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Hand Pallet Stacker

CUBLiFT is a professional forklift truck manufacturer in China. We offer you great cost-saving manual pallet stackers

  • Loading capacity: 500kg to 1000kg
  • CE, TUV qualified manual pallet stackers
  • Single/double/triple mast system
  • Frame Material: Reinforced C-steel
  • Fitted for european pallet 550/580mm x 1100/1150mm
  • Operator Type: manual and walking with a flexible turning radius
  • Standard hand pallet stacker spare part delivery within 24 hours

Work with CUBLift, find more electric pallet stackers, semi-electric pallet stackers to speed your warehousing efficiency now.

Standard Hand Pallet Stacker 1000kg

● Capacity (kg): 500/1000/1500
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~300
● Fork overall length (mm): 800/900
● Fork overall width (mm): 160~480
● Turning Radius (mm): 1450/1500
● Wheel Type: PU/Nylon
● Weight (kg): 135/155/180

Straddle Hand Pallet Stacker 500kg

● Capacity(kg): 500
● Load centre (mm): 500
● Fork height, lowered (mm): 70
● Height, mast lowered (mm): 2000
● Max. lift height (mm): 1600
● Overall width (mm): 1525
● Width overall forks (mm): 745
● Truck weight (kg): 492/223

Drum Hand Pallet Stacker 400kg

● Capacity(kg):400/450
● Lift Max (mm): 1600
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1500*950*2060
● Wheel Nylon size (mm): 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1350
● Weight(kg): 160/170
● Tilting: Manual

You Premier Hand Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

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Hand Pallet Stacker: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

A hand pallet stacker is a form of lifting equipment or pallet jack used to stack palletized loads and move them from one place to another.

The hand pallet stacker is an essential type of pallet jack that is very useful in loading and unloading pallets on trucks and moving them to different warehouse spots.

This machine uses motors and hydraulics to ensure better control and handling of materials with minimum effort.

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is based on elementary mechanisms but is very useful and easily steered into the warehouse’s difficult positions.

Without a doubt, the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker has a unique place in the warehouse or factory that no other machine can replace.

This FAQ guide comprehensively addresses some of the common issues that pallet stacker operators get to face during use and day-to-day operations.

This article is also for warehouse managers who have some questions or want to know the best way to use the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker.


Hand Pallet Stacker 300- 1

Table of Contents

What is a Hand Pallet Stacker?

The hand pallet stacker is a crucial piece of equipment that consists of a pair of fork arms to lift and move palletized loads to a particular height.

The machine is based on simple mechanisms and requires just one operator with a pull-down handle as the operator stands behind the machine. The hand connects to the rear wheels.

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is manually operated but provides awe-inspiring lifting capacity. This feature helps to provide very smooth control of the steering wheels. The machine also allows several pallets to be stacked on each other.


How do I operate the Hand Pallet Stacker?

Operating the hand pallet stacker is very simple and easy, especially when using products like the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker. Steer the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker to the load and place the fork arms underneath the pallet.

The wooden pallets usually have grooves and space for the fork arms. As long as the palletized load is now on the hand pallet stacker’s fork arms, the operator can do many operations with the load.

Although there are different types of stackers, most of them have similar working principles.

Once you can operate the hand pallet stacker, it would not be so challenging to navigate your way around the other forms of the pallet stacker.

What functions can the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker perform?

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is a machine for heavy-duty material handling functions like loading, unloading, and moving materials from one point to another in the warehouse or factory.

During loading, the operator raises the load or loads to the shelf’s required height where it is to be loaded.

Then drive the fork arms immediately above the shelf’s base until the palletized load comfortably sits on the shelf. After dropping the loads, The operator can now move away to the next job point.

In unloading, drive the machine to the particular stand to be unloaded and insert the fork into the pallet’s bottom. The operator can now raise the load and move away from the shelf to wherever it has to the next job point.

Another primary function is stacking, as the machine can carry several pallets at the same time. Each of these loads is placed on the other as the stacked load rests on the fork movement’s rails.


What are the differences between the Hand Pallet Stacker and the Electric Pallet Stacker?

There are different classes of pallet stackers, there is the manual pallet stacker, and then there is the electric pallet stacker.Straddle stacker Hand pallet Stacker LH1

However, they share similar working principles but have some significant differences.

The manual pallet stacker uses the push/pull traction system for movement. Also, operators can control the movement of the pallets with the foot or hand pump.

There is a release trigger in the hand pallet stacker’s handle to lower or raise the pallets.

The electric pallet stacker operates a little differently as it uses an integrated handle that provides easy controls to manage the forks and move the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker.


What maximum height the CUBLIFT hand pallet stackers can operate on?

Firstly, CUBLIFT offers different models of the hand pallet stacker with different specifications. One such specification is the maximum lifting height.

It is crucial to consider the height of the beam or the shelf level in the warehouse that the pallet stacker will operate on.

Add a minimum of 250mm to that height to determine the lifting height of the pallet stacker that can work at that shelf level.

The 250mm clearance is to ensure that the hand pallet stacker can be well-positioned and released.

Handling heavy materials at heights can be very delicate and can easily lead to accidents if not careful. So operators should be cautious in using the hand pallet stacker for the right operations.


Can the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker be used outside the warehouse or factory?

The truth is that the hand pallet stacker is generally suitable for indoor use in warehouses, factories and distribution centers.Verticla Drum Scale Hand pallet Stacker DH1S

To avoid damage to the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker or ensure that it is in the best functional state, use it on smooth floors.

In other words, it is possible to use the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker outside the warehouse but not on very rough terrain.

Its polyurethane wheels might not be able to withstand the enormous impacts that uneven surfaces would expose it to. The ideal surface for the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is concrete floors.


What type of wheels does the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker have?

A lot of heavy-duty machines have polyurethane wheels, especially in the warehouse or material handling industry.L Shaped Hand pallet Stacker LH1

Using this type of wheel offers the following advantages:

  1. Noise reduction: The polyurethane helps to absorb shock and provides a cushion that effectively reduces noise, unlike harder wheels. This reduction of noise might not seem very significant, but the continuous exposure to the machine’s squeaky sound can effectively affect the operator’s hearing.
  2. Load bearing capacity: Compared to rubber wheels, polyurethane wheels have a greater load-bearing capacity.
  3. Floor protection: The polyurethane wheels are also good on the floor with smaller stress concentrations. The polyurethane wheels deflect the stress from the machine’s weight over a larger surface than the wheels made from nylon.
  4. Great grip and traction: Polyurethane wheels have a very impressive coefficient of friction, which gives them a better grip on the floor surface. This grip helps to prevent the hand pallet stacker from slipping or flipping and improves its traction.


Can I change the wheels of the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker?

H Shaped Standard stacker Hand pallet Stacker LH1As stated earlier, the polyurethane wheels in the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker provide numerous advantages; however, it is also possible to change the wheels.

As the other type of wheels also provides some benefits in some different scenarios. For example, the polyurethane wheels are less durable than the nylon wheels, offering more rollability.

Nonetheless, the nylon wheels are more rigid than the polyurethane wheels and are less prone to scratches or tears.

All the wheels have their pros and cons, and you have to consider some key factors to find the perfect wheel for your business.

Some of these factors include:

  • Floor-type
  • The load capacity of the machine
  • Noise
  • Warehouse setting

With those considerations, you can choose the perfect wheel that an engineer can quickly fix into the machine.


What other names are Hand Pallet Stackers identified by?

U Shaped Stacker Hand pallet Stacker LH1The term ”hand pallet stacker” can be broken down into bits that add up to represent how the machine operates.

The hand suggests that the equipment is powered manually and that there is no external source of power.

The term pallet indicates that the machine is suitable for carrying loads that are in pallet form. A typical pallet has groves underneath, which the fork arms can easily fit into to lift it.

Lastly, the term stacker suggests that the machine can carry several loads arranged on each other vertically.

Therefore, when you come across terms like manual pallet stacker, pump trucks, and vertical stacker trucks, they refer to the hand pallet stacker.


Are there variants of the Hand Pallet Stacker?

The pallet stacker is either manual or powered, and they can also be the walk-behind type. One prominent variant of the hand pallet stacker is the straddle stacker, which includes straddle legs.

The presence of straddle legs makes it possible for the machine to work with GKN pallets. The pallets have a significant structural difference from the standard EURO pallets, which the regular hand pallet stacker works with.

The GKN pallets that are also called Chep pallets are very common in the UK. These straddle legs are also available for the electric pallet stackers.

Some other variants have tilting capacities to operate on pallets at delicate positions in the warehouse.


What are the advantages of using the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker?

There are a lot of positives to using the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker. They include

  1. Simple to use: These machines are straightforward to use based on simple working principles. And the truth is that no special training is required for an operator to start using the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker.
  2. Flexible and effective: Some key factors to always look out for in any machine are flexibility and effectiveness.

The question now is, how effective and flexible is the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker?

Firstly, the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker has a very flexible design that is relevant in different work scenarios and environments.

Considering its low cost and its manual nature, it offers a high level of efficiency in loading and unloading pallets.


Is the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker cost-effective?

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker stands as one of the most cost-effective warehouse equipment. It is easy to add to your purchase list without breaking the bank with its very affordable cost.

You can also rent it from relevant agencies to see how much of a benefit it would provide.

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stackers mostly consist of mechanical components, making the machines very easy to maintain.

These components are easy to decouple, access, repair, and readily available when there is a need for replacement.

In a nutshell, these warehouse machines enjoy a longer shelf life than most other warehouse equipment. You do not need to replace or recharge it regularly, as it plays a vital role in material handling in the warehouse.


Do I need any special training before operating the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker?

Although the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is very simple to use and does not require operators to have special training, a form of training or reorientation, however general, is needed.

Even if it is training on general warehouse equipment and the precautionary measures, employers need to ensure that operators are OSHA compliant. The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker tends to build momentum when carrying large objects over long distances.

So, operators need to have some level of training to ensure some level of safety in the warehouse.

There is a fine line between training and caution, as no training level is a substitute for caution.

While using the hand pallet stacker, operators need to be cautious of the warehouse and pedestrians in the warehouse.


How do I find the perfect Hand Pallet Stacker for my business?

The cost-effectiveness of any machine, including the hand pallet stacker, depends on the model to a large extent.

So it is essential to find the hand pallet stacker’s right model to suit your warehouse, factory, or any other distribution center.

Beyond the model, it is vital that you first find the right brand like the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker. CUBLIFT is a Chinese-based forklift manufacturer with over 15+ years of experience in making the best warehouse equipment.

So you must carry out your due diligence and research before choosing the model to purchase. You should consider the layout of the warehouse or even the shelves’ height to find the perfect hand pallet stacker.

It is even more comfortable if you get a company like CUBLIFT to help with considerations and advice on the right model.

We have a wide range of products that you can choose from.


What are the OSHA regulations on stacking?

Operators need to know the limits when stacking the hand pallet stacker with palletized loads. When you stack pallets too high, you are potentially creating a significant hazard.

Standard 1910.176(b) of the OSHA regulation asserts that any load stored in tiers should be stacked to a height, stable and secure against tripping and collapse to ensure that the stack of pallets is stable.

Also, it is essential not to mix different sizes of pallets. This can significantly compromise the stability of the pallets. Also, stacking pallets on their sides can make them very unstable.

Apart from the hand pallet stacker, the pallets also have to be in the right working conditions. Do not use damaged pallets or pallets with splintered ends or with protruding nails.

Although the regulations do not state how high you can stack the pallets, you should put the following into considerations:

  • The warehouse’s ceiling height
  • The size of the hand pallet stacker
  • The lift height


What are the key features to look out for in the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker?

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is an essential machine in the material handling industry; however, some factors have to be considered to optimize its value and utility.

These factors and essentials have to be in place before procuring the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker in your warehouse.

Some of these critical features to look out for are:

  • Model
  • Load capacity
  • Minimum height
  • Maximum lifting height
  • Overall height
  • Fork adjustable width
  • Fork length
  • Overall width
  • Weight


Why choose the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker?

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is very economical considering how quickly, efficiently, and comfortably it helps operators handle heavy materials in the warehouse.

It significantly cuts the labor cost, reduces travel time, and improves efficiency in material handling. The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is imperative in minimizing the congestion in warehouses.

CUBLIFT offers complete hand pallet stackers with easily steerable rolling wheels. It also uses high-quality seal kits for the hydraulics to ensure optimal performance.

In the winch-type pallet stackers, steel cables are used to ensure that the machine is reliable and robust enough to carry those stacks of loads.

CUBLIFT as a company revolves around quality, engine, and brand differentiation using innovations and new technologies to your advantage.

CUBLIFT is one of the most reputable materials handling solution providers globally, and its hand pallet stacker will serve all its functions for the longest of time.


Can I increase the load capacity of the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet Stacker?

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker comes with some unchangeable features like the load capacity.

However, some CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker models have straddle legs and other components that make them more flexible and effective.

Also, changing the wheels to nylon or steel might give the wheels the capacity to withstand more weight, but it is no reason to overburden the machine.

If you need the machine to carry hefty loads, you might need to purchase models with higher load capacity or electric or gas-powered versions.

Conversance with the load capacity is very important because overloading the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker can distort the machine’s stability.

It can also potentially overturn the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker in extreme situations, especially during sudden brakes.


Are there any disadvantages of the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker?

The right word is not a disadvantage but an operational limitation. Every machinery can only perform a limited number of functions; hence possess some form of operational limitations.

The manual hand pallet stackers are not suitable for handling pallets in racking or operation at heights. There is a limit to the lifting height that a hand pallet stacker can work with, and it operates slowly.

Since it uses human force, it has less traction and moves slowly. It is also not advisable to run the hand pallet stacker at high speed since it is more difficult to stop than the electric versions.

In effect, the hand pallet stacker is suitable for a low volume of load and at a low speed.


What are the differences between the Hand Pallet Stacker and the gas-powered versions?

  1. The hand pallet stacker does not produce smoke or any other form of pollution, unlike the gas-powered ones. The pollution also includes noise, which the gas-powered pallet stacker makes a lot.
  2. Thehandpallet stacker is usually very small compared to the other types of pallet stackers. The small nature of the hand pallet stacker provides adequate visibility for operators while handling loads.
  3. The hand pallet stacker’s mechanical makeup makes it very easy to maneuver, especially in compact workspaces. The gas-powered pallet stacker might not be able to work in that small and congested warehouse, unlike the hand pallet stacker.
  4. The hand pallet stacker has low operating and maintenance costs. You do not need to refuel it or recharge it continually. Its simple nature also eradicates the need for regular maintenance. It is also way cheaper than the other forms of pallet stacker.


What are the differences between Hand Pallet Stacker and Forklifts?

A forklift is an industrial vehicle with power-operated fork arms that can lift and move large loads.

The first difference between the two is the multi-functionality that the pallet stackers provide.

They are handy in lifting, distribution, and movement of pallets.

The hand pallet stackers are also easier to maneuver than the forklifts with smooth movements.

However, the forklifts are very suitable for weighty loads, and they can reach heights of up to 6.5 meters.

The forklifts also offer hands-on and sit-on controls for operators, which makes the machine easier to operate.


What are the precautions you need to take when using the CUBLIFT Hand Pallet stacker?

  • Operators should not exceed the hand pallet stacker’s load capacity, as indicated in the manufacturer’s manual.
  • Do not carry persons on the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker. On no occasion should be pedestrians be allowed to climb the machine
  • Maintain a safe speed, especially when carrying heavy loads.
  • Ensure that the pallet stacker’s fork arms go all the way underneath the palletized goods.
  • Do not place heavier pallets on top of lighter ones while stacking the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker.
  • Do not stack the pallets to the point that will compromise your visibility while moving
  • Never place your feet under the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker or too close to the wheels.
  • While parking the CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker, ensure that the fork arms are lowered.
  • Wear the right protective equipment like thick gloves, safety goggles, safety boots, or shoes with steel toes.


The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker is a vital heavy-duty industrial machine that makes picking and lifting palletized load to specific heights.

The CUBLIFT hand pallet stacker consists of designs and ergonomics that make the work much more comfortable for operators.

You can log on to the website to check out the different models of CUBLIFT order picker trucks.

For more details and inquiries about the CUBLIFT order picker truck, get in touch with our sales team by sending an email to @cublift.com.


Hand Pallet Stacker Vimage-CUB


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You Premier Hand Pallet Stacker Manufacturer

CUBLift dedicates to offer you a perfect Hand pallet stacker that makes your load carrying work easier than ever.

Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon1 Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon2 Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon3 Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon4 Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon6 Hand Pallet Stacker QC icon8hand Pallet Stacker Manufacturer
You only need to understand a few steps on how the machine operates that would cost nothing but a good experience.
Hand pallet stacker can function manually and sometimes by use of a battery.
CUBLifT’s Hand pallet stacker is not only keeping your load lighter but also facilitates quicker movement with the load over a considerable distance.
You can use it manually to carry relatively lighter loads. It only requires a battery to help in moving a heavier load.
Also, a hand pallet stacker offers a solution for wide loads of varying sizes and provides space for packing on top of each.

CUBLiFT offers you a pocket-friendly price on the Hand pallet stacker that will never disappoint your needs.  The hand pallet stacker is substantially cheaper for the work it will carry out.

Other than its low price for the company, it appears in a way that it takes only a lesser space while using it. It is smaller in size in that it minimizes the chances of injury.
CUBLiFT offers you a hand pallet stacker model that has an inbuilt weighing scale that permits a user to weigh goods it carries.

This machine is environmentally friendly and does not make any noise while performing tasks. It also needs minimal maintenance hence saves on the cost of repair and servicing.

CUBLiFT provides easy to understand manual that comes with the hand pallet stacker on purchase. The user guide helps the operator maximize its efficiency to meet needs in your warehouse.

For complex issues, consumers can visit the company for a solution that usually comes at no fee.

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