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Rough Terrain Pallet Truck

Rough Terrain Pallet Jacks are designed to fit all types of surfaces, from smooth floors in shipping and junction stations to rough ground such as construction sites, garden centers, farms, and equestrian applications.
You can always rely on this pallet truck to  to handle material loading, lifting, moving easily.

Standard & Certificate
CE, ISO9001 certified pallet jack manufacturer & Supplier
15+years’ experience in manufacturing, supplying, and pallet trucks

Up to 1000~2000kg / 2 ton Capacity
CE approval heavy duty all terrain pallet jack help you transport one or more oversized palletized loads easily. Flexible & easy operating design allows smooth loading/unloading to adapt to various rough and uneven surfaces

Quality Frame & Components
Overall fork dimensions: 32″L x 4″W forks that adjust from 9-1/2″ to 26″ wide
15″ pneumatic load wheels, 10″ pneumatic steer wheels
Both manual & electric operating models for your options

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Manual All Terrain Pallet Jack BH-1000AT

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BH-1000AT
● Capacity(kg):1000
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width(mm): 700
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Weight(kg): 195
● Power: Manual
● Type: Manual Pallet Jack

All Terrain Pallet Jack BM-2000AT

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BM-2000AT
● Capacity(kg):2000
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width(mm): 700
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Weight(kg): 280
● Voltage/ Capacity: 48V/32AH
● Type: Electric Pallet Jack

All Terrain Pallet Jack BM-2000AT850

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BM-2000AT
● Capacity(kg):2000
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width(mm): 850
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Weight(kg): 280
● Voltage/ Capacity: 48V/32AH
● Type: Electric Hand Jack

All-Terrain Pallet Jack BH-1000AT BM-2000AT
Capacity(kg) 1000 1000
Height Min/Max (mm) 50/200 50/200
Fork overall width(mm) 700 700/850
Fork overall length (mm) 950 950
Weight(kg) 195 280
Voltage/ Capacity 48V/32AH

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team


Having the right equipment for your business is particularly essential in providing a safe and productive environment.

Forklifts, useful as they are, have long since been replaced by slimmer, more lightweight pallet jacks.

Pallet jacks come in different dimensions, capacities, and specifications; they are ideal to use in business operations for moving heavy cargoes.

They are also the perfect equipment to utilize for stacking palletized goods.

All-terrain pallet jacks, like any pallet jack, can transport and lift heavy and bulky parcels; one of the many things that make it special is that they are built extra durable and designed to run accurately in rough terrains.

CUBLIFT pallet jacks are widely known globally for being robust, ergonomic, safe, and effective to use.

CUBLIFT has been known for its redefined and innovative heavy machinery; among them its line of versatile pallet jacks.

For more than 15 years, CUBLIFT has defined perfection through manufacturing only the best equipment for material handling and other applications.

And although the market for all-terrain pallet jack is congested with several brands of pallet jacks, each prided for their versatility and features, we made it easier for you to choose the best all-terrain pallet jack for you.

Read on to know more about all-terrain pallet jacks; facts about and everything you want to know about all-terrain pallet jacks.

We consulted with the manufacturer’s manual, collected user reviews, and have provided all the answers to your FAQs.


What is an all-terrain pallet jack?


All-terrain pallet jacks, also sometimes called off-road pallet jacks, are comparable to other types of pallet jacks; they are durable, versatile, and safe to use.

They are effective in material handling; they can carry, lift and transport substantial amounts of weights in one loading, safely and effortlessly.

There are some differences however, that make the all-terrain pallet jack stand out; most of them have tough and durable but lightweight frames, they are equipped with bigger rollers to accommodate most types of applications on various types of terrains.

The steering wheels are designed for smoother navigation on slopy and rough terrain.

This type of pallet jack has adjustable forks to accommodate a variety of pallet sizes.

Optional features are also available, to maximize your all-terrain pallet jack’s performance.

What are the pros and cons of all terrain pallet jacks?

All-terrain pallet jacks have been known to take on even the harshest of conditions; they function well on the roughest of surfaces and can accommodate the toughest material handling jobs.

Like any other heavy-duty equipment, CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jacks have their own set of positives and negatives;

All-terrain pallet jacks are usually equipped with bigger, more durable wheels.

Most of these rollers are pneumatic tires; these tires are perfect to use for rough environments as they can effectively absorb and diminish impacts.

These tires are perfect to use for slopy and bumpy terrains.

The tires are crafted from thick and durable but soft rubber that allows for quiet operation; this eliminates noise distractions.

All terrain pallet jacks have their cons too, but are minimal compared with the benefits you will reap; it can be a bit difficult to maneuver and swivel

Added maintenance is needed as you would need to keep track of the air pressure on these pneumatic tires.


What is the best all terrain pallet jack?

The best all terrain pallet jack is the kind that can accommodate your work needs and is ideal to use for all your operation needs.

CUBLIFT from China has always focused its unique craftsmanship in manufacturing tough and durable all-terrain pallet jacks.

CUBLIFT has been providing the market with only the best heavy-duty equipment; redesigned and redefined all terrain pallet jacks.

When it comes to unique and innovative features, CUBLIFT pallet jacks have always been an outstanding choice.

Is CUBLIFT manual better pallet jack than electric all terrain pallet jack?

CUBLIFT manual pallet jacks are the simplest and easiest to operate amongst all pallet jacks.

They are also the easiest to maintain, and usually the cheapest kind to buy.

Operating a CUBLIFT manual pallet jack is effortless; they are easy to handle maneuver as well.

They are usually lighter in weight, and are portable; moving and storing these units are uncomplicated.

One of the disadvantages though is they have a lesser maximum carrying capacity.

Another setback is since they are operated manually, they can cause fatigue when used to transport cargoes long distances for extended hours.

Electric all terrain pallet jacks are a bit heavier and have bulkier frames.

They run on rechargeable batteries and are easy to operate as well.

This type of pallet jack can be more expensive compared with manual pallet jacks.

They have higher maximum carrying capacities and can handle bigger and bulkier cargoes.

They can be used both indoors and outdoors and are ideal to use in all kinds of terrains.

CUBLIFT electric all terrain pallet jacks have bigger rollers compared with manual pallet jacks and can easily be maneuvered in rough and sloppy terrains.

CUBLIFT electric all terrain pallet jacks’ ease of operation helps eliminate operator fatigue.

One minor setback is the added maintenance; the battery should be recharged before and after each and every use.

Most all terrain pallet jacks are equipped with pneumatic rollers; air pressure should be monitored as well.

What applications can I use a CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jack for?

CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jacks are ideal to use for any kind of environment.

They are perfect to use in outdoor settings though as they are built tougher than ordinary pallet jacks.

Their more durable and larger shock-absorbing rollers can be driven effortlessly through rough and sloppy surfaces.

They are often used in construction sites, farms, warehouses, gravel pits, plant nurseries, and a lot more.

What are the types of all terrain pallet jacks?

Manual all terrain pallet jack or manual push pallet jack- synonymous with its name, this pallet jack is operated manually.

Operating a manual all terrain pallet jack is straightforward.

One disadvantage in using this type of all-terrain pallet jack is the difficulty in pushing the unit around when the load reaches more than 700 pounds.

It will cause operator strain and fatigue, especially when transporting cargoes long distances.

Some manufacturers offer an optional tow bar for easier handling of heavy loads.

Power-drive all terrain pallet jack- this type of all-terrain pallet jack is usually equipped with a five to six-horsepower engine.

They have bigger frames and are heavier.

The wheels are bigger and are pneumatic; perfect for rough terrains.

What are the benefits of a CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jack?

Easy to operate- one best feature of an all-terrain pallet jack is its ease of operation; they are equipped with an ac motor and straightforward controls.

Cost-effective- this type of all-terrain pallet jack may be more expensive than its counterpart, but is worth it in the long run.

Using manual labor may result in accidents and other hazards, such as physical strains and fatigue which will result in backlogs and downtimes.

CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jacks can haul and transfer heavy loads faster and easier, thus, allowing for an increase in productivity and eliminating downtime.

All-terrain pallet jacks have a higher maximum carrying capacity that can range from 1,000 pounds to 4,000 pounds and higher.

They can lift from 24” and higher.

All-terrain pallet jacks are equipped with large pneumatic tires that can run safely and effortlessly in any kind of terrain.

They have adjustable forks that can accommodate all kinds of pallet sizes.

All-terrain pallet jacks are equipped with ergonomic hand lever controls for ease and comfort of operation.

They run at varying speeds, and have neutral, forward, and reverse functions.

They are also equipped with parking brakes and a dead man safety switch for added safety, in cases of emergency.

What are the questions to ask when buying all terrain pallet jacks?


How much maximum load will you need to load the unit?

Determining the day-to-day weight of the cargoes you need to load is essential in choosing the carrying capacity of the pallet truck.

Choosing the right weight capacity truck can save time loading and reloading your all terrain pallet jack more times than is necessary.

It also eliminates the chances of overloading the unit.

Will you use the unit to maneuver in tight spaces?

If so, you will have to choose a pallet jack that can tun at 90 degrees, that way you can eliminate the chances of bumping into things and causing accidents and other hazards.

What kind of terrain will I use the unit on?

If you are working on rough and sloppy terrains, you might want to opt for off-road pallet jacks as they can take on all kinds of rough surfaces.

If you work on smooth surfaces though, you might want to check if the rollers are ideal or safe to be used on the type of floor, rollers meant to run on rough surfaces may damage your floors.

What kind of application will I use the pallet jack on?

Consider the type of industry you will use the unit on; the kind of work surface, the size of your workplace, and if you will need to carry and haul off heavier cargoes.

Heavier cargoes would require an electric or power drive pallet jack; this is ideal in providing a smoother, quicker, and safer operation.

Is my business required to meet certain levels of hygiene requirements?

If you are in the food industry, such as poultry, cold meat storage, and other businesses requiring constant and thorough clean-ups, consider opting for pallet jacks with stainless steel frames and undercarriage.

Stainless steel all terrain pallet jacks are corrosion resistant and are easier to clean.

What kind of loads is being transported?

Consider the size of forks suitable to the size of your pallets and loads; some forks are wider than others which makes them ideal for transporting irregular loads.

Will you use your pallet jack on a day-to-day basis?

If your business relies on constant transportation of heavy loads, such as logistics industries, material handling, warehouse operations, etc., opt for either an electric or power-driven pallet jack.

These all-terrain pallet jacks are extra durable and can handle constant loading and transporting heavy cargoes.


How many hours a day will you operate the unit?

Electric pallet jacks use onboard rechargeable batteries that last for hours of operation; however, you may need to recharge them if used for extended periods of time.

The number of hours the unit is in operation, as well as the distance the goods are to be transported, will determine the type and model of all-terrain pallet jack you need.

What are the features to consider before purchasing an all-terrain pallet jack?

When purchasing an all-terrain pallet jack for your business, there are important factors that you need to look into and consider.

The ideal all-terrain pallet jack is the one that can cater to your work needs safely and effectively.

It must accommodate your set specifications, and therefore should be an effective tool that helps increase your business productivity.

In order to obtain the maximum benefits of the equipment, it must serve its purpose according to your needs.

CUBLIFT from China has a diversified line of tough, safe, and innovative pallet jacks to choose from.

Maximum weight capacity – check for the total weight per load; this would give an idea of how much carrying capacity pallet jack you need to buy.

This is to ensure that the unit can handle the load of the cargoes you need to transport, eliminating the chances of overloading your unit.

CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jacks can lift weights from 1,000/1,500/2,000/2,500/3,000/5000 kilograms, depending on the model.

Pallet jack frame size, dimensions, and weight- another thing to check out is the frame size; this to make sure that the pallet jack is not too big for your workplace, especially if you need to access narrow alleyways, tight corners, and other places not easy to maneuver to.

Heavier all-terrain pallet jacks are ideal for off-road environments, they are more stable even in rough weather.

Height Capacity- all-terrain pallet jacks are ideal not only for carrying and moving heavy loads, but they are also the perfect tools to use for stacking up pallets and cargoes vertically, to maximize workspace.

How high do you need to lift the forks of your pallet jack?

Pallet jacks have different maximum lift heights, that way you will have an idea which unit would work best for you.

Fork size- the size and dimensions of your pallet jack’s fork should fit the size of the pallets you are using.

A fork that is too short may not provide enough support, while a fork that is too long can be troublesome to maneuver under and through your pallets.

The kind of terrain/environment-another important determinant is the kind of terrain you need the pallet jack for;

To determine the right pallet jack for you, another important element to give thought to is what kind of terrain you will be using your pallet truck on.

An all-terrain pallet jack is ideal for rough terrains, off-road environments, they can be maneuvered in rocky and irregular surfaces.

The type of work surface- pallet jacks are fitted with different types of rollers for different types of surfaces.

Rollers that are designed to run on rough surfaces may damage smooth work floors.

All-terrain pallet jacks have larger pneumatic rollers, they are designed to absorb impact and keep the pallet jack from toppling over on slopy surfaces.

Check the materials the rollers are made of as well; they should be durable enough to withstand constant use.

Warranty assurance – We assume that the assurance a business enterprise gives displays the belief they have got of their merchandise.

However, one setback is, it additionally adds fee and value.

An all-terrain pallet jack with a better warranty could be predicted to have a higher price than an all-terrain pallet jack with a smaller assurance.

Maximum lowered distance above the floor level- the pallet fork lowered distance above the floor level is an essential factor to think about.

The motive is easy; if the pallet jack’s forks can lower into a low profile, it would go through the pallet more effortlessly.

And with the diverse pallet sizes easily accessible, we regularly see cheap pallets with smaller slots, making it difficult for a pallet jack’s forks to go through the pallets.

Can you use a pallet jack to lift a car?

The answer is yes, although normally, pallet jacks are not meant to be used in lifting cars for a lot of good reasons.

If not done cautiously, and by a skilled pallet jack operator, you might damage the car or the unit, as well as cause accidents, other hazards, including but not limited to serious physical injuries.


Are all-terrain pallet jacks equipped with brakes?

Despite the fact that there are pallet jacks ready with brakes, most basic units, such as hand pumps, generally don’t.

The forks are raised by way of the operator manually pumping the hydraulic device. when it’s time to drop the load, there’s usually a lever at the steering tiller to launch the hydraulic fluid and lower the forks.

There are, however, electrically powered pallet jacks that may handiest to be slowed down or stopped by means of reversing the throttle, while other all-terrain pallet jacks have a “dead man’s switch”.

What are the optimal capabilities of an all-terrain pallet jack?

All-terrain pallet jacks are one of the trusted equipment when it comes to loading and transporting heavy cargoes; they are safe to use, have low upkeep, and are durable.

This heavy-duty equipment can be found all over the market; they come in different brands, different models with varying specifications and features.

Built-in weighing scales- this is an essential feature in some of the pallet jacks today; these weighing scales yield accurate results and eliminate the chances of overloading your pallet jack.

LED light indicator- it displays your battery life level, charging level, and when the battery is full.

Some all-terrain pallet jacks have this feature in both audio and visual.

Integrated anti-roll function- this is an optional feature of some all-terrain pallet jacks; this feature is ideal for when you will operate on slopy surfaces and downhill spots, it eliminates the chances of your unit from rolling backward.

Bumper protectors- this helps cushion your bumpers from sudden impact, as well as prevents the chances of small objects or items getting stuck between your pallet jacks undercarriage and the floor surface.

Power steering tiller– this feature enables smooth and effortless steering.

Sealed and integrated batteries- this is a guarantee that the battery of the unit you purchase is tamper-proof.

Metallic lower backrest- built-in integrated metal that stabilizes the load and at the same time provides back support to the operator.

Integrated double rollers- that is one versatile characteristic that allows you to change your unit’s tires according to the kind of work floor surface.

Pneumatic tires- these durable tires made from tough rubber are ideal for rough surfaces.

They help stabilize the unit when driving through sloppy terrains.

Ergonomic handlebars- they are built and designed for a comfortable grip to reduce strain from hours of operation.

Waterproof plug-in cables- this protects the cables from moisture and dust.

Velocity restriction- that is one beneficial characteristic that built-in the operator to regulate the velocity when making sudden turns.

Emergency reverse button- this is an additional safety measure integrated in the pallet jack.

Suspension- adds additional grip to the rollers to prevent the unit from skidding on the work surface.

Anti-skid – it maximizes the effectiveness of your unit when used outdoors; they dispose of chances of your all-terrain pallet jack from slipping on slopy terrains.

Dual stability wheels- this option adds built-in stability and acts as a neutralizer to prevent the unit from sliding and toppling down when operating on rough surfaces.

Durable rubber or polyurethane steel tires- these built-in rollers are exceptionally appropriate for outdoor use as they are perfect for rough, uneven, and slopy surfaces.

Rust-proof protection – galvanized frames, consoles, forks, and undercarriage are galvanized to keep them from rusting and corroding.

Which basic features of an all-terrain pallet jack are important?

These are some of the most basic but definitely the most important things you need to look out for when trying to find the ideal all-terrain pallet jack for you:

Low reduced height pallet truck-

Extra-heavy- this is ideally preferred for outdoor settings; they are more stable than the lighter pallet jacks

Greater capacity- they can carry more palletized loads without the danger of overloading your unit

Bushings are greaseable- this helps prevent corrosion and rusting; it provides you less maintenance and less worry.

With warranty assurance- it is proof that you are guaranteed of the quality of the equipment you are purchasing.

Modifiable forks- this is ideal for when you are using different sizes of pallets.

Extra durable pneumatic tires- this is important as you will be using your equipment on rough terrains; this is to ensure you of the longevity of the rollers, and not prone to premature wear and tear.

What are the qualities of rough terrain pallet jacks?

Integrated durable pneumatic tires- most rough terrain pallet jacks are geared up with pneumatic tires for a more stable and smooth operation on off-road settings and rough surfaces.

Pneumatic tires are rollers that have integrated hubs encased in sturdy rubber.

These are packed with either (applicable air pressure level) air or foam.

Modifiable or adjustable forks- these are optional features or accessories.

There are versions of rough terrain pallet trucks built with broader body dimensions, while others have smaller frames.

The smaller frames are ideal for accessing narrow spaces and tight corners.

Rough terrain pallet jacks compared with regular pallet jacks have amplified lift height capacity.

How do you lift an all-terrain pallet jack?

Raising the forks of the all-terrain pallet jack is straightforward;

Locate the actuating lever, push it, and proceed to pump the tiller up and down.

Make sure you have reached the height needed, usually an inch above the ground.

To transport a cargo, push the lever in the neutral or center position.

Are all-terrain pallet jacks integrated weighing scales accurate?

There are a lot of benefits in getting an all-terrain pallet jack with an integrated weighing scale;

All-terrain pallet jacks with in-built weighing scales provide accurate measurements all the time.

This saves you time from manually weighing your cargoes individually and computing their total weight.

CUBLIFT from China all-terrain pallet jacks provide 99.9 percent accurate readings.

This is an assurance from CUBLIFT that you eliminate the possibility of overloading your pallet jack.

What is the best way to get all-terrain pallet jack training?

Selecting the proper gadget for the process can improve the place of business safety and productivity, and also can assist reduce the time needed to complete duties, improve productiveness and lower the general price of operations.

Regardless of the form of unit you operate in your enterprise, according to OSHA calls, all operators, including pallet jack operators must be well trained and got a certificate, then your worker can proceed with operations on it.

The reason behind OSHA’s requirement is that forklift and all-terrain pallet jack education demonstrates the right way to operate the unit if you want to assist with fewer injuries and enhance the overall place of work safety.

Hazards or accidents related to employees who haven’t been well educated and certified can result in excessive consequences and fines being imposed by means of OSHA.

What are the upsides and downsides of all-terrain pallet jacks?

One advantage of all-terrain pallet jacks is that the pallet jack is manual paleta kc, so they require no fuel or batteries. And the all-terrain pallet jacks require small spaces to store too. However, all-terrain pallet jacks cannot cope with the heavier loads or perform the equal forms of jobs as forklifts.

All-terrain pallet jacks have a wide range of uses;

A pallet jack can be used to move pallet masses that might be too heavy to raise or carry by using a hand.

It may also work nicely in a small area or while moving lighter-weight materials.

Another usage of all-terrain pallet jacks encompasses lifting a load just a bit sufficient above the floor in order to flow it whilst operating interior on smooth concrete flooring.

They’re perfect for running on difficult terrain or whilst a load desires to be raised to reach an overhead shelf or rack.

What’s more, all-terrain pallet jacks are cost-effective and do not need a lot of maintenance, which makes them extraordinary equipment for conveying out day-to-day operations.

They can effortlessly be steered, they make the operations go smoother and quicker, and enhance the overall performance of a business.

All-terrain pallet jacks are versatile.

One downside is the pneumatic wheels need to be checked for air pressure, but just the same, similar maintenance is needed for when you are using an indoor pallet jack.

What do you use an all-terrain pallet jack for?

Pallet jacks are a lot smaller compared with forklifts, they are more straightforward to use.

They’re built for transporting palletized cargoes via a warehouse.

A pallet jack can carry a maximum weight of 8,000 pounds and higher.

They come in both manual and power drive models.  and are available each hand-pumped or powered fashions.

The principal distinction is the convenience of the use of a power drive pallet jack and the price of the machinery.

The all-terrain pallet jack is operated in such a way that the operator is at the back of the unit, and slides the forks underneath and through the pallet prior to raising the forks.

The operator then presses the up-arrow button or pumps the tiller to lift the forks off the ground.

The final step is to move the cargoes to the drop point and slowly lower the forks on the ground.

Can I go ahead and operate an all-terrain pallet jack without training?

Employers and business operators are obliged to have their employees operating forklifts and pallet jacks to have proper knowledge and skills education before they are able to drive these heavy machinery.

The well-being of the employees is one of the major motives why training is a pre-need prior to using these tools.

All-terrain pallet jacks are important to growth productivity in addition to reducing backlogs and downtimes.

Operating an all-terrain pallet jack without prior training can result in a damaged unit, accidents, physical injuries, and other hazards.

Every employee operating an all-terrain pallet jack should:

Attend physical or hands-on training, they have the option to do online classes, however, hands-on training is recommended.

On the training, you will examine all of the important competencies you need to use the gadget well and adequately.

You will have all the skills and knowledge of how to inspect your tool before using it.

You will be acquainted with the device’s elements and preservation approaches.

Why buying CUBLIFT all-terrain pallet jack is the best decision?

When your commercial enterprise needs more efficiency, productivity, and ordinary capability then power-driven all-terrain pallet jacks are the apparent choice to make.

They could manage all manners of duties, jobs, and demanding situations, and they may prove to be nicely well worth the funding.

Before you decide on the model or kind that you need to purchase, it is essential to understand the specific alternatives of motorized pallet jacks that you have to be had to you so that you can locate one that is a great fit.

The primary element that you need to consider is the overall working potential or load that the machine can cope with.

This may be given in pounds and can vary from much less than 800 pounds to more than 10,000 pounds.

It all depends on what you need, the specifications, and the kind of industry you deal with.

Other factors include the scale; width, period, and peak levels for the forks.

You could additionally discover certain units built for unique uses, just like the motorized pallet jack with scale.

Those are obviously constructed for quick and smooth weighing of pallets.

They are an appropriate device to apply around a warehouse while coping with incoming and outgoing shipments and different freight desires.

There are many different concerns that you’ll be wanting to hold in mind.

These encompass the style and layout of the grips and handles, the standing room for operation, the general straightforwardness of use and steering, and more.

You will also need to hold in thoughts any modifications and features you may have in when it comes to pallet sizes you will use.

Some of the more commonplace special needs consist of motorized pallet jacks that may work with hard terrain.

These can have different types and sizes of frames and dimensions.

Normally with a much wider base, bigger and more difficult wheels, and a greater strong assist system.

This indicates understanding the exact recurring for continually safe operation with your all-terrain pallet jack.

This will additionally include knowing how much weight and what kinds of masses your machine can carry.

Each producer has to deliver this type of statistics despite the fact that you may also want to look around for extra information and applications as nicely.

There are without a doubt plenty of concerns to keep in mind whilst it’s time to buy an all-terrain pallet jack for your business, or any kind of application.

You can even take into account shopping for something used if that makes sense together with your wishes.

However, make sure to look for something with a purpose to thoroughly hold up to the exact varieties of challenges and rigors that you’ll be putting in.

All-terrain pallet jacks are designed to be rugged and suitable for difficult terrain, particularly out of doors, big warehouses or ports where loading and transporting of cargoes are on a day-to-day basis.

All-terrain pallet jacks can navigate and get to factors and areas that might be not possible for a regular pallet jack.

Why choosing the right all-terrain pallet jack is vital?

Moving heavy cargoes and item substances is not an easy task in any operation.

Decreasing downtime, eliminating accidents, and handling a high extent of substances can end up overwhelming without the right tool.

Most of the time, performance is dictated by the satisfaction of dealing with the system in use.

In most conditions, the use of insufficient, old, or wrong material managing equipment causes productivity to stall with heavy cargoes.

Any operation within material handling premises can go awry if you are using the wrong tool.

It can be hazardous, time-eating, and may lessen income as a result.

Choosing the proper tool for your business can make the distinction between productiveness and decreased profit.

The most important component that it benefits is your well-being.

Improper machinery can cause physical strain and a lot of other physical injuries.

Figuring out ideal approaches to handle palletized cargoes in your warehouse is crucial to heightened effectiveness.

The kind of products and the type of application and how you want to deal with them in and the way you need to address them should constantly be essential elements when choosing the tools you need.

Equipment that carries, raise and move to provide a more effortless and smooth work function to offer a safer warehouse environment for employees who perform the same operation regularly that may cause them physical strain.

For more comfort in managing palletized cargoes, there are numerous sorts of all-terrain pallet jack models to choose from.

For outdoor applications, it would be beneficial to choose equipment that is built and designed for rough environments.

Whatever the application you need the tool for; logistics, warehouse, fishing ports, construction, garden centers, and a lot more, all-terrain pallet jacks are durable, safe, effective, and essential tools to make your job easier.

You have the option on how you want to power your all-terrain pallet jack; an all-terrain pallet jack with a gasoline-powered engine is ideal in providing you effortless and smooth loading and transporting of your palletized cargoes.


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CUBLiFT Manufactures & Supplies Quality All Terrain Pallet Jacks

All Terrain Pallet Jack Vimage 2

CUBLiFT –  One of the most competent and experienced pallet truck manufacturers & suppliers in China.

Standard & Certificate
CE, ISO9001

Rugged Structure
CUBLiFT’s all-terrain pallet jacks features:
Anti-corrosion treatments allow tough use in both indoor and outdoor conditions
Reinforced and welded steel tubular frame offers long-lasting durability
Highly sealed bearing wheels are dust-proof
Adjustable fork width from 9-1/2″ to 26″ flexibly

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Oversized rolls Loading/unloading, building material transferring in construction sites, big boxes moving in warehousing sites, bulk loads in food & beverage factories. Large load and steer wheels allows smoothly lifting/transferring on tough and uneven surfaces for versatile material handlings


What Wheels Options for the All Terrain Pallet Jack

We offer two types of pallet jack wheels for you:

one option is Pneumatic tire

The other  option is solid cusion tire.

What we chose are high-pressure pneumatic or solid tires, these tires are specially designed to provide superior weight distribution and grip to keep goods safely transported, whether on smooth warehouse floors or rugged outdoor terrain.

Regarding the pros & cons of above two tires, please read here…

What are All-terrain Pallet Jacks for?

An All Terrain Pallet Jack is a type of pallet truck designed to traverse a variety of surfaces, such as uneven ground, gravel, grass, mud, and stairs.
It is typically used to move heavy loads over rough terrain, including gravel pits, outdoor construction sites warehouses.


The main features of an All Terrain Pallet Jack

Rugged construction for rough terrain

Our all-terrain pallet trucks stand out for their rugged construction, designed to provide seamless transportation over rough terrain.

All-terrain pallet truck with oversized pneumatic wheels or solid tires; Hydraulic system and bearings, all are with dust-proof and waterproof design.

Ergonomic design for comfortable use

We have designed our pallet truck handles with advanced ergonomic principles to ensure operator comfort and efficiency during use.

The surface of the handle is covered with a non-slip material that increases stability when gripping and maintains a good grip even when wet or with dirt on the hands.

In addition, the design of the handle takes into account the distribution of force when gripping, and its wide grip and shape that conform to the curve of the palm of the hand reduce the pressure on the wrist and arm, making it easier to maneuver.

For the electric type all-terrain-pallet-jack, the convenient control buttons and levers are integrated into the handle.

This designs is allowing the operator to easily control the direction and speed of the pallet truck during handling without having to overextend or change the grip position.

High capacity for heavy loads

Our all terrain pallet trucks are not only designed for outdoor all-terrain transportation, but are also known for their high load capacity!
Our all-terrain pallet trucks feature reinforced frames and thicker steel construction to ensure stability and durability when handling large or heavy loads.

Designed to withstand weights of up to several tons, with specific load capacities of up to 1500 kg or more depending on model, they meet the needs of all outdoor heavy lifting.

Variable speed settings for different terrains

Our electric all-terrain pallet trucks are equipped with variable speed settings, a feature that allows the vehicle to adapt to different terrain conditions.
With the finely adjustable speed control, the operator can select the appropriate speed for the current ground conditions, such as smooth warehouse floors, gravel roads or potholed mining trails.

Pneumatic or solid rubber tires for extra stability

250~450×120 front rubber tires and 250~300x80mm rubber tires on the rear which ensures that it can handle transportation over a variety of terrains.

Multiple attachment options for different applications

We have different designs  to fit your various application scenarios
– Safety features, such as emergency stop button and adjustable handle height

Other Names For All Terrain Pallet Jack

Other names for an All Terrain Pallet Jack include Rough Terrain Pallet Truck, All-Surface Pallet Truck, All-Purpose Pallet Truck and off-road pallet Jack

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