Miniature Load Cell

Important Roles in Weighing Solutions for Industrial Weight Determinations





Miniature Load Cell

  • Minimum space required and high capacity loads
  • A comprehensive measure range: from 10g to tons
  • Structure of stainless steel
  • Compact size with an extra-low profile.
  • For severe environmental applications
  • Withstand extreme temperature(-10 to +80, ºC)
  • Protection: IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69K upon request

You can get tailor-made miniature load cells to suit your specifications at a cost-effective budget.  Contact us to find more weight load cells and customized weigh module solutions as well.

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Miniature Load Cell(HW-108) (3)

Miniature Load Cell

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PDLY-107 108 109

S-type Load Cell

Miniature Load Cell(HW-110) (5)

Miniature Load Cell

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Miniature Load Cell

Miniature Load Cell(HW-116) (9)

Miniature Load Cell

Miniature Load Cell(HW-120) (12)

Miniature Load Cell

CUBTEC: Your Best Load Cell Manufacturers & Suppliers in China

When your weighing application requires relatively low capacity, but requires extremely high resolution. A type of high-quality, single-point weighing load cell is your best choice. CUBTec single point load cells have a simple structure yet, extremely competitive price.

Supported by latest technology, our single point load cells have very good linearity and data reproducibility.

At CUBTec, the miniature load cell, type of single point load cells, the lowest range can reach 0.3 kg. So, the single point load cells are widely used in various filling systems. For example, precision weighing and packaging of small-dose products in industrial production lines, precise liquid level control in laboratories or factories, and also widely used in food, sanitary, and pharmaceutical industries.

Our miniature single point load cells feature of compact structure, which means an extra small volume. The load cell mini type maximum width is only 10 mm. Therefore, in many precise and compact devices, this mini sensor is needed.

If you want to find a type of load cells capacity as low as possible, and considering the accuracy, you should definitely choose one type of single port miniature load cells from CUBTec, since we are one of the most competent load cell manufacturers and suppliers in China over decades.

Order or no order, we are always here to support you with your superb products and service.

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