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Crane Scale

  • CE approved crane scale products
  • ISO9001 authorized crane scale manufacturer
  • Hanging weighing from 300kg to 5oton/100000LB
  • Wireless Crane Scale design for any site handing weighing
  • U type steel bridge girder structure fits 360-degree rotation
  • Backlit digital display gross weight, net weight, tare
  • Power off screen reminder after 30 minutes of inactivity
  • hold/ low voltage alarm, battery supervision, overload alarm, digital calibration

● Model: CS-10TSSW
● Max. Load: 10 ton/10,000 kg /22,046 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 5kg
● Net weight:41.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control

● Model: CS-15TSSW
● Max. Load: 15 ton/15,000 kg /33,069 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 5kg
● Net weight:64.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control
● Brand: CUBLiFT

● Model: CS-20TSSW
● Max. Load: 20 ton/20,000 kg /44,092  lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 10kg
● Net weight:67kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 1000kg

● Model: CS-1TSS
● Max. capacity: 1,000 kg /1ton/ 2200 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.5kg
● Net weight:12.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 1 ton

● Model: CS-1TSS
● Max. capacity: 1ton/1,000 kg /2200 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.5kg
● Net weight:12.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Brand: CUBLiFT

● Model:CS-2TSS
● Max. capacity: 2ton/2,000 kg /4400 lb
● Minimum loading: 20 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 1kg
● Net weight:12.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 3 ton

● Model:CS-3TSS
● Max. capacity: 3ton/3,000 kg /6,600 lb
● Minimum loading: 20kg / 66 lb
● Division: 1kg
● Net weight:15kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Includes hook, shackle, remote control
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 10 ton

● Model:CS-10TSSR
● Max. Load: 10 ton/10,000 kg /22,000 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 5kg
● Net weight:41.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accuracy Standard: OIML III
● Includes hook, shackle, remote control
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 5 ton

● Model:CS-5TSWP
● Max. Load: 5 ton/5,000 kg /11,023 lb
● Minimum loading: 100 kg / 220 lb
● Division: 2kg
● Net weight:22.5kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Accruacy Standard: OIML III
● Incl. hook, printer, remote control
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 500kg

● Model: CS-500
● Max. capacity: 500 kg / 0.5 ton/ 1000 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.2kg
● Net weight: 650g
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Brand: CUBLiFT

Crane Scale 300kg

● Model: CS-03T
● Max. capacity: 300 kg /0.3 ton/ 660 lb
● Minimum loading: 10 kg / 22 lb
● Division: 0.1kg
● Net weight:450kg
● Measurement units: kg / t / lb / N / kN
● Accracy Standard: OIML III
● Rotatable hook – Stainless
● Brand: CUBLiFT

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Crane Scale Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT is a manufacturer of material handling equipment for lifting, measuring, weighing, and control systems. We offer more than 500 industrial scales includes a variety of crane scales in China. Founded nearly two decades ago. Our crane scales weighing ranges includes crane scale 1ton, 2ton, 3ton, 5ton, 10ton, 15ton, 20ton. Our crane scales have been utilized by different lines of industry like laboratories, chemistry, food, mining, forestry, the livestock industry, construction, and militaries.

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CUBLiFT’s crane scales are made from the selected load cells and other quality components. We ISO9001 certified crane scale manufacturer, one of the best crane scale suppliers in the market. Our crane scales are 100% ISO calibration under a strict production process.
The crane scales are user-friendly designed and manufactured to your requirements. They are powered/operated by 6V/10Ah rechargeable batteries, which offer upbeat continence & convenience.

With the help of infrared technology, you can read the crane scale weighing data from a remote. So it can be used in many circumstances and environments. Whatever you are in a mining site, laboratory office, or logistics transportations, you can easily get the measurement data without effort.
Our crane scale accuracy resolutions are equivalent to OIML III, so you rest assured to get the precise weighing result in the applications. The crane scale has over-load safety, it is 300% Safety Overload (500% Ultimate Overload) allowed.

Whenever you are in need of crane scales, CUBLiFT is the right choice for you to select the accurate crane scale with various capacities and parameters. CUBLiFT’s decades of crane-scale manufacturing expertise and market reputation are your solid backup. Save your cost, contact us today.


Crane scale bannerCUBLiFT’s digital crane scales are made from high-quality materials, rotatable strong hooks, and shackles, and precise load cells. The necessary accessories including S-type load cells are all from CE-approved suppliers. All of our crane scales are calibrated strictly per ISO9001 standard.

  • Displays pounds (lbs) and kilogram (kg) units of measurement
  • Comes with a bright, backlighted LCD screen, various view area indicators
  • Incl. ISO Calibration Certificate
  • Includes hook, shackle, and remote control
  • Tare set, total/delete/clear total, view total, resolution switch, auto off-set
Crane Scale Series
Model Max Capacity Min. Capacity Increment Remote Printer
CS-1T 1000kg 10kg 0.5kg Optional Optional
CS-2T 2000kg 20kg 1kg Optional Optional
CS-3T 3000kg 20kg 1kg Optional Optional
CS-5T 5000kg 40kg 2kg Optional Optional
CS-10T 10000kg 100kg 5kg Optional Optional
CS-15T 15000kg 100kg 5kg Optional Optional
CS-20T 20000kg 200kg 10kg Optional Optional
CUBLiFT can tailor manufacture  crane scales to your orders

Crane Scale – The Complete FAQ Article

When industrial weighing needs are concerned, crane scales are the most advanced and cost-effective industrial scales that play an important part.

These scales accurately solve the problem of weighing nonstandard and oversized loads in industrial conditions while saving floor space.

A variety of crane scale models feature different range and weighing capacities.

In this article, you will learn how crane scales are extremely productive for industrial, construction, and aerospace applications.

In the end, you will have enough knowledge that you be extremely confident to make a decision going with crane scales to achieve accurate, precise load and tensile forces measurements.

What is a Crane Scale?

A crane scale is a heavy-duty industrial weighing scale for suspension weighing.

The use of a crane scale is extremely productive when it comes to weighing oddly shaped items while also saving floor space.

Moreover, these portable scales are used to weigh items to ensure they do not overload a crane or other lifting devices.

In general, these industrial scales perform two important functions:

  • Provide accurate measurements of an item’s weight
  • Ensure the overloading of cranes

Preventing crane overload to enhance safety is important in order to enhance the productiveness of your equipment.

Crane scales are known for:

  • High capacity weighing
  • Awkwardly shaped items weighing
  • Saving floor space
  • Saving time and labor cost

With the right manufacturer, you can get highly accurate, robust, and affordable crane scales with capacities from 30kg to 20 tons.

Perfectly manufactured crane scales pay special attention to achieving precision in measurements, measurement values, units, and results.

Crane scales are all about readability, reliability, value, portability, and accuracy.

Most importantly, crane scales vary in functionality, performance, and capacities, depending on your industrial needs.

Figure 1.1 – A Crane Scale for Your Industrial Weighing Needs

What are the Applications of a Crane Scale?

The crane scales can serve different industrial applications due to their insensitivity and precision.

Outdoor or indoor, they can be used in every industrial environment without any problem. Its use in agriculture, medicine, and technology became essential in the previous few years.

Accuracy, quality, durability, and cost-effectiveness are a few of the key attributes of the crane scales that make them reliable and compact.

It is primarily designed to withstand the most aggressive industrial lifting applications without compromising on weighing performance and accuracy.

Moreover, its different sizing options and portability make it suitable for any large-scale industrial activity.

Crane scales are preferable for industrial applications because of their advanced load cell technology.

The perfect manufacturing of crane scales enables it to handle loads of high capacities and is suitable for harsh environments.

Crane scales also can be used with the following in heavy-duty weighing and lifting applications:

  • Cranes
  • Hoists and winches
  • Lift testing
  • Towing tension
  • Cable tension
  • Hoist scales
  • Tensile testing systems

Its excellent weighing performance enables it to serve in areas that require accurate weighing of their sensitive loads.

When it comes to construction applications, greater capacity and rugged durability in versatile environments are required.

With the right manufacturer, you can get a custom crane scale that fits your industrial weighing requirements.

What is the Difference Between Hanging & Crane Scales?

Industries that deal with heavy machinery are likely to have crane scales.

Crane scales offer you the ability to weigh heavy loads without requiring a platform.

However, both scales mostly serve identical applications.

The primary differences between crane scale and hanging scale include:

  • Capacity
  • Accuracy
  • Technology
  • Cost

Hanging scales weigh lighter loads and tend to be less expensive, and on the other hand, crane scales mostly deal with heavier loads and cost more.

Which one is perfect for performing industrial weighing tasks depends on your industrial requirements and weighing processes.

If your industry features handling of loads at a bigger scale, then crane scales are the best and most productive option for you.

The weight-bearing capacities of both scales are different.

As there are different types of industrial crane scales available featuring different technologies and capacities, it is sometimes hard for customers to find the perfect one.

How does the Crane Scale Work?

Each different version of the crane scale offers different capacity and safety features, and precision readings.

Crane scales are easy to use and offer stable hook connectivity with the objects you want to weigh in order to gain accurate measurements.

The latest crane scale models are battery-operated, and they work precisely when fully charged.

After successfully attaching the hook, tare the hook to measuring weight.

Afterward, testing and ensuring the weight of the load items is extremely easy.

In order to confirm no binding of overhead crane hook and crane scales, it’s important to know the accurate dimensions of both the scale and the hook.

It’s recommended to have some play between the overhead crane hook and the top loop on the crane scale to ensure accurate weighing measurements.

The digital readout on the crane scale will output the weight through the force being put onto the crane.

Before starting the process, always make sure that your crane scale is verified or calibrated perfectly to get accurate weighing measurements and data.

Additionally, you can connect external devices like printers to your crane scale to collect and analyze data in real-time.

Using these scales in freight transportation is extremely productive for freight businesses because of their ability to withstand massive amounts of force.

Crane scales can work under pressure by ensuring the safety of the working fields in different ways.

Figure 4.1 – The General Structure of a Crane Scale

How Crane Scale brings Safety Measures to Consider?

This piece of equipment contains safety features and robust design and construction that bring you additional safety measures.

Adopting the services of crane scale as a piece of weighing equipment for your business can prevent any accidents by eliminating overloading.

The manufacturers offer different crane scale models with different capacities and functionality that can prevent any kind of damage related to equipment or goods.

Using the crane scale to perform your industrial weighing tasks allows more floor space within your industry with up to 0.1% weighing accuracy.

What are the Capacities of Crane Scales?

Different crane scales offer various weighing capacities from 500kg to 50tons.

Different options mean you can have the one crane scale that fits your applications perfectly.

In general, the crane scale comes in the following maximum weighing capacities:

  • 500kg
  • 1000kg
  • 1 ton
  • 2 ton
  • 3 ton
  • 5 ton
  • 10 ton
  • 15 ton
  • 20 ton
  • 50 ton

With the right manufacturer, you can also have the ability to customize a crane scale to your needs for lifting, measuring, weighing, and control systems.

Different crane scale capacities also mean that it can offer weighing precision when used in different lines of industries, including:

  • Laboratories
  • Chemistry
  • Food
  • Mining
  • Forestry
  • Livestock
  • Construction
  • Military
  • Navy

A 500kg crane scale can achieve weighing accuracy of +/-0.1kg, and a 20-ton crane scale can achieve a weighing accuracy of +/-0.1 tons which means an overall precision of +/-0.1% is achievable with a perfectly manufactured crane scale.

What are the Advantages of a Crane Scale?

Besides having the ability to high capacity weighing, crane scales can increase your business productivity by performing the weighing tasks efficiently and cost-effectively.

The availability of high capacity scales helps handle awkwardly shaped items that are sometimes not possible to weigh on a platform scale.

Crane scales make it easy to perform weighing of your loads rapidly.

The use of advanced load cell technology helps achieve precision in weighing and increases its reliability.

Moreover, crane scales also offer safety and health advantages.

You can safely weigh items whilst moving them while requiring any space for your weighing scale.

These industrial scales are ergonomically designed and very compact enables them to perform exceptionally in environments with restricted spaces.

Figure 7.1 – The Design Features of a Crane Scale

What are the Different Types of Crane Scales?

The nature of the crane scale applications remains the same over the years, but its popularity has increased dramatically.

Over the years, these scales enhanced their performance due to the latest features manufacturers added to make it more efficient.

The modern crane scales feature electronic displays, rechargeable batteries, simple input, etc.

They are available in different weight-bearing capacities and types to support different industrial weighing processes.

The following are some of the primary types of crane scales:

  1. Digital Crane Scales:

These industrial scales are ergonomically designed to withstand heavyweights from a minimum of 50kg to a maximum of 20 metric tons.

The design and structure of these crane scales are fortified with OIML Class III accuracy. They are coated with a heavy-duty powder that enhances their functioning in versatile environments.

The gravity acceleration technology is the most common in the latest digital crane scale models.

  1. Electronic Crane Scales:

These crane scales feature an ergonomic and extremely durable design and come with electric displays.

The readability of electronic crane scales is exceptional and offers weighing capacities from 300kg to 20 metric tons.

  • Heavy Duty Crane Scales:

The unique weighing processes require specialized weighing scales, and the heavy-duty crane scale is one of them.

They are usually made rugged. These portable scales come in two different variations:

  • Double grinder scale
  • Single grinder scale

The primary difference between these versions is their weighing capacities; however, both can serve heavier applications.

Crane scales can serve a vast library of applications due to their capability of lifting and weighing objects cost-effectively.

As there are different types of crane scales available, it might be hard for you to select the right one for your applications.

You might want to get in touch with an expert that can help you find the best one among so many different options.

What are the Key Features of a Crane Scale?

The ergonomic design of crane scales features high-capacity steel units to achieve precision and lightweight aluminum small-capacity units.

The manufacturers with optimized manufacturing environment and state-of-the-art equipment like CUBLiFT builds crane scales in a dynamic work environment.

The right crane scale manufacturer can give you the built-in stability adjustment settings that enable you to accommodate a range of environmental conditions.

Calibrated and verified crane scales offer a flexible, precise, and efficient way to weigh materials.

With the advanced load cell technology, you can have a weighing accuracy of 0.1% to 0.2% of overall loads.

Moreover, crane scales have a large LED screen that allows you to read results even in low visibility conditions.

Few models like electronic crane scales are equipped with a remote controller, which enables you to operate the scale from a far distance.

A standard crane scale features the following useful functions:

  • Unit conversion
  • Hold
  • Zero
  • Auto power-off
  • Battery check
  • Overload warning

Moreover, the following are some of the primary features of a crane scale:

  • Aluminum-casting case
  • High firm hook and shackle
  • Dedicated weighing loadcell
  • Quality integrated circuit for long-time stability
  • Resolution switch
  • Stainless steel rings

Most importantly, crane scales enable you to have a stable connection with external hardware devices, including printers, computers, and storage devices, through physical or wireless connections.

Some crane scale models are capable of calibrating themselves to provide precise measurements.

Crane scales have anti-vibration and anti-shaking features that increase their performance and efficiency through stabilization.

What are the Functions of a Crane Scale?

Crane scale can operate precisely in harsh industrial environments thanks to its enhanced functionality, industrial-grade material, and ergonomic design.

There are many functions that make the crane scale the most effective industrial weighing scale for the weighing of heavy loads.

The following are some of these functions:

  1. Tare function: It is a useful function when it comes to weighing items in a container. You can deduct the container weight and have accurate weighing measurements.


  1. Totaling function: It adds up the total weight of different measurements.


  • Switch-off function: It’s an energy-saving function that automatically switch-off the scale after a user-defined time of no activity.


  1. Peak function: It only shows the maximum measured weight in a particular time period.


  1. Hold function: It helps hold the measured weight on display. It is a useful function for situations where you are either not able to or doesn’t require to record measurements during the weighing process.


  1. Power supply: As the crane scales are portable, they are equipped with a rechargeable battery. Hence, a power supply is required to recharge or exchange the power source of these industrial scales.


  • High mobility: Its compact and lightweight construction makes it suitable for several locations (warehouse, production, dispatch department, etc.)

These are some of the basic functions that you can find on any crane scale.

Moreover, ergonomically optimized and designed scales with advanced technology contain some additional features like Bluetooth, I/O unit, and many more.

Figure 10.1 – The Functionality of a Crane Scale

Why may You need a Crane Scale?

Over any other traditional weighing scale, crane scales offer a vast library of advantages.

In a more time and cost-effective way, you can weigh more complex goods without wasting time with these scales.

It’s a complete single-source solution that features advanced load cell technology with a compatible analysis system.

Crane scale also offers connectivity with other hardware devices to manage to weigh data more accurately.

Moreover, the following advantages of the crane scale define why you need them for your weighing processes:

  1. Save floor space: If the space is premium in your facility and you can’t sacrifice it for floor scales, then crane scales are the best option.


  1. Handles complex items: Awkwardly shaped or unbalanced items require a precise weighing system, and a crane scale allows you to weigh similar items precisely and accurately.


  • Accurate measurements: Crane scales are known for their incredible performance even in versatile warehouse conditions by providing weighing accuracy of 0.1% with a capacity of up to 50 tons.


  1. Streamline operations: Crane scale is perfect for operations that require weighing without transporting the loads to a weigh station. Adopting these scales can increase your productivity and weighing efficiency.


  1. Safer workspace: Crane scales eliminate the goods transportation to a weighing area and decrease the forklift traffic that decreases the chances of accidents, injuries, and losses.

What are the Safety Considerations of a Crane Scale?

The primary use of crane scales is to handle and weigh very heavy materials efficiently.

A workstation accident can have devastating consequences, and preventing them is important to enhance business productivity.

When choosing an industrial scale, it’s a good decision to choose one that offers a maximum load capacity of at least 5-10% higher than recommended.

Anything that exceeds two-third of the maximum load capacity of a scale must not be weighted.

The reason why you need a margin of a minimum of 5-10% of the maximum load limit is that crane scales are often used to weigh dynamic loads.

If a load that’s right at the crane scale’s limit moves, it can cause the load cells to overload and can either output in-accurate readings or can malfunction.

Figure 12.1 – Crane Scale Design and Technology that Maximize the Safety of Your Environment

What makes a Crane Scale so Efficient?

The multi-functionality and incredible portability of crane scales enable its use in a variety of industries and applications.

With the right manufacturer, you can get a perfectly manufactured crane scale with the highest quality of industrial-grade material for use in your hygienically sensitive areas.

Its ergonomic design and latest level of technology increase its performance by increasing reliability.

It brings a unique way to achieve precision weighing results without the need for floor space.

Crane scales help to maximize your floor space to increase productivity and efficiency by offering suspended above-ground weighing.

It is ideal for operations and tasks seeking to optimize lean production principles with lean manufacturing values continually.

In warehouse environments, safety is the top priority, and crane scale systems are designed with safety in mind.

Crane scales include high-strength hooks and advanced load cells that give you anti-vibration measurements, impact resistance, and electronic protection.

Moreover, it is highly efficient for environments that require hygienic safety.

With the use of industrial-grade steel and aluminum, crane scales can work perfectly in high temperatures, magnetic environments, high vibration zones, and harsh wash-down conditions.

CUBLiFT is one of the top crane scale manufacturers and believes in using advanced load cell technology not only to achieve precision in weighing but also to increase its reliability, efficiency, and performance in harsh environments.

How to Determine Your Overhead Weighing Goals?

A Crane scale plays an incredible part in ensuring safety and deliver accurate load measurements.

By providing an accurate real-time measurement of the operational load, crane scales can limit or prevent unsafe conditions.

The foremost step to deciding either to choose crane scale or any other for your business is what is your weighing goal(s).

The following are some of the primary reasons why people choose crane scales:

  1. Load monitoring: The primary reason behind prioritizing load monitoring is:
  • To prevent crane accidents
  • To ensure compliance
  • To maintain the safety of staff and equipment

always ensure the safety of loading materials by not overloading the crane scale that also helps achieve weighing precision.

  1. Process control: It aims to deliver accurate weighing readings by offering advanced technology to achieve precision.


  • Data integration: Compatibility and portability are important to have a successful connection with other hardware devices.


Crane scale achieves these goals and strives to increase the informational exactness and control.

With having a successful connection with the database, these portable scales are able to eliminate any human error.

Figure 14.1 – An Ergonomically Designed and Extremely Robust Crane Scale

What are the Technical Specifications of a Crane Scale?

In its simplest form, a crane scale has the following technical specifications.

  • LCD display: Ergonomically optimized and features detailed graphical digits. LCD screen
  • Batteries: With operation time up to 20 hours
  • Minimum loading: 10-100 kg
  • Maximum capacity: 1-20 tons
  • Measurement units: kg / t / lb. / N / kN
  • Rotatable hook: Stainless steel
  • Accuracy standard: OIML III
  • Functions: Tare set, total/delete/ clear total, view total, resolution switch, auto off-set

Additionally, its more versatile models offer many features and design elements that make it extremely productive for your business cost-efficiently.

How are CUBLiFT’s Crane Scales the Best?

There are two reasons behind CUBLiFT’s success in becoming one of the most recognizable crane scale manufacturers from China:

  • A full optimized manufacturing facility
  • Advance technology and state-of-the-art equipment

With the help of our well-educated staff, we ergonomically design the parts for our crane scales and use the latest technologies to enhance their performance.

Our crane scales offer a number of different benefits by making extremely heavy weighing tasks easier, faster, and safer.

  1. The ergonomic design: CUBLiFT focuses on designing a compact crane scale with the ability to weigh extremely heavy items more efficiently. Moreover, the ergonomic design of our crane scale makes it extremely productive in environments with limited space.


  1. Higher maximum capacities: CUBLiFT’s crane scales offer some of the highest weight capacities currently available in the market by implementing the latest technologies.


Even when weighing 20-30 tons of material, our crane scales manage to achieve 0.1% of precision in weighing measurements.


  • Material handling: It improves the weighing of awkwardly shaped items and ensures a stable attachment for secure lifting.


  1. Material selection: We select the top-tier industrial-grade material in the manufacturing of crane scales that enables it to withstand harsh industrial environments that contain heat, fire, acids, etc.


CUBLiFT prefer stainless steel because of its incredible strength and corrosion resistance that offers long term benefits to our clients

How to Measure Range and Resolution of a Crane Scale?

A crane scale is an ideal piece of equipment for industrial, commercial, sports, agriculture, and leisure.

These industrial scales belong to the group of mechanical balances that doesn’t require an electronic component or a power supply for measurements and display.

A Crane scale measures weight with the help of the relationship between force and spring travel.

For a certain range of values, the distance covered during stretching/compression is proportional to the applied force.

Due to their ergonomic design, the advanced load cells of these scales are extremely robust against environmental influences.

The measuring range and the resolution of a crane scale can be varied via the following:

  • The material of the spiral spring
  • The thickness of the spiral spring
  • The geometry of the spiral spring

The measuring ranges of crane scales range from a few grams to several kilograms.

On the other hand, the resolution of the crane scale is commonly one-hundredth of the measuring range because of its readability.

Figure 17.1 – Measuring Range and Resolution of a Crane Scale

What is Zero Point and Tare in a Crane Scale?

Zero-point is a crane scale primary function that can return the scale to zero when nothing is placed on it to start new weighing processes or finish one.

On the other hand, tare can be used to remove the unwanted weight of an item from the scale, such as a container.

Tare helps us know the actual weight of the product. In the latest crane scale models, the zero points can be easily adjusted.

What is the Accuracy of a Crane Scale?

The measuring accuracy of a standard crane scale is 0.2% and thus is often even better than the resolution.

At CUBLiFT, we manufacture high-quality ergonomically designed crane scales that can even offer 0.1% weighing accuracy.

With the advanced load cells technology, we implement in our crane scales, you can get ultimate precision in your weighing processes.

Crane scales are easy to calibrate. Calibration of crane scales means loading test weights and comparing the result on display with the mass of that weight.

Figure 19.1 – Maintaining Precision with a Crane Scale

How to Measure Tensile and Compression Force with a Crane Scale?

Crane scales are put under tension for weighing, and the use of advanced weighing technology can help manufacturers achieve precision.

Measuring the mass is possible with weight force caused by gravity, and that’s the mechanism behind crane scales.

Attaching a weight with a crane scale, lifting it, and measuring tensile forces can give us the weight measurements.

Moreover, measuring compressive forces is also possible with crane scales.

These industrial scales are already equipped with hardware to measure both compression and tension forces.

The scale is compressed by the pressure and calculated. When measuring, it is important to place the scales at right angles to achieve accuracy.

How CUBLiFT Achieves Precision in Manufacturing of Crane Scales?

Crane scales are from the family of digital hanging scales, and they greatly changed the way of weighing objects.

These scales are portable and advanced as well can save space, cost, and time.

Moreover, crane scales are more precise than other industrial scales while working exceptionally for all sorts of weighing needs.

CUBLiFT is a fully optimized crane scale manufacturer that focuses on high performance and safety.

As technology advances, crane scales become more complicated to use but precise. We use advanced load cell technology in our ergonomically designed crane scales.

CUBLiFT has a vast library of durable, portable, and accurate crane scales that are compatible with any application.

What Things to Consider Before Purchasing a Crane Scale?

What benefits crane scales offer are fairly clear. Before going for the crane scale model that is ideal for your business, you need to consider the following:

The criteria for selecting a crane scale:

  • Weighing range: It’s probably the most important because it can determine immediately whether a particular crane scale is suitable for your applications or not.


  • Readability or resolution: It mostly depends on the weighing range of a crane scale. With the right manufacturer, you can get a resolution of 0.1 kg per 1500kg.


  • Calibration or verification: A verified crane scale is pre-calibrated and is difficult to change later. On the other hand, calibration crane scales enable you to calibrate your scale whenever required.


  • Follow-up cost: After purchasing one, its maintenance and calibration are the highest costs which are recommended annually. However, these costs completely depend on the accuracy and the weighing range of the crane scale.


  • Remote display and data transmission: A crane scale doesn’t require more than an integrated display. However, the latest models feature Bluetooth or ports to enable connectivity with other hardware devices.

Additionally, precision and accuracy are the most important factors to consider.

However, there are some secondary factors to consider that can be extremely helpful, including:

  1. Industry and applications: Making sure that a particular crane scale model can work efficiently in your particular work environment by fulfilling your application needs can determine its productiveness.


  1. Versatility: Crane scales that allow you to change measurement units are more versatile and easier to integrate into your work environments.


  • Easy to use: Some of the advanced crane scale models can be complex to use. Similar models can higher the risk of errors and accidents. Always go for a crane scale that your staff can understand and use efficiently.

Why Prefer CUBLiFT?

CUBLiFT crane scales are known for their accuracy, reliability, robustness, and availability with capacities from 30kg to 20 tons.

We don’t compromise on the quality and performance of crane scales, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility also enables customers to have cost-effective weighing solutions.

Each of our crane scales is ergonomically designed to perform your industrial tasks in the most accurate manner.

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