Weigh Modules

  • Maintenance free
  • Various mount styles
  • simplified installation processes
  • EEx(i) load cell version available on request
  • Supper  harsh environmental resistance


Weigh Modules

CUBTEC weigh modules offer a simple way of converting a tank, vessel, silo, hopper scale, conveyor, or even OEM machinery systems into a scale. Contact us for details about the weighing modules and more selections of weighing load cells with the most competitive prices.

  • Precision-machined, Weldless Construction
  • Non-conventional   custom weigh and counting solutions
  • Comprehensive selections of tension and compression weigh modules
  • Smart design, exquisite workmanship, sturdy structure
  • Built to withstand high-demanding industrial environments

Weigh Modules By Capacity & Design

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Weigh Modules

CUBTEC’s Tailor-made Weigh Modules | Simple Load Cell Mounting

Weigh Modules page list (7)

Want to integrate weighing systems into large tanks or silos with head-free and economic solutions? A weigh module will do. It helps you to customize made your scales in a non-conventional structure. CUBTEC offers you various mounting types of weigh modules to help you convert tanks, silos, conveyors, or hoppers to weighing systems.

CUBTEC weight modules consist of a load cell that is matched to your specific load measuring capacity, and precisely fabricated mechanical components which help to get accurate load cell distribution. All these elements combined perfectly to form a quality weight module.

Our standard weight modules are made of high-quality tool steel which is sturdy to fit most industrial weighing applications. If you need to use it in a harsher outdoor environment, you can choose stainless steel made weight module, which is sturdy in structure and get the slightest deformation as well.

The weight modules can be designed and fabricated in different ways. Different types of weight load cells are adopted to be equipped in it, such as s type load cells, single-ended load cells, bending beam load cells, canister loadcell, ring load cells, etc.

S-type load cell integrated into the weight module can simply fulfill the task of weighing suspended loadings. A weight module equipped with the bending beam load cell is possible to weigh small and medium tanks, mixers, perfectly fit for dispensing and bagging scales as well as packing machines in the industrial processing lines. For small and medium weighing, you can also find the weigh modules integrated with single-ended load cells with a measuring capacity from 500kg up to 1000kg and more. If you need heavy-duty applications, you can choose the weigh module with built-in ring load cells, it is suitable for 10t to 150t load weighing solutions.

All of the load cells we adopted built-in weigh modules are made of high-quality alloyed tool steel or aluminum, which are laser-welded and able to withdraw harsh environments with a protection class of IP65, IP66, IP67, and more upon your request.
For sales and support of the weigh modules from CUBTEC, please kindly feel free to contact us at any time at your convenience.

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