and reliability in design.

Most importantly, the following are some reasons why CUBLIFT pallet stacker is the best:

  • It offers multi-functional control handle
  • Ergonomically enhanced design
  • Fingertip control of all functions
  • Easy and durable directional controls
  • Programmable neutral speed reduction
  • Complete direction reverse control
  • Electric disc brake
  • Emergency power disconnect
  • Battery disconnect handle
  • Electronic brake release jump

That’s how our pallet stacker is one of the best in the market and offers a cost-effective solution to your warehouse.

How You Improve the Overall Pallet Stacker Performance?

We enjoy higher durability and reliability in our pallet stacker compared to others because performance is what matters in the end.

Reliability and endurance are what define our pallet stackers.

Increase performance means a long service life, and long pallet stacker life means more profit.

At CUBLIFT, we use high-grade material and quality build, so our pallet stacker requires little to no maintenance in a long period.

CUBLIFT has established a well-trained and experienced staff that can manufacture the pallet stacker based on high-quality international standards.

Our pallet stacker is waterproof and provides resistance against heat, shock, fire, impact, and pressure, which automatically increases its performance.

Moreover, the following are additional factors that help CUBLIFT improve the overall performance of its pallet stacker:

  • We mostly prefer 24-Volt electric system
  • Thermal protection & current limiting
  • Password protection system
  • Programmable performance for staff
  • Electronic raise and lower controls
  • Programmable auto-off system
  • Error-indicator with auto troubleshooting
  • Fuse control and power circuits
  • IP65-rated electric system

These are not the only factors that increase the overall pallet stacker performance, and you can have much more through CUBLIFT.

Figure 7: Remote Raise and Lower Control increase Performance

What are the Applications of Pallet Stacker?

The pallet stacker is used for transporting, handling, and lifting pallets, and in every environment, which requires these operations to be performed, a pallet stacker is used.

The pallet stacker can be used in construction environments to transport construction material from one place to another and lifting heavy pallets of cement, tiles, wood, and many more.

Its signature use is in warehouses, and pallet stackers are also found there commonly.

Pallet stackers are ideal for stacking and collecting pallets and are proven to be highly beneficial.

Any business, including yours, can benefit from having a pallet stacker available in their storeroom.

It can be used to move, stack, and collect pallets to fulfill different tasks.

In short, its applications are the following:

  • General warehousing
  • Retail
  • Malls
  • Distribution
  • Beverage
  • Construction
  • Storage Units

What is the Purpose of Pallet Stacker?

A pallet stacker is a multi-functional machine, and its main purpose is to lift, handle, and transport pallets safely.

However, a pallet stacker is mostly required for smaller tasks where a full-sized forklift is not required.

Pallet stackers must be of great quality in order to provide convenience.

Pallet stacker does not require fuel and therefore is not required to deal with fumes, especially in indoor environments.

It’s great warehouse equipment. Most goods and pallets require transportation and to be stored safely, and a pallet stacker is a perfect way to tackle this task.

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture the pallet stacker in a vast library of shapes, with different functions, load capacity, lifting height, energy storage system, resistances, protection system, and many more.

Figure 9: Pallet Stacker as a Part of Warehouse Environment

How to Choose the Right Pallet Stacker?

It is an important question and requires a brief answer.

The perfect pallet stacker for you is going to be the one that can perfectly immerse in your warehouse environment and can perform all the tasks efficiently without losing its performance.

Furthermore, before buying a pallet stacker, keep the following things in mind:

  • Your Overall Budget
  • Space & Environment
  • Access to Electricity
  • Required Lifting Height
  • Required Lifting Capacity
  • Conditions and Use

Afterward, it also became important for you to know about the pallet lifting capacity; for example, you require to lift 1000kg pallets up to 2500mm.

In most cases, if you require to achieve greater heights, then the lift weight limit will start to decrease.

Moreover, it’s also important for you to about your general requirements like;

  • How many pallets do you stack per day?
  • What the weight of the pallets
  • The distance
  • The design of your pallet racks
  • The height you want to achieve

The answer to these questions will lead you to the right pallet stacker.

What are the Types of Pallet Stacker?

At CUBLIFT, we believe that a pallet stacker is everything your warehouse and business require.

Our pallet stackers are worth considering, and the reason is that they will minimize the workload for your staff members.

CUBLIFT pallet stacker will do so by reducing the need for physical labor and speeding up the process by reducing the time required to process a single task.

Our electrical pallet stacker requires no fuel, and that cuts down your operational cost and makes your warehouse environment healthy.

Furthermore, it also means zero emissions to reduce your carbon footprint.

CUBLIFT pallet stacker can cover huge distances over a short time, which boosts productivity.

The following are some types of pallet stacker that CUBLIFT offer:

  • Manual Pallet Stacker
  • Electric Pallet Stacker
  • Ride-On Pallet Stacker
  • Custom Pallet Stacker

Every pallet stacker we made is unique and based on your personal preferences in a cost-effective way.

What Makes Pallet Stacker Safe?

It’s important for your pallet stacker to be safe.

At CUBLIFT, we offer you a cost-effective way to get your pallet stacker safer, which is an exceptional solution for different applications.

Sometimes, these applications involve complex and versatile environments.

Our pallet stacker knows how to deal with these and offers you security and safety against these conditions, environments, and accidents.

Moreover, the following are some of the important safety features our pallet stacker contain:

  • Advanced control system including brakes
  • Multi-functional display
  • Emergency reversing device
  • Auto declaration system
  • Built-in pressure relief that saves your pallet stacker from overloading
  • Emergency power disconnect
  • Complete control over speed
  • Perfect control over pallet lifting
  • Small turning radius
  • Waterproof structure and dust-proof

Furthermore, our enhanced technology also reduces the complexity and increases the reliability of the pallet stacker.

What is the Maximum Weight Capacity of Pallet Stacker?

In general, the pallet stacker can transport pallets with a total capacity of up to two tons and with double the speed and precision.

At CUBLIFT, we make sure that our pallet stacker can fulfill your every need, and we can easily increase the maximum weight limit in case you required it.

Some of our bigger pallet stacker models can even handle three tons easily and safely with high precision.

What is the Maximum Height Reach of Pallet Stacker?

With weight capacities between one to three tons, CUBLIFT pallet stackers are able to transport every kind of pallets safely and easily to their final destination.

The maximum height one pallet stacker can reach is the most important thing to know.

At CUBLIFT, with our high-lift pallet stacker, you can reach pallet heights between 1500 and 3500 millimeters.

Our pallet stackers can also be positioned at an optimum, ergonomic reach height.

Most importantly, if you can even want to reach a height up to 5400 millimeters, for example, you still can rely on CUBLIFT, and some of our models can reach this height easily.

Figure 14: Pallet Stacker handling pallets

How Your Pallet Stacker is Quick and Agile in Tight Warehouse Environments?

At CUBLIFT, we manufacture pallet stackers that are suitable for every distance, pallet height, and warehouse environment from narrow to extra-wide.

Our pallet stacker can lift pallet weight up to three tons and can reach up to 5400-millimeter height.

The pallet stacker strength and robust build are proof of their long-life and high-level performance.

Our pallet stacker is utilized anywhere requiring rapid pallet transportation with maximum safety even if there isn’t much space available.

Our pallet stacker is quick, agile, and can handle the load with high precision.

Our enhanced pallet stacker design and high-performance drive technology ensure rapid pallet delivery in tight warehouse environments.

What is the Most Important Factor to Consider Before Choosing the Right Pallet Stacker?

A perfect pallet stacker for you can be the one that can fit perfectly in your warehouse.

And that’s why the length and width of your warehouse is an important factor to consider before choosing the right pallet stacker for yourself.

If your warehouse environment is consisting of narrow paths, you should use the pallet stacker with a compact width.

Alternatively, for long distances and wide paths, you can always offer your staff additional comfort through wider pallet stackers.

Figure 16: The example dimensions of a manual pallet stacker

Figure 16: The example dimensions of an electric pallet stacker

How Important is Reliability in a Pallet Stacker?

CUBLIFT designs the pallet stacker according to the principle of maximum reliability, performance, and availability with minimum service costs.

That’s the only reason why our pallet stacker services are a lot cheaper.

Whether picking up or dropping down the pallets, the use of a pallet stacker can have many benefits.

CUBLIFT focuses on speed, stability, protection, safety, performance, and quality, which automatically maximize the reliability of our pallet stacker.

The overall functionality of our pallet stacker is very important for maximizing its performance and reliability.

That’s why we offer custom options for your pallet stacker so you can have the pallet stacker that exceptionally fits what you imagined.

How You Improve the Pallet Stacker Handling Even Under Difficult Conditions?

At CUBLIFT, we believe that precise handling also plays an important part in increasing your warehouse’s overall production.

Our pallet stacker can even perform perfectly in tight warehouse spaces without losing the precision of its handling and controlling.

CUBLIFT pallet stacker compact dimensions and the agile structure is ideal for this.

We also offer custom technical features that you decide the way you want them completely.

CUBLIFT pallet stacker enables maneuvering up to 2 km/h in a vertical position, which makes it ideal for tight and difficult spaces and conditions.

Difficult conditions like uneven floors, loading ramps, and gradients, or versatile and rough use cannot affect the precise handling of our pallet stacker.

How You Offer Effortless and Ergonomic Maneuvering of your Pallet Stacker?

Ergonomics of your pallet stacker plays an important part. Ergonomics are crucial and can make complex and difficult conditions easy and completely manageable.

Furthermore, CUBLIFT use ergonomics so you can have complete control over your pallet stacker with the least possible effort.

CUBLIFT equipped its pallet stacker with electric power steering that increases its overall maneuverability.

Moreover, our high torque motor generates smooth acceleration so that it can be handled with little to no effort.

It also can boost and increase the torque as required, meaning even the most difficult driving situations, conditions, and environments can be easily mastered with our pallet stacker.

What Additional Benefits Your Pallet Stacker Offers?

Our pallet stacker is completely manageable economically and efficiently based on your exact requirements.

Additionally, the following are some of the crucial benefits our pallet stacker offers:

  1. Flexibility Within Reach: Tight warehouse areas where space is limited is no more a challenge to our pallet stackers, and pallets of different sizes and types are handled with precision.
  2. Moving with Ease: Our pallet stacker ergonomics and design let you move it with ease and efficiently handle pallets.
  • Powerfully Safe and Secure: Require less to no effort to operate in tight and complex spaces and is completely balanced.

Figure 20: Stabilizes loads and prevents pallet movement

  1. Increase Selectivity by Optimizing Your Space: Increase productivity and drive more profit. Our pallet stacker’s tight turning radius can reduce the warehouse aisles and allocating more space to inventory.

Figure 20: Optimize Space through Pallet Stacker

  1. Can Last Forever: Offer great lasting value. A solid build includes more steel, and its solid internal components increase its lifespan.

Figure 20: High-quality wheels reduce individual wheel loading to extend the life

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CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Stacker Manufacturer in China

Pallet Stacker forklift DESC (26)A pallet stacker is a perfect choice for warehouse environments where pallets are managed and stored optimally. At CUBLIFT, we believe that the pallet stacker is exceptionally versatile warehouse equipment, making it ideal for similar environments. At CUBLIFT, our 15+ years of field experience enable us to manufacture pallet stackers cost-effectively.

Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon  Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon 1 Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon 2 Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon 4 Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon 5 Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon 6 Pallet Stacker Ramp QC icon 9

CUBLiFT never compromises on quality, safety, and performance and our ultimate aim is to provide you the service and pallet stackers at the best price. The pallet stacker is somehow similar to the pallet truck in the way that they both can move pallets around at a speed of up to 4 km/h and with safety and precision. Additionally, a pallet stacker can manage and distribute pallets to great heights of up to 5400 millimeters by lifting them.Pallet Stacker forklift DESC (10)

At CUBLIFT, we also ensure that our pallet stacker can fulfill your every need by giving you a pallet weight capacity of up to 2000kg with x2 speed and precision. The most use of pallet stacker is in the warehouse, distribution centers, logistics industries, and malls.

Furthermore, a pallet stacker can also be well-suited to a vast majority of applications due to its high-performance, tough build, and flexibility. CUBLIFT pallet stacker is ergonomically and beautifully designed to ensure your comfort and productivity.

Our pallet stacker is engineered to be as smart, compact, and maneuverable as possible. At CUBLIFT, our pallet stacker design decreases the material handling costs and makes it a cost-effective solution for you. You can have precise control, maximize visibility, and safety through our pallet stacker.

We also prefer our pallet stacker to be strong and robust so it can survive for a lifetime, even in versatile conditions.

Most importantly, CUBLIFT is a trusted forklift manufacturer from China that also manufactures electric and manual pallet trucks, pallet trucks with scales, and pallet scale ramps, along with many series.

Contact CUBLIFT today so our experts can assist you in the exact way you prefer.

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