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Axle Weighers / Scales

CUBSCALE is a leading manufacturing provider of axle scale and wheel weighers for trucks, trailers and buses.
Axle scales are the perfect solution for truckers to simplify and automate their weight control process.
Easily identifying your vehicle gross weight and axle weights, easy-to-use axle scales ensure your transportation runs smoothly.

  • CE Type axle scales product with most cost-effective solutions
  • ISO9001 qualified truck scale manufacturer and supplier in China
  • Rigid weigh pads allows weighing range up to 20 ton per pad
  • A various range of Axel scale capacity: 20,30,40,50,60,80,100t
  • Portable axle scales(25kg only) allow handy move and quick installation
  • The latest launched axle scales allow dynamic accuracy of 1% & static accuracy within 5‰
  • High-quality weight load cells equipped allow life-long accurate vehicle weighing
  • The unique design of weigh-in-motion Axle weighing solution allows multi-languages
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Axle Scale by Weigh Capacities

axle scale Pro list1 (1)
Weigh-in Motion Weigh Pads (W/wire)

Type: wheel Axle Scale ( 2-pad paired)
Capacity: 1000~40,000kg
Pad size: 300×400 ~ 700x900mm
Applications: Wheel weighing for vehicles
Capacity: Industry Standard Heavy Duty

axle scale Pro list1 (1)8
Static Wheel Weigher W/Wire)

Type: Wheel Axle Scale ( 4-pad paired or more)
Capacity: 1000~40,000kg
Pad size: 300×400 ~ 700x900mm
Applications: Wheel weighing Scale
Construction: Aluminium +ABS

axle scale Pro list1 (1)3
Weigh-in Motion Weighing Pads

Type: wheel Axle Scale ( 2-pad or more pair)
Capacity: 1000~40,000kg
Pad size: 300×400 ~ 700x900mm
W/wire or wireless wheel weighing
Construction: aluminium +ABS
Features: lower profile and big capacity
Free of maintenance & Calibration

axle scale Pro list1 (1)6
Weigh-in-Motion Truck Axle Scale ( WIRELESS)
  • Type: Wheel Axle Scale ( 2-pad or more pair)
  • Capacity: 1000~40,000kg
  • Pad size: 300×400 ~ 700x900mm
  • Applications: wireless wheel weighing
  • Construction: aluminium +ABS
  • Features: more Flexibility and reliability
  • Free of maintenance & Calibration
axle scale Pro list1 (1)4
Static Vehicle Wheel Weighing Pads ( WIRELESS)
  • Type: Wheel Axle Scale ( 4-pad or more pair)
  • Capacity: 1000~80,000kg
  • Applications: Wireless Wheel Weighing
  • Pads dimension: 300×400 ~ 700x900mm
  • Construction: Aluminium +ABS
  • Features: More Flexibility and reliability
  • Free of maintenance & Calibration
axle scale Pro list1 (1)2
Portable Axle Weighing Scale
  • Type: Potable Truck Scale  
  • Capacity: 1000~100,000kg
  • Platform Size: to be tailor-made upon request
  • Applications: commercial truck weighing
  • Construction: carbon steel
  • Features: more accurate and durable
  • Free of maintenance & Calibration

Portable Axle Scales for Multiple Weighing Needs

  • 15 ton Truck Axle Scale
    Axle Scale 5ton - AS5T7430

  • Axle Scales 10 ton - AS10T7430

  • Axle Scales 30 ton - AS30T843
    Axle Scales 30 ton - AS30T843
  • Axle Scales 15 ton AS-15T7430
  • Axle Scales 20 ton - AS20T843
    Axle Scales 20 ton AS-20T843
  • Axle Scale 20 ton - ATS 20T3208
    Axle Scale 20 ton ATS-20T3208
  • Axle Scales 30 ton - ATS30T3208
    Axle Scales 30 ton ATS-30T3208

  • Mobile Truck Scale 20 ton
    Mobile Truck Scale 20 ton

  • Portable Truck Axle Scales
    Portable Truck Axle Scales 30ton

  • Portable Weight Scale for Trucks 50 ton
    Portable Weight Scale for Trucks 50 ton

  • Portable Axle Scales 15 ton
    Portable Axle Scales 15 ton

  • Vehicle Weigh Pads 5 ton
    Vehicle Weigh Pads 5 ton

  • Weigh Pads 10 ton
    Weigh Pads 10 ton

  • Axle Weigher 15 ton
    Axle Weigher 15ton

  • Axle Weigh Pads

  • Portable Vehicle Weighing Scales 30ton

  • Truck Axle Scale
    Truck Axle Scale

  • Portable Wheel Scales
    Portable Wheel Scales

  • Portable Vehicle Scales
    Portable Vehicle Scale

  • Portable Truck Scale
    Portable Truck Scale 15ton Capacity

  • Portable Weigh Pads

  • Single Axle Weighbridge
    Single Axle Weighbridge 30 ton

  • Weigh In Motion Truck Scales

  • 80ton Weigh In Motion Truck Scales

  • Portable Weighing Scale For Trucks 120ton
    Portable Weighing Scale For Trucks

  • axle scale pro
    Axle Scales for Sale

  • Semi-Truck Axle Scales

  • Axle Weighing Scales

  • Portable Axle Weigh Scales

  • Axle Pad Scales

  • Truck Axle Scales

  • Vehicle Axle Weighing Scales
    Vehicle Axle Weighing Scales

  • Axle Truck Scales
    Axle Truck Scales

  • Axle Weight Scales
    Axle Weight Scales

  • Portable Axle Scales for Sale
    Portable Axle Scales for Sale

  • Axle Wheel Scale
    Axle Wheel Scale

  • Axle Load Scale
    Axle Load Scale

  • Axle Weight Scale
    Axle Weight Scale

  • Mobile Axle Scale
    Mobile Axle Scale

  • Precision Loads Axle Scale
    Precision Loads Axle Scale

  • In Motion Axle Scale
    In Motion Axle Scale

  • Axle Scale System
    Axle Scale System

  • 120000 lbs Portable Truck Axle Scales
    120000 lbs Portable Truck Axle Scales

  • 60000 lbs Portable Truck Axle Scale System Heavy Duty
    60000 lbs Portable Truck Axle Scale System Heavy Duty

  • Semi Truck Axle Scales
    Semi Truck Axle Scales

  • Drive Over Axle Scales
    Drive Over Axle Scales

Axle Scales Features

Portable & Flexible

Thanks to the compact design and low-profile structure, packing into portable transport case makes it easy to move around the worksite. Easily assembled into a mobile weighing station at any time

High Capacity

Complete weigh capacity up 50,000kg per paired pads. It can also be used along with other systems as part of an effective axle weight management solution, or as a stand-alone system.

IP67 Rated Components

IP67 Rated Components make the alxe scales possible to withstand extreme conditions of handling and operating temperature, shock, vibration and sand blast exposure.

scale Feature Box 100100
Wireless Capability

The capability of wireless communication for the axle scale which makes it a great vehicle scale to help monitoring the weight of your cargo from distance and keep it in optimizing performance.

High Versatility & Big Capacity

Axle scales help you to get accurate weight in various industries, such as construction, transportation, logistics and healthcare.

They are used to weigh large objects such as trucks or tractors and heavy equipment like forklifts, cranes or other machinery that moves around frequently.

The AXLE scale has a capacity of 25,000kg for each pad and can weigh up to numerous axles according to your needs. You also choose different dimension pads to weigh single or dual tires

High Versatility & Big Capacity bench scale670x380 Content Blocks (2)
Weigh-IN-Motion bench scale


The WEIGH-IN-MOTION axle scale is a ideal device used to measure the weight of the truck’s axles while it is not necessary to be stopped.

It is not as accuracy as static weighing of truck scales, however, it does accelerate the weighing turnover when trucks or vehicles weigh high density tasks are required to be done.

We also have static weigh mode axles for your options, so you can choose one according to your needs and preferences.

Quick & Easy Set-up

Axle scale is a portable, hand-held device which is suitable for both static and dynamic weight on vehicles.

It’s simply easy enough for just about anyone to use.

All you have to do is to spread the paired weigh pads as per vehicle wheel base , connecting signal cables and suit-cased indicator (mostly with built-in printers), so it requires no complex installation tutorial nor special space needed for installation.

You can set it up within 5 min to start up an easy plug-play weigh operation.

Quick & Easy Set-up axle scale
ISO & OIML Standard

ISO & OIML Standard

We are the leading manufacturer and supplier of high quality axle scales which is in accordance with OIML rules.

The scales are tested on various parameters before they are placed in the market to make sure it is in line with the different national market sales regulations.

As a ISO listed industrial scale manufacturer & supplier based in China, we always strive to help our valued customers to get precise, advanced yet cost-save scale products.

Professional Vehicle Axle Scale Manufacturing Supplier

AXLE scale list production (1)2
AXLE scale list production (1)

Qualified Industrial Scales Manufacture & Supplier

Based in the industrial scale production base – JiangSu. Here we draw production experience from the best enterprises such as MT,TaiHeng.
We establish the production line which is comply to ISO9001, make our industrial scales qualified to CE, OIML standard. We are one of the participants in Chinese AXLE scale product compliance standards.

Seeking Globe-wise Distributor & Partners

Our factory has a large inventory of standard industrial scale products, which can be supplied to agents and e-commerce platforms in various countries. Generally, the lead time is 3~5 days. We can also customize products based on your specific requirements.

Various Modes of Axle Scales Meet Various Vehicle Flexible Weigh Needs

AXLE scale 98 (1)
Static Wheel Load Pads

Static Wheel Load axle scale comes with one set of indicator and 4pads, 6pads or 8pads, which is decided by specific vehicle axles. It is simple to fulfill the weighing tasking by driving the trucks or cars on the pads and get the weight data from indicator.

AXLE scale 98 (1)87
Weigh-in-motion Axle Pad Scale

Dynamic axle load scale, no matter what type of car, how many axles, as long as one instrument + two pads. When the two wheels on one axle press through the two plates one by one at the same time, the number of axles is calculated and the whole vehicle is weighed.

AXLE scale 98 (1)10
Dynamic Axle Wheel Weigher Wireless Mode

PAD and meter are connected through a specific wireless channel, using the 3 generation Android mobile signal transmission software and hardware, the connection signal is fast and stable.

AXLE scale 98 (1)77
Static Weigh Pads With Wire Mode

AXLE weighing scale; PAD and meter are connected by data cables. The advantage is that the signal has no interference, the standard international aviation interface and anti-cutting data line, the service life is more than 20 years.

Qualified Raw Materials

PAD adopts reinforced aviation aluminum + industrial nylon+ alloy sensor. The instrument box is ABS engineering plastic.

AXLE scale 98 (1)8
IP67 Branded Load cell

Each PAD is equipped with 4/6 Load cells. The Load cell is a high precision cantilever beam weighing sensor certified by CE and OMIL, waterproof IP67, standard size, and firmly installed.

AXLE scale 98 (1)2
Stable Signal Sending and Receiving

Most customers will choose the wireless AXLE scale, which means that the wireless transmission distance is 20 meters for barrier-free environment and the effective distance is 15 meters for retarded objects. Can meet all the use of weighing scenario.

AXLE scale 98 (1)7
Handy Dynamic Indicator

AXLE scale instrumentation, box-type instrumentation, ABS shell anti-impact, waterproof and explosion-proof. There are various practical functions, wireless connection weighing board, R232 interface connected to PC, integrated micro printer.

AXLE scale 98 (1)5
Simple for Operation

The meter is easy to use, and according to CUB’s learning video, it will be on one side. The system uses Android mobile phone operating system simplified version, can display, wheel weight, axle weight, vehicle weight, date, vehicle number, user and other necessary information.

AXLE scale 98 (1)9
150% Overload Safety

axle scale weight of 20ton to 200ton, accuracy of 0.3~0.5%. Try not to exceed the load ≤120%, limit load ≤150%. As far as the AXLE scale load is selected, the axle scale weight will be higher. For example, when the axle scale is 100ton, the axle load model of 120~150ton will be selected with allowance.

axle scale 570x360 AXLE scale 009
Stock | Parts | Service

axle scale PAD size 30mm~90mm, carrying capacity 20~200ton, spot inventory is sufficient. Generally 3~5 days from order to delivery, the product needs to carry out 48 hours of extreme aging test before leaving the factory. axle scales are monolithic products, and generally have no parts to replace

AXLE scale 98 (1)6
Applied to Various Environments

axle scale is used instead of weighbrighe in some application scenarios. Generally used in airports, warehouses, ports, traffic inspection temporary need to weigh places, etc. AXLE has the advantages of Axle portability, low cost, and Axle reuse. The accuracy of ordinary truk scale is 10 times higher than AXLE scale, and the vehicle passes fast but the installation is cumbersome and the cost is high

More Successful Applications for Axle Scales

Road Transport Management

The AXLE scale is an accurate and reliable weighing tool that is used in the field of road transport management. It helps to measuring the weight of cargo and trucks, and can be used to determine if the vehicle is overloaded, or under-loaded.

The AXLE scale comes with a display screen that displays all of these data points at once. The scale has both metric and imperial units so it can be used by anyone who needs it, regardless of their language or region.

For Your Axle Scale Rent Business

The axle scale comes in paired weighing pads. It is the perfect solution for your rental business, which cable of offering reliable weighing of vehicles from 10 tons to 200 tons.

High-strength aluminum alloy platforms, adjustable deck, high-precision load cells, digital indicator, and a corrosion-resistant finish, combining these make the scales fit for a wide range weighing tasks both in weight-in-motion& static mode.

One time invest brings you infinite profit with no doubt.

Agriculture Production AXLE scale Vertical Product Section 270270
Agriculture Production

In agriculture, axle scales help you to get accurate weights such as the farming livestock, Animal feed and fertilizer, etc.

Our axle scales are designed to be easy to set up and operate, with a capacity up to 50ton yet compact structure. It also comes with a digital display and a touch screen interface.

It is compact in size for you to handle and move it flexibly with easy. This is quite fit the seasonal use .

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  • Quick & Easy setup with light weight levelers, ramps and scales
  • Static & Dynamic mode
  • Light-weight & Cost-effective

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Axle Scale Series
Capacity (Single Axle) 5t 10t 15t 20t 30t
Pad dimension 300x400mm
500x900mm  & more tailor-made dimensions
Built-in ramps 700*350 (mm); 900*350 (mm) etc.
Precision Static ± 0.05%, Dynastic ± 2%
Load Cell structure Pad is load cell, strain gauge inside
Cable Length One set include 2 weighing pads, Cable length is 10 m and 8 m & more options
Configurable graduations 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg increments
Inspecting Speed ≤10km/h on average
Work Temperature -45℃~+70℃
Material options carbon steel; Aluminum
customizable with 2, 4, or 6 pads
CUBLiFT can tailor manufacture axle scale per your SPECS

● Portable, low profile truck axle scales
● IP67 watertight outdoor axle scale design
● With Indicator and Printer, accuracy .05%
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Certificate: CE, ISO9001
● Material: ABS + Stainless Steel/Aluminum
● Precision: Static ± 0.05%, Dynastic ± 2%
● Material: ABS + Stainless Steel/Aluminum

How do Axle Scales Improve the Efficiency in Agriculture & Farming?

Axle scales are one type of truck scale or weighbridges, which are industrial weighing scales that assess a truck’s total weight by measuring the weight of each axle individually. In addition to transportation, axle weighing scales are primarily utilized in the agricultural sectors.

Regarding how the axle scale works, each wheel’s weight is recorded individually on the scale, and the entire vehicle weight is computed by adding all the axles’ weights. Thus, axle scales may be used for static and dynamic weighing. Some of their benefits in agricultural farming are…Read More



Axle Scale – Ultimate FAQs

What is the axle scale?

Axle scales are the measuring instruments, they are used to measure the weight of the vehicle. Axle scales are made up for the convenience of workers; it really reduces the time and effort of the workers on the site. Therefore, axle scale plays a role in increasing the productivity and the quality of your business. Axle scales are the standard metric to measure the weight of a vehicle. They are low-profile equipment and very compatible, which makes them easy to use which forklifts. They can be installed on every type of surface like concrete, compact travel, or level asphalt.

Where is the axle scale used?

Axle scales are used in every company whose operations involve heavy material transportation. It is mainly used in farming, mining, trucking industries, is freight terminals, commercial fleets, temporary job sites, aftermarket vehicle outfitters, loading and unloading, weighting system.


Why is the axle scale used?

The Axle scale is used to measure the vehicle’s weight; it reduces time and effort and increases productivity. It is used to measure the vehicle’s content, helps the workers fill the content accordingly, and helps them make all the vehicles have the same amount of content during the transportation of content. It is used in many applications, and every time its duty to provide the accurate result of weight.


How many types are there of axle scale?

There are two main types of axle scales; those are portable axle scales and fixed axle scales. Portable axle scales are very easy and convenient to use because you can put them anywhere when you need them; that’s why they are also more cost-effective. While the fixed axle scales are mainly in the trucking industry, mining, or farming, a fixed axle scale is even more convenient in those fields.

Further, different models are having different capacities and different sizes. And they are crafted of steel and aluminum, have smooth top plates and very easy to move anywhere.


What is the difference between weighbridges and axle scales?

Weighbridges are weight measuring large platforms that provide an accurate result of the vehicle. The process of measuring starts when the vehicle is parked upon it. It is pretty long and wide enough as a truck can easily be parked on. This equipment is the best for vehicles that having a robust size and shape like articulated lorries and delivery trucks.  These types of equipment are mostly used in those applications where the total net weight of the vehicle is used to find applicable tax, financial metrics, or product price. The process can be even more accessible and convenient if the driver-operated accessories are installed. Then there will be no need for any remote access. And the time consumption on each weight can be decreased, and the weights of more vehicles can be measured in a limited timeframe.

The technology of driver-operated consoles is installed in weighbridges which enable the driver to complete the procedure by themselves. Guide rails and vehicle barriers are also installed to control the traffic and avoid the mishap of falling of the weighbridge. These technologies provide security, reduce the damage associated costs, and saves a lot of time.

An Axle scale Is used to measure the weight of each vehicle’s axle. And then, this information is taken to ascertain whether there is any balancing inaccuracy. Axle scales are very small; that’s why they don’t occupy much area. Therefore, you cant identify the weight of each axle of a vehicle by using weighbridges. Still, you can identify it by using axle scales.


Why is there a need for an axle scale for companies?

In each company where vehicle transportation or the content by heavy trucks is the routine of the day, there is a need for such equipment to measure the accurate weight of the vehicle and the content. It is challenging to measure the weight of a vehicle if you don’t have any such measuring equipment. Because the vehicle rest all of its weight on its wheels and axles and traditional weight pieces of equipment are large, heavy, and very difficult to use. However, there is a strong need for such small and compact weighing equipment that is easy to use and can weight huge loaded trucks and gives an accurate result by occupying just a small space.


Why are axle scales better than other weighting methods?

Though it is very small and compact, it doesn’t occupy much area. Therefore, it is effortless to use, unlike other weighting methods. This equipment also provides the weight of each axle, which helps the user identify the misbalancing. As a result, the user can avoid any safety issues and easily follow relevant legislation. Because over-loading in one side or one axle can also lead the vehicle to face problems during the maneuver, and any mishap can occur. When a vehicle is overloaded, its engine Axle scales also allow you to save your company’s dollar by ensuring that your fleet operates economically and with maximum production. When the vehicle is overloaded, the engine has more pressure on. So, the engine requires more fuel to complete the journey. Using the axle scale, you can monitor the grass weight and minimize the weight and fuel cost to increase profitability.


How is the load of the truck calculated by using the axle scale?

By measuring the empty truck and then the loaded truck, you can calculate the weight of the truck’s content.


What are the benefits of using an axle scale?

There are many benefits of using Axle scales; here are the top five benefits.

Avoid penalties

If you are involved in any kind of traffic transportation, you would know that there are laws regarding the weight of vehicles. And you could be fined. If you violate any such law. There are set penalties according to the overweight, and if the overweight is over 30%, you may be summoned by the court.

These restrictions are not only for managing the weight of commercial vehicles. They have also been installed to prevent unbalanced vehicles from creating undue stress on road surfaces. It is important to ensure that the company’s vehicles comply with their predetermined maximum weight to avoid future penalties and this can be done through an axle scale. And it should be noted that vehicles are given a 5% margin of error in which no liability can be imposed. Still, if the difference is more than one ton, you may have to pay compensation. Commercial vehicles can be stopped by the police, drivers, and vehicle standard agencies (DVSA) according to your vehicle. Relevant checks will be made to identify whether or not.

This is why it is significant for the workers responsible for filling the content or the manager of the fleet to make sure that the content is not exceeding the limit. This is all done by using the axle scale.

Damage to road surfaces

To prevent damage to roads, balanced weight on each axle of the vehicle is vital. This is very important for commercial vehicles because commercial vehicles carry a lot more load than consumer counterparts. All the vehicles are manufactured with a specific load limit. Every vehicle’s axle has a maximum tolerance; your vehicle may damage the road if you exceed that limit. In the case of heavy trucks, even the ideal load is sometimes harmful to the road because of the heavy load of the vehicle.

By using axle scale, the owner can ensure that the vehicle is entirely balanced. As a result, it can be prevented from damaging the road and spending any money on unnecessary road maintenance.

Damage to your vehicle

Not only the road, but you can damage your vehicle if you are exceeding the weight limit on overall the vehicle or anyone or two axles. Though the parts of heavy trucks are manufactured from solid material and capable of long durability, each part still has a maximum weight limit. if you continuously overload your vehicle, axles, tires, driveshafts, and many other parts will surely be damaged after a while. That’s why it is highly recommended to make a balanced vehicle and check if it is overloaded to prevent any damage and save the dollars to be spent on repairs. And this is all done with this small compact measuring instrument axle scale, which is relatively easy and accurate to trust on.


As a vehicle is overloaded, its engine requires more fuel to move at the same speed. And suppose you are continuously transporting overloaded vehicles. In that case, the heavy fuel consumption may result in a high financial burden to the company. Overloading can also result in a cancellation of the insurance policy. Because insurance costs of commercial vehicles are more elevated than consumer vehicles, it is necessary to conform with their eligibility criteria. By using axle scale, you can save the cost of your company.

Protecting drivers

If the vehicle is overloaded with one axle, it is dangerous for the driver. This can prevent the back wheel from making proper contact with the road. Which can lead to getting into trouble in maneuver. In addition, the overweight vehicle takes more time to stop than the vehicle that conforms to the manufacturer’s standards. And this can lead to any health risk for the driver. Therefore, there are essential benefits to performing vehicle inspections using axle scales. Doing so will help you minimize drivers’ health risks and costs regarding any fine, vehicle repairing, or road repairing.


Why should you choose axle scale in your business?

There are many weighing instruments, but most of the companies prefer axle scale. Do you know why? Let’s find out.


They are dynamic:

Axle scales are dynamic weighing machines, which means that the driver cannot stop the vehicle upon the axle scale. Therefore, measurement can be recorded only by driving upon the axle scale. This is actually helpful when you want to save time. You can just quickly check the weight of your vehicle or content by just moving your vehicle over axle scale.


Stable or dynamic?

There are various axle scales; you can have a stable one as well if it suits your business.



Axle scales have a high capacity to measure weight. Moreover, their accuracy rate is impressive, so many industries prefer axle scales over other measuring instruments.

It requires very negligible maintenance as compared to others. It doesn’t even need a constant power supply. So, you can once charge it can perform for a reasonable length of time.


How can an axle scale be used in farming?

The field’s content has to be measured at the time of seeding and harvesting. If the content is very high in volume, it becomes difficult to measure. And large trucks and tractors in the field require large equipment to count them, but that large equipment are difficult to use and costly. In contrast, axle scales are cheap in price and very easy to use; that’s why the Axle scales are highly used in farming. Farmers often check the weight of the content at seeding time, harvesting time, or before going to the market with axle scales.

It is more convenient than other measuring equipment at the farming because it can automatically weigh axle after axle during the crossing of the vehicle over it. In the end, it calculates all the axle weight.


How can an axle scale be used in mining?

Axle scales are also used in the mining field; while mining, there is a need for a weighing instrument to manage the weight of heavy-duty mining trucks. Most of the work at is mining site is in a portable format, so mostly portable axle scales are used there. Since the vehicles at the mining site are very robust and heavy-duty, it is important to use that axle scale to measure such heavy vehicles without requiring extra maintenance. Axle scales can help monitor efficiency, as well as record the transportation of the content.



How can an axle scale be used in commercial fleets?

Axle scales are very much used in commercial fleets; this is a favorite because it provides a convenient way to weigh without stopping the vehicle. And this is how more commercial vehicles can be gone through the process of weighing. In addition, the axle scale allows the traffic to keep moving. It maintains the commercial fleet obeys all the restrictions regarding vehicle weight, which can save you from getting fined.


How can an axle scale be used in loading and unloading?

Axle scales are one of the necessary components on such fields where the operation of loading and unloading is being done. Because it requires a continuous monitoring while filling the bulky items like scrap metal into the trailer. Once the vehicle’s weight and content hit the default value, the vehicle is ready to start its journey. This practice not only maximize the waste disposal process but also can confirm axle weights and gross weight at the same time.



How to choose the right type of axle scale for your site?

Before getting any axel scale, you have to figure out what kind of work is done at your site; then, according to the nature of your work, you should get an axel scale. There are some sites where the fixed Axle scale is more productive, while some companies prefer the portable one. So that totally depends on your need.


How can an axle scale help you to improve productivity?

By using axle scale, you can make sure that the weigh calculation is accurate, you can save time and effort, which ends up getting more profit. In addition, this equipment helps you avoid any penalty, any violation of the company’s standards, and you can get customers’ reassurance. Which of course increases the production and profit of your company.


What is the dimension of the axle scale?

Dimensions of axle scale depend on its models; high-capacity models have big dimensions wise the small capacity models have smaller dimensions. For the 30-ton machine, the dimension would be 700x430x30; for the 80-ton machine, it could be around 80x550x35.


How much weight can an axle scale measure?

There are different models of axle scales of having a different capacity that varies from 30 ton to 80 ton. It depends on what you want to measure; whether you have to measure a small vehicle or a huge loaded truck, you should choose your axle scale accordingly.


How can you control the axle scale?

You can control an axle scale by PC software or accessing a weighting terminal.


How to use an axle scale?

Axle scales are very easy to use. You don’t need to stop on the axle scale to let it weigh unlike other weighing machines. The driver is supposed to run over the scale so that the wheels of the vehicle put proper pressure on the sensors of the axle scale, and it can measure accurate weight. This can measure the weight while the vehicle is moving even up to 5 km/h. There are metal plates underneath the scale; as the vehicle runs over the scale, those plates bend and gauge the pressure put on it by the tires. The more the tire will put pressure, the more the weight scale will calculate. It calculates weight of all the axles and in the end, it adds all the weight as a grass weight. Not matter how big your vehicle is, it can measure up to 8 wheels of vehicle.


How long is the life of an axle scale?

Every manufacturer provides a warranty of at least 2 years. But if you will be careful while using it, it would last longer.


What is the error margin in axle scale?

In most models, the static accuracy is around 0.05%. In motion, the accuracy is around 2%, or you can say 0.1kg of accuracy.


What maintenance does the axle scale require?

Unlike other weighing machines, the axle scale doesn’t require much maintenance. A few little things you need to check on a regular basis to avoid any maintenance cost.

First of all, the operator is supposed to have a visual check on the axle scale and make sure if there is any debris. Because heavy vehicles run over it and every machine can be damaged if used a lot. If there are damages, it can display an incorrect result. And then, the operator must check the sides of axle scales and have a check on the digital meter or LED, whether it shows zero before getting a vehicle on the axle scale. Also, check wires and connections.

How long its battery last if charged fully?

The battery of axle scales lasts around 20 hours if charged fully.


On which type of road an axle scale can be installed?

An axle scale can be installed on every type of surface like level asphalt, concrete or compact level.


Is the body of the axle scale strong enough to weigh such a huge loaded truck?

Yes, during the manufacturing of axle scale, it has been considered that the huge weight does not affect its body.  This is because the body of the axle scale is manufactured by stainless steel; that’s why it is so strong and durable. And this is the reason that it doesn’t require much maintenance.


What an axle requires as a power supply?

The Axle scale requires a battery of 3.7v as a power supply to operate.


Does any type of vehicle can run over axle scale?

Yes, its body is made in a way that any vehicle, whether small or heavy truck, can easily run over it.


How the axle scale displays the result?

After calculating all the axles, the axle scale displays the result on a small LED that is connected to it. A feature of getting a receipt is also available in many models. You will get a receipt mentioning the weight of each axle, grass weight, and other important stuff at the end of the operation.

Does the axle scale is harmful to the tires of the vehicle?

Not at all, the surface of the axle scale does come in contact with the tires, but it doesn’t cause any harm to the tires.

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  • No spare parts are required. The scales and indicator come as expected. Easy for use,  it’s super simple and you don’t have to be a rocket-scientist to figure out how it can help you be more productive. Great job!

    Jeff Louis
  • I m quite glad working with FEYA and their team. Then taught me how to choose the correct weigh pads as per our needs. and I was really impressed with the quality and customer support offered. Highly recommend! ^_^

    Ann Francis
  • We have had experiences in using other brand scale systems imported from Europe, and honestly, they are very pricey.  It is a great experience to buy the axle scales from CUBSCALE, I’d say, well, same technology, same function, better service support, half the cost …this is really amazing.

    Boniface S. Matin
When do you need to choose an Axle Scale
  • If you are going to use a scale to weigh vehicles in a temporary demolition worksites. Recommend it.
  • If you need to weigh heavy-duty vehicles during specific periods such as harvesting season or planting season.
  • We also recommend that you use axle scales before your shipment crosses the freight station to avoid overloading or under-loading and thus reduce your costs.
  • If you need to transport various heavy equipment from different workplaces, it is recommended that you use an axle scale to avoid fines for overloading your vehicle.

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Truck Scale Manufacturer & Weighbridge Supplier in China

The Axle scale is one sort of mobile truck scale used to measure the weight of a vehicle or truck. The axle scales are used at traffic, construction sites, environment protection, factories, fields, and mining.

Axle scales can measure static and dynamic weights, and the machine itself can be static and dynamic. The axle weighing pads consume a tiny area and are very easy to operate, and it requires easy and less maintenance as well.

The Axle scale has made the way of measuring the weight of loaded vehicles easy and more convenient. The axle scales equipment saves a lot of time for your business, and it enhances the productivity of the working sites.

The axle scales consist of a load cell of high accuracy, indicator, and the body. The axle scale is strong enough to measure the heavy trucks. And the accuracy is so high that big companies rely on it while doing business in heavy cargo.

The big screen is used to display the weight and other statuses of the axle scales. It is around 38 mm high, and its standard dimension is about 500x700x3 mm and more varieties as actual application requirements.

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Axle scales come in very different sizes and different capacities according to their type. But there are two main types of axle scales, and that is portable and fixed.

The fixed scales are primarily used in trucking, mining, and farming industries because it is fixed at one place. At the same time, the other is cost-effective because you can move it to another place and be used in any field.

The axle scales work in the steps; the vehicle must pass over the axle scale. The vehicle can stop there to let the axle scale calculate the weight or just run over it up to 5km/h. This has to be done for all the wheels;

the axle scale records the importance for all the steps and then adds all the weight and displays on the screen, called gross weight. This method is considered to be the most accurate method to measure the overall weight of the vehicle. The error margin is as low as 0.25%.

The weighting indicator is connected to the axle scale wirelessly, displaying the weight of each axle and gross weight. It prints the weights with other details with a thermal printer.

CUBLiFT is one of the most competent truck scale manufacturers and weighing suppliers in China, you are assured to get reliable axle scales and other models of mobile truck scale with the most cost-effective solutions.

What is Weighing-in-Motion (WIM) System?

Weigh-in-Motion (WIM) technology is a method of weighing heavy vehicles without the need for them to stop at weigh stations. This technology gives a more accurate representation of the load that a pavement is subjected to compared to a static weight measurement.

These systems are composed of both sensors and electronics, as well as flat, even, and straight roadways upon which the vehicles can travel.

The sensors detect the vehicle’s weight and other characteristics, while the electronics process the data and provide accurate and reliable results.

Find Out Exact Axle Numbers of Your Vehicles

Vehicles axles come in as front axle and rear axle.

If you want to determine the number of axles on your car or any other vehicle, simply count the pairs of tires.

Most family cars have two sets of tires, one in the front and one in the rear, making a total of four tires.

Most trucks, tractors or trailers have tri-axles or multiple axles, which are used for hauling heavy loads due to their added stability and weight displacement characteristics. They have 3 axles, 4 axles, 5 axle, 6 axles grouped at the rear.  are primarily used to haul heavy loads.

Why Axle Scales Are Great Tool for law Enforcement?

Axle scales are an invaluable tool for law enforcement. This type of portable wheel scales allows for quick and accurate weighing of vehicles for enforcement purposes.

This can be used for anything from determining if a vehicle is overweight on a road, to quickly and accurately determining the weight of a vehicle for evidence collection.

This wheel weighers come in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit the needs of law enforcement. They are typically extremely durable and can handle a variety of vehicles, ranging from cars to large trucks.

The scales are also fitted with digital displays for easy readout and accuracy. Portable truck scales are easy to set up and can be used in almost any location.

This makes them ideal for use by law enforcement, as they can be quickly deployed when needed. They are also designed to be low-maintenance, so they don’t require a lot of upkeep.

Overall, portable axle scales are a great tool for law enforcement. They are accurate, reliable, and easy to use.

With these scales, law enforcement can quickly and accurately weigh vehicles for enforcement purposes, making them a valuable asset.

20 Ways to Prolong Your Truck Axle Scale Work Life

Preventative maintenance measures must be taken to ensure the axle scale serves the longest as possible. It requires that the axle scale system be inspected on a regular and comprehensive basis. this process will allow possible issues to be identified before they become serious that assists alleviate system damage to keep the scale lifespan prolonged…Read More

The Extremely Easy Set-Up Procedure for your Axle Scales

The Extremely Easy Set-Up Procedure for your Axle Scales blog Shipment

The Extremely Easy Set-Up Procedure for your Axle Scales

Axle scales are quite convenient portable axle weighers. Weighing the single axle weight and summing up the weight of the total axle, offers you accurate weight. It is for weighing trucks, cars, semi-trucks, trailers, picks, or any type of vehicle.
Whether you are purchasing 60000 lbs portable truck axle scale system or 120000 lbs portable truck axle scale, or for any other heavy-duty truck weighing purpose, you can easily set up your axle scales within 3-min.

When the shipments arrive on your side, you are supposed to receive:
Axle weigh pads: single axle pad; paired axle weigh pads (2, 4, 6 varies as per your orders)
Steel braided cable
Digital indicator with the built-in printer
What you are going to do after getting above mentions components are as follows:

  1. Take out the axle weigh pads. It is made of strong aluminum steel. It is light in weight while strong enough to bear the heavy-duty vehicle weigh
  2. Lay the axle weigh pads out and spread them out as per truck or vehicle axle types.
  3. Take out the steel braid cable to connect them to each of the axles weigh pads and to the indicator too.
  4. Turn On the digital indicator
  5. Drive your car over onto the axle weight pads
  6. You can see the axle weight from the indicator immediately.
  7. Print the axle weight from the handy digital indicator
  8. Congratulations! You are done!


Why Should You Use Axle Scales in Farming Industry?

Axle Scales in Farming Industry blog Shipment

CUBTEC offers weigh-in-motion axle scales. This is a compact versatile vehicle weighing system that allows you to roll dynamically over it and get accurate weight reading. The weigh-in-motion axle scale is very cost-effective which is about 1/3 of the cost of a full-length truck scale.

Accuracy Of Axle Scales VS. Truck Scales

Accuracy Of Axle Scales Versus Truck Scales blog Shipment

There is often a misconception that an axle scale is going to be as accurate as a rolling full full-length truck scale. But actually, there is a huge difference between the two. The reason is the split weight. That is why the axle scales are not considered legal for trade.

The accuracy of the axle scales is typically 1% of the given weight because of the split weigh in vehicles. If you are comparing to a full-length truck scale, the accuracy is typically around 20lb of the given weight.
So, if accuracy is important to you, and you do want to get the most accurate weight, we do suggest that you go with a full-length truck scale.

Any time that the split weigh in vehicles, you’re going to see a great variance. And the great variance is going to be good for avoiding a lot of fines, not overloading a vehicle. If you are for in-house use or some kind of personal use there you need to weigh the trucks, ten the axle pad scales are going to come into your vision. The axle pad scale is very handy, and it’s going to be a cost-effective solution compared to purchasing a full-length truck scale.

What axle scale software do you need?

Axle scale system software is one of the greatest things to have to track all the different vehicles and trucks that are coming into your yard being able to have records and see them over a period of time.

The software will operate with a computer and we do offer options for customized software or hands-free software.

The hands-free software is great where basically once you pull the vehicle onto the axle pad scale the data of weight can be automatically transferred into excel and saved for future days.

And this will record the date, time, and different ID numbers that can be assigned to those vehicles.
If you want to be very organized, you do make sure you have the right information in hand when needed.

Why do you need a printer for your axle scale?

Why do you need a printer for your axle scale blog Shipment

Necessary accessories are a very important part to make sure that your wheel load scale system for weighing trucks and vehicles flows really nice and easy. So, the standard axle scale comes with a printer, scoreboards, wireless displays, and software.
You know printer functions printing/recording weight and make sure the driver has a kind of record of what is weighed before leaving.

All of the built-in printers that come along with our scales can print out the weight data and time for your records. You can get your single axle weighing and total gross weight. So, printers are the common necessary components with any type of our axle scale.
So we always suggest you purchase the printer to make the flowing of your service much easier with records of the weights.

Why should you need a wireless indicator?

We do offer wireless scoreboards and wireless indicators. Why do you recommend the wireless indicators? In many cases, where the wheel load scales actually are set up, it is not going to be exactly where indicators and scoreboards are set up.

It’s going to be in a scale house or in a different location. So sometimes the distance can be 50 to 100feet. And we do carry cables to run that far distance but if you want to avoid any trouble with cables, we do have options for wireless. That wireless system can cover 300 fee transmission along with the scoreboard display as well.

So if you want to run cables having a wireless display or scoreboard is going to make it much easier for you to set up, and avoid winding cable across your yard.

Why should you need a Scoreboard?

Although all of our axle scales do come with built-in printers, which is handy and easy for you to get weight data and date etc. info.

We also suggest that you purchase a scoreboard, which can give drivers a visual of what their loading-trucks weight is as they are pulling up each of the axle pads.
Also if you don’t have anybody operating the scale, the drivers can still see their weight while they are pulling vehicles onto the weigh pads.

When should you be using in-motion truck axle scales?

When should you be using in-motion truck axle scales blog Shipment

This type of wheel load scale comes in paired wheel pads too. When you are facing lots of traffic and need to weigh 40, 50 up to hundreds of vehicles or trucks in a short time, the in-motion axles are one of the alternatives.
In-motion as the name suggests, means you don’t have to stop and wait for each axle to be weighed and get a total gross weight.
This means you will actually drive straight across the in-motion axle scale at a speed of 5 miles per hour, after that, you will get a print table that will show you all the axle weights plus total gross weight.
So, the in-motion truck axles are very fast and very easy to use.

The weigh pads are also semi-portable and weigh typically weigh around 800pounds for a paired group.
The wheel weighing pads can be picked up and relocated if ever needed.
So, if you want to move the truck’s fleet fast and save time, and speed up efficiency.
We suggest this in-motion truck axle scale as well. Contact us for details.

Wheel Weighers VS.Truck Scales


What is the difference between wheel weighers and portable truck scales blog Shipment (1)?

Basically, the wheel weigher scales work the same way as portable truck scales, and the accuracy is 1% of the given weighing capacity. Both types are axle scales.

Wheel weigher scales are more portable and more economical in cost. You can carry the wheel weighing scales with you it is light in weight and can tuck them in your trucks, and take them out when you need them the wheel weighing scales are more compact in dimension.

While the portable truck scales are more of a permanent fixture in the weighing yard. It can be worked safely outdoor with perfect weather resistance. The portable truck scales can be installed above ground, or they can be installed flush into the surface where it doesn’t require any ramps.
Of course, when you actually flush mounted the portable truck scale, you are going to find a better accuracy, and it’s going to make weighing vehicles much quicker and easier compared to having it above-ground where you need to utilize the ramps to get on and off the scale.

When Should You Be Using an Axle Scale?

One of our frequently asked questions is what type of truck you are going to be weighing, whether is cars, pickups, semitrailers, dumpsters, or any other type of vehicle.

That will help us determine what vehicle weighing scales would be the best for you.

If you are in a situation where you don’t have space in the yard or need some scales that are very portable and easy to transport, what you need are axle scales.

You can pick the vehicle weighing scales up carry them, throw them in the truck or take them on the go and pull them out as you need them

want to pick them up easily, carry them, throw them in the trunk, or take them to go where you need and pull them out as you need the vehicle weighing scales.

We would suggest the most economical and the most portable wheel weighers, i.e axle scales. The axle scales can be used to weigh single axle or dual axles. CUBTEC axle scales come with a built-in printer.
You can weigh each axle and get the total gross weight of the vehicles. The normal standard accuracy of CUBTEC’s axle scales is 1% which is same as the most brand axle scales in the market.

Is the Axle scale an NTEP type scale?

NTEP Stands for National Type Evaluation Program.
No. Axle scales are not legal for trade.

If you’re in a business where you buy or sell based on weight scaled, we suggest that you should purchase an NTEP type scale. Axle scales are not legal for trade.

When you use an axle scale, you weigh the vehicle in a separate way, as opposed to a full-length truck scale where the entire vehicle is pulled onto the scale, which is considered legal for trade, whereas an axle scale is not.

So, if you use a scale to buy and sell based on weight, we definitely recommend that you purchase a legal trade truck scale

Will You Meet Axle Scale Operation Trouble?

NO. It is simple,  easy, and accurate.

The axle scales are actually axle pad scales. Take the heavy-duty 60000 lbs portable truck axle scale for example. The structure is comparatively simple.

The wheel weighing axle scales are very portable, they are more of plug-and-play.

Since we have pre-calibrate them before packing. So, upon the axle scales arrival, all you need to do is to set the axle scales on hard and flat ground, then pull vehicles on and off, then get away from the digital readout.

These weigh pads are as simple and easy as foresaid mentions. This vehicle wheel weigher system will only take about five minutes to assemble and set up properly. All is simple and accurate.


Do you offer 120000lb axle scales?

Yes. we do.
Capacity: 120,000lbs weighing capacity for heavy-duty trucks weighing.
Applicable scene: farms, factories, mine sites, toll stations, and more highly demanding environments

Truck Axle scale  main parts include:
Ultra-thin aluminum Scale Pads in paired groups ( 4 / 6, or more  )
Optional wireless backlit display with big screen
USB Cable for PC Connection and Batteries
Handy carrying case with wheels

Standard & Accuracy: 120,000 lb capacity with 20 lb accuracy.
2-years warranty for main components.
Made from CUBEC, one of the CE and ISO authorized professional truck axle scale manufacturers and suppliers.

How often should you calibrate your axle scales?

We say at least once or twice a year to make sure of the accuracy of your axle scales. You can do the calibrations by yourself since we do provide the manual and offer an online guide on that. Also, you can go to scale technicians for help.

I am looking for a portable scale order to use to weigh small vehicles and trucks for our municipal waste management station. I need a durable scale with 30 ~ 40T capacity. And I have no idea about size requirements. What do you recommend?

We would suggest our wheel load scales. This is a portable axle scale. Model AS40T8430 – is a scale that will meet your needs. This axle scale can be easily moved on different working sites.

It is configured with a pair of 500×900×56mm weigh pads and indicators.  These weigh scales are available both in wired and wireless options.

This wheel loader scale’s total shipping volume is about 0.5cbm with a gross weight of 110kg.

If you have any other specific needs,  we will contact you to discuss other possible options and pricing.

Hiring vs. Buying Axle Scales - Which is Better?

For any commercial business, it is important to do extensive research before purchasing an axle scale. There are a variety of axle scales on the market that may meet the needs of diverse businesses.
Each axle scale has a different capacity, size, and other parameters. For every business, big or little, the purchase price of an axle scale is prohibitive.
Because of this, businesses are frequently faced with the question of whether to purchase an axle scale or rent one…Read More

The 6 must-do checklist to maintain your Axle Scale properly.

Maintaining an axle scale regularly is critical for its long-term use. Axle Scale Maintenance Must Do Checklists leads to accurate weighing data…Read More

What Benefit of using an axle scale brings to you?

There are many benefits of using Axle scales; here are the top five benefits.
Avoid Penalties
Less Damage to road surfaces
Less Damage to your vehicle
Better Cost-saving
Safely Protecting drivers 

20 Proven Ways to Prolong Your Truck Axle Scale Life Easily

Preventative maintenance measures must be taken to ensure the axle scale serves the longest as possible.

It requires that the axle scale system be inspected on a regular and comprehensive basis.

this process will allow possible issues to be identified before they become serious and assists alleviate system damage to keep the scale lifespan prolonged…Read More

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