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  • CE type bench scale series
  • ISO9001 approved bench scale & floor scale, manufacturers
  • Weighing up to 1000kg with increments of 0.5kg
  • Plate Material: carbon steel smooth or chequer; Stainless Steel optional
  • Zemic L6E, L6W, L6G, L6F load cell allows high accuracy in weighing data
  • Power Supply: rechargeable battery
  • Transmission Distance level: RS232C≤30m
  • Various Plate sizes available for your options
  • Backlit LCD display: On/Off, Zero, Tare ,kg/lb
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Bench Scales for Various Weighing Capacity Purpose

Bench scales are stationary weighing devices that can be moved or installed on any flat surface. When it comes to weighing medium-weight objects with high accuracy requirements, the bench scales (also known as platform scales) listed below are optimized alternatives for your applications.

100kg Bench Scale BS-01T34
100kg Bench Scale

● Model: BS-01T34
● Max. Weighing: 100kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 300*300mm
● Material: carbon steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

200kg Bench Scale BS-02T45S
200kg Bench Scale

● Model: BS-02T45S
● Max. Weighing: 200kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 300*300mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Washdown platform scales
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

300kg Bench Scale BS-03T56S
300kg Bench Scale

● Model: BS-03T56S
● Max. Weighing: 300kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 400*500mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Fit food hygienic applications
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

500kg Bench Scale BS-05T88S
500kg Bench Scale

● Model: BS-05T88S
● Max. Weighing: 500kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 600*600mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Fit food hygienic applications
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

800kg Bench Scale BS-08T1010S
800kg Bench Scale

● Model: BS-08T1010
● Max. Weighing: 800kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 600*800mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Fit food hygienic applications
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

1Ton Bench Scale BS-1T1010S
1 Ton Bench Scale

● Model: BS-1T1010S
● Weighing up to 1000kg
● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform: 800*800mm
● Material:  stainless steel
● Zemic load cells L6E3
● Fit food hygienic applications
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

Bench Scales For Precise Weighing

  • Price Computing Scale

    Offering a variety of full-featured price computing scales that can meet the needs of many types of retail businesses. Legal for trade scale & price computing

  • Counting Scale
    Counting Scale

    Accurate digital counting scales for use in part counting and inventory control. designed for counting the weight of a group of uniform items in industrial environments.

  • Retail Weighing Scale
    Retail Weighing Scale

    Designed and manufactured for weighing, self-service, labeling, packaging, and  NTEP trade certification for selling goods by weight with ease

  • Counting Scales for Small Parts
    Counting Scales for Small Parts

    A great, time-saving scale that can weigh, and count a large batch of small industrial parts, e.g can measure up to 12 pounds of parts with 0.0002-pound precision

  • Postal & Shipping Bench Scales
    Postal & Shipping Bench Scales

    With the OIML Approval certificate, shipping bench scales are perfect for shipping & logistics needs in  small businesses, retail packaging stores or a commercial shipping company, efficient and reliable

Bench Scales with Various Designs

  • Digital Bench-top Scales with Remote Indicator
    Digital Bench-top Scales with Remote Indicator

    Large and easy-ready digit backlit LCD display. USB port and cable to communicate with PC. designed for shipping and receiving operations.


  • Precision Digital Benchtop Scales
    Precision Digital Benchtop Scales

    legal-for-trade digital bench top scales offer high capacity precision form which expects a resolution of 1 g and an accuracy of ± 0.1% of the measuring range. Perfect tools of  fast and accurate weighing, mixing, counting and checkweighing

  • Stainless Steel Bench Scale
    Stainless Steel Bench Scale
  • Bench Scale With Alarm Light
    Bench Scale With Alarm Light

    All-in-One Program – Weighing, Checkweighing (Weight / Quantity), Counting. HI-LO-GO light tower (as pictured) allows easy operation.  convertible in  kg, g, lb, and oz with readability of 0.01 lb/ 0.05 kg.

  • Digital Bench Platform Scale 300kg Capacity
    Digital Bench Platform Scale 300kg Capacity
  • Bench Scale With Pole Display
    Bench Scale With Pole Display

    Retail Label Printing Scale with Pole Display is easy to set up with a user-friendly panel. pole mounted display is an excellent choice for simple price computing in supermarket fruit snack stores. Delivering unmatched convenience and accuracy

  • Bench Scale with Thermal Printer
    Bench Scale with Thermal Printer

    Industrial Bench Scale with Built-In Label Printer. the direct thermal printer with two-button operation offers efficient ticketing and record-keeping methods for your business.

  • Bench Scale with Bar Code Printing
    Bench Scale with Bar Code Printing

    Designed as a convenient portable  model for precise checkweighing; Touch screen operations allow you to print weight, labels, QR codes, and bar codes in several languages

  • Bench Scale with Double Screen
    Bench Scale with Double Screen

    For counting, shipping, pricing, and high-precision measurement use. Double display for readout from different positions which is to accelerate business efficiency and convenience

  • Electronic Bench Platform Scales
    Electronic Bench Platform Scales

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Strong Support
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Comprehensive Product Certification
Comprehensive Product Certification

Our industrial have been fully certified for different markets, OIML, CE, NTEP, ATEX, etc. you rest assured to get legal for trade scales to expand your business

Quality Assurance
Quality Assurance

We are a professional weighing scale manufacturing supplier; our expertise and skills are always keeping growing so as to offer the most advanced products that fit the market trend.


The bench top scale has a weighing capacity of up to 60kg and can measure in increments of 0.05g. The weighing platform of this scale is specifically designed to be accurate with a resolution of up to 1 part in 60,000. Equipped with IP68 standard load cells sensors, the bench top scales ensure to deliver the scale data you need under any tough use.

HIGH ACCURACY bench scale 670x380 Content Blocks


The need for a legal for trade scale is especially important in situations where you buy or sell materials from your industrial scale. A high-quality, durable and industry-approved scale can help prevent customer fraud, and will save you a lot of time and money in the long run.
Our bench scales are OIML, NTEP approved which is approved for use in your establishment and can speed your efficiency to process or transfer materials accurately or consistently.


CUBscale is an ISO-9001 certified scale manufacture supplier, offers a large number of bench scales. We provide a one-stop shop for all of your weighing needs. CUBSCALE has grown into one of the most promising & trusted precision scale manufacturers based in China. Our manufacturer service team aims to serve you with our precise and cost-effective scale products.

DURABLE AFFORDABLE bench scale 670x380 Content Blocks (2)


Our range of high-quality commercial bench scales is designed with the needs of your industry in mind. We have a diverse range of scales available for a variety of industries ranging from farms to factories, to airport tarmac scales. Our local industrial concentration advantages ensure consistent production and low purchasing costs, so you can get the most cost-effective scales from us without the time and effort of sifting through so many scale suppliers to find the best one.

More Applications of Bench Scale

Logistics & Ports bench scale
Logistics & Ports

Bench scales are great tools for a parcel or postage weighing. . They’re compact, and can be easily moved from one spot to another with ease.

Bench scales also allow you to keep an eye on your parcels & packages with an easy-to-read digital display. Connecting to a PC, it offers basic data collection, tracking, and analysis so as to save you the pain of statistics

Parts Counting Bench scale APP (7)
Parts Counting

Counting scales are a useful tool to assist in the management of supply chain volume. It’s difficult to count thousands of identical parts quickly and efficiently with a single human touch.

Bench scales make counting small parts quick and easily possible, so it is really a kind of labor liberty and you may rely on them to count as well as weigh objects simultaneously.

Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry bench scale
Medicinal and Pharmaceutical Chemistry

Accurate weight measurements are the prime requirement for pharmaceutical companies to meet their customers’ expectations. The precision required by the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t allow for any room for error.

Bench Scale (balances, scales) Manufactured by renowned manufacturers and reputed firms, these bench scales are easy to use.

It provides advanced features that help in the accurate weighing of objects. You can use bench weighing scales for weighing various types of papers, pills, reagents, and many more.

Weighing Check bench scale
Weighing Check

Bench weighing scales are ideal tools for manufacturing and assembly line production when you want to make sure that the packaging is within the required weight.

You need a bench scale to ensure that your product meets the proper weight requirements or does not weigh too little or too much.

The bench weighing scales with advantage sensors can simply help your products stay accurate and within specified limits.

Food & Beverage bench scale
Food & Beverage

Bench Weighing Scales are used in the food and beverage industry to make sure each package has the correct weight before being shipped out.

Bench weighing scales are designed and manufactured to meet various food processing weighing needs in the food plant, reduce wasted time and improve quality as well.

Bench scales are great helpful tools to determine the exact weight of raw ingredients, packaged items, or finished goods.

Retail Settings bench scale
Retail Settings

The retail industry is a multifaceted, ever-changing business, every year brings new challenges and opportunities, but what doesn’t change will always be there: counting, weighing, shipping, and receiving customers’ orders and groceries.

Our range of retail bench scales will meet the needs of any retail business, no matter how large or small. We support retailers from grocery stores to distribution centers, we have scales for all aspects of retail.

Process & Manufacturing Settings bench scale
Process & Manufacturing Settings

The bench scale has many applications in the industrial, manufacturing, and packaging industry. It can ensure consistency in product quality, eliminate errors and provide consistency across multiple plants.

Some of the main features that are important for bench scales are durability, accuracy, and versatility. This bench scale can be used for weighing large quantities daily, and counting small parts like screws, bolts, pins, and more.

Tailor Weighing Solutions bench scale
Tailor Weighing Solutions

If you are looking to buy customized weighing bench scales, we are professional industrial scale, manufacturing vendors.

We offer tailor-made weighing bench scales to fit your specific weighing requirements.
Our weight bench scales are designed and manufactured in accordance with the latest safety standards, with triple and quadruple static load testing.

These bench scales are sturdy and low cost to ensure stable quality.
We carry over 20 years of experience in the field of precision mechanics and engineering design, offering quick delivery at a low cost

Bench Scales Banner image
Bench Scale banner-page
Bench Scale Series
Platform Dimension Capability Readability Material Load Cell Display Indicator
300*400mm 100kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
400*500mm 200kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
450*600mm 300kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
500*500mm 300kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
500*600mm 300kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
600*800mm 500kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
800*800mm 500kg 0.01kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
1000*1000mm 800kg 0.05kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
1200*1200mm 800kg 0.05kg Carbon Steel; Stainless Steel L6E3(standard) A12E(standard) Bluetooth optional.
CUBLiFT manufactures customized bench scales for you

Bench scale- The Ultimate FAQ guide

1. What is a bench scale?

Bench scales often called compact scales, are perfect for tiny locations since they occupy a little area. They also provide optimal precision and durability in a range of industrial and trade situations.

These multifunctional bench scales are designed to be resistant to day usage both in damp and dry environments. They are usually relatively economical, even for usage in hazardous places of certain types.

Regardless of your operating requirements, a bench can quickly and conveniently weigh, mix, count, or inspect your operations.

If the weighing work at hand involves mobility and ease, then chances are a bench-scale may be the best choice for the job!

As the name indicates, bench scales are particularly intended to fit neatly on workstations, tabletops, and benches owing to their compact form factor and minimal physical footprint.

CUBLiFT provides you with versatile and sturdy bench scales. Our bench scales are one of the most diversified categories of scales.

They provide a choice for practically every use in virtually every scenario. This comprises price computing scales and electronic and digital weighing scales boasting capacities as tiny as 150G, or as high as 30KG.

Comparing with other pallet weighing scales, bench scales are more ergonomic. While most scales are constructed as complete components, bench scales are supplied as systems.

They also feature a layout where a rope of at least 5m separates the platform from the weighing indication. The bench scales are intended for industrial weighing of medium to heavy capacity.

They come with a range of platform sizes and capacities. When purchasing a bench scale, it is important to verify that it is authorized by the NTEP.

It should also be supervised by a national organization and trade union. CUBLiFT maintains a list of authorized NTEP scales meant to be used in the food, pharmaceutical, and chemical sectors.

Other tools include portion control scales, which weigh food items effectively to make quantities easier to regulate. They are constructed of stainless steel that resists corrosion.

They also feature a smooth sanitary surface to facilitate general cleaning. Another option is the counting machine that is a vital instrument to count large numbers of identical components. Bench scales are a potential way to meet your application requirements

2. Where is a bench scale used?

For the real economy, bench scales are quite essential. It is employed in business, academic labs, private hospitals, and in all entities that do research or development.

Different bench scale components may be supplied according to the demands of customers. These demands include weighing packages, blending recipes, or even hopper scales.

We are ready to assist you to choose scales and balance sheets that meet your requirements. For example, a data register is occasionally necessary to comply with the DIN ISO 9000 standard.

Data may be sent immediately to a computer using the software to be printed or recorded for date and time. Since many previous generation PCs do not have an RS-232 interface, CUBLiFT provides an optional USB interface adaptor.

You may contact your local authorized dealer or manufacturer if you want extra information on checking bench scales. Also, if you are uncertain whether you require verified scales let us know.

CUBLiFT bench scales are checked when scales are ordered or delivered for periodic verification. After a certified certification of the bench sizes, an external calibration weight cannot be recalibrated.

The initial check shall be valid for two years, but any further check shall be valid for one year only and shall be carried out yearly by the approved verification center.

We offer you a broad selection of bench scales including electronic platform scales, cooking scales, counting scales, and lab scales.

Our bench scales cover several business divisions. Additional equipment may also be ordered, such as external printers, measurement devices, tripods, and density measurement systems.

We also provide software support for bench scale models with an RS-232 interface to transport data to a computer for online work or one of our best-sellers Balance of laboratory.

The CUBLiFT bench scale series is a light, robust precision balance for many uses. The detachable stainless-steel pan offers easy cleaning of the laboratory balance.

In many different sectors, bench scales may be employed. You can discover many different types of bench scales in the overview of our scales and balances.

Digital bench scales, for example, are also found among package scales, bench scales, and platform scales.

Please contact us if you can’t find the bench scales you are seeking for and we will assist you to discover the best option for you.

3. What features do I need to look for when buying a bench scale?

When buying this bench scale, you need to search for a bench scale with a stainless-steel platform and closed keypad to allow simple cleaning.

Overload protection guarantees that the large weight does not impair the scale and may aid to endure longer.


You need also to consider check weighs such as the Cruiser when used in quality control situations. They enable users to specify weight limitations.

The check weighs display changes in colors to demonstrate at a glance whether an item on the scale is below, above, or within the specified limits. Some scales contain an audible alert, which is useful during the inspection.

For simple mobility, shop with an AC adapter, for a scale with a rechargeable battery. Compact CUBLiFT bench scales include a rechargeable battery to travel about or to be used where power is not readily accessible.

With greater power choices, bench scales may also be conveniently charged with a USB connection. See how long the battery may be used without recharging while seeking a bench with a rechargeable battery.

There are various power-saving choices to consider before you pick your new bench scale. Some of the scales allow users to configure the lighting to “on,” “off” and “on only when weighing” to preserve battery life.

Programmable or automated power-off features imply that the scale is shut off without usage after a specific period. For certain bench scale usage, interfaces and connections are a crucial concern.

This is because they may be placed on counters near computers or printers, bank scales can easily be integrated into certain systems. A scale with an RS-232 and/or USB port to connect to computers and print findings may be more ergonomic.

For data analysis and graphics, you can also match your bench scale with CUBLiFT systems. This might also be beneficial to maintain track of your records in inventory.

As usual, make sure that your capacity and readability meet your needs before you purchase a bench scale.

You can also ensure that any features and capabilities you may need, such as inspection, counts of components, etc. are accessible on the desired scale.

You may contact us if you need assistance in locating the proper bench scale or just want to learn more. Follow us for the newest CUBLiFT scales by checking our blog updates on social media!

4.Which are the types of bench scales?

At CUBLiFT we manufacture the following models of bench scales;

  1. Advanced bench scale

It is also known as a check weighing bench scale. The advanced control bench scale offers a variety of control choices including positive, negative, zero, or net, and statistics for exact results for advanced inspection requirements.

It features an open frame of the base that can be properly cleaned to avoid the potential of residue contamination.

  1. Multifunctional Bench Scale

This bench scale model is user-friendly. It features an easy-to-use keypad, big backlighted display, and simple text instructions on your screen that assist you through the operation.

Durable construction with a platform of stainless steel, and grey powder-coated steel frame & load cell of aluminum. Defender complies with approvals type NTEP or OIML/EC

Offers standard industrial modes and supports a library of 50,000 items with 1,000 user profiles for convenient information administration. Includes GMP/GLP with traceability time/date.

  1. Stainless-Steel bench scale

The stainless-steel bench scale from CUBLiFT is a feature-rich series of bench scales excellent for manufacturing, packing, general commercial and industrial weighing, and a variety of washing applications.

The stainless-steel bench scale is designed to satisfy the demands of conventional industrial applications with its robust build, sophisticated but easy software, and many connection choices.

  1. Versatile bench scales

The stainless-steel indicator of this versatile bench scale is designed to withstand severe industrial elements. For multi-day tasks, the 58-hour rechargeable battery allows uninterrupted operation.

It also features a durable structure with stainless steel platform 304, tubular steel frame, column and indicator bracket, and stainless-steel load cell IP67.

They are very easy-to-read display & basic counting mode makes it or OIML/EC type. Depending on your region, we will always deliver.

5. What is a bench scale reactor?

Our bench scale solutions are the next logically high-performance step after precursor testing and monitoring. Each device enables a process to grow up to include bigger amounts of catalysts and can also do complete extruded testing.

This will enable the creation and optimization of catalysts and processes. The systems may be utilized for kinetic modeling.

The large-scale solutions successfully link the gap between catalyst screening and testing for pilot plants, save time and expense, minimize hazards and provide increased flexibility.


Each unit is tailor-made based on CUBLiFT technological advances that have been proven in our labs via years of use in real-world situations. Each reactor system is intended for handling

We are devoted to ensuring that our customers benefit fully from the technological solutions supplied.

To do this, a specific training program is necessary. That’s why the training given by CUBLiFT is not simply a user course but a complete technology transfer program.

CUBLiFT training sessions address the following questions: How to handle the bench scale, how to configure the bench scale, and how to maintain the bench scale.

Training also provides a full introduction to high-performance test methodology and best practices. Comprehensive and thorough training may be offered for independent operations.

This training can be offered both in our state-of-the-art facilities in China and at the client’s premises. In 24/7 operation, catalyst quantities of up to 300 ml are robust and dependable.

Our systems have proved themselves over 20-years and are all backed by ideal software solutions. Based on a customizable module combination of bench scales, reactor sections, and analytical sections, our bench scale units are based according to client specifications.

They also enable gas and liquid products to be recycled. The systems are offered for applications in gas-phase, gas-to-liquid, and trickle-bed.

Learn more about the bench scale system and the reactor by browsing through our website contact us for technical specifics.

6. What is a compact bench scale?

Compact bench scales are portable scales for use on a desk or counter. Its greater platform size provides greater versatility than the pocket scales.

Our compact bench scales small size allows them to travel everywhere. They can weigh capacities of 500g to 6000g capacity and 0.01g to 0.1g readability.

It is crucial to measure your coffee precisely, therefore do not depend on chance, imagination, or your sight to make judgments – instead, depend on CUBLiFT compact bench scales.

These 3KGx 0.1g scales from CUBLiFT have four simples to use function buttons and a total of six distinct active modes. They are small and user-friendly to guarantee a precise home and professional environment.

The Compact Bench scales also have a spacious, 150 mm2 solid, weighing platform for coffee, decanters, and group handle.

7. What is a digital bench scale?

The digital bench scale of CUBLiFT is a battery-operated bench and indication system that provides an easy-to-use interface for overall weighing, checking, and controlling.

The CUBLiFT digital bench scale may be delivered to 3000 divisions as a commercially certified bench-scale system and 6000 divisions if commercial certification.

As a system, the base integrates with a polar indication which may be utilized for a broad variety of conventional floor or bench base applications.

CUBLiFT digital bench scale is excellent for common weighing and easy counting applications in manufacturing, packing, warehouses, inventory management, shipping, and receiving.

This digital bench scale features a basic, but sturdy, tubular-frame base design with tactile buttons and indicators.

They also feature a 1-inch high LCD weight display with a high-contrast backlight, built-in rechargeable battery operation, and flexible mounting possibilities.

They have a mode of part counting with customizable sample sizes, the last sample size, and statistics on average piece weight. The digital bench scale indicator is housed in a rugged casing with a reversible face for wall, column, or table-top installation.

The warranty period of this digital bench scale is one year. Digital bench scales are a kind of weighing scale that is specifically intended to be used on a table or benchtop.

Their usual load-bearing capacity is about 1000 pounds. They are typically constructed of stainless steel and available in a variety of sizes.

These scales are often seen in industrial settings. To learn more about digital bench scales, please visit the CUBLiFT website.

8. What is the difference between a bench scale and a pilot-scale?

Bench scale is often used in laboratories and is limited to equipment capable of handling little more than 50L at a time. They are used daily.

Pilot-scale is proof of concept at a scaled-up size for treating up to 50% of an application’s total real flow. Typically, these take place on-site at the location where the full-scale facility will be constructed and run.

9. Why should a bench scale be used?

Bench scales are used daily in the food processing sector and behind the butcher counter. It’s unsurprising, given bench scales are efficient, simple to clean, and often have a count function, which simplifies measuring and weighing procedures.

Additionally, due to their lightweight, bench scales have a tiny footprint, despite their vast weighing range, and are very portable.

If the bench scale is equipped with a battery, it may also be used without a power line, which is ideal for stock takes in which a huge number of tiny components must be tallied over a vast warehouse.

A bench-scale is ideal for mixing, weighing, and checking the weight of loose and packaged commodities.

If your bench scale also has a count function, you may use it to swiftly count huge quantities of tiny components using sample weights.

This makes bench scales ideal for use in the food industry, commerce, home improvement businesses, and metal production, among other sectors.

Bench scales are not only simple to use but also quite small. We provide a variety of platform sizes and weighing ranges.

For example, our 910-bench scale’s platform is 182 x 182mm with a weighing range of 1-9KG. whereas the 940C’s platform is 210 x 190 mm with a weighing range of 1-19KG.

As a result, you will find the ideal bench scale for your application in our product range. CUBLiFT is your number 1 provider of pallet scales.

If the bench scale will be used in many places, such as market stalls or other nomadic trades, our collection includes scales that operate through the battery as well as mains power.

Bench scales must also be checked in some domains, such as commerce. Of course, you may get trade-approved bench scales from us.

And if they do not fit your criteria for platform size, maximum capacity, or weighing range, for example, we will collaborate with you to develop practice-driven solutions that do!

Bench scales have clear advantages like they save time and labor and also minimize mistake rates as compared to manual counting.

Additionally, bench scales feature smaller weighing platforms, which means they take up less room and are more portable. A bench scale that operates at full capacity will quickly pay for itself.

When examining items and stocktaking, choosing a counting scale with a large maximum capacity and accompanying weighing range may save significant time, labor, and eventually hard cash.

A high-quality, technically developed bench scale with the necessary maximum capacity can also significantly simplify your everyday job in general.

Accuracy is critical in business and commerce, and CUBLiFT has been synonymous with precision for more than 20 years!

10. How do I fix a bench scale that won’t work?

When a bench scale stops functioning, it may be rather annoying. Particularly on a busy manufacturing line or in a high-speed shipping department. Therefore, what should you do if your scale stops working? We always advise our consumers to verify two items first.

The first one is checking your bench scale power supply. This is one of the most frequently used methods for repairing an inoperable scale.

We receive numerous calls regarding scales that are not working. Most of our customers complain about their bench scale not being powered.


I feel compelled to state it. This may seem self-evident, but in a hectic environment or when frustration gets the better of us, we frequently overlook the obvious.

Ascertain that you have a 100% fully charged battery and check if you have connected the scale properly. We’ve observed this on numerous occasions after politely requesting confirmation on the power and scale condition.

Additionally, look for damage to the power cord or plug. Replace the cord and plug if visible damage exists.

Even if this does not resolve the issue, you are certain to encounter one in the future. Not to mention the potential for a safety hazard.

When multiple scales are available, testing a power supply becomes significantly easier. To test a unit, take a power cable from a working scale.

Connect it to the scale that is not powered and see if that recharges the scale. If it works, you can be certain the power supply is defective. Simply replace it and you’re back in business.

The other problem is your bench scale might be experiencing binding. Commercial bench scales perform a variety of difficult tasks.

They take a beating and frequently get dirty, from filling and counting to heavy-capacity weighing. On the scale, dust, dirt, liquids, and other materials accumulate, eventually finding their way into areas where they do not belong.

When dust obstructs the internal weighing mechanism a series of problems can occur. The scale may fail to read above a predetermined capacity, the display may drift or an error code may be generated.

If you don’t wipe out your bench scale on a daily basis, dust particles can rest on the scale indicator. This can later tamper with the reading hence ending up getting the wrong weighing results.

It good to keep you bench scale clean to avoid any of these issues.

Taking care of your bench scale may help extend its life, ensure more constant accuracy, and even save you money on components and labor. To assist, we advise the following measures:

Keep your bench scale clean always. You can do this by utilizing an in-use cover that prolongs the life of keypads and other electronic components.

Stay away from severe conditions over an extended period. When not in use for an extended amount of time, turn off your scale; for laboratory balances, leave the product powered on but in standby mode.

Regularly calibrate your equilibrium. Maintain frequent servicing and calibration of your product to guarantee it continues to produce correct results.

11. How to calibrate my bench scale?

CUBLiFT scales are often pre-calibrated at the time of purchase, a process known as factory calibration. However, the accuracy of the scale may degrade during transportation from the manufacture to your site.

As a result, you must calibrate weighing instruments in-house to prevent the chance of inaccuracy in weight measurement.

Additionally, the technique for calibrating the bench scale differs according to the kind of weighing scale used.

Medical and laboratory bench scales need more precision and accuracy in calibration due to their very narrow tolerance limits.

Furthermore, these calibrated bench scales are used in a controlled setting. On the other hand, enterprises that rely on analog scales and do not need exceedingly exact weight readings may simply calibrate bench scales in-house.

When calibrating weighing scales in a commercial setting, the following protocol should be followed;

Begin by calibrating the weighing equipment. Clean it thoroughly, removing any oil or dirt remnants.

If you are calibrating digital bench scales, switch them on a few minutes before beginning.

Modern scales have a calibration mode or button for calibrating the scale. By pressing the button, the calibration mode is initiated.

Ascertain that your weighing device is stable, it should not wobble or feel imbalanced.

Utilize the calibration kit or reference weight that was included with the bench scale when purchased. Take a reference weight measurement and finish the calibration cycle.

If you are unsure about completing calibration in-house or lack the necessary equipment, you may use third-party calibration services accessible in your region.

You can calibrate scales as well as undertake comprehensive scale maintenance and repairs with the assistance of these third-party service providers. Not only will this restore the scale’s weighing precision, but it will also extend its life span.

Apart from these processes, bench scales must be calibrated to be lawful for trade. Bench scales used in business establishments must have legislative clearance before being utilized in a commercial context.

These approval certificates are issued by the appropriate trade regulatory bodies. As a result, commercial weighing scales must be calibrated by a qualified and reputable calibration and scale repair firm.

12. How Long has CUBLiFT been in business?

CUBLiFT was founded 20 years ago with the mission of providing good weighing equipment and services at a competitive price.

CUBLiFT balances and scales are offered worldwide via a diverse network of distributors. The company’s goods are offered through e-commerce, catalog distribution, and independent dealers, who may also offer application sales and technical support.

CUBLiFT maintains its distribution network with completely owned locations strategically positioned across Asia.

These facilities support all of the company’s clients with technical, warehouse, sales, and marketing help. CUBLiFT is an ISO 9001-certified firm with its headquarters in China.

The manufacturer complies with or exceeds the majority of international manufacturing norms and regulations.

Every day, a variety of consumers employ CUBLiFT Equipment and OEM-branded goods. CUBLiFT products are used in a variety of industries, including scientific, medical, educational, industrial, manufacturing, and retail.

Customers who depend on CUBLiFT products have consistently experienced precise results.

13. Are CUBLiFT bench scales in compliance with global and local standards regulations?

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our product design, supply chain management, production processes, delivery, and service.

To maintain our commitment to our clients, we ensure that our goods and processes comply with or exceed all applicable global/regional approvals and certifications.

Our CUBLiFT certified bench weighing scales provide safety in areas where cleanliness is critical, while our certified legal-for-trade goods are perfect for weighing objects that will be priced and sold by weight.

To see our compliance documentation and for further information, please visit the CUBLiFT website.

14. Where can I purchase the CUBLiFT bench scale?

CUBLiFT bench scales may be purchased via an approved CUBLiFT distributor. Simply explore  for items that meet your requirements and submit a Request for Quote.

Our esteemed suppliers will connect you with an approved CUBLiFT distributor in your region.

15. Are readability and precision the same on the bench scale?

No, the readability of a bench scale refers to the lowest value shown by the balance. Accuracy is defined as the difference between a sample’s known weight and its presented weight.

The precision of a bench scale can be determined only when it is in operation.

The precision of a bench scale can be determined only when it is in operation.

16. What is my bench scale accuracy?

Because accuracy is the most critical characteristic of scales, there are procedures for testing and calibrating weighing equipment.

Bench scale accuracy standards vary significantly based on their intended use. Scales used to weigh cattle and big machinery, for example, often have less stringent accuracy criteria.

By contrast, scientific scales used in research facilities are often very precise and precise. Consider what this statistic symbolizes in terms of real-world statistics for a minute.

This represents a 10- to 20-fold increase in accuracy over conventional strain gauge scales. This is because CUBLiFT engineers use ground-breaking technology that is significantly different.

According to some professionals, these figures are comparable to those of a comparable-sized magnetic force restoration scale, but at a far reduced cost.

According to CUBLiFT research, our scales may outperform this technology. The advancements have resulted in the creation of an altogether new collection of equipment fans from several fields.

Regardless of the kind of technology you prefer, you’re going to want to examine a few key indicators for evaluating equipment.

17. How do I test a bench scale

For bench scales that do not need extreme accuracy, it is easy to test them using known-weight items. Although a bench weight is not precise, it will serve these purposes.

For testing purposes, the bench scale must be placed on a flat and level surface. Begin by zeroing out the scale.

Manual bench scales may need you to alter the reading by turning a wheel or screw. Once the equipment registers zero, put the known-weight item on your bench scale.

If the reading is inaccurate, adjust your bench scale to get the object’s true weight. Calibration settings on digital bench scales allow for adjustment of the reading.

If the scale does not have a calibration option, you may still use it. You will, however, need to compensate by adjusting the weights measured using the error factor.

To determine the bench scale’s accuracy, the test must be repeated numerous times. Determine if the outcome is identical or almost the same.

If the readings are significantly divergent, the scale is imprecise. Run the test at various times of the day and various temperatures.

Consider the curvature and the existence of raised or decreased humidity levels. These may obstruct readings.

Fortunately, all CUBLiFT scales are pre-calibrated, so you won’t have to worry about these or any other concerns. You may not even need to do a test on a properly constructed scale.

18. What does my code of error mean?

This error message is shown in the following circumstances: The weight has surpassed the capacity of your bench scale.

Bench Scales are incapable of making touch with your bare feet. If you are experiencing this ERR code on your bench scale please call us immediately.

19. Are bench scales easy to install?

Bench scales eliminate the need for lengthy and complex installation operations. Its lightweight form makes it simple enough for transportation, relocation, and installation.

They don’t take much of your time as they can be installed within a few seconds. You will end up spending less time than expected.

They are known for maximizing efficiency and require less operator effort, accelerate the process, increase profitability and reduce operator error space.

Maybe the environment requires entrance-protected scales for tough wet operation environments? Or maybe the accuracy of an official scale for trade?

Whether you mix, count, check, or whatever is intermediate, you can be sure that there is a high-quality bench scale for the operation that is designed to endure.


20. As a restaurant owner do I need a bench scale?

If you are running a restaurant you need this bench scale. It is perfectly designed to weigh small portions of restaurant foodstuffs equally when serving customers.

Many restaurants are mandated to measure portion sizes or portions. This helps to avoid waste and manage portion management.

Standardization of services may be one of the most significant factors while managing a restaurant. Businesses must provide the same quality service to all customers.

Trade-approved bench scales are designed to handle activities like portion control that give a simple approach to standardize quality.

21. What is a bench scale with a count function?

A counting scale enables the simultaneous counting of many components of the same weight. It’s rather simple – all you have to do is establish a reference weight.

This may be accomplished by utilizing a single component, such as a screw, to provide the reference weight, or by combining numerous components of the same weight.

The more sample pieces placed on the scale, the more precisely the average weight can be computed, and therefore the more precisely the count can be performed.

Following that, the count function determines the precise number of components on the scale based on the reference weight.

Additionally, bench scales with a count function are practical and accurate equipment that may be used in a variety of applications, including incoming and departing goods areas, goods inspections, and yearly stock takes.

22. How committed is CUBLiFT to sustainable practices?


Providing sustainable products and services is the number one CUBLiFT goal. By using environmentally free production methods we ensure the surrounding environment is well taken care of.

We also have integrated systems that help us in making and remaking our scales. Additionally, we maintain the greatest levels of safety.

From reducing the production of harmful products that emit toxic gases to properly disposing of our goods at the end of their useful lives.

We have developed Companywide measures to minimize our business’s environmental impact. All our scales are developed to sustain our customer’s needs and demands.

Crane Scale

Livestock Scale

Floor Scale

jack scale

Weighing Beams

Bench Weighing Scale

Bench scales are utilized for a huge number of applications in a range of industrial weighing scenarios. CUBLiFT delivers high-precision, sanitary, and intermediate bench-scale solutions. We offer solutions to match your demands, depending on your operating objectives. Operator guiding elements assist increase efficiency while enhancing precision and ultimate product quality.

 Our solutions are also available for your automation and connection needs. Bench scales are built particularly for weighing on a table or counter. They have a modest footprint but nevertheless have a big weighing pot. Some bench scales are termed “compact,” since they contain a built-in indication and keyboard.

Others include a platform with a detachable indication, which may be hung on the wall for convenient viewing. CUBLiFT bench scales are an intermediary. Bench scale are not meant to weigh very tiny compounds or hefty things. CUBLiFT bench scales vary from 5lb/2kg to 300lb/150kg and vary from 0.0005lb/0.2g to 0.01lb/5g.

They may be employed in diverse locations and are available in several different sizes and forms of the platform. Some bench scales are intended exclusively for one purpose. We also have bench scales that are multifunctional, which allows for many uses using a single scale.

Economic and simple to use, bench scales offer the necessary functionality and accuracy for a broad range of companies, from tiny offices to major factories. These bench scales provide minimal budget professional weighing solutions and may be used practically anywhere, from kitchens to veterinary offices, industrial premises, or retail stores.

CUBLiFT bench scales are usually small enough to accommodate countertops, workstations and tablets. They are frequently packed with important features and functions despite a modest size. As one of the most competent bench scale manufacturers in the market, CUBLiFT works 24/7 to deliver you the best scales for your modest weighing needs. From pallet scales to platform scales, ask any scale and it will be delivered to your doorstep.

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