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As one of the best floor scale manufacturers & Suppliers in China, CUBSCALE manufactures a wide range of floor scales, bench scales and counting scales in different sizes and capacities. You can choose any of the floor scales that match your industrial application. We also have customized floor scales.

Floor & Pallet Scales for Various Industrial & Logistical Weighing Needs

Stainless Steel Floor Scale FS list (14)
Stainless Steel Floor Scale

Type: Washdown floor scale
Capacity: 1T,2T,3T, 5T
Dimensions:0.8×0.8 ~2.0×2.0m
LCD/LED indicator (printer optional)
Material: Stainless Steel
Load cell: ZEMIC, KELI
Custom to your sizes and shape
C3 standard stainless steel scales, accurate and robust. Ideal for food and beverage testing and hygienic purposes.

Low Profile Floor Scale FS list (12)
Floor Scale with Ramp

Capacity: 1T,2T,3Tfloor-scale-with-ramp-carbon-steel-2200x1250-1ton-capacity
Dimensions:0.8×0.8 ~2.0×2.0m
Yaohua LCD/LED indicator (printer optional)
Floor scale ramp optional
Load cell: ZEMIC, KELI
Custom to your sizes and shape
2” deck height, for weighing palletized load and unload goods easily and accurately. Compatible with most pallet jacks.

Explosion Proof Scale 3 ton

● Model: FS-3000
● Type:intrinsically safe scale
● Capacity: 3 ton/3,000kg/6,600lb
● Platform: 1.3m * 1.3m (varies per model)
● Readability: 0.1kg
● Platform Material: tread plate mild steel
● Display: A12E W/printer
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

Bench Floor Scale FS list (25)

● Mode: BS
● Max. Weighing kg: 100~1000
● Convertible unite: Kg/lb/g/oz
● Platform mm:300*400~1200*1200
● Material: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
● Load Cell: L6E3(standard/OMIL)
● Display: A12E(standard)
● Indicator: Bluetooth optional.
● Interface: RS232 (optional)
● Certificate: CE, ISO9001

Beam Livestock Scales FS list (1)

● Mode: BSU-1T27E
● Scale load bars design
● Max. capacity: 500kg/1 ton/2 ton / 3 ton
●Accuracy: 0.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Display:A27E/A12E/A27P print
● 48″ L x 4″ W bars / 5mtr signal cable
● Steel/stainless steel structure optional
● Certificate: CE, ISO Calibration

Weigh Beams FS list (11)

Type: Pallet beam scale
Capacity: 1T,2T,3T
Yaohua LCD/LED indicator (printer optional)
Material: Alloy Steel or stainless Steel
Load cell: ZEMIC, KELI
Custom to your sizes and shape
A type of efficient farming equipment designed to weigh livestock. It is durable, sturdy and accuracy

Warehouse Floor Scale FS list (18)
Warehouse Floor Scale

Capacity: 1T,2T,3T
Dimensions:0.8×0.8 ~2.0×2.0m
Yaohua LCD/LED indicator (printer optional)
Material: Alloy Steel or stainless Steel
Load cell: ZEMIC, KELI
Custom to your sizes and shape
perfect solution for retailers and wholesalers who have a large inventory of products, or for tracking loadout with ease.

Heavy Duty Floor Scale FS list (22)
Heavy Duty Floor Scale

Type: Buffered Scales
Capacity: up to 5T/10T
Dimensions:0.8×0.8 ~2.0×2.0m
Yaohua LCD/LED indicator (printer optional)
Material: Alloy Steel or Stainless Steel
Load cell: ZEMIC, KELI
Accuracy: C3
Features large easy read digits and a 1kg capacity for all your oversize or bumping weighing needs.

Weigh Beams FS list (6)-u stype
U-shapped Floor Scale

Supports up to 3T
Type: U shaped platform scale
Yaohua LCD/LED indicator (printer optional)
Floor scale ramp optional
Load cell: ZEMIC, KELI
Custom to your sizes and shape
For use in weighing farm produce, cattle and other livestock. Durable die cast structure, large and easy to read display

Industrial Floor Scales by Capacities for Shipping, Assembly, Commerce Use

  • 2000 Lb Floor Scale
    2000 Lb Floor Scale

    • Model – Platform Floor Scale
    • Max.Capacity: 2000lb/≈ 910kg
    • Platform size: 800 * 800mm (varies per model)
    • Material: Mild Steel/stainless steel optional
    • Ramp: Optional

  • 5000 Lb Floor Scale
    5000 Lb Floor Scale

    • Model – digital platform shipping scale
    • Max.Capacity: 5000lb/≈ 2270kg
    • Platform size: 1.0 * 1.2m (varies per requests)
    • Material: Mild Steel/stainless steel optional
    • Ramp: Optional

  • 10000 Lb Floor Scale
    10000 Lb Floor Scale

    • Model – Industrial platform shipping scale
    • Wt.Capacity: 10000lb/≈ 4535kg
    • Scale Graduations: 2 lb
    • Platform size: 1.0 * 1.2m (varies per requests)
    • LCD/LED indicator

  • 1000 lb Floor Scale
    1000 lb Floor Scale

    • Model – FS05T0808
    • Capacity: 1000lb/≈ 500kg
    • Platform size: 0.8m * 0.8m (varies per models)
    • Material: Mild Steel/stainless steel optional
    • Ramp: Optional

  • Portable Pallet Scale
    Portable Pallet Scale

    • Model – FS2T11
    • Max.Capacity: 2ton/2000kg
    • Platform size: 1.0m * 1.0m (varies per model)
    • Material: Mild Steel/stainless steel optional
    • Ramp: OptionalManufactured by one of the best

  • Floor Pallet Scale
    Floor Pallet Scale

    •Model – FS05T11
    • Max.Capacity: 500kg
    • Platform size: 1.0m * 1.0m (varies per model)
    • Material: Mild Steel/stainless steel optional
    • Ramp: Optional

Why Can We Offer Floor Scales to Meet Your Multiple Applications

floor scale 12 Feature Box (5)
High Durability

All of our scales are designed and manufactured to fit your specific application conditions. IP68 protection-rated load cells offer guaranteed longevity.

floor scale 12 Feature Box (6)
Trouble Shooting

Contact our support team who will lead you to solve the problems in your project. Our specialist will work to your requirement closely both remotely & on-site.

floor scale 12 Feature Box (4)
Proven Reliability

All of our axle weighing solutions are subject to proven technology and countless successful cases. Branded electronics are equipped in every piece of our scales.

floor scale 12 Feature Box (3)
Ongoing Support

The axle scale weighing solutions will be supported from the very beginning of our cooperation to finalized installation & operations. 24/7 back-up will be on standby too.

Floor Scales in all Platform Sizes & Capacities

Platform Size Max. Cap. Div.(kg)
0.8×0.8m 1T 0.5
0.8X1.0m 1T 0.5
1.0×1.0m 2T 1.0
1.0X1.2m 1T, 2T, 3T 0.5/1.0/2.0
1.2X1.2m 1T, 2T, 3T 0.5/1.0/2.0
1.5×1.5m 3T, 5T 1.0/2.0
Floor Scales in all Platform Sizes & Capacities

Floor Scale | Industry Floor Scale

You can find both general-purpose industrial floor scales and customized heavy-duty floor scales tailored to your specific requirement.

  • Weighing Capacity: 300 to 15,000 kg depending on model
  • Some modes of floor scales are made with adjustable foot pads to make it easy to operate on uneven floors
  • Power: Built-in rechargeable batteries
  • Display: 6 digits LED digital indicator
  • Pharmaceutical environment applicable floor scales are available
  • Mild steel designed floor scales endure years of heavy-duty weighing

Floor scales are light in weight for portable use. If you need to customize the floor scales per your specific requirements, contact us for details.

Easy Installation & Quick delivery

Our Floor scales are shipped to you in the state of “What you see is what you get”. Meanwhile, you can get an easy-to-understand manual and guide video to run it.

As an experienced floor scale manufacturer & supplier, we usually stock some standard platform scales for immediate shipment. Also, we can manufacture the specific scales for your orders within the shortest time.

Easy Installation & Quick delivery floor scale Content Blocks (4)
floor scale Content Blocks (3)

Floor Scales in all Designs Fit Various Industrial Need

Low profile floor scale
Floor scales with frame
Buffered platform scales
Cylinder scale
Livestock scales
Vet scales
Pallet beam scales
U type beam scales
Hinge top floor scale

Quality Proven Electronics and Accessories

NTEP-approved Zemic load cells ensure high weighing accuracy. IP67 protecting rate weighing module technology stops water, dust, moisture, and more foreign matter from infiltrating the floors.

Proven anti-eccentric weighing technology guarantees correct weighing at any position on the scale.

Quality selected weighing indicators with high-definition LCD / LED displays ensure accurate & long-last data reading.
Adjustable floor scale feet allow you to weigh loads on different conditioned floors.

Quality Proven Electronics and Accessories floor scale Content Blocks (1)
Different Platform Material for Every Weigh Scenario

Different Platform Material for Every Weigh Scenario

Carbon steel-made heavy-duty structure platform stands up to industrial use in various severe worksites.
Stainless steel platform floor scales are used when high hygiene requirement is essential

Made from high-strength, low-weight aluminum, the aluminum floor scales is another wise option of lightweight weighing solutions that can withstand demanding industrial applications


WHY CHOOSE FLOOR SCALE FROM US Company Advantage 570360 1231

As an industrial scale producer, we have experience in providing floor sales for a wide range of industries with a wide range of specifications. With skilled craftsmen, the latest technological tools and equipment, OIML, CE, NTEP, and more third-party authorized certifications, combining of aforesaid factors, You have every reason to believe that you are buying good quality floor scales.

All the floor scales which are supposed to be shipped to you are carefully assembled, inspected, and calibrated to meet the needs of each order, using the most suitable materials and electronic components.
Extensive experience in the fabrications and supply of floor scales and bench scales in the industry offers you stable products and shipments.

Considering high precision, accuracy, strength, and durability, last but not the least, you can get wholesale prices that are more attractive than you might think.
We are available to advise and support you in all your extended applications.
Talk to us for more information and assistance!

How Do the Floor Scales Benefit Your Business

floor scale Company Advantage 570360 (1)
  • Industry: Logistics & Transportations
  • Application: Weighing of loading cargos
  • Engineering Procurement Construction Site: Australia
  • Customer Location: Sydney

Story: 120 sets of floors scale for the freight terminal in Australia was installed by a team of 5 engineers and technicians in 10 days.

These 20 packages are made by CUBSCALE, with a capacity of 5ton, and are 1.8m x 1.8m in dimensions. Each package weighs 360 KG and consists of heavy-duty platform floor scales of 120 units, 60kg per unit.

A total of 120 sets of floor scales were delivered safely to the locations and installed completely on the site.

floor scale Company Advantage 570360 (2)
  • Industry: Commercial Laundry Washing
  • Application: Weighing of loading clothing
  • Engineering Procurement Construction Site: South.Asia
  • Customer Location: India

This project was a commercial laundry canter with quite an array of equipment. There were 20 sets of bench scales with an average weight of 15kg, used by staff to weigh clothes before they are sent to the steam press.

The original facilities are old are worn out, and the weighing facilities were in dire need of replacement too, wasting a lot of manpower every day during business hours.

After getting 60 sets of digital bench floor scales ready at the laundry line, the owner has seen visible efficiency gains before.

Success Stories from Our Distributors and Wholesalers

Vertical Product Section floor scale (9)
Explosion proof platform scales for the chemistry industry

Safe weighing of dangerous chemicals in the lab or factory has never been easier.

These explosion-proof platform scales are prepared and fabricated to withstand any chemical reaction, ensuring that even the most sensitive substances can be weighed safely and accurately.

The indicator is engineered to be explosion-proof and used in hazardous areas or for weighing explosives. The indicator is shielded to prevent electromagnetic interference from other devices.

Vertical Product Section floor scale (3)
Bench weighing scale for measuring the weight of gas cylinders.

The CUBSCALE gas cylinder scale is a platform scale used to weigh cylinders of chlorine, sulfuric acid, or other chemicals that provide accurate measurements of gas cylinders.

The floor scales feature an accurate measuring device that is easy to read and use. The anti-explosions design features make it safe for any user to operate.

Vertical Product Section floor scale (4)
Floor Scales for Weighing Cargo in the Aircraft Industry

The CUBSCALE floor scales are a great choice for weighing cargo in the aircraft industry. They boost turnaround speed, minimize weight errors and provide accurate readings.

Along with accuracy and speed, these scales also have a high degree of durability so they will last through many years of use without needing maintenance or repair work done on them by technicians who specialize in this field.”

Wheelchair Scales for accurate weighing in health care industry

When it comes to the health care industry, weighing patients is a necessity. However, it can be difficult for uers who are immobile and often require assistance to get on and off of scales.

The CUBSCALE supplying wheelchair scale brings a capacity of 800 pounds with 0.2 lb accuracy, which makes it ideal for weighing patients in wheelchairs.

The scale is also ergonomically designed so that it will not be uncomfortable for your patient to use.

Freight shipping scales for controlling your shipping cost

A freight scale or parcel scale can help you perform your routine weighing tasks quickly and accurately. It’s a great investment for businesses that ship products, food, or other materials across countries.

It helps eliminate the need for labor costs associated with measuring packages manually for the specific purpose of weighing freight shipments

For Baby Scales Gentle & Accurate Weighing

We have the most accurate digital baby scales on the market. Our Class III Approved Baby Scale has 0.1-gram readability and offers measurements as you would expect, in addition to its safety features.

It complies with UK & EU standards and is ideal for weighing your baby or small children at home and provides accurate results with the most simple operation.

Bench Weighing Scales for Market Price Computing Weighing

Bench weighing scale, with up to 30kg weighing capacity. You can convert units from lb to kg as you want.  Easy to read indicator lights make it easy to use.

The scales are OIML approved, has a high accuracy at  affordable prices.

This fast, accurate scale will help you accurately weigh your produce and more!

Platform Floor Scales for Veterinary Weighing Use

The low-profile design and stainless steel platform make the Vet Scale attractive to all pet owners.

Its durability-added stainless steel platform measures up to 150 pounds with a 2-minute weight hold, and its variable resolution scales allow you to weigh animals from medium-weight pets to larger animals including horses and ponies.

Livestock equipment | Horse Scales

The horse scale is made of solid steel material and equipped with high-quality load cells and weigh-Tronics so as to get accurate weighing results.

It is mainly used to make sure your horses meet the requirements of their being measured, check their weight, and show the ability to keep track of the horse’s health.

Equip sets of floor scales for horses weighing in farms to support daily operations more efficiently and smoothly.

image banner floor scale 23

CUBscale weighing solutions team is dedicated to making your vision a reality.
Our technical experts work alongside you from the earliest stages of design to completion.
Let’s innovate together to maximize your profit and speed the efficiency.

Your Premier Floor Scale Manufacturers in China

The floor scale is highly economical as there is no need to hire manual laborers to lift the items to the scale. It is electronically controlled and can measure items of up to 30, 0000 lbs.

The floor scale has a ramp that allows you to load and offload your items automatically. The scale is fitted with an LCD screen for clear visibility while taking the measurements.

Your Premier Floor Scale Manufacturers in China Company Advantage 570360 (2)

Floor scale series

Dimension capacity Readability Certification Material Ramp Display
0.8*0.7m 500kg 0.1kg OIML &  CE carbon-steel    stainless-steel optional A11E(w/inner printer)
0.8*0.8m 1T 2T 3T 0.1kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
1.0*1.0m 1T 2T 3T 0.1kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
1.2*1.2m 1T 2T 3T 0.1kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
1.2*1.5m 1T 2T 3T 0.1kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
1.3*1.3m 1T 2T 4T 0.1kg OIML &  CE optional A13E(w/inner printer)
1.5*1.5m 1T 2T 3T 0.1kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
1.5*2.0m 1T 2T 3T 5T 0.5kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
2.0*2.0m 1T 2T 3T 5T 0.5kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
2.0*3.0m 1T 2T 3T 5T 10T 0.5kg OIML &  CE optional A12E(w/inner printer)
CUBLiFT offers customized floor scales per your orders

Floor Scale PAGE Banner-CUBLIFT (1)Why Do Floor Scales Benefit Agricultural Farming?

CUBLiFT recommends you with one of the indispensable industrial scales – Floor scales which offer you enormous accuracy, convenience, and efficiency, highly recommended for the agricultural farming industry.

  • Unmatched accuracy
  • Tracking farming  input-output
  • Simplicity in structure means easy operation & low maintenance
  • Ergonomic design
  • Greater flexibility & versatility
  • Get the best weighing scales in the agricultural farming

Read More

Your Premier Floor Scale Manufacturers in China-page

How Can Floor Scale Help in Food Industry?

Floor scales are commonly used in a food storehouse or ingredient department, and they are made in stainless steel for food preparation with stringent cleaning requirements. However, for applications such as food materials in and out of the food industry, they may be made of mild steel. In moist, clean, and hygienic conditions, floor scales guarantee outstanding weighing…Read More

Floor Scale Vimage-New

How Floor Scales Improve the Efficiency in Air Transportation?”

The different designs of floor scales can work as air freight scales and can suit the particular weighing needs in the busiest airports.
At CUBLiFT, our technological advancements in the manufacturing of floor scales help complete weighing tasks and processes rapidly in air transportation environments. Airline cargo does not only need to be secure by avoiding damage but also requires fast transportation that is now possible with floor scales…Read More

Bench Floor Scale

How Floor Scales Used in Commercial Laundry Applications?

Hotels, schools, restaurants, and other corporate giants regularly use commercial cleaning solutions. These washing services rely on floor scales to measure the clothing weight because they deal with big quantities of washing on a routine basis. They determine however much laundry can be cleaned at once using industrial floor scales and charge clients accordingly…Read More

How Floor Scales Improve the Efficiency of Resource Cycling Industry?

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Floor Scale 5ton

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Floor Scale 15 ton

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Floor Scale 3 ton

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Floor Scale 1 ton

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Pallet Beam floor Scale

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U Shaped Floor Scale

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Floor Scale – The Ultimate FAQ Guide


In businesses such as shops, retail stores, warehouses, and all other industries where weighing requirements are a part of everyday routine, floor scales are always essential tools.

Floor scales are tough, durable, and versatile; they simplify the operations and provide accurate measurements.

Floor scales come in a wide array of sizes, types, and capacities. The use of pallet jacks is often needed when loading the scales.

One such brand favorite for pallet jacks is CUBLIFT of China. Known for the robust structures and accurate performance, you can rest assured your industrial floor scales are safe when you use CUBLIFT pallet jacks for loading.

The market for FLOOR scales is as competitive as all other industrial tools and equipment, as such, choosing the right FLOOR scale for you may prove intimidating.

In this article, we are offering you everything you need to know about FLOOR scales.

We collected and organized facts, questions with answers, feedback from users, and all the important details about FLOOR scales.


What is a FLOOR scale?

FLOOR scales are essential tools used in industries and businesses for accurate and detailed measurements.

They are significant in obtaining accurate measurements.

FLOOR scales have the same function as household, and medical clinic weighing scales.

They have flat surfaces, bigger in size compared with the usual weighing scales.

Because of their size, they are usually placed on work floor surfaces and are used to weigh heavier, bulkier items such as palletized goods, large boxes, crates, and parcels.

Which industries are floor scales useful for?

Industries that benefit from using FLOOR scales include, but are not limited to; logistics and material handling businesses, shops and retail stores, manufacturing, and distribution, and a lot more.

Are there different types of floor scales?

There is a variety of FLOOR scales; from different manufacturers with different specifications.

Basic FLOOR scales – are usually square-shaped and have maximum weight load capacities ranging from 1,000 ponds to 20,000 pounds.

They normally measure from 3 feet x 3 feet to 5 feet x 5 feet.

These FLOOR scales are ideal for weighing in light loads.

They are often used with ramps for easier loading.

Low-Profile FLOOR scalesthis type of FLOOR scale is similar to the Basic FLOOR scale; one of the main differences is that they are set lower to the floor surface so it’s easily accessible to pallet jacks.

Another difference is the rails on 2 sides.

The platform of this type of floor scale measures 1-2 inches off the floor surface.

Lift Scales- this type of FLOOR scale is ideal for hazardous workplaces; they are ideally used in shipping and fishing docks, livestock businesses, chemical industries, and other industries requiring hygiene.

They can be powered manually, gas or fuel, or remotely controlled.

Lift scales are constructed from durable stainless steel; perfect for heavy washdowns.

They are designed in such a way that the undercarriage can be washed and cleaned easily, by lifting the deck.

Portable industrial FLOOR scales- as the name implies, these FLOOR scales can be transported easily from one work area to another.

This type of FLOOR scale has the same durable build and some specifications and attributes as the Low-profile floor scale.

A portable industrial FLOOR scale has the same side rail structure design with corner casters that can be locked, making it effortless to move the scale anywhere.

This type of FLOOR scale can be easily folded for storage

Portable industrial FLOOR scales can weigh bulkier and wider loads and palletized goods.

This type of FLOOR scale can be used with a ramp as well.

U-Scales- these industrial floor scales are named aptly for the shape of their structure.

They are built to eliminate the inconveniences of ramps.

These FLOOR scales are designed to let you effortlessly lift and maneuver the lifted pallets from the pallet jacks.

Most of these models have the maximum weighing capacity of 5,000 pounds.

High precision FLOOR scales- this type of industrial FLOOR scale has higher accuracy and capacities.

They usually have a maximum weight load capacity of 6,000 pounds.

They are normally crafted from tough and high-quality stainless steel.

Heavy capacity FLOOR scales- synonymous with its name, these FLOOR scales are built for maximum weight load capacity.

These are ideal for extra bulky and heavy palletized goods and parcels.

Most heavy capacity FLOOR scales can weigh loads of up to a maximum of 60,000 pounds.

They can normally measure from 5 feet x 5 feet and 10-¾ feet from the work surface.

They are designed with feet that can be bolted to the floor to prevent the scale from tipping off or moving when.

They are highly valued for their robust built and extra strong endurance to accommodate rough and heavy materials.

They are crafted from stainless steel; they are tough and durable.

They are the scale of choice by aviation, logistics, material handling facilities, and other commercial businesses.


Which are better; floor scales or platform scales?

Usually, floor scales are more economical than platform floor scales.

However, you also have to take into consideration the different specifications, capacities, sizes, and graduations.

Also, the materials used to construct the floor scale, be it stainless-steel or high-grade aluminum.

Another factor to consider is if the specifications meet your needs and criteria.

Whichever kind of FLOOR scale to use, loading your scales using CUBLIFT pallet jacks and forklifts are highly recommended.

What is a floor scale calibration?

A FLOOR scale calibration is a procedure done to test the accuracy of your floor scale.

This test is required to ensure that your equipment will yield the correct results.

A faulty floor scale can affect your business tremendously.

Do you need to calibrate FLOOR scales?

Businesses that are reliant on floor scales as an essential tool used regularly, have to make sure the scales are functioning accurately, and will always give the correct results.

Regular use of Floor scales can result in wear and tear.

When this happens, it affects the accuracy of your scale.

One major key to always keep in mind is to have your FLOOR scales calibrated regularly.

Which industries are floor scales useful for?

Accurate Floor Scale Industrial Weighing

FLOOR scales, also known as pallet scales are needed in industries where accurate measurements are essential.

Platform FLOOR scales have the capacity to weigh large and bulky loads and are therefore useful in pharmaceutical industries.

They are also widely used in livestock businesses, shipping docks, logistics industries, material handling, aviation, warehouses, bottling companies, shops, retail stores, and a lot more.

Will I need a ramp to load a floor scale?

In the absence of pallet jacks or forklifts, or if there are no forklift operators, one option to easily load your FLOOR scales is by using a ramp.

Ramps come in different sizes to accommodate different pallet sizes and lengths.

Ramps make it possible to maneuver bulky loads onto the FLOOR scale.

What is another option for a ramp if my floor space is limited?

If you are pressed for workspace, one best option is by putting your scale in a pit.

You can have a pit constructed, that way, the scale lies even with your floor surface.

Is it important to clean a floor scale?

One of the best preventive maintenance is to have your FLOOR scale cleaned.

Leaving your floor scale dirty unwashed and grimy can result in malfunction, and can result in inaccurate measurement results.

Cleaning your FLOOR scale prevents early wear and tear, thus, extending the life of your scale.

Some businesses opt to have their platform cleaned by third-party equipment experts.

You can also choose to clean your FLOOR scale by yourself as it is not that difficult to do so.

One preventive maintenance measure to follow is; making sure your scale is free of debris before and after use.

Are there factors to consider when cleaning a FLOOR scale?

FLOOR scales are used in various kinds of industries, therefore, different settings and environments, and different materials are handled.

Proper maintenance and cleaning of your FLOOR scales are significant to your unit functioning well, giving accurate results, and extended unit life.

Different elements need to be taken into consideration in determining the proper way of cleaning your FLOOR scale, how often to perform maintenance and cleaning.

One important element is the environment; where your workplace is.

If you’re using your FLOOR scale on a ship for fishing or shipping docks, chances are your FLOOR scales will need to be cleaned and washed down more often than if you’re using them on a dry facility.

In food facilities, the FLOOR scales have to be cleaned for spills, and they have to be disinfected too.

Another important factor is the application; or the kind of materials you weigh on a regular basis.

One better explanation is, most often than not, if you are weighing wet or materials, chances are your scales will need to be cleaned more often than if you’re weighing dry materials.

Scale construction; the materials from which your FLOOR scale was constructed from plays an important role too in determining how to clean your measuring unit.

Some FLOOR scales are made from stainless steel and are ideal for wash-down procedures.

Stainless FLOOR scales are ideal in businesses where full hygiene is required, as well as industries handling chemicals.

FLOOR scales made from aluminum and other materials can be wiped clean with cloth and water or other chemical cleaners.


What are factors that can affect my FLOOR scale’s accuracy?

The accuracy of your FLOOR scale is crucial to your business, especially if you rely on it on a daily basis.

Inaccurate measurements can affect your business greatly, and not in a good way.

One reason why keeping your FLOOR scales well-maintained and regularly cleaned is to eliminate the chances of your unit malfunctioning.

There is a variety of factors that can affect the accuracy of your FLOOR scales;

One is the environment;

FLOOR scales that are used outdoors and not cleaned regularly; dirt and grime can build up over time.

This will have a great impact on your scale’s accuracy.

Air pressure variables; FLOOR scales can produce inaccurate results when used in an environment with different air pressure than the environment when it was calibrated.

Wind variable; the FLOOR scales can be impacted by moving air/wind, even indoors, air coming out of vents and ducts can affect the scale’s accuracy.

Load cell accuracy is also an important key to consider.

If the load cells are malfunctioning, it can result in an inaccurate measurement result.

There is a variety of provisos that you should learn to understand how load cells work.

One is vibration; load cells are sensitive to vibrations and may yield inaccurate readings.

Sudden loading can have a big impact on the accuracy of the FLOOR scale.

When loading your FLOOR scale, make sure you do it in a way where you don’t just drop it on the base, especially if it would exceed the maximum weight load capacity.

It can result in your unit malfunctioning, worse, your unit can be damaged permanently.

Variables in temperature; sudden change of temperature can have a great effect with the Floor scale’s reading.

For example, your scale was exposed to extremely cold temperature, then moved to an exceedingly hot environment, most often than not, the reading will be inaccurate.

Creep; this is when the load you weighed is left on the FLOOR scale for an extremely long time.

The resulting weight upon second weighing of the same load can yield a different result.

Repeatability; this can result when the same parcel is weighed in a similar manner repeatedly.

Time between weigh-ins; inaccurate readings can occur if you do not leave enough time for the scale to settle before weighing in another load.

Interference; there are types of interference that may occur transpire, that may result in an adverse effect.

An increase in temperature will cause the voltage to drop when the cable resistance increases.

The scale controller can then show a different result than the actual result.

Moisture/humidity can affect your FLOOR scale as well.

Condensation and dampness can accumulate on the FLOOR scale’s load sensor which in turn may influence electrical outputs and affects the signal from the load cell to the floor scale’s weight display indicator.

Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) and Radio Frequency Interference (RFI); the input signals can create additional signals, thereby causing the FLOOR scale to result in an inaccurate weight measurement reading.

Loading; the way you facilitate loading can affect the FLOOR scale, and there are factors to consider when dropping load on your scale.

Varying components affect the scale’s weight result; not only from the materials/loads but in the manner of how they were loaded on the FLOOR scale.

Some of the pointers as well as precautions the proper handling/loading/unloading:

Make sure that the mounting structure is stable and can accommodate and support both the FLOOR scale and the load without bending or buckling down.

When loading your FLOOR scale, always make sure that the parcels/load are aligned; otherwise, you may get an incorrect weight reading result.

Always check that the hardware is working properly.

Make sure your FLOOR scale’s legs are sturdy and stable and can support the full load weight.

If not, you may attach cross braces, to avoid having the scales legs spread under the strain of the heavyweight.

How to choose the best FLOOR scale for you?

Industrial FLOOR scales have been a heaven-sent equipment to businesses dealing with weighing heavy and bulky loads on a daily basis.

Some businesses, for example, fishing ships, weigh their catch in big bulks instead of counting each.

Platform FLOOR scales make weighing huge coils of steel effortless and get an accurate result.

The use of FLOOR scales has cut down work time, and at the same time yield much better readings.

Over the years, this heavy load measuring unit has evolved, and several manufacturers have come up with newer designs, better materials to use for constructing them, integrated innovative features, to make the job a lot easier.

The market for FLOOR scales has since multiplied; tons of brands and models to choose from, each boasting of different features that will make your life a lot easier.

Choosing the right FLOOR scale for you is dependent on your needs, the type of business/industry you are into, what type of materials or goods you would need to weigh on a daily basis, you also need to calculate for the average maximum weight you weigh every day, the size of your work area, and a lot more to consider.

If you are dealing with flammable materials, the ideal FLOOR scale for you would be the kind that would have to meet particular standards and keep your workplace safe from accidents and hazards.

Scale dimensions- FLOOR scales come in a wide variety of sizes; the size being the dimensions of the floor scale base.

Also, you may consider choosing a bigger floor scale than what you currently need, in case you are planning on expanding your business, or adding different product lines.

The bulkier the load you usually weigh, the bigger the floor scale dimension you need.

Maximum weighing capacity- calculate the maximum weight (per batch) of the load you have to weigh every day.

That would give you an idea of the maximum weight load capacity of the FLOOR scale you need.

Size of your workspace- you may need extra space for a scale that need ramps for easier maneuvering of loaded pallets.

Material- most FLOOR scales are constructed from high-grade aluminum or durable stainless steel.

Both materials can handle heavy and bulky loads; the difference being, stainless steel is ideal to use for industries wherein the scales have to be washed down after each use.

They can endure wash-down procedures, for effortless hygienic purposes.

Stainless-steel FLOOR scales are ideal for industries such as shipping docks, fishing ships, etc.,

Aluminum FLOOR scales can easily be cleaned too, but unlike stainless- steel, they can be washed using cloth and water or chemical agents to wipe off dirt, grime, spills, etc.

Portable or Fixed scale- determine the type of FLOOR scale accessibility that’s best for your type of business.

You can opt for a fixed FLOOR scale; some floor scales can be installed or mounted by drilling holes on the floor, or by mounting clamps.

If you want mobility, wherein you can access your FLOOR scale wherever and whenever you need to, then a portable FLOOR scale would be the best choice for you.

Portable FLOOR scales can be moved effortlessly; you can lower the 4 swivel wheels for easier transport.

Units of measurement; industrial FLOOR scales, unlike standard household scales, come in a variety of units of measurement such as grams ounces, pounds, or kilograms.

Some industries require a specific unit of measurement, as such, choose the scale that can accommodate your work specifications.

Display readouts; floor scales come with a digital display that shows the weighed items reading;

You may look for the ones that also indicate the battery level and the power indicator.

Readout accuracy; in industries where the accuracy of the weighed goods is crucial, a floor scale that gives out an accurate reading is essential.

An incorrect or inaccurate readout can be a big setback that will affect your business.

The legs of the FLOOR scale should be sturdy enough to hold the full weight without spreading or buckling.

This is important especially if you are weighing extra heavy loads.

Cell cables; load cables are essential parts of a FLOOR scale and are therefore should be well-structured.

One good sign that you are buying a good quality FLOOR scale, is if the load cell cables have protective covering.

Quality and accuracy; if your business relies on accurate weight measurement on a regular basis, then the right FLOOR scale for you should not only be durable but is able to provide the correct reading each time.

Another good indicator that your industrial LEGAL scale has passed the quality assurance and will give you accurate measurements all the time is if it has NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) Certificate of Conformance.

Cost-effectivity; an expensive brand of FLOOR scale does not necessarily speak of durability and accuracy.

However, there are FLOOR scales that are more expensive than other scales owing to the fact they are crafted from the finest materials, such as high quality, heavy-duty stainless steel, they are loaded with useful features that are ideal for your operation.


What are NTEP certified FLOOR scales?

NTEP FLOOR scales that are NTEP certified are also known as “Legal for Trade” scales.

They are typically more expensive than the standard non-legal trade scales.

These FLOOR scales have passed stringent testing, and are certified for endurance, accuracy,

NTEP certified FLOOR scales has undergone testing and are verified that they meet the specification details.

How do you clean and maintain a floor scale?

Proper maintenance of your FLOOR scale is one assurance that your measuring unit will last for an extended period of time.

FLOOR scales can be prone to grime and dirt build-up, especially when used outdoors.

The environment is not the only factor that may contribute to dirt and debris piling up, the kind materials you weigh, play an important role too.

For example, your business involves weighing fish or livestock; your scales have to cleaned and washed down regularly, otherwise, over time, your scale may malfunction and result in incorrect measurement results.

If you leave your FLOOR scales unwashed, over time, they can be damaged and malfunction.

Even steel can be damaged over time by dirt, mud & the elements.

Always check for dirt on, around, and under the FLOOR scale; you can wipe or wash the scale, depending on the material your scale was constructed from.

Dirt that has already accumulated around and under the scale can be scraped off.

To properly clean a FLOOR scale, you may lift the unit to brush off dirt on the undercarriage.

To ensure that the floor scale is totally clean, you may use cloth with water or cleaning agents to wipe off grimy dirt.

Washdown safe FLOOR scales are easier to clean as they can be hosed down.

The procedure for cleaning bench scale is a bit different;

To start, cleaning your bench scale, take the top pan off

You may then use cloth and water or mild cleaning agents to wipe off the dirt.

If your bench scale is grimy, you can add soap to your damp cloth, then wipe your scale clean with a dry cloth.

If you have a washdown safe bench scale, you can hose it down to remove oil and debris.

For laboratory or analytical scales, a mild cleaning agent and cloth are required; follow the same procedure as you would with a bench scale.

Never pour the cleaning agent directly onto the scale, always dampen the cloth prior to wiping your scale clean.

Laboratory scales are used to measure chemicals and reagents; the kind of cleaning agent that will be used, should be according to the kind of chemical spills you need to wipe off.

If you are using a washdown safe laboratory scale, you may do the same process mentioned above, however, you may rinse the scale.

Scale indicators should be cleaned as well; over time, the dirt that builds upon the screen will result in an unclear, hard to read screen.

To clean your scale indicator, a foaming cleaning agent can be used; use a cloth to wipe the screen clean, then wipe it off with a dry cloth.

You may repeat the process until the screen is clean, clear and readable.

How accurate are industrial FLOOR scales?

Industrial FLOOR scales most often than not yield accurate results.

When it comes to industrial-grade scales business, there are available scale technologies that measure weight in different ways.

The most commonly known are gage, Magnetic Force Restoration (MFR), and Surface undulation (SAW).

These types of measuring scale technology have their benefits and downsides, such as in the cases of gage scales, which are notable the most known industrial scales.

Their popularity stems from their capacity to produce fairly accurate measurement reading results.

Gage scales results, however, can be affected by some environmental factors.

Simply put, the more weight that is placed on this type of scale, the less the accuracy of the results is.

Magnetic force restoration scales, on the other hand, are popular in industries in which significantly precise measurement readings are required.

MFR measuring scales are undoubtedly the most popular and go-to scales because of their extremely accurate reading results.

The readability of precision measuring scales are as follows;

1 part in 100,000 and an accuracy of 1/100 of 1 percent, weight: 10 pounds, resolution: .0001 pounds, readability: 1 part in 100,000; weight: 25 pounds, resolution: .0002 pounds, readability: 1 part in 125,000; weight: 50 pounds, resolution: .0005 pounds, readability: 1 part in 100,000; weight: 100 pounds, resolution: .001 pounds, readability: 1 part in 100,000; weight: 200 pounds, resolution: .002 pounds, readability: 1 part in 100,000

The accuracy of the readings may be affected by some factors; there are environmental elements that can affect the reading result of a floor scale, regardless of the weighing technology type used.

Some of these factors can be easily rectified, while others, you can steer clear of.

One such element that can influence the accuracy and life of your FLOOR scale are dust, dirt, grime, or spills left for a period of time.

You can avoid future inaccurate readings or worse scale malfunction by cleaning your FLOOR scales before and after use, especially if you have to put them in storage over a long period of time.

Other environmental components that may affect the accuracy of your FLOOR scale are temperature fluctuations, vibration, wind, and such.

Floor scales can easily be affected even by adjacent equipment producing even the tiniest of vibrations.

Air coming from vents and ducts can affect the floor scale’s accuracy as well.


What are the best features to look for when buying a FLOOR scale?

Industrial FLOOR scales, unlike their smaller siblings, the standard-sized household or kitchen weighing scales, are larger in size and easily accommodate heavier loads, more accurate in reading results, tougher structures, and lasts longer.

These types of FLOOR scales are used in warehouses and other industries that need bulk weighing with accurate results.

Most of these FLOOR scales have a maximum weight range capacity from 2500 pounds to 30,000 pounds.

The usual smallest dimension for an industrial FLOOR scale is 3 feet by 3 feet, and can have dimensions as big as 8 feet by 10 feet.

The use of CUBLIFT pallet jack or CUBLIFT forklifts is sometimes needed.

If you are looking to purchase a FLOOR scale and want to know what the best features are, consider these tips.

Materials; FLOOR scales are constructed from different materials; stainless-steel, alloy or aluminum.

If your business involves frequent washing of your FLOOR scales for hygienic purposes, stainless-steel FLOOR scales are ideal.

Stainless-steel are washdown safe and are easier to clean, they are perfect to use for in humid environments.

If you are in need of a personalized FLOOR scale, there are manufacturers that accommodate customized logos for your business.

Non-slip pattern steel; some floor scales have patterned or embossed designs for better grip.

Choose a FLOOR scale that is equipped with a built-in rechargeable battery that can last hours without having to recharge time and again.

A12 power-saving batteries can last for 10 days in a single charge.

Some FLOOR scales come with fast charging jacks and can charge your FLOOR scales full in 3 to 5 hours.

There are models of FLOOR scales with large, LED light clear display screen, allowing you easy readability.

Some display screens are equipped with function keys that are simple and easy to operate.

There are FLOOR scale display screens that are 30mm high, have 6 function keys, six-digit LED display, and has basic weighing function of   Zero, Clear, Tare, and allows you to connect it to your printer.

Opt for FLOOR scales with thick panels for extra durability and a single-layer pattern steel countertop.

FLOOR scales that have carbon steel structures are tough and durable; some of which have paint or spray treatment to eliminate rusts, and protect the scale from scrapes and scratches.

Some FLOOR scales feature plastic waterproof junction boxes for safety.

Look for FLOOR scales with four corner steel plate reinforcement; the 4 corners of the body are welded by steel plates to make it tougher and more stable.

Some brands of FLOOR scales feature alloy steel universal scale feet; equipped with lubricated ball bearings for effortless maneuverability.

Some other nice features are the U-beam structure for extra stability, standard high-precision sensor, patterned nonslip, tight grip steel plate.

Other FLOOR scales feature; a base that is welded with broader, more substantial thick beam, higher undercarriage, 4 high precision sensors for accurate and sensitive weighing.

Some models of FLOOR scales are abrasions resistant, impact-resistant, anti-collision, and rubber-coated.

There are FLOOR scales that are coated with electrostatic powder spray paint; it forms a safeguarding layer on the exterior of the steel plate, making it rust-proof and water-proof.

Other ideal attributes of some FLOOR scales are last weight memorization, programmable auto-off, can connect to computers, has USB, Bluetooth, and connect to Wi-Fi.

You may also want to check out these FLOOR scales features; life span 20 years, a precise and accurate reading result, thick (4mm.) weighbridge, thick U-shaped steel structure, hazardous environment protected.

There are certain models of FLOOR scales that are impact-resistant, wear and tear-resistant, stable, has auto power-off, and waterproof power switches.

Other features include but are not limited to; RS-232 standard interface, stainless steel J-box, spray platform, adjustable feet, function keys are HOLD which means it can lock the weight reading, PCS: Pieces counting function, C/R: Switch the capacity/precision between 300kg/0.1kg and 150kg/0.05kg, TARE: Reset the reading to zero;

MODE: Switch the weighing units, extra-thick robust tough with four load cells, painted steel monoblock frame, nickel steel load cells with IP-65 protection, stainless steel junction box with protection, optional access ramps and pit frames, connection to gram index;

Epoxy painted steel structure, compatible with all printers, 4 auto-hold functions to weigh big objects, RS-232 output for printers, check function along with visual and sound indicators, products memory for by piece counting operation, 20 digital tares’ memory and 2-year warranty for sensors and batteries.

There are FLOOR scales with special features; pre-calibrated and self-calibrating.

Regular use of your FLOOR scales may result in wear and tear, some scales may need to be calibrated to ensure accurate output.

They can be calibrated by hiring 3rd party services, which can prove inconvenient at times, plus added expenses, and downtime as well.

An ideal feature that can help eliminate this disruption is pre-calibrated and self-calibrating FLOOR scales.

What are the benefits of floor scales?

FLOOR scales are especially useful to businesses and industries dealing with weighing bulky and heavy loads on a daily basis, particularly accurate weight results.

One good thing about industrial FLOOR scales is that they are versatile; they can be used in offices, warehouses, docks, shops, and such.

Another good benefit is these floor scales are ideal for bulk weighing.

These scales are tough, durable, and can weigh in big crates, boxes, kegs, giant rolls of coiled steel, sacks and other heavier, bulkier parcels, and other palletized goods.

FLOOR scales and platform scales have the same function, both are durable and can yield accurate weight results.

One difference is most FLOOR scales are more affordable than platform scales.

Portability is another FLOOR scales advantage; they can easily be moves or transported from one place to another.

FLOOR scales can be fixed on the floor surface as well

How often do I have to calibrate my FLOOR scale?

The calibration schedule of your FLOOR scales will depend on how often you use the unit, the kind of environment you use it in, most often than not, FLOOR scales are usually calibrated once a month.


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Your Premier Floor Scale Manufacturers | Industrial Scale Suppliers in China

If your company or factory is looking for a scale to measure heavy non-movable items, a floor scale is the best. A floor scale is used to measure heavy materials that can’t be carried around easily.

A floor scale is mainly used in metal industries to measure the weight of heavy metals that can’t be lifted by hand. It can be used in the assembling industry to measure the weight of vehicles’ body parts.

Floor Scale QC icon Floor Scale QC icon1 Floor Scale QC icon2 Floor Scale QC icon3 Floor Scale QC icon4 Floor Scale QC icon5 Floor Scale QC icon6

The floor scale is highly economical as there is no need to hire manual laborers to lift the items to the scale. It is electronically controlled and can measure items of up to 30, 0000 lbs. The floor scale has a ramp that allows you to load and offload your items automatically. The scale is fitted with an LCD screen for clear visibility while taking the measurements.

Our floor scale is manufacture with every bit of recent technology and strict fabrications to withstand heavy loads. Our floor scale is made with corrosion-free stainless steel.

Floor scales are highly effective and guarantee accurate measurements with a 0.1 maximum error. If you need a floor scale with an advanced digital indicator and printer, send us an OEM order.

How Weighing Load Cells Are Mounted on the Floor Scales

Weighing load cells are transducers that convert a force into an electrical signal.

They are used in a variety of weighing applications, such as pallet weighing scales, bench scales, counting scales, etc.

The load cells are mounted on the base of the pallet and connected to an electronic scale indicator that displays the weight of the pallet.

The load cells are typically made from metal, such as stainless steel, aluminium, Galvanized steel. Which make them durable and be capable of handling large loads and heavy-duty applications.

The weighing load cells have a central sensing element which is able to detect and measure the weight or force that is applied to it from side, center or corner.

So the weight load cells are perfect for using in platform pallet weighing scales because of above features.  

Making The Floor Scale Level To Get Superb Accuracy

Before Putting the platform scale on the operating location and putting it to use. The very important thing you need to do is to make sure the platform flooor is installed well. One important procedure of installation is to make it level perfectly.

After placing the platform on the flat rigid ground, you need to level the platform deck. It’s a good idea to check the platform with a spirit level. You have to check the deck, to see if the platform is level, side to side, and corner to corner.

Meanwhile, by checking the spirit level, adjust the floor scale corner feet to make the sale level. To raise or lower the foot, rotate it clockwise or counter-clockwise. Level the platform by adjusting the legs until all four leveling feet are firmly on the floor surface.

After the above procedure, congratulations, The level of the whole scale is fixed.

Lift the Pallet Floor Scale Safely

How to move/lift a pallet floor scale correctly for safe?


Pallet floor scales are quite heavy equipment. Its weight is usually above 110kg depending on different molds.  It requires extra caution to lift or move it in the working sites.

How to move it correctly for safe?

On Top of the platform, the floor scale factories always keep threaded holes for the user to hook it.

But make sure you never attempt to hook it with unclosed eyebolts to lift the sales.

First, you should find a strong enough chain/cable or nylon strap to tie it to the eyebolts firmly.

Secondly,  find a forklift or crane to lift the scale from one place to another, meanwhile, for safety considerations,  please make sure the lifting tool’s capacity is equal to or bigger than the scale weight.

What does IPXX Rating Mean?

What does IPXX Rating Mean for floor scales?

Large Floor Scale PAGE Banner-CUBLIFT (1)We often see IP66, IP65, IP67, IP68, IP69, and IP69K in industrial products.

What does that exactly mean?

Here we have a brief recap of the exact meaning of these digits.

IP = Ingress Protection

First digit – Protection against solids

Second digit – Protection against liquids



6 = Dust Tight, No Ingress of dust.

5 = Protected against low pressure jetting water from all directions


6 = Dust Tight, No Ingress of dust.

6 = Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.


6 = Dust Tight, No Ingress of dust.

7 = Protected against the effects of short-term immersion (under defined conditions of pressure and time).


6 = Dust Tight, No Ingress of dust.

8 = Protected against submersion (under conditions specified by the manufacturer).


6 = Dust Tight, No Ingress of dust.

9K = Protected against close-range high pressure, high-temperature spray downs.

CUBLIFT industrial standard floor scales choose  IP68 protected load cells and Tronics to withstand the most severe work conditions.

Floor Scale & Indicator Installation

First,  you must have obtained the floor scale manual from the pallet scale supplier and basic common knowledge is to make sure your floor platform bench scale must be connected to a digital indicator before use.

Make sure the platform should be placed on a flat solid floor ground so as to ensure the surface can force evenly.

The indicators may vries from different modles, from the scale manufacture vendors, but it  has been configured and calibrated before packing. It is easy to install, plug in and use.

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Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd Be Using In Ireland

Ireland is one of the important weighing machine markets in Europe. The market here shows distinctive characteristics.

Suppliers including wholesalers, distributors, dealers,  traders, retailers, importers, storekeepers, etc buyers,  in the market increasingly focusing on the introduction of compact and portable products in order to gain market share.

Manufacture companies are focusing on certified weighing scales such as multifunctional platform scales, bench floor scales, price computing scales, etc. that come with higher precision and more options on floor scale materials …Read More

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