Semi-electric Pallet Jack

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Semi-electric Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT, your premier pallet truck manufacturer in China offers you varying hand pallet jacks.

  • No MOQ required for standard semi-electric pallet jack
  • CE, TüV approval semi-electric pallet jacks
  • Carrying Capacity: from 5ookgs up to 5000kg
  • Leveled IP65 for electric system
  • Fork Size(mm): 550*1150 / 685*1220 varies
  • Wheels: Nylon/PU/Rubber wheels for options
  • highly-sealed Hydraulic pump ensure stable lifting

Customized semi-electric pallet jacks or any other manual pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks are available upon request.

Semi-electric Pallet Jack 1500kg

● Capacity (kg): 1500/1800
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Overall height (mm): 1276
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1353/1426
● Voltage/ Capacity/type : 48V / 12AH

Scissor Lift Semi-electric Pallet Jack 1500kg

● Model:BMX
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500
● Lifting height(mm):800
● Fork overall length(mm):1150
● Fork overall width(mm):540/685
● Height Min (mm):85
● Wheel (type):PU
● Voltage/ Capacity: 12V / 70AH

All-Terrain Electric Pallet Jack 1000kg

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BM-2000AT
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width (mm): 700/850
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Voltage/ Capacity:48V/32AH

CUBLIFT : Your Premier Semi-electric Pallet Jack Truckk Manufacturer

A semi-electric pallet jack or sometimes referred to as a truck is used to pick and lift items around warehouses or stores. Being semi-electric it is electronically operated but the lifting is manual.

A semi-electric pallet jack is one of the fastest order pickers you can ever get. This is because it is electronically driven hence increasing the speed of its movement around.

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A semi-electric pallet jack can pick goods of 2000kg capacity and lift them to a height of about 300mm. It is designed with an internal charger in case the batteries die during operations.

A semi-electric pallet jack is very important around your business as it increases productivity, saves you time, and is more reliable. It is made with galvanized steel to free it from corrosion.

We offer a wide range of these semi-electric pallet jacks in different sizes, capacities, and models depending on the area of operation. They don’t take a large surface area and can fit in tiny spaces.

Having a semi-electric pallet jack around your warehouse is the best gift for your employees. It saves them from backaches that can be a result of lifting items manually.

We also upgrade our order pickers to have some features which are not included during manufacturing. Send us an OEM order for your preferred semi-electric pallet jack.

Semi-Electric Pallet Jack

Semi-electric pallet jack is the updated version of the hydraulic hand pallet truck. It is capable of lifting and carrying weight up to 1500kg for a short distance. Battery operated truck gives you relief while moving heavy loads from one place to another. It can easily be used at warehouses or compact workplaces.

Its compact body doesn’t occupy much area but it is very strong for lifting heavyweights. The length of the forks is 1250 mm and the width is 685mm. Its climbing and rotating flexible wheels enable you to rotate the Semi electric pallet jack easily.

Its driving motor operates on 0.45KW on DC power, Its Permanent strong magnet drive motor allows you to drive it up to 4KM/h, which reduces the time of workers. But if you want to lift the load manually, you are provided with a manual quick lift pump as well.

You are provided with two push buttons, which allow you to travel in forwarding or backward direction, 3 position lever is also provided for lifting, neutral and lower functions. For lifting keep the lever downward and pump the tow bar, the truck will lift up to 200mm. keep the lever in the neutral position while traveling and pull the lever upward, to lower the Semi electric pallet jack.

Its lithium battery charges within 4 hours, which will run for 130 min continuously while carrying weight. Changing the battery is very easy, you just need to pull out the old one and place the fresh battery. It takes hardly 5 seconds to replace the battery.

You don’t need to put extra effort while towing a semi-electric pallet jack over a slide. Its strong motor and body structure and 180o movable steering wheel are efficient enough to maintain balance and avoid all risk factors while climbing over the slide. You can pull it over the slope of 10o one-handedly.

The electric brake is provided with the handle of the tow bar to improve safety, you can use it in any emergency case. A belly button reversing switch is also available, this switch helps in emergency cases when the semi-electric pallet jack is moving in the reverse direction, when the switch will touch your belly it will stop the truck immediately. Apart from that features like emergency power disconnect, battery charging indicator, and key switch are also available in semi-electric pallet trucks.

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introductionSemi-electric Pallet Jack Forklift Vimage (31)

CUBLiFT is an experienced semi-electric pallet jack manufacturer in China. Moving heavy loads manually can be a difficult job sometimes.

At CUBLiFT we manufacture a range of forklift trucks and pallet jacks. CUBLiFT desires to provide you with top of a range of products at a most friendly price.

Both local and international buyers highly acclaim our products. Our products have a reputation for being the best in the market.

The semi-electric pallet jack is one of our amazing products. It is the kind of tool that is perfect for handling heavy-duty materials efficiently conveniently and quickly.

It has the capability of carrying loads up to 5000kgs.  It is becoming increasingly popular in warehouses and retail shops.

The semi-electric pallet jack is manufactured using galvanized steel. This helps to prevent corrosion tremendously increasing its durability.semi-electric pallet jacks

CUBLiFT offers semi-electric pallet jacks that help you in reducing the effort and time of operations. We believe a semi-electric pallet jack is what you need around your workplace.

The semi-electric-pallet jack will immensely increase the speed of operation in your warehouse and retail outlets. It does not require any human effort during the relocation of the load.

Now let us deal with commonly asked questions.

 1. What is a semi-electric pallet jack?

A semi-electric pallet jack is equipment used to lift and relocate loads. It has an electrical component hence it is not operated entirely manually

Having a semi-electric pallet jack around your company/industry/ dispatch center/docks can increase productivity by 5 times. You will always be ahead of your competitors with this jack.

Our Semi-electric pallet jack is a new type of lifting that is very easy to operate. The jack has a load capacity of 1500kg/2000kg.

The fork length and width dimensions are 11500mm by 500/685mm. Our semi-electric pallet jack has a walking speed of 4.5 km/hr on any floor surface.

The semi-electric pallet jack has a 12V battery drive that enables it to lift and lower pallets easily and effectively. It is preferably used in short distances around warehouses, / logistics centers.

Our semi-electric pallet jack tends to be more flexible and offers minimal noise in squeezed docks, buildings, and other places. The power display is very easy to read and operate.

The semi-electric pallet jack has some exquisite designs and structures like a hand pull brake module. The wheels are made of polyurethane material for easy movement on the floor.


2. How does a semi-electric pallet jack work?

Lifting of loads is done manually while driving is done electrically.  The lifting process is similar to that of the hand pallet jack lift.3Ton-Semi-electric-Pallet-Jack-BM-list-6.jpg

This is done by moving the handle up and down repeatedly. This results in the rising of the semi-electric pallet jack and lifting the load off the ground.

The semi-electric pallet jack has a forward and reverses button. It is located on the handle close together for easy change of direction.

This could be a very important feature in a potentially dangerous working environment. At CUBLiFT we uphold and ensure high safety regulations for our customers.

Tight turning is effortless ensured for operators of the semi-electric pallet jack. The semi-electric pallet jack can easily take an 1800 steering arc.

You can also visit our website for more clarification on how the semi-electric pallet jack operates. We also test the semi-electric jack for you before purchasing to ensure it is in working condition.

 3. What is the load capacity of the semi-electric pallet jack?

3Ton-Semi-electric-Pallet-Jack-BM-list-6Our semi-electric pallet jack has a standard load capacities of 1000kg/1500kg/2000kg/3000kg. We also have other customized load capacities available upon order.

This will save your energy unlike if you moved loads manually thus enhancing efficiency and increasing productivity. Also, your employees will not complain of severe backaches and joints.

With this load capacity, you can stack up to 20 pallets each of load capacity 100kg. This will help you complete the task very fast and move to the next job.

Also, the speed travel for our semi-electric pallet jack is 4km/hour. This makes operations very fast, efficient, and effective.

The more the load capacity the more time and labor are saved. You will save a lot of energy by having a pallet jack with a higher load capacity.

CUBLiF is determined in offering exclusive semi-electric pallet jacks with varying load capacity. You can choose any of the listed jacks based on your business needs/space/money/duration.

At CUBLiF we will help you select the perfect semi-electric pallet jack that fits your requirements. We have a supportive sales team on standby to help you figure out which one is the best.


 4. What is the fork size of the semi-electric pallet jack?

The standard size of the forks is 550mm by 1150 and 685mm by 1220mm. However, one can send the details of your preferred size of forks for a customized semi-electric pallet jack.

This small-size semi-electric pallet jack makes it easier to store them in a small area hence saving you a lot of space. We also have medium and large jacks that need extra space for storing them.

With our sizable semi-electric pallet jack you can maneuver through narrow aisles/ crowded docks and dispatch centers. You don’t need to worry about the size of your warehouse anymore.

The folks can have a maximum height reach of 7″ to 8″ to help reach higher shelves.  They also pick orders below the ground that requires bending and straining your muscles.

Also, sometimes you find the jack forks get deformed due to heavy loads and general exposure to lifting. This will require you to replace it with a new one and that’s where we come in.

We have coated the semi-electric pallet jack with paint to prevent rust and corrosion in the exposure to chemicals. This has led to the increased durability of our pallet jacks over the years.

Replace your old worn-out pallet fork with us today. We have the best prices both for our new and old customers.

If you are not sure of the fork size to choose, you can enquire from our sales team. All our machines, parts and spare parts have a 1-year warranty.


5. Why is it referred to as a semi-electric

At CUBLiF, manufacture different models of pallet jacks including; electric/ semi-electric/mobile/hydraulic etc. Both have excellent features and good performance.

We normally refer to it as semi-electric because it can electrically lift pallets/items and be moved manually. This makes it very economical for use in start-ups/ small and medium firms.

Also, we have semi-electric pallet jacks that are electrically moved and manually lift items. Both are good, it all depends on the type of goods to be lifted and moved.

If the goods to be lifted are heavy and bulky we recommend you to use electric lifting and a manual movement pallet jack. If the goods to be moved are light we recommend the use of the other model.

Our semi-electric pallet jack will lessen the operator work. The operator can actually rest during electric lifting and movement.

It is more efficient and travels at a longer distance. We also have specialized semi-electric pallet jacks for larger warehouses/ industries and docks.


 6. What are the wheel options available for a semi-electric pallet jack?

CUBLiFT offers you different wheel options which include polyurethane, nylon steel, and rubber. Provided you give us details of your warehouse, we will advise on the preferred wheel.

Our pallet jacks have two types of wheels smaller ones and larger ones. The smaller ones are located under the fork and the larger ones you find under the drawbar.

Before selecting both types of wheels you have to consider, the nature and design of your warehouse floor. We don’t want you to complain about damaged floors afterward.

The diameters of the smaller wheels range between; 7 to 7.5 cm while the larger wheels have a diameter of about 18 cm to 20 cm.

The larger wheels are actually the guiding wheel and a lot of care should be taken while selecting them. If your warehouse has uneven floors, several rollers are required to minimize wheel wear.

The hub cover is available in different material selections from rubber, polyurethane, nylon, steel, etc. The most sold cover among the listed is polyurethane due to its excellent performance.

For applications requiring encounters with electricity, use this wheel for your semi-electric pallet jack.

In the case of other wheel designs and models you have in mind, we welcome your idea. We also manufacture what we don’t have upon request.


 7. What is the battery capacity?

We have fitted our semi-electric pallet jack with high-quality and powerful lithium-ion batteries. These batteries keep the semi-electric pallet jacks running for 130 minutes without stopping.

Workers can move a lot of loads during this long duration. Once the charge is depleted, the battery can be charged.

What is more interesting is that CUBLiFT manufactures semi-electric pallet jacks with an internal charging system. That means that the semi-electric pallet jack can charge itself as it is driven.

If you have a spare battery, you can change and continue operating efficiently. This saves you an incredible amount of time and you can utilize your semi-electric pallet jack optimally.

Changing the battery of the CUBLiFT semi-electric pallet jack is quite simple. It could take you less than five seconds to change.

We offer superior batteries to keep your semi-electric pallet jack running 24/7 non-stop. The battery can take 2~3 years before wearing out.

You will only need to recharge the battery once a week. If you need a new battery for your semi-electric pallet jack, CUBLiF is your premium solution.


 8. What amount of power can the battery produce?

Our batteries are capable of generating 4500 watts. It is also capable of supplying direct current (DC) to a powerful motor.

The motor has a strong magnet drive motor that enables you to drive up to 4km/h. This is an incredibly high speed in a warehouse environment.

Most of our semi-electric pallet jack use lithium-ion batteries. When it comes to material handling, these batteries tend to outperform other batteries in a variety of applications.

With our batteries, you don’t need to water them regularly to maintain battery health. Unlike lead-acid batteries where you have to keep watering them.

Our batteries are completely sealed and the charging and cell balancing is monitored by our CUBLiF battery management system. Therefore, there is no generation of dangerous gases from the battery.

Unlike lead-acid batteries, our lithium-ion batteries charge circle involves 8 hours of use and charge for one hour. You don’t need to cool down the battery after charging.

This allows the battery to be used continuously hence increasing efficiency and productivity 5 times. Running your fleet of the semi-electric pallet jack, you don’t need to swap batteries.

No company wants their products to be contaminated by acid spills from semi-electric pallet jack batteries. With CUBLiF lithium batteries, you don’t need to worry about acid spills anymore.

Get yourself a long-lasting lithium-ion battery for your semi-electric pallet jack at a cost-effective price. The overall life span for this battery is 5 times the normal battery.

Keep your inventory moving and your worker happy with a powerful lithium-ion battery from CUBLiF.


 9. What is the benefit of having the semi-electric pallet jack in your business?

Our semi-electric pallet jack is a great upgrade for those moving heavy loads with basic manual equipment. Why would you subject your workers to straining and heavy pulling that would cause injury?

The semi-electric pallet jack comes in as a perfect tool for doing more and hurting less. Compared to a manual pallet jack, CUBLiFT semi-electric pallet jack is more outperforming.

It can help you accomplish tasks as twice as quickly. Besides, it allows you to focus on high-value activities in the workplace

Compared to the forklift, the CUBLiFT semi-electric pallet jack is light and less bulky. This helps in preventing damage to delicate and smooth floor surfaces.

CUBLiFT semi-electric pallet jack increases the speed of moving loads. This, therefore, saves you time and energy making it an ideal tool for your warehouse or retail outlet.

They are relatively cheaper to maintain as compared to a more sophisticated forklift. The manual pump saves you a lot of costs compared to the fully electric pallet truck.

We have designed our rollers to negotiate rough terrain and uneven ground providing smooth motion. Consequently, this ensures the safety of the load being moved.


 10. Does the semi-electric pallet jack have breaks

Yes! Our semi-electric pallet jacks have breaks.

Unlike the manual pallet jack where the only way to stop is to lower the load, CUBLiFT has fitted electric brakes for improved safety and control.

The semi-electric pallet jack has an emergency power disconnect that saves you from potential danger. The brakes are placed at the handle where they are easily accessible.

When operating a semi-electric pallet jack in a warehouse or outlet, the safety of your employees is paramount. Installing hand brakes for our semi-electric pallet jack is a safety precaution.

CUBLiF is a leading China supplier of brake-fitted semi-electric pallet jacks, forklifts, floor scales, etc. All our lifting machines are equipped with brakes to comply with safety regulations.

Our semi-electric pallet jack with brake has a capacity of 3 tones and it is highly durable. The brake is operated by hand for easy access around your workplace.

CUBLiF is at the forefront of ensuring you get a semi-electric pallet jack that is safe for use. We provide braking mechanisms to slow down the speed of travel in case of an emergency.

We also have parking brakes of different sizes available upon request. Ensure safety around your workplace by adopting a semi-electric pallet jack with brakes.


 11. What are the safety precautions for using a semi-electric pallet jack?

Some of the safety considerations of using a semi-electric pallet jack include;

One should always be on the lookout for safety hazards. If not keenly checked, they may result in injury to the body or compromise the integrity of the load being moved.

In as much as the semi-electric pallet jack is meant to make work easier, it might also cause damage if one is not careful. Damages and accidents tend to slow down operations and performance.

Injuries to the body result in the crippling of the organization’s performance. Most employees won’t show up for work while nursing an injury.

Consequently, this leads to unwanted financial ramifications. This will later cripple your business to the extent of diminishing or dying

You should always be ready to use the breaks when moving down a ramp. This is because the semi-electric pallet jack tends to move fast due to gravity.

This is to prevent falling of loads of the pallet jacks while on transit. Falling of loads may lead to damage of inventories or loss of items.

Overloading of the semi-electric pallet jack should be avoided. This might cause falling over of the pallet leading to damage of property, always carry the estimated load capacity.

Ensure the load is only raised to the estimated lift height provided in the product description.

As a result of many operations in a warehouse be watchful to avoid collisions between machinery and employees. One way of avoiding such is alerting others when appropriate for instance using a horn

Avoid exceeding the manufacturer’s load capacity. Exceeding the load capacity of the semi-electric pallet jack would damage the machine especially the hydraulic system.

Improve lighting where necessary. This will help you configure the right direction and avoid colliding with walls or items in darkness.

Train operators should always identify possible dangers and proper procedures. Use both forks.

Do not operate the semi-electric pallet jack without proper training. You can also read our manual guidelines or watch tutorials provided on our website on how to handle the jack.

Having a safe working environment will make your employees happy, increase productivity, save you time, and unnecessary spending. At CUBLiF, your safety is our concern.


 12. Do you need the training to operate a semi-electric pallet jack?

At CUBLiFT, your safety is our biggest concern. One must train before fully handling the semi-electric hand pallet jack lift.

This is especially important to avoid accidents. It is also important to optimally utilize the semi-electric pallet jack.

Going through our user guide is also part of the training. Do not ignore any information we have provided about the pallet jack.

If you are unable to figure out some steps do contact us immediately. We also do testing for you before purchasing to ensure it is working normally.

We also show you how you are going to handle the pallet jack, loading and unloading it. We have some video tutorials available on our website, don’t assume.

We also have a technical team available 24/7 in case of troubleshooting with your semi-electric pallet jack. We also leave room for reviews and comments about our products ad services.


 13. How do you maintain the semi-electric pallet jack?


Always ensure that the belly button switch of the semi-electric pallet jack at the back of the handle is fully functional. Always check the conditions of the forward and reverse buttons

Check whether the speed button is working properly

Ensure that there are no stray cables or exposed wires as a result of damage while in use.

Check whether there are cracks at the forks.

Make sure there is no residue in the bearings or no stone is stuck on the front rollers to avoid obstruction

Ensure that the on/off switch goes up and down correctly. If applicable make sure the brake screws\are partially unscrewed.

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