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PDLF-102 Pancake Load cell Detail image (3)

Pancake load cell | Standard & Custom

Flat formed compression load cells, enable excellent accuracy when measuring compression forces. As an experienced load cell manufacturing supplier, CUBLiFT always offers you weighing sensors that maintain simplicity, stability, and precision.

  • Model No.: PDLF-102
  • Capacities (T):0~1000
  • Engineered for suspended loading
  • Precise accuracy: 0.03 % of FS
  • Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum flexure
  • Tailor made to your needs
  • 3D CAD models are available



Low height, high accuracy, good linearity, strong resistance to partial load and lateral force, etc. It can be used to measure both disk pressure and heavy tension, and thus is very suitable for weighing and force measurement. To the force part of the change and the influence of the interference force is not sensitive, elastomer strain-sensitive area of the stress distribution, only the size of the force and the transformation of the elastomer working area of the process performance is good, including machining and manufacturing, paste and sealing of the installation process is good. With low profile structure, easy installation, good interchangeability, low profile structure can enhance the resistance to partial load, so that the smooth running state.


Universal material testing machine, in the hopper program, automobile weighing, track weighing, packaging, belt scales and other tensile testing equipment, as well as automation equipment field and test city.

PDLF-102 Pancake Load cell Detail image (14)

Capacity & Dimensions

PDLF-102 Pancake Load cell Detail image (13)

PDLF-102 Capacity ΦA ΦB ΦC M H H1 H2 ΦD ΦD1
100-1000kg 74 63 24 M15*1.5 34 30 7.2 8-Φ9 8-Φ5
1-5t 105 89 29 M16*1.5 37 34 7.2 8-Φ11 8-Φ7
10-20t 120.6 101.8 39 M32*1.5 53.5 41 10.5 8-Φ14 8-Φ9
30t 141 116.8 50.4 M40*1.5 57.2 50.8 11 8-Φ18 8-Φ11
40-80t 208 174 95 M64*3 70 15 16-Φ20 16-Φ13
100-200t 280 230 136 M76*3 90 . 20 16-Φ26 16-Φ17
300-400t 360 300 190 M100*3 110 25 20-Φ40 20-Φ25
500-600t 420 370 266 M130*4 140 . 30 20-Φ42 20-Φ28
800-1000t 500 440 330 M200*4 170 . 30 12-Φ42 12-Φ28
PDLF-102 Capacity 0~1000ton Material Alloy Steel
Rated Output 2.0±10%mV/V Impedance 20~1000kg:700/1400Ω 1~30ton:700Ω50~500ton:1400Ω
Zero Balance ±1%F.S, Insulation ≥5000MO/100VDC
Non-Linearity 0.05%F.S Operating Temp Range 5-15v
Hysteresis 0.05% F.S Operating Temp Range -20-80°C
Repeatability 0,03%F.S Safe Overload 150%
Creep(30min) 0.03%F.S Maximum Overload 200%
Temp Effecton Output 0.03%F.S./10°C Cable Specifications Φ5x3m /5m
Temp Effecton Zero 0.03%F.S./10°C Cable ultimate pull 10kg
Response frequency 10kHz TEDS optional

PDLF-102 Pancake Load cell Detail image (12)

Image Model Number Capacity Sensor Type Weight Capacity Max. Zero Balance Non-linearity Repeatability Accuracy Class Price
Pancake Load Cell(LF-101)50Ton (6) PDLF-101 0-50 T Pancake Load Cell 20T ±1 %F.S. 0.05 %F.S. 0.03 %F.S. Consumer Grade Contact Us
Pancake Load Cell(LF-102) 450Ton (7) PDLF-102 0~450T Pancake Load Cell 450T ±1 %F.S. 0.05%F.S 0.03 %F.S. Consumer Grade Contact Us
Pancake Load Cell(LF-104 100KN) (9) PDLF-104 0~100KN Pancake Load Cell 100KN ±1 %F.S. 0.05 %F.S. 0.03 %F.S. Consumer Grade Contact Us
Pancake Load Cell(LF-105 500Ton) (12) PDLF-105 0-500 T Pancake Load Cell 500 T ±1 %F.S. 0.05%F.S 0.05 %F.S. Consumer Grade Contact Us
Pancake Load Cell(LF-106 50Ton) (13) PDLF-106 0-50 T Pancake Load Cell 50 T ±1 %F.S. 0.02 %F.S. 0.02%F.S. Consumer Grade Contact Us
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