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Top Pallet Truck Manufacturer Companies You Should be Using in Germany blog (8)Here are some potential pallet trucks manufacturers & suppliers in Germany that you can entrust to deliver high-quality reliable equipment in 2021. There are millions of pallet truck companies in Germany but this list points out the top best dealers.

It is anticipated that the global pallet trucks industry would gain momentum in the post-covid world. The following are some of the top pallet truck manufacturers employing cutting-edge techniques and technology to stay competitive in 2021.


STILL GmbH has more than 50 years of expertise in the design and manufacturing of pallet trucks. With this experience, they understand what is essential to the operator. It is located in Hamburg, Germany.

Continuous improvements have been made to the design and manufacture of these pallet trucks. They have perfected in manufacturing pallet trucks of different shapes, sizes, and load capacities.

It is well acknowledged that the heavy-duty pallet truck model fits your hand comfortably, gives you a solid sense of how it works, and speeds up your job.  STILL GmbH has been manufacturing pallet trucks with high-speed lifts for almost 30 years.

HZT Hebe & Zurrtechnik

 With this company, their commitment to safe working conditions extends well beyond sales! As a producer and distributor of pallet trucks in Germany, they provide a full variety of goods and services at the top level.

Their staff have several years of combined experience and have received specialized training from reputable institutions.

They are continuously improving the efficiency of their internal procedures to attain quick response times for their customers.

Willecke Hebe

Willecke Hebe has 35 years of effective expertise in solving your transportation and storage problems. Because they selected pallet trucks and scissor lifting tables, they have previously been able to meet a wide variety of unique difficulties for their customers.

Their services include personalized consultations, project planning, and financial assistance, as well as client service. Take advantage of their wide range of expertise.

In the end, you’ll save money with their price-performance ratio. In the field of specialized transportation and storage using lifting equipment, they excel at finding solutions to difficult problems.

Lödige Industries

This multinational corporation was established in 1948 to manufacture and supply pallet trucks in Germany. It has a large number of subsidiary companies.

The company is now held by the family and employs over a thousand people all around the globe. Lödige provides material handling solutions for a broad variety of industries, with a focus on logistical material flow systems.

Cargo handling terminals are the company’s specialty. For example, the product line comprises solutions for forklifts, pallet jacks, pallet trucks boom lifts, electric stackers, etc. It also features fully automated weighbridges for commercial use.

Crown Gabelstapler

As a leading developer in the material handling industry, Crown has built a reputation for developing and selling high-quality pallet trucks and technology storage solutions.

Also, they manufacture Forklift parts, including motors, drive units, and electronic modules available in all their outlets. Crown develops and produces 80 – 90 percent of its forklift components.

At Crown, they make it happen with their automated processes. Crown develops, produces, sells, and maintains material handling products and technologies that offer clients better value for their money. If you are in Germany make sure to get in touch with them for their exclusive offers.

Cargo Plast.

Cargo Plast® GmbH was founded in 1998 in Germany as a privately owned entity. They have been manufacturing and selling lifting equipment, material handling equipment’s like pallet trucks and forklifts.

Because of the diverse nature of their products, their company’s strength can be traced back to its founders. For specialized applications, they provide cutting-edge bespoke solutions.

They also offer repair services to old broken pallet trucks at your preferred location. Individual advice, high-quality products, and on-time delivery are all hallmarks of their business. Their main goal is to provide competent processing.

Czulkowski Rental

To transport equipment or plant components, go no farther than Czulkowski Rental. They have everything you need from a compact pallet truck to a heavy-duty pallet truck, electric travel gear to a pick-and-carry crane.

Renting trucks and lifting equipment from well-known brands allows you to accomplish any job efficiently, securely, and conveniently. They also provide a wide range of other services, such as those provided by operators and technical teams.

Additionally, as specialists in “heavy-duty machinery” and authorized JMG service partners, they take care of your current pallet truck inspections (UVV). Please get in touch with them right away to get a free, no-obligation quote.

Bauer Gmbh

In addition to forklift truck attachments and environmental goods, Bauer GmbH also designs and produces pallet trucks, stackers, weighbridges, etc. The business was established in 1966 and now employs sophisticated tech and is one of the top Germany pallet truck manufacturers in this area.

Using highly qualified personnel and cutting-edge manufacturing equipment ensures their goods satisfy the strictest safety and quality requirements. First, it is ISO 9001-certified and since 1993, the business has implemented a quality assurance management system to ensure consistently excellent quality. All their products are “BAUER-made.”

Omega Waagen

They provide a comprehensive service portfolio of pallet trucks, forklifts, weighing scales, pallet stackers, and weighbridges. Numerous clients have previously benefited from the development and implementation of customized solutions from this company.

They also provide scale inspection, calibration, and gauging as a part of their overall package of products. To allow their clients to focus on their main business, they provide them with a comprehensive solution that handles the control of inspection, measurement, and testing equipment.

Laweco Maschinen

LAWECO has established itself as a first-class pallet truck supplier across Germany by providing a broad variety of high-quality lifting systems and outstanding customer service.

One of LAWECO’s core services is the design and manufacturing of pallet trucks for a variety of industry sectors, including construction. The LAWECO product line includes pallet trucks, forklifts, weighbridges, scales, pallet stackers to meet the needs of any lifting application.

The CARGO MASTER brand, a well-known name in ground handling equipment for aircraft, is also available. There are many types of pallet trucks that they provide, such as belt-drive, electric pallet trucks, sit-down and stand-up pallet trucks, scissor lifts, etc.


With the appropriate handling equipment, you can significantly increase the efficiency of your warehouse operations. All these pallet truck companies will help in ensuring efficiency in your warehouse operations while also promoting efficient mobility inside and around your facility’s facilities.

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