Pancake Load Cell

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Pancake Load Cell

  • For use in both tension and compression
  • Measure Range: 1t 2t 3t 5t 10t 20t 30t 50t, 100T
  • Material: high stiffness alloy steel
  • Low profile design with tension base
  •  flat design, high strength, and good symmetry
  • Hermetically sealed to IP67 protection rating
  • Accuracy class C3/C4 (OIML R60)

Our Pancake Load Cells are suitable for in-line force monitoring like tank and silo weighing, force testing machine, compression load, Utilizes metal foil strain gauge technology, is highly resistant to off-axis loading, and more.  Contact us to find more weight load cells and customized weigh module solutions as well.

Pancake load cell list (15)

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Pancake Load Cell(LF-101)50Ton (6)

Pancake Load Cell

Pancake Load Cell(LF-102) 450Ton (7)

Pancake Load Cell

Pancake Load Cell(LF-104 100KN) (9)

Pancake Load Cell

Pancake Load Cell(LF-105 500Ton) (12)

Pancake Load Cell

Pancake Load Cell(LF-106 50Ton) (13)

Pancake Load Cell

CUBTEC Offers You Best Pancake Load Cell | Compression Load Cell

Max range of 100 tons of weight load cell
the maximum force the load cell could measure was 100 tons
If you have no idea what a force of 100 tons is
So you can see that a family car usually weighs about 1.5 tons
The sensors can weigh the equivalent of 66 cars at a time
It’s 200 millimeters in diameter
load cell stress zone is in the middle
The boss of this circle
the diameter of the boss is 76 millimeters
Height is 86 mm
There are eight mounting holes around it
Sinking punch
In the middle is the threaded hole through m 64 x 3
When using, we should press directly on the raised surface
Because his range is too great
Even if I stand on it all alone, I won’t react
Then if you want a larger range, such as 200 tons, 500 hundred tons load cell, we can also customize.


Why can a pancake load cell measure capacity be from 20kg to 1000T?

From the outside look, you can find this tension load cell looks like a flange, and it is called a pancake load cell sensor.

The pancake load cell has a large measure range from 20kg to 1000ton, mainly due to its shape like a flange with a stable structure. There is a belief that the entire surface of the ring load cells can be subjected to forces, but in fact, it is not.

The force area refers to the threaded hole in the middle of the pancake load cell sensor and the bulge tabs around the threaded hole. The threaded hole of the pancake load cell is the mounting hole for mounting purposes. The middle of the cover plate is also not allowed subject to force impact.

Inside the cover plate is the circuitry and strain gauges, direct force impact will damage the pancake load cell sensor. The correct way to use the pancake load cell sensor is to press the middle bulge tab directly or to use the bolt to connect the middle threaded hole, then apply pressure so as to get the applied force measurement value. 

Given that the pancake load sensor is a tension & compression dual-purpose load cell, you can also connect the threaded hole in the middle to measure tension.
In the process of using the pancake load cell sensor, if the height of the bulge tab is too low for your installation, we can also add some auxiliary accessories, such as this pressure head, gasket, etc. So after the installation of the gasket, we can directly press the position of the pressure gasket section for force measurements. 

Since the measurement range of this pancake load cell sensor is very large, from 20 kg to 1000 tons can be measured, Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and is often used in weighing modules that measure in a tensile manner.

Pancake load cell list (16)

Pancake load cell list (14)

CUBTEC Offers You Best Pancake Load Cell | Compression Load Cell

In certain industries, the Pancake Load Cell is known as the “Universal Load Cell.” It is designed for applications requiring longevity, off-center loading, or linear loading.

Pancake Load Cell is one of the most frequent designs available for force measuring applications. Due to its low profile, it allows it to be deployed in areas with limited space.

Pancake load cells have been created to measure compression and tension forces properly while maintaining a low-profile design. A pancake compression load cell may offer a digital or analog output in certain instances.

Also,   pancake load cells can be used to evaluate tensile and compressive stresses during long-term cycle testing.

The pancake load cell can survive extreme circumstances, such as higher temperatures since it is made with attached foil strain gages. Pancake load cells have a double diaphragm design that guarantees excellent off-axis performance.

Pancake load cells may be developed and made from welded aluminum materials or stainless steel with a standard threaded setup and designs that allow the use of standardized bolt sizes.

The metric threads and mounting holes can be added to the pancake load cells bought based on the customer’s requirements and the manufacturer of the pancake load cell.

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