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Ring Load Cell
Tension Compression Load Cell

  • Protection: IP68 ratings
  • High and low Capacity range from 250kg to 10T
  • Measuring ranges from 0 … 100 N to 0 … 200 kN
  • Material: Stainless Steel material
  • Compress load cell, ring type, flat disc design fit compact installations
  • Symmetrical structure, completely laser-welded body 
  • Various sizes for different industrial application

Ring load cells allow the lowest profile for industrial process weighing applications. Its high-strength, heat-treated stainless steel structure provides high performance in most harsh working environments. Contact us to find more weight load cells and customized weigh module solutions as well.

Ring Load Cell Canister Load Cell(HX-001 100kg ) (27)

Ring Load Cell

Canister Load Cell(HX-002) (30)

Ring Load Cell

Ring Load Cell Canister Load Cell(Z-003 5000kg) (32)

Ring Load Cell

Ring Load Cell Canister Load Cell(HX-004 200KN)

Ring Load Cell

CUBTEC: Your Premier Ring Load Cell Manufacturers & Suppliers

Why can a ring load cell measure capacity be from 20kg to 1000T?


From the outside look, you can find this tension load cell looks like a flange, and it is called a ring load cell sensor.

The ring load cell has a large measure range from 20kg to 1000ton, mainly due to its shape like a flange with a stable structure. There is a belief that the entire surface of the ring load cells can be subjected to forces, but in fact, it is not.

The force area refers to the threaded hole in the middle of the ring load cell sensor and the bulge tabs around the threaded hole. The threaded hole of the load cell is the mounting hole for mounting purposes. The middle of the cover plate is also not allowed subject to force impact.

Inside the cover plate is the circuitry and strain gauges, direct force impact will damage the ring load cell sensor. The correct way to use the ring load cell sensor is to press the middle bulge tab directly or to use the bolt to connect the middle threaded hole, then apply pressure so as to get the applied force measurement value. 

Given that the ring load sensor is a tension & compression dual-purpose load cell, you can also connect the threaded hole in the middle to measure tension.
In the process of using the load cell sensor, if the height of the bulge tab is too low for your installation, we can also add some auxiliary accessories, such as this pressure head, gasket, etc. So after the installation of the gasket, we can directly press the position of the pressure gasket section for force measurements. 

Since the measurement range of this ring load cell sensor is very large, from 20 kg to 1000 tons can be measured, Therefore, it has a wide range of applications and is often used in weighing modules that measure in a tensile manner.

CUBTEC: Your Premier Ring Load Cell Manufacturers & Suppliers

Ring load cells are doughnut-shaped tension/compression load cells.

We also call it ring type load cells.

It features high precision and rigged compact engineered structures.

Standard Ring load cells are made with selected materials like alloy steel with nickel-plated finishing, and high-quality stainless steel as well.

Thus, the ring torsion load cells are rigged enough for any high-capacity loading weighing task.

The ring type load cells are available in various capacities and inner diameter sizes.

Its measuring ranges from 2kg up to 20,000kg covering a big span of weighing applications.

You can find miniature ring load cells with a super flat disc design with a tiny measure capacity of 0~100N which is used in space-limited areas.

You can also find high-capacity ring torsion load cells with a capacity of up to 200KN which are widely used in weighbridges, truck scales, vehicle weighing scales, tank weigher, silo weighing scales, axle scales, weigh pads and more processing weigh systems.

Thanks to the high protection rating of IP66, IP67, IP68, ring force load cells are suitable for a variety of severe installation environments.

Meanwhile, it is dedicatedly designed symmetrically and hermetically sealed via laser welding.

You can expect high accuracy and perfect linearity from this product.

CUBTEC has been striving in the load cell manufacturing and supplying chain over decades.

We are confident that in this industry, our ring type load cells and other weigh load cells are more competent in both quality and price compared to other international big names.

Finding a reliable load cell manufacturer and supplier may be tricky under the current turbulent situation.

CUBTEC is here to offer you consistent quality load cells and weigh control solutions to your at very competitive prices and superb services.

We are confident to are the right one for you to cooperate with from so many load cells companies in the market. Order or no order, we will be always here to support you.

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