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Compact Electric Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT Manufactures & Supplies High Quality compact electric pallet jack

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Compact Electric Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT, your best pallet jack manufacturer with 20+ years of experience, manufactures and supplies the superb compact electric pallet jack

  • CE, TüV qualified pallet jacks series
  • Standard fork size: 1150mm 1200mm Custom 2000mm
  • 10 seconds quick-change 4 x 12V/20Ah maintenance-free battery
  • Travel Speed Unloaded/Fully Loaded: 2.5/2.2 mph
  • Capacity 500~3000
  • Compact pallet trucks turning radius can be only 50″
Economic Semi-Electric Pallet Jack 1500kg

● Model: BM1 (semi-electric Pallet Jack)
● Capacity (kg): 1500/1800
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1353/1426
● Battery Powered:48V / 10AH

Compact Electric Pallet Jack Walkie 1800kg

● Model: BE1 (Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500/1800
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1220
● Fork overall width (mm): 550/685
● Battery Powered: 24V / 65AH

Compact Electric Pallet Jack Rider Style 3000kg

● Model: BE2 ( Rider Style)
● Capacity (kg): 2000/2500/3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 560/685
● Battery Powered:24V/270AH/340AH

High lift Compact Electric Pallet Jack 1500kg

● Model:BMX
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500
● Lifting height(mm):800
● Fork overall length(mm):1150
● Fork overall width(mm):540/685
● Battery Powered: 12V / 70AH

All-Terrain Compact Electric Pallet Jack 1000kg

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BM-2000AT
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width (mm): 700/850
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Weight (kg): 280
● Battery Powered: 48V/32AH

Self-Loading Compact Electric Pallet Jack 500kg

● Model: LELS-500
● Capacity (kg): 500
● Lifting Height (mm): 800/1000/1300
● Fork overall L*W: 1150*540
● Battery Powered:12V / 45AH

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Truck Manufacturer in China

compact electric pallet jackCUBLiFT makes a variety of compact electric pallet jacks available at your disposal at a range of cost-saving prices. The compact electric pallet jack serves all load carrying and lifting in the store or warehouse that has tight workplaces. Compact electric pallet jack suits your demand and only needs basic knowledge to ensure it keeps up to the task.

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CUBLiFT offers a durable, and long-lasting compact pallet jack hence making a better return on investment for your business. The compact electric pallet jack performs difficult tasks due to its excellent strength making the operator’s work easier. A compact electric pallet jack absorbs much shock stabilizing it efficiently in performance.

CUBLiFT offers you a compact electric pallet jack that requires minimal maintenance saving on regular servicing costs. Compact electric pallet jack provides adequate power that runs difficult tasks for a longer period making the operators work excellent. Compact electric pallet jack has the option of lifting the load to a height of up to 750 mm, thus providing good posture for the job.

CUBLiFT provides you with a compact electric pallet jack of different sizes and makes ensures your work gets finished in time and saves you on the extra cost. Compact electric pallet jack can carry different sizes of the load depending on the type of your choice. The compact electric pallet jack has a considerable fork length that can pack a large number of goods.

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Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Compact Electric Pallet jack: Ultimate FAQs 1

About CUBLiFT.. 1


Scissor compact electric pallet jack BTM2CUBLiFT is well-known brand manufacture of all forklifts including compact electric pallet jack since 1999. Other forklifts include pallet jacks, drum lifters, reach trucks, pallet stackers, etc.

A compact electric pallet jack is one of the latest improvised pallet jacks with excellent features. The following buying guide answers all the burning questions raised by customers at CUBLiFT.

It is also the best outline for use when operating/running your compact electric pallet jack. For other questions, you might have about our product, leave a comment at the end.

We are always here to answer all your questions whether buying or not. Go through our outline and don’t forget to explore other products available on our website.

We will keep you posted with the latest products/features and prices. Your feedback will be highly appreciated!

1. What is a compact electric pallet jack?

compact electric pallet jack Table BTM3A compact electric pallet jack is a special type of forklift used in lifting, moving, and handling materials in warehouses. It has a compact design composed of an electric power drive.

With this compact electric pallet jack, you can achieve a lot especially in those jobs which required a tight schedule. In the food industry, it can be very useful in meeting deadlines.

It is the best forklift with a standard fork size that can fit in small/crowded spaces. The load capacity varies between 4,000lbs to 5,000lbs.

It is an electric pallet jack so it is powered by high-performing lithium-ion batteries. The compact electric pallet jack comes with heavy-duty forks with dimensions 48²×27².

This standard fork dimension makes our compact electric pallet jack perfect for use inside trucks/trailers. They can help you maneuver items from inside a truck during loading/offloading.

Our compact electric pallet jacks are commonly becoming popular due to their durability, compact size, and innovative design. They can travel at a speed of 3~4miles per hour.

Our compact electric pallet jack comes with a DC electric drive unit. It is also composed of a manual lift with a charge indicator.

Our electric pallet jack is often referred to as the world fast electric jack with a speed journey of 3~4 miles per hour. The forks have a length of 1540 mm.

In addition to its compact size, it’s lighter than a manual pallet jack as it weighs only 130kg. The lightweight and compact design make it a perfect companion in small working retail stores.

It can also be used in small aisles and tower lifts. It is the perfect tool for reducing driver strain pain while increasing productivity at the workplace.3 ton compact electric pallet jack BE2 list

CUBLiFT compact electric pallet jack can electrically lift and transport pallets of up to 1~3 tones. With its manual lever, the load can be lowered smoothly to the ground.

It is developed as a completely all-new lithium-ion pallet jack. The jack is equipped with a 20AH lithium-ion battery developed and produced under the highest quality and safety standards.

The light 3.7 kg battery can be easily exchanged single-handed and replaced with a spare battery if needed. It is a revolutionary pallet truck for all your lifting needs.

The net usage of the lithium-ion battery charge is tested at around 3~3.5 hours continuously. With CUBLiFT lithium-battery you do not need to worry about the following;

– Battery maintenance

– Battery refill

– Long charging cycles.

The lithium-ion battery of the pallet jack is maintenance-free, does not require any refill, and can be optimally charged at any time. A full charging cycle only takes 21/2 hours.

Overall, CUBLiFT compact electric pallet jack is the perfect upgrade of a manual pallet jack at a great price. It is easy to service, simple to use, and provides more comfort to the user/operator.

Check out this unique, cost-effective compact electric pallet jack at our outlets. You can also visit us and get an onsite demonstration.

2. Why should I choose a compact electric pallet jack?

Scissor compact electric pallet jack BTM1This Compact electric pallet jack is a great upgrade for those moving heavy loads with basic manual equipment. It’s therefore one of the reasons you should opt for this pallet jack.

If your company is planning to move 1500~3000 pounds to a distance of 100 feet or more, this is the perfect tool for that. Don’t expose your employees to pull strain that may result in injuries later.

This compact electric pallet jack features a strong, permanent magnetic drive motor and a manual pump that can lift to 3300 pounds. It can also travel under power and normal walking speeds.

Compared to a manual pallet jack, this compact jack can help your workers accomplish up to twice as quickly. It allows them to focus on higher-value activities at the workplace.

Our compact electric pallet jack is designed just like a typical manual pallet jack with a full steel rear. This rear is strong enough to take the abuse of moving heavy loads while stoutly constructed.

The compact pallet jack weighs in at just a mere 300 pounds/120kg. This makes it the perfect choice for use over retail or commercial floors where the bulkier trucks can cause damage.

The two maintenance-free batteries provided an onboard power of 110volts. This makes our compact jack an easy unit to display and use just about anywhere.

1 Ton compact electric pallet jack BE1 list (5)Control of the compact electric pallet jack is simple and intuitive with an ergonomic control head that features basic push buttons.  The pushbuttons are for forward and reverse travels for the jack.

We have also improvised the compact jack with a three-position level for lifting and lowering pallets. The manual pump and the neutral settings are used during travel.

Given the low tiller mount and 180˚steering arc our compact electric pallet jack give you a tight turning which is virtually effortless.  The 180˚ steering arc makes our pallet jack more flexible.

Unlike manual pallet jack where the only way to stop is to drop the load, the compact pallet jack features electric brakes for improved safety and control.

CUBLiFT compact electric pallet jack features a heavier capacity than the manual pallet jack. This added feature is an even more important consideration when comparing it to manual products.

Also, included in our compact electric pallet jack is a belly button reversing switch and an emergency power disconnect. They also have a battery charge indicator and a key switch.

The key switch helps to limit access to only approved personnel. Why do all the strains when you can move more and hurt less with a compact electric pallet jack to help you out?

3. How does a compact electric pallet jack operate?

1500kg Semi-electric pallet jack BMIn today’s history, the compact electric pallet jack is vital to daily operations. It provides valuable services in areas where materials are frequently handled.

This compact electric pallet jack provides you with a simple yet powerful method of moving materials around your workplace with ease.

Even though there are many types and styles of an electric pallet jack, they all have one thing in common. That is the way they operate or are operated.

Even though they seem simple to use, they can be very dangerous when used by an untrained person or in an unsafe manner. At CUBLiFT, we help you figure out how to safely operate a pallet jack.

This training will enable you to deliver your load while still avoiding injury and property damage. It has never been a better time to learn how a compact electric pallet jack operates.

These electric jacks are often called pallet trucks and are designed for lifting and palletizing materials over relatively short distances. These pallet jacks can either be the walker or the rider.

The walker pallet jack is designed to walk ahead or behind while operating the controls. The rider pallet jack is designed to be operated by the user while on the platform floor of the pallet jack.

A common feature you will find in most of our pallet jacks is a reverse switch found on the t-bar. This t-bar helps protect the user from being pinned between the handle and the hub.

4. Do I need a compact electric pallet jack if I have a manual pallet jack?

compact electric pallet jackCUBLiFT offers various types of pallet jacks for anyone who needs to move their materials in a horizontal transport application. Depending on your unique needs and ergonomic benefits it’s good to choose the perfect pallet jack.

Having a manual pallet jack is not a guarantee that you will improve productivity around your workplace. That why we bring you the new compact electric pallet jack that covers all your needs.

With its effortless motion, it speeds up delivery drops and prevents injury from drivers struggling with heavy pallets. Due to its compact shape, it can lift pallets of up to 3300 pounds.

Besides the shape, the compact pallet jack has a kill key and a start/stop button. This means your jack won’t experience any lost keys.

Unlike the manual pallet jack, this compact pallet jack is designed to have 2-speed settings. We have the rabbit speed used in quick movements and the Tuttle speed used in awkward loads.

This compact electric pallet jack is less strenuous for employees to operate. Unlike manual pallet jack, this electric jack is 100% safe to operate and has faster performance.

Our compact electric pallet jacks can operate on an inclined space and can move heavy loads as easily as light ones.

Due to the many ergonomic benefits that come with a compact electric pallet jack, it’s good to have it around your business even if you have a manual pallet jack.

5. What is the load capacity of a compact electric pallet jack?

The compact electric pallet jack can lift a load capacity of up to 3300lbs. We also manufacture other customized pallet capacities that are below 3300lbs or above.

For heavy-duty lifting, you can choose our heavy-duty compact electric jacks with a load capacity of 6,000lbs. You can also check our latest prices and load capacities from our website,


6. How do you power a compact electric pallet jack?

To power your compact electric pallet jack you need a lithium-ion battery. The quick charge of the battery is 2.5 hours and can last for 3 hours per charge.

The screen on the handle can display the battery life/percentage. We also have additional quick charge batteries available that help you eliminate time by quickly swapping batteries.

You can test the next usage for a charge after 3 hours. These lithium-ion batteries do not need to be refilled, they have a very short charging cycle and do not need a lot of maintenance.

To use your compact electric pallet jack, insert the key and twist the emergency disconnected switch. The push-button lift control allows you to effortlessly move the forks.

The forks can be raised to 7~8² and lowered to 3²to release the lever and lower the forks. You can simply turn the forward/reverse thumb wheels to move the pallet jack.

The control handle also has a safety reverse button to ensure the safety of the user. Whatever your material handling needs are, you can rely on CUBLiFT to have the solution.

7. Where can I get a compact electric pallet jack for my business?

Right here at CUBiFT. We offer a high-quality compact electric pallet jack with ergonomic benefits.

We have the best prices in the market for your compact electric pallet jack. All your needs a well- catered for at CUBLiFT.

8. What are the features of a compact electric pallet jack?

The compact pallet jack features an ergonomically designed handle for minimizing wrist movement. It also provides a solid grip with exceptional maneuverability.

The removable lithium-ion battery features an external charge with an easy battery change. The pallet jack gives you effortless goods movement with a maximum speed of 4~5 miles per hour.

The wheels of the pallet jack are made with polyurethane material which does not leave any markings on the floor. It increases efficiency and safety around your workplace.

You can call us today for any demonstrations. The belly reverse safety button located at the top of the handle reverses the unit if it comes into contact with the operator.

The lower lift and the horn foot buttons are conveniently located at the operator’s fingertips. This minimizes fatigue while allowing travel forward and reverse as well as speed control.

Braking is accomplished by raising the handle to the upright position. This compact pallet jack features an electromagnetic disc brake with automatic delay when the handle is released.

We have equipped the pallet jack with an automatic emergency stop button as well as a separate turtle button for slower speeds. Also, the electric pallet jack comes with a separate battery charger.

At CUBLiFT, we have a 180~day parts warranty and a 2~year warranty for the hydraulic pump. We have the latest compact electric pallet jack features ready to be upgraded in your pallet jack.

9. How do I ensure my compact electric pallet jack is in good shape?

To increase the life span of your compact electric pallet jack, you need to maintain it well. This includes taking care of the rotating parts by oiling and greasing them.

We also have the battery which needs to be checked frequently and changed often. Ensure you regularly lubricate the connecting parts and around the wheel and axel.

Also, ensure the pallet jack walks on a smooth surface with no obstacles that can damage the wheels. Things like metal remains and nails can cause puncture on the wheels.

Other maintenance includes proper storage and regular cleaning. Ensure you store the jack away from entries/exits to avoid injuring your workers.

10. What are the safety precautions for handling a compact electric pallet jack?

CUBLiFT is dedicated to 100% customer satisfaction while maintaining a safe working environment. Before you get on a pallet jack, you need to look at the data plate and make sure the capacity is rated to what you are going to be doing.

You can perform pre-inspection or pre-trip to your pallet jack before operations. If you find a defect, make sure you contact your dealer immediately.

Make sure you have a stable load during lifting and lowering. You do not want the load to be too high or too low.

When the pallet jack is in motion, make sure you stay inside the leg. It is not safe to keep one leg out or swig during operations.

When unloading freight to take on to a lift gate to directly take it to a store, ensure you turn the handle sideways for effective movement.

You need to pay attention to the direction of travel of the jack. You also need to secure the pallet jack with a strap as an unsecured pallet jack can easily roll over and cause accidents.

Also, do not exceed the given speed limit. The walking speed of the jack is usually 2~3 miles in an hour. Maintain proper speed to avoid knockouts.

Watch for pedestrian traffic or any bystander. Make sure your pallet jack moves to a complete stop before exiting off the platform. Avoid jumping out of the pallet jack while still in motion.

Lastly, make sure you sound your horn while coming in and out of your warehouse. This is to alert pedestrians that you are approaching.

11. Is it better to push or pull a compact electric pallet jack?

You find that many compact electric pallet jack drivers are having trouble moving heavy pallet jacks around. They strain a lot in pushing the pallets around.

To avoid all these strains, just pull the pallet jack by walking behind it or in front. Pulling does not require a lot of strain as compared to pushing the pallet jack.

12. Do compact electric pallet jacks have broken?

Yes, compact electric pallet jacks have breaks for stoping them. The breaks help in controlling the pallet jack and ensuring safety at the end of the operation.

If you have any type of grade in your warehouse, the hand brake will allow your truck to stay in position. The unique little feature of the lock keeps the brake on to help you load and unload your pallets.

For your safety and the safety of your crew, I would recommend this pallet jack as a safe item for use around your workplace. It has modern equipped brakes with the recent technology upgrade.

13. Why should I choose a compact electric pallet jack made by CUBLiFT?

CUBLiFT is a renowned forklift manufacturer for over 15 years now. With this experience, we are fit to be your next brand manufacture of the compact electric pallet jack.

We have enough experience with over 1000+ engineers, mechanics, a sales team, and customer support personnel. We also have inbuilt labs for testing our machines after manufacture.

Also, we offer the best prices for the latest forklifts. We also offer on-site demonstrations to make sure your pallet jack is fit for use.

With all these and other ergonomic benefits which come with using our products, we guarantee you 100% high-quality products. You can also send us an inquiry through email or fill in the contact detail available on our website.

Welcome to CUBLiFT and explore 1000+ different varieties of forklifts.

14. What is the speed travel for a compact electric pallet jack?

The speed travel of a normal compact pallet jack is 3~4 miles per hour. Avoid exceeding the speed travel for more safety of your items, your pallet jack, and your employees.

</>15. What to do when my compact electric pallet jack won’t start?

Just contact your manufacturer for more guidance on the same. Avoid fixing the pallet jack by yourself.

You can also replace your old broken electric pallet jack with a new compact electric jack from CUBLiFT. In this way, you will ensure a free flow of productivity and efficiency around your workplace.

Compact Electric Pallet Jack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide 2

Before choosing a compact electric pallet truck, you need to have all the necessary information for the right decision.

It would be best to consider the main factors: quality, durability, design, manufacturer, price, and functionality.

Below we will introduce answers to the most critical questions that may arise in your head while choosing a compact electric pallet jack.

What is a Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

Compact electric pallet jacks, also known as pallet jacks, are used in warehouses or for pallet movement from one place to another.

The indifference with manual trucks, these are automated trucks, which makes them easier to operate.

Compact electric pallet jacks are a combination of manual trucks and electric trucks, as they are compact like manual trucks but have the ergonomics of electric trucks.

Compact electric pallet jacks increase productivity by saving time, as they do the moving much faster.

In addition to this, as the jacks are automated, they will help the worker lift all the heavy stuff. Most of the trucks lift pallets to 5000 lbs.

As the compact electric pallet jacks are a bit harder to operate, the workers may need some training before using them.

What are the Training Requirements of Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

Training is a must for anyone working in logistics to know how everything operates and avoid any damage.

It is an additional cost for the companies to train the employees. However, it is every company’s responsibility to arrange the training.

Personal Requirements

One of the main requirements for operating the compact electric pallet jack is physical capabilities.

The worker should be physically ready to manage heavy stuff, so if you have any health problems such as heart issues on spinal pain, this work may not be suitable for you.

Companies may not take risks and put the life of the workers in danger.

Safety Guidelines

One of the main reasons why the workers are required to pass training is safety.

Safety requirements include the emergency stop of the truck, loading capacity, etc.

Although each track has its regulations, but try not to overload the truck, it is better to underload a bit than overload.

What are the Most Important Aspects You Should Consider Before Buying a Pallet Jack?

Before choosing a compact electric pallet jack or any other truck, you should understand your needs. Below you’ll find a couple of essential factors that you should consider before buying a pallet jack.

The Size of Facility

If your facility is significant, we will advise you to choose electric hand pallet trucks because they are more comfortable for long distances.

However, if your warehouse is not very big, then the compact electric pallet jacks may be what you are looking for.

In manual pallet trucks, the workers may get tired of moving the trucks in large facilities.

Weight of the Pallets

Electric hand pallet trucks are designed for heavier and taller pallets. It makes the lifting more comfortable.

On the other hand, manual pallet trucks and compact electric pallet jacks are more comfortable for lighter pallets.


Pallet trucks are a long-term investment, so even if it is costly, keep in mind that you will use them for a long time.

Electric hand pallet trucks are usually more expensive, and some additional attributes may add up to cost.

Compact electric pallet jacks may be more cost-effective. However, it highly depends on the manufacturer, quality, additional attributes, etc.

How Should You Operate Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

Below we will provide overall operating requirements, however, each truck has its guideline to read it before using it carefully.

Firstly, check if the battery is fully charged and the truck is ready for operating.

Take the Handler and check if the forks are evenly placed and close to the ground.

Start the truck and use the Handler to move it.

Move the forks under the pallet you want to move and raise it from the ground.

Place the pallet in the desired location, and make sure that it is placed right.

With the help of the Handler, direct the truck to the destination.

Once you are in the desired location, use the down arrow on the Handler to place the pallets on the ground.

Gently remove the forks and leave the pallets.

When you are done, start to charge it so that it is ready for the next use.

What Should You Do Before Starting Operating the Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

Before starting the operations, make sure to check what is the maximum loading capacity for the jack to avoid any failures.

Read the manual, and if there is missing any information, report about the problem.

Inspect the compact electric pallet jack one more time and check if there are broken or malfunctioning parts.

Read the safety instructions, such as information about emergency stops or what you should do if you lose control over the jack.

Double-check if there is liquid on the floor, if it is slippery, or there is something that may disrupt the compact electric pallet jack (liquid or materials).

How Much Does a Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

The compact electric pallet jack’s price depends on factors such as capacity, design, manufacturer, quality, etc.

Overall, if you want a quality compact electric pallet jack, which serves you for many years, it may be costly.

Mini pallet jacks, which weigh 2000 kg, may cost around $150-250. It may be suitable for light pallets.

Some manufacturers produce compact electric pallet jacks with a load capacity of 1T-3T, and it may cost around $3,000-3,500.

So before buying the jack, you should understand the essential characteristics that your warehouse may need.

Do You Need a License for a Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

In order to control a compact electric pallet jack, one is not required to have a driver’s license.

However, to operate the compact electric pallet jack, you may need some certificates.

It depends on which country or city you are going to operate.

For example, many countries may not ask for standard certification but require a certification program.

After passing the training program, the companies may give the workers certification that they are already eligible for operating the jack.

It is important because otherwise, the workers may hurt themselves while operating the compact electric pallet jack.

How Much can a Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

Usually, compact electric pallet jacks can lift pallets to 3 tons.

However, there may be manufacturers who provide compact electric pallet jacks with a capacity of more than 3 tons.

Before buying the compact electric pallet jack, try to calculate the pallets’ weight to understand the lifting capacity needed.

Otherwise, you may buy a compact electric pallet jack that doesn’t meet your warehouse needs.

What are the Disadvantages of Compact Electric Pallet Jacks?

Compact electric pallet jacks can be quite costly, especially if you want to buy from famous manufacturers.

The maintenance of compact electric pallet jacks can be harder, as the system is more complex, and the repair can be time-consuming.

In addition to this, if something is broken, it is harder to get new parts.

Stopping the compact electric pallet jack can be harder and more challenging than other types of pallet trucks.

As the control of electric hand pallet trucks is more challenging, the workers may need additional training, which also requires time and money.

What are the Advantages of Compact Electric Pallet Jacks?

As compact electric pallet jacks’ operation is automated, it will lift, move, and lower the pallets without difficulty.

An automated system is also beneficial for workers, as they are not moving the truck by themselves, and it doesn’t cause any injuries.

The workers are just controlling the Handler and giving directions to the jack.

The system causes an increase in productivity as compact electric pallet jacks to complete the jobs more quickly and operate long distances.

If your warehouse is not very big and needs a compact and versatile jack that can operate even in small areas, compact electric pallet jacks are ideal.

How to Operate Compact Electric Pallet Jacks?

As was already mentioned above, workers should pass special training before operating compact electric pallet jacks.

Firstly try not to move compact electric pallet jacks up and down the slopes.

In order to keep the right balance, be careful to place forks evenly under load and try not to put too many pallets on one truck.

Before operating the jack, check if there is any liquid on the floor, and clean before starting the operation.

After loading the jack, do not turn the truck too sharply, do it gently. Otherwise, the pallets may fall.

Before stopping the compact electric pallet jacks, make sure that the area is not crowded and there is enough room for the truck.

We highly recommend checking the instructions and ask an experienced professional to do a demonstration for workers.

How Long does it Take to Charge Compact Electric Pallet Jacks?

The time required to charge a compact electric pallet jack is highly dependent on the power of the battery and the type of jack.

For the ideal case, charging of compact electric pallet jacks may last 3-4 hours.

Usually, compact electric pallet jacks may have two batteries, which may take a couple of seconds to change.

What are the Safety Regulations of the Batteries of Compact Electric Pallet Jacks?

The operations connected with batteries such as charging, replacement, or repair should be done only by professionals.

Before carrying out any work, carefully examine the manual because each manufacturer may have additional components.

Before charging the compact electric pallet jacks, make sure to be far from any flammable material which may cause a fire.

Keep fire extinguishers near the charging area so that in the case of fire, you can easily control the situation.

As the batteries have high voltage, we recommend you to keep any metal far from the batteries. Otherwise, it may cause sparks.

How Should You Charge Compact Electric Pallet Jacks?

Before charging the batteries, read the manual carefully and follow the instructions.

Avoid smoke areas while charging the batteries, and the place where the compact electric pallet jack is being charged should be ventilated.

As mentioned above, to avoid sparks, keep metal objects far away from the battery.

Check and be careful to turn the truck off before starting to charge the battery.

When the battery starts charging, you’ll notice a red light, which means it is successfully charged.

The green light tells that the battery is charged, and you can unplug it.

Be attentive because if you don’t unplug the battery after being fully charged, the battery may overheat.

What are the Main Differences Between Electric and Manual Pallet Trucks?

The main difference between eclectic and manual pallet trucks is the operation and price.

Electric hand pallet trucks are entirely automated, whereas, in manual trucks, workers move the trucks by themselves.

Manual pallet trucks are cheaper than electric ones.

Electric hand pallet trucks are more complex, and not everyone can operate efficiently.

However, manual trucks are more comfortable to operate, and the workers may not even need additional training. As the worker operates the jack with hand, it may cause injuries to them.

The maintenance of manual pallet trucks is more comfortable compared to electric hand pallet trucks.

Both types can be used and helpful in your facility. However, if this is your first purchase and you can’t afford both, try to research a lot before buying to make the right decision.

What are the Differences Between Electric Hand Pallet Truck and Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

The main difference between these two is the size.

Usually, people choose a compact electric pallet jack so that it quickly moves in small areas where other trucks wouldn’t be able to move.

For example, a compact electric pallet jack can be beneficial in narrow aisles, where the space is minimal.

What is a Semi-Electric Hand Pallet Truck?

However, semi-electric hand pallet trucks have all the beneficial characteristics of a usual electric hand pallet truck, however, at a lower cost.

The main characteristic of semi-electric hand pallet trucks is that the lifting of the loads is done manually. However, the movement is automated.

The speed is usually high for semi-electric hand pallet trucks, however, most of the trucks provide emergency stops and protection so that safety is ensured.

Most semi-electric hand pallet trucks can lift pallets to 2 tons.

How Heavy is a Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

On overage, a compact electric pallet jack may weigh around 130 kg.

Of course, weights may differ depending on the manufacturer and additional characteristics of the truck.

How to Prepare a Compact Electric Pallet Jack for Operation After Delivery?

Before operating the compact electric pallet jack, make sure that the equipment is ready, and the battery is full.

You can start operating the truck with an average amount of loads without overloading.

Be careful not to discharge the battery and start charging it when the battery is less than 20%.

Do not stop the truck immediately. Be gentle while starting and stopping the compact electric pallet jack.

Try to provide maintenance whenever you notice any problem with your jack.

How Can You Make the Life of Your Compact Electric Pallet Jack Longer?

Pallet trucks are expensive, so you need to take good care to use them for many years when you buy one.

If you inspect your equipment daily and take all the necessary actions, you can use it for decades.

Try to Lubricate the Pallet Jack Regularly

When you buy the jack from the manufacturer, it has already been lubricated, and you don’t need to lubricate it from the beginning.

Axles and wheels need to be lubricated at least once a month to have a smooth operation and make the lifespan longer.

Use the Compact Electric Pallet jack Safely

Operate the compact electric pallet jack on straight areas, and avoid any slopes, as the jack may reverse.

Avoid overloading the pallet jack; it will affect the wheels and break the equipment. Otherwise, you will be forced to replace the wheels more frequently and have more maintenance costs.

Check Where You Leave Your Equipment

Never leave compact electric pallet trucks outside because it may rain and completely get out of order.

Park it inside the building and away from crowded areas.

How to Choose the Right Wheels for the Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

After you decide what type of pallet jack you will buy(manual or electric), you should start choosing the wheels.

Each pallet jack requires a certain type of wheels, but also you should consider your own needs before buying.

Nylon Pallet Jack Wheels

The main advantage of nylon wheels is that it is suitable for rough conditions.

However, these wheels may leave a stain on the floors and have a louder noise while moving.

Nylon pallet jack wheels are more durable and are more resistant to external factors.

Polyurethane Pallet Jack Wheels

Polyurethane pallet jack wheels are the opposite of nylon pallet jack wheels.

These don’t leave a mark and also are not as loud as nylon pallet jack wheels.

However, the most significant disadvantage is that they won’t survive rough conditions and may break down after a couple of times.

The best choice may be to have two kinds of jack: the one with nylon wheels and other polyurethane wheels.

However, not everyone can afford two pallet jacks at the beginning.

So you need to understand which one suits the needs of your warehouse. If you don’t mind the noise and strain, then you can choose the nylon one.

However, if you are going to use it in retail and don’t want your customers to see marks on the floor or hear noises, you may choose the polyurethane pallet jack wheels.

How to Replace Pallet Jack Wheel?

To replace the compact electric pallet jack wheel, you need to follow a couple of easy steps, which will help you do it without additional help.

Firstly turn the compact electric pallet jack upside down, and put it in a comfortable position.

Use the hammer to remove four tension pins and the axle.

After that, put the new wheels in the same place, and then put back four tension pins and the axle. Do the same steps for every side.

There is nothing hard in replacing the wheels of your pallet jack; you need all the necessary equipment and a little bit of knowledge. This is not only saving time but it is also cheap.

How to Control Compact Electric Pallet Jack?

You can find both simple assembled and very complex compact electric pallet trucks. Below you’ll find the overall description of how to control usual compact electric pallet trucks.

On the control head, you’ll find the buttons for forward and reverse motions.

With the help of a steering arm, you can stop and turn the compact electric pallet jack.

The pushbuttons located on the control head will lift and lower the forks. Make sure that the forks are lowered before operating.

Use the manual to understand some additional elements and characteristics of the compact electric pallet jack to operate it in the right way.

How to Behave in the Case of Troubleshooting?

Below you’ll find common troubleshooting conditions and some possible solutions to those problems.

In many cases you can solve the problem by yourself, however, in certain cases, you may need to visit more professionals.

Jack is not Moving Forward or Reversing

Check the battery, and make sure if everything is normal with it.

The electrical fuse may be blown, so check it first and change it if it is needed.

Check the controller, and understand whether it is defective or not.

Jack is not Lifting

The loft cylinder may be damaged, so repair it if it is necessary.

Make sure that the battery of the compact electric pallet jack is fully charged.

Do not overload the jack, the forks may not lift because of overloading.

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