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Top Pallet Truck Manufacturer Companies You Should be Using in the World blog (10)The pallet truck industry is undergoing a great deal of upheaval right now. Some companies have come together to form a new entity while others are combining technology to offer consumers one-stop shopping.

It is anticipated that the global pallet trucks industry would gain momentum in the post-covid world. The following are some of the top pallet truck manufacturers employing cutting-edge techniques and technology to stay competitive in 2022.


Toyota is well-known for the dependability of the products it creates. Pallet trucks are pallet trucks, regardless of who makes them.

Most of Toyota’s pallet trucks are produced in the United States, Indiana plant, where they have been a leading forklift producer for many years now. Toyota also has one of the most extensive dealer networks in North America, selling its products all across the U.S., Canada, and the U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI).

In addition to brand-new pallet trucks, powered pallet jacks, and electric pallet jack with scale this large dealer network also offers a large selection of pre-owned models. Purchasing a pre-owned item is an excellent way to save money as well as reduce operational expenses in the short term.

Crown Equipment

Crown Equipment is one of the largest manufacturers & suppliers of pallet trucks with annual sales of $3.65B in 2020. It is based in the heart of the country’s industrial heartland, in Detroit, Michigan.  They also have other manufacturing plants in west-central, North Carolina, and Indiana.

Crown has won a slew of accolades that recognize its capacity to develop cutting-edge pallet trucks that improve safety and productivity in the lifting industry.  They design their products to withstand the toughest real-world obstacles both in indoor and outdoor applications.

Rico Equipment

Rico’s equipment is famously known for designing, fabricating, and assembling its lifting equipment. This company does everything from engineering to welding to finishing touches like paint and testing.

There is total quality control to ensure customer satisfaction and enhance brand awareness. The company announced the release of the heavy-duty Pallet truck series, which is intended for optimum mobility and safety in the most dangerous and explosive situations.

This design is available in three different configurations: walk-behind, stand-up rider, and walkie rider. They have their pallet trucks customized in different configurations to cater to the needs of all their clients. Here, you will find pallet trucks of capacities up to 1200 lbs.

Jungheinrich AG

Jungheinrich has been a prominent manufacturer and supplier of all types of lifting equipment’s including pallet trucks for over 60 years now.   The Jungheinrich product line includes over 600 different types of pallet trucks and other industrial forklifts.

Their pallet trucks are engineered towards meeting all industrial needs. In case of any specific needs, they create bespoke equipment for you that is tailored to your exact specifications.

Depending on your requirements, they may provide strong pallet trucks with a variety of drive options. Additionally, they have a unique reach truck that is capable of lifting items to 12 meters high.

Choosing pallet trucks from Jungheinrich will reduce your operational expenses as well as increase possible savings by 20%.  Furthermore, you can simply improve your throughput efficiency by using pallet trucks from Jungheinrich.


Mitsubishi is a forklift selling company with headquarters in Japan and branches all over the world. Their pallet trucks are commonly used to handle loads safely, quickly, and easily. They use less energy and have fewer wear components because of their highly robust, stamina, and well-protected structure.

They are engineered to function dependably even on uneven terrain and in severe circumstances, and they are designed to keep up with the demands of lengthy shifts while remaining simple to use – even for inexperienced drivers.

Hyster-Yale Materials Handling, Inc.

Hyster is a well-known global pallet truck manufacturer. Hyster is a prominent designer and producer of lift trucks with over 90 years of expertise. In addition to supplying robust lift trucks, the business is committed to serving its customers. The pallet trucks are designed to lift 2,000 pounds to 105,000 pounds. Rider low pallet trucks are available, as well as walkie and enclosed end pallet trucks, as well as a variety of other models. Pedestrian low pallet trucks, as well as a variety of other models.


Noveltek is a well-known global leader in pallet truck manufacturing and distribution. This Company has so far sold Pallet Trucks to over 40 different nations.

In addition to Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, countries on the list include Belgium and the Netherlands as well as Austria and Germany as well as the United Kingdom.

Other countries on the list include Greece, Australia, and the United States as well as Canada. The pallet trucks are constructed using the highest-quality selected raw materials that have been approved for use by international bodies.

Clark Material Handling

Since 1917, Clark has been a leader in the manufacture of material handling equipment. The company has gained some experience through the years, similar to some of the other century-old pallet truck manufacturers in the industry.

To them, one of the most essential assets is their workers, and they take great pleasure in having one of the widest selections of pallet truck equipment available, covering five main product lines. They have been named as one of the exquisite places to work in Kentucky, where they are headquartered.

Clark is the driving force behind the material handling business.   Customers may choose from a wide variety of fuel kinds and lift capabilities when buying a pallet truck from them.

Kion Group

Kion is a global leader in the manufacture and distribution of pallet trucks and other industrial lifting equipment. Industry-specific vehicles such as forklift trucks and warehouse equipment are part of their integrated product offering.

There are presently around 36,000 people working in the company. They have over 1.5 million pallet trucks and forklifts deployed worldwide. Material flow and information are uniforms across all their distribution centers in various countries.

In 2020, it was Europe’s biggest forklift truck and warehouse equipment producer and the world’s second-largest by units sold. Based on sales, they are the top warehouse automation supplier in 2021.


Komatsu is one of the highest-ranked pallet truck manufacturers and suppliers in 2021. The company has 25 factories in different countries across the world. In their pallet truck business, they make electrical, hydraulic, semi-electrical, and manual pallet trucks.

There is a varied selection of Komatsu pallet trucks accessible, including a variety of types and sizes that are designed to meet the requirements and specifications of various customers. You can afford them because of the substantial discounts and special offers they are offered at.

These Komatsu pallet trucks are built to last thanks to their sturdy construction and use of quality materials. The pallet truck enhances lifting duties beyond comprehension by using cutting-edge technology. They take pride in having very low failure and breakdown rates.


If you’re seeking to purchase a high-quality, dependable pallet truck, go no further than one of the pallet truck manufacturer companies listed above. Additionally, if you want to cost-save, consider purchasing a secondhand pallet truck from a trustworthy vendor. A great approach to save some money right now! CUBTEC is a China-based pallet jack manufacture supplier, our pallet trucks are welcomed by buyers from different lines of the industry across the world. Contact us today for a better price and life-long service.


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