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Forklifts trucks play a key role in outdoor working environments and the right choice of tyre can have a major impact on the forklifts performance and efficiency.

In this regard, pneumatic tires are a more recommended choice.
Compared to solid tIres, pneumatic tires offer better vibration damping and stability, and are able to adapt to a wide range of terrain and road conditions, providing a smoother ride.

In addition, pneumatic tyres are cheaper and last longer, reducing the frequency of repairs and replacements, thus lowering the cost of ownership.
Whether at construction sites, logistics centres or port terminals, pneumatic tIres provide a more reliable and efficient performance for outdoor forklifts, providing a more comprehensive solution for various industries.

In this article, we’ll explain why more or more people select pneumatic tires for forklift truck and share some interesting stats about why pneumatic tires are more cost-saving options. The content may surprise you…

Better Manoeuvrability

Pneumatic tyres offer better handling compared to solid tyres because they are filled with air and the pressure can be adjusted according to demand.
Depending on the road conditions and driving needs, by adjusting the tyre pressure, the forklift trucks can obtain a proper grounding area and better grip, thus enhancing handling stability.

For example, when driving on wet roads, lowering the tyre pressure can increase the contact area between the tyre and the ground, providing better grip and anti-skid performance, thus reducing the risk of skidding.

When driving on dry roads, increasing the tyre pressure can improve the responsiveness and efficiency of the handling.
In addition, the lightweight design of the pneumatic tyre helps to reduce the forklift truck’s own weight, further improving handling agility.

Pneumatic tyres offer better handling due to their adjustable pressure and lightweight design, providing drivers with a safer, more stable and more comfortable driving experience.

Greater Comfort

Pneumatic tyres provide better comfort for the forklift trucks than solid tyres. This is because pneumatic tyres are filled with air, and their elasticity and cushioning properties effectively isolate vibrations and bumps between the foroklifts and the road surface.

When encountering uneven surfaces or bumpy roads, the elasticity of the pneumatic tyre absorbs and disperses some of the shocks, impacts and vibrations, thus providing a smoother and more comfortable ride.

In addition, pneumatic tyres are capable of adjusting the tyre pressure and adjusting the suspension effect according to different loads and driving conditions, further enhancing comfort.

In contrast, solid tyres have a weaker cushioning effect due to their inability to adjust pressure, and are unable to effectively mitigate the effects of vehicle collisions and bumps, resulting in a relatively poorer driving experience.

Therefore, the elasticity of the pneumatic tyre and the adjustable pressure make it the first choice in the selection of tires for FORKLIFT.

Higher Fuel Efficiency

Pneumatic tyres improve the fuel efficiency of FORKLIFT TRUCKS compared to solid tyres. This is due to the fact that pneumatic tyres have adjustable pressure.

By adjusting the pressure, a pneumatic tyre reduces the rolling resistance between the tyre and the road surface.

When the pressure is correct, the pneumatic tyre provides an ideal contact area to maximise the friction between the tyre and the road surface, thus reducing the energy loss of the FORKLIFTS when driving. This in turn reduces the fuel consumption of the forklift truck and improves fuel efficiency.

In contrast, solid tyres typically have higher rolling resistance due to their inability to regulate tyre pressure, resulting in relatively higher vehicle fuel consumption.

Therefore, depending on the driving conditions and load requirements, pneumatic tyres are able to optimise the fuel efficiency of the FORKLIFT truck by adjusting the tyre pressure, helping the FORKLIFT truck to save fuel costs and reduce its environmental impact.

This makes pneumatic tyres the preferred choice for drivers who want to be economical and environmentally friendly.

Lower Costs

Pneumatic tyres present a cost-effective and affordable alternative compared to solid tyres, as they have lower manufacturing and usage expenses..

Firstly, the materials required to manufacture an inflatable tyre cost less.

Pneumatic tyres are usually made from materials such as rubber, fibres and metal wires, which are cheaper than the materials needed to make solid tyres.

Secondly, the maintenance costs of pneumatic tyres are also relatively low. Pneumatic tyres can be regularly inflated and pressure adjusted as needed. Eliminating the need for complete tyre replacement.

In contrast, solid tyres are more costly to maintain, as the entire solid tyre often needs to be replaced when worn or damaged.
Furthermore, the durability and longevity of pneumatic tyres allow them to withstand longer periods of use and greater mileage, reducing the frequency and cost of tyre replacement.

To summerize, pneumatic tyres offer significant economic advantages over solid tyres in terms of manufacturing costs, maintenance costs and longevity, providing consumers with a more affordable option.

Purchase Decision

Before you make your initial forklift purchase, decide whether a pneumatic or cushion tire forklift is best for you. CUBLiFT team will be always here to give a you constructive suggestions and recommendation for your choices.

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