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5ton Pallet Jack | Heavy Duty Pallet Truck

Searching for high capacity pallet jacks? Looking for reliable pallet truck manufacture suppliers?

CUBLiFT,  your Chinese forklift manufacturer offers superior 5-ton pallet jacks at competitive factory price.

  • No MOQ required for standard pallet jack
  • CE approval pallet jack product
  • Load-capacity:1000/1500/2000/2500/3000/5000 KG
  • Fork Size(mm): 550*1100 / 685*1220 varies
  • Wheel Options: Nylon/PU/Rubber wheels
  • Steering Wheel(mm):  180*50
  • Power source:DC MOTOR

Customized 5 ton pallet jacks (10000 lb pallet jack) or any other hand pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks are available upon request.

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Heavy Duty & Reinforced Design Pallet Trucks for High-demanding Use

Standard 5 Ton Pallet Jack
Standard Manual 5 Ton Pallet Jack

● Model:BH standard Style
● Capacity (kg):5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 520/550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Turning Radius(mm): 1335
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon

Manual 5 Ton Pallet Jack for Sale
Manual 5 Ton Pallet Jack for Sale

● Model:BH extra-low Style
● Capacity (kg):5000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 520/550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm):55/165
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon

Electric Walkie Rider5 Ton Pallet Jack
10000 lb Elecctric Pallet Jack

● Model:BE2 ( Walkie Rider Style)
● Capacity (lb):10000
● Load center distance (mm): 600
● Fork overall length (mm): 1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 560/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/205
● Voltage/ Capacity/type:24V/340AH
● Wheel Type:PU

More Pallet Trucks Make Your Jobs Easier

As one of the most versatile warehouse equipment, it makes handling material efficient and makes storing pallets less time-consuming. Its low maintenance cost, improved efficiency, and easy maneuverability make it a must-have pallet jack for many distribution facilities and warehouses.

  • 1 ton pallet jack standard Style
  • 2 Ton Pallet Jack Standard PU Style
  • 3 ton compact electric pallet jack BE1
  • Ride-on Electric Pallet Stacker
    Ride-on Electric Pallet Stacker
  • 5 ton Capacity Reel Pallet Truck
    5 ton Capacity Reel Pallet Truck
  • Stand Up Counterbalanced Pallet Truck 5 ton Capacity
    Stand Up Counterbalanced Pallet Truck 5 ton Capacity

Why Choose 5 Tonne Heavy-Duty Pallet Jack From Us

Wholesale Pallet Jack price
Very Competitive price

Purchasing hand pallet jack start from $100.00, for your warehousing operations and whole sale & retail business.  Buy low cost pallet jack from CUBLiFT where a direct trusted factory source for pallet jacks and forklifts.

Fast Production Turn-Around
Heavy-duty Design

The high capacity 5 ton pallet jack comes with standard
tandem nylon wheels. Reinforced frame and selected components make it Ideal for high-demanding working environments both indoor and outdoor use.

Low Minimum Quantity
More Durable Structure

From the steel to the very single ball bearing from the pump system, We take wear and durability as the first consideration of material selection, reaching 1 million times of use is the highest standard which we strive for.

Worry-free Quality & Warranty
Overall Satisfaction Guarantee

Delivering the quality-lasting pallet trucks  that you deserve. Using best parts & components to make our products flawless, in additions to that,  a 2-year limited quality assurance on the pallet trucks from us are granted.

Heavy-duty Design for Moving Heavy Loads

Looking for tools to load and unload items in bulky quanity from one sites to another efficiently?
Here is one of the simplest solutions that places the load on suitable steel pallets.
CUBLiFT 5 ton pallet jacks are designed to move heavy goods, an perfect alternative tool to replace the inadequate or obsolete material handling equipment.  150% overload with a up to 5000kg capacity makes it suitable for most fast-paced warehouse lifting needs.

670x380 Content Blocks hand pallet jack
More Ergonomic & Increase Efficiency by 50% hand pallet Jack (1)2

Tailored to Your Needs | Large Pallet Jack

CUBLiFT durable and sturdy 5 ton pallet Jack can be tailor made for shipping and heavy lifting applications.

The pallet jack features an all steel chassis, you can choose customized pallet trucks with various length and width forks to fit into any size pallets in your worksites.

It comes with, excellent stability,  low price and 2 years advance warranty. Contact us for details.

Benefit from Your Committed Pallet Truck Manufacture Supplier

pallet jacks are available
Cost-saving Solution hand pallet jack

We supply extremely convenient & highly ergonomic 5-ton pallet jacks to assist your businesses that deal with large load movements. The industrial equipment CUBLIFT offers provides smooth, human-like movements, and eases the work process as well as lowering the risk of injuries to workers.

The ergonomic design of each of our equipment features is robust and requires minimal maintenance to ensure the unit lasts long. Contact us and get benefitted from the best-in-the-market 5-ton pallet jacks.

We More than Our Customers Want for Their Applications

Logistics Distribution Center

Dramatically facilitate shifting pallets from one place to another within a transfer site and leads to time efficiency. The rapidly increasing numbers of load flows and pallet trucks  mean that there has never been a better time to adopt this solution for your material handling applications.

Textile Weaving Factories

There are lots of fabric or raw material moving jobs in the textile factories. Perform textile industrial tasks with confidence since the pallet trucks help less labor, increase output, and safety. It will prioritize textile projects, accomplish more in a short period, promotes a positive workflow culture, and will promote a higher level of employee satisfaction.

Management supply chain Optimization

How to optimize the data of a warehouse, the answer is quality material handling equipment.

A pallet jack is  is a must-have for warehouses as they work as complex engines.

It promotes not only your satisfaction level but also the productivity of your warehouse loading processes, boosts morale, and reduces the frustration of your warehouse employees to achieve supreme performance.

Manufacturing Reels & Rolls Loading

Pallet jack is the right equipment for manufacturing reels loading and moving,  and complements human effort to continually raise the bar on the performance of a process. The selection of the right equipment is vital and a 5-ton pallet jack can save cost, time, and effort.

Wholesale Hardware Market

As the hardware market is composed of machines and humans working together, pallet jacks are an essential part of it.

Choosing it will not only increase the productivity of your business but will also eventually result in higher customer satisfaction.

Industrial standard 5 ton pallet jacks are the right options for moving the heavy loads in the working sites.

Exceptional Long-Term Hand Pallet Jack Banner image (2)
Heavy Duty and Reinforced Design for High-demanding Use

Heavy Duty Pallet Truck Manufacturers

CUBLiFT BH Series hand pallet jack delivers excellence without sacrificing performance.

5 Ton Pallet Jack-banner

Specifications BH50 BH50 BH50 BH50 BH50 BH50
capacity kg 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000 5000
pump type BF BF BF  DF  DF  DF
Wheel(type) PU  RU  Nylon PU  RU   Nylon
Steering wheel ΦO mm 180×50 180×50 180×50 180×50 180×50 180×50
Rear Wheel ΦO mm 80×70 80×70 80×70 80×70 80×70 80×70
Height Max. H   mm 195 195 195 195 195 195
Height Min. h   mm 85 85 85 85 85 85
Fork overall width W   mm 520/550/685 520/550/685 520/550/685 520/550/685 520/550/685 520/550/685
Fork overall length L    mm 800/900/1000/1100/1200
Steel fork thickness mm 5 5 5 5 5 5
Turning Radius mm 1265/1265/1335 1265/1265/1335 1265/1265/1335 1265/1265/1335 1265/1265/1335 1265/1265/1335
Color Red or Yellow options; More colors can be customized
Remarks standard standard standard standard standard standard


5-Ton Pallet Jack: Ultimate FAQs Guide

Introduction. 2


5-ton pallet jacks were invented to make tasks easier in places where heavyweights need to be lifted and moved from point A to B. This FAQ gives detailed information about the questions one may have before opting to purchase the 5-ton pallet jack. The FAQ puts into detail all the necessary information, even with the cons of the 5ton pallet jack, to help them know the measures needed to make the 5-ton pallet jack serve for a long period of time. The 5-ton pallet jack saves the customer financially where he or she would be forced to employ a large number of laborers to do the amount of work a 5-ton pallet jack can perform. The buying of the 5-tone pallet jack makes it uncomplicated for the manufacturer to get customer feedback. With the product’s customer review, the manufacturer can know which other pallet jack designs to be introduced into the market.

What does a 5ton pallet jack entail?

A 5-ton pallet jack is a machine used to elevate and move pallets in small and large spaces. The 5-ton pallet jacks are designed to carry both light and heavy pallets. There are different kinds of 5-ton pallet jacks as shown in the figures below;

Figure 1: 5 Ton Heavy Duty Pallet

Figure 2: 5ton Hand Pallet Jack

Figure 3:5t powered pallet Jack

Figure 4: 5 ton pallet jack Electric

Figure 5: 5tons Hand Hydraulic Jack Manual Pallet jack

What weight capacity can a 5-ton pallet jack move?

The 5-ton pallet jack can move a load weight of about 5000kgs, depending on whether the equipment is electric or manual. A 5-ton pallet jack lift loads or pallets moving them from one venue to another with less straining to the one tasked with operating the equipment to enable them to move many pallets in the working area.

What load weight does a 5-ton pallet jack hold?

The weight capacity of a 5-ton pallet jack varies depending on the manufacturers’ design of the machine. The manual 5-ton pallet jack can lift to 5000kg, while an electric 5-ton pallet jack can carry up to 1.5 tonnes.

Is one needed to attend a training school and obtain a license for a 5-ton pallet jack operation?

The company must equip its 5-ton pallet jack operators with the right skills and knowledge of how they should be handled. Only when the management is sure that the trainee is set to go should they operate the 5-ton pallet jacks. At this point, the successful operator should be given a good brief of the measures they need to observe while operating the machine.

Is a 5-ton pallet jack electric or manual?

Hand 5 ton pallet jack BH15-ton pallet jacks can both be operated manually or electronically depending on the customer’s budget and needs. Both of the 5-ton pallet jacks perform the same task of carrying pallets, with the only difference being that the electric one depends on charging while the manual one needs proper maintenance careCan a 5-ton pallet jack be hired?

A person can hire a 5-ton pallet jack when they need to use it. However, with hiring, there has to be a detailed legal document that needs a consensus between the company one is hiring from and your company bided by signatures after reading the agreement. The hiring is usually at a fee agreed between the hiring company and the company or individual that needs to hire. What is the life grace period of the  5-ton pallet jack?

The long-lasting of a 5-ton pallet jack relies on the customer’s maintenance trends. When a 5-ton pallet jack is well taken care of, ensuring the hydraulic fluid levels are at the light place every day before using the machine. Carrying the right load capacity weight helps the 5-ton pallet jack serve a longer period of time without any issues arising about the equipment. Finally, if the owner of the 5-ton pallet truck follows the instructions attached to the machine when purchasing it, they are assured of a guaranteed life serving of the machine.

What type of fluid is used in the prolongation of a 5-ton pallet jack?

5 ton pallet jack Scale BH1A5-ton pallet jacks or trucks use a lubricant identified as the hydraulic fluid to provide the quantity of pressure needed in the lifting of a load. To avoid any spillages the hydraulic jack has to be observed regularly. The hydraulic fluid determines the life service of the 5-ton pallet jack.

Who uses a 5-ton pallet jack?

sit down 5 ton pallet jack LEC5-ton pallet jacks are mostly used to carry pallets, making it easier for the workers employed in places where there are heavy pallets not getting anybody or back strains. The 5-ton pallet jacks are specifically designed for the horizontal mode of transportation. The 5-ton pallet jacks are used in both limited and big space areas. They are often preferred

due to their manageability of handling

with the heavy and light loads.

How safe is it to propel or pull a 5-ton pallet jack?

straddle 5 ton pallet jack LH1The decision to propel or pull a 5-ton pallet jack relies on the control operator. With the practical experimentation done, it is proved that an operator of a 5-ton pallet jack is safe when they push the 5-ton pallet jack than to pull. Pushing gives the 5-ton pallet jack operator stability when carrying a load. The operator can also focus well on the place where they are taking the load carried, avoiding any accidents. If a 5-ton pallet jack is pulled, there is a high chance of injuries and accidents within the workspace where it is meant to function.

Why is it better to rent a 5-ton pallet jack than to buy one?

Stainless Steel 5 ton pallet jack BH1SGiven the cost of buying the 5-ton pallet jack up the front, which is quite expensive. It is inexpensive renting a 5-ton pallet jack than buying one. When renting the 5-ton pallet jack, the company’s responsibility has to hire the machine to ensure its maintenance and insurance. The lenders frequently have to examine the machine, and one can at any time walk in and get the latest model of the 5-ton pallet jack. If and when a company concludes to buy a 5-ton pallet jack, the cost of maintenance becomes expensive for them to bear; it is very suitable to use it at any given day when rented, as it rescues on space when it is not in use; once done using the 5-ton pallet jack it can be returned from the renting place until the next time it will be required. When one concludes on purchasing a 5-ton pallet jack, with the proper consistent assessment and following the right guidance on the maintenance, it can serve the buyer for a long period without needing complex maintenance.

How to spurt out the air of the system of a 5-ton pallet jack?

electric 5 ton pallet jack LE2 listThe 5-ton pallet jack uses a standard process when bleeding air out of the system in instances where the 5-ton pallet jack hasn’t been serviced for a while. First, the machine driver has to unfasten the filler port plug at the forepart of the reservoir, precisely below the control arm, which uses a screw that is easy to screw off. They have to inspect the oil volume and add hydraulic jack oil, filling it until it’s aligned with the filler port and leveled about to spill out of the refill port space. Ensure to put back there fill port plug and make sure its tight fit; the next step is to place the sway lever in the bottom position, pressing the handle, then push the jack for about 9 – 12 times, making sure one moves fully up and down; this will ensure the cycle of any air left that might be in the valve is moved out of the system. Set the handle lever back to its primary location for trial. This procedure will enable the ensuring of the removal of small elements jabbed in the valve system and scrap that will be released and be propelled away from the hydraulic jack system. Now the 5-ton pallet jack is ready for lifting loads in the warehouse.

How to fill up a 5-ton pallet jack with hydraulic jack oil?

5 ton pallet jack LECThe 5-ton pallet jack uses a step-by-step procedure to fill up hydraulic fluid in a 5-ton pallet jack. Below is the step by step needed to be followed; they include;

  • The operator has to begin placing the 5-ton pallet jack on a flat surface; this will help prevent the 5-ton pallet jack from rolling over when being maintained.
  • Ensure using the standard tools to open the release valve to gain access to the valve opening.
  • The operator has to remove the plate cover it the pallet jack, allowing the operator to access the refill port in the 5-ton pallet jack.
  • The operator has to ensure they wipe the refill port plug and surrounding areas this is to avoid contamination.
  • The operator access the refill port by removing the cover on the plug.
  • Fill the oil reservoir using the hydraulic jack oil to the recommended oil level.
  • The operator has to ensure the replacement of the refill port after filling the reservoir.
  • After completing the process, fix the plate cover to its primary position.

What to take a keen note of when choosing a 5-ton pallet jack?

electric Drum 5 ton pallet jack DE1In the process of purchasing a 5-ton pallet jack, several factors have to be mind before making the final choice; these factors include;

  • The 5-ton pallet jack fork length: – This referee to the fork length and width, which is measured using inches, the standard fork measures 27″ by 48″ in size; thus, it can handle normal wood size pallets which are 40″ by 48″ thus can influence how the 5-ton pallet jack transports masses. On the flip side, mobility can be influenced due to the inadequate space in the storage space, thus affecting performance.
  • The capacity of the 5ton pallet jack: – It carries load capacities of 11023.11lbs; thus, the operator has to ensure the weight load is as required. The 5-ton pallet jack facilitates the carrying of heavy loads and lighter loads as long as they weigh in between the capacity weight recommended.
  • The 5ton pallet jack weight: – When purchasing the 5-ton pallet jack, it is important to check the machine’s weight. This helps with the knowledge of how to ensure there is less floor damage as the 5-ton pallet jack carries heavy loads when moving the pallets from point A to B in a warehouse. However, consideration must be made with the floor construction to avoid losses from the floor’s frequent maintenance.
  • The lift height of the 5-ton pallet jack: When purchasing a 5-ton pallet jack, it is important to put into consideration the vertical distance of the warehouse. The height consideration enables the know of how high the pallet load can be lifted. The standard forklift height is 85mm and 205mm for the maximum raised height. However, the forklifts can be adjusted and customized to lift more loads onto higher heights depending on the warehouse height.
  • The 5-ton pallet jack wheels: – Wheels in a 5-ton pallet jack play a key role in maneuvering around the warehouse. The wheels help protect the floor; that’s why it is key to get the right quality of wheels. Poor quality of wheels can damage the floor surface. The wheels have to be non-staining and polyurethane to protect the family.

What are the main differences and similarities between a hand-operated and a powered 5ton pallet jack?

Semi-electric 5 ton pallet jack BM listThe electric 5-ton pallet jacks use batteries that are powered for the 5-ton pallet jack to function. The hand-operated 5-ton pallet jack is easier to manage than a powered 5-ton pallet jack as it does not come at the expense of batteries. The main contrast between a hand-operated and powered  5-ton pallet jack is that a hand-operated 5-ton pallet jack functions with the full help of hydraulic fluids.

The measures to take when handling a 5-ton pallet jack.

Certain safety precautions need to be followed to ensure the operator’s safety in a warehouse when operating the 5-ton pallet jack; this includes:-

  • Avoid moving loads up and down the inclined planes.
  • Avoid carrying passengers using the 5-ton pallet jack, which is only meant for carrying an operator who operates it.
  • The operator should ensure the load is always balanced while placing a load on the 5b ton pallet jack. Avoid overloading the 5-ton pallet jack at all times.
  • Personal protective equipment is essential when operating with the 5-ton pallet jack.
  • Both forks should be used for the steadiness of the payload when lifting loads.
  • It’s recommended to pushing rather than pulling as it increases stability and allows the operator to have a comfortable footing when maneuvering the 5-ton pallet jack.
  • The operator must operate from a neutral point to reduce fatigue of the 5-ton pallet jack and other complications that may stress the body.
  • The operator of the 5-ton pallet jack must ensure to use controlled speed while working in the warehouse.
  • The 5-ton pallet jack should always be packed away from traffic with the folks at a lowered position on the floor surface.
  • To avoid any injuries caused by the 5-ton pallet jack handle that can trip the other workers. The handle should always face up where it is visible to everyone.

Benefits that come with buying a 5-ton pallet jack

electric BE25 ton pallet jackThe 5-ton pallet jacks have many advantages, related to it more than the disadvantages. Some of the advantages include:

  • The 5 ton pallet jack helps lessen the cases of disaster and hurt when the driver is carrying loads. When operating a 5-ton pallet jack with the recommended personal protective gear, there are minimal injuries or damages and tasks are handled perfectly.
  • The 5-ton pallet jack is manageable, making the operation of tasks faster. Following the manual that escorts the apparatus, the operator can easily manage to do basic troubleshooting and fix minor problems.
  • A well-maintained 5-ton pallet jack can serve for a lasting time, adding the rate at which tasks are performed, helping reclaim on time and labor expenses.
  • Maintenance is easy as the hydraulic fluid operating in the 5-ton pallet jack is accessible available, making it possible to be frequently done.
  •  The use of the 5-ton pallet jack increases the operator’s morale because they use minimum force on the machine’s operation. With the increased morale the operator does a lot of work thus increasing the profits of the company.
  • The 5-ton pallet jack does not require a big area to be parked, making it favorable in midget areas as well as large work areas.
  • The 5-ton pallet jacks are not restricted for usage as they can be hand-operated and using power by the charging of batteries after use.

The drawbacks of using a 5-ton pallet jack.

  • The 5-ton pallet jack, if not well maintained, can easily be damaged, thus incurring a high cost in repairing it or even purchasing a new 5-ton pallet jack.
  •  The 5-ton pallet jack can only carry a load weight of 10000lbs limiting it unfavorable for very heavy making then not favorable pallet to carry batches above this capacity.
  •  The 5-ton pallet jack if overloaded causes floor damages thus adding to the cost of maintenance.
  • A powered 5-ton pallet jack, batteries require powering. Failures to charge the 5-ton pallet jack can cause work delay, wasting time-critical in carrying pallets or unloading.

Is there an age limit to operate a lightweight pallet jack?

hand 5 ton pallet jack pallet stacker LH1 listEighteen years the legal age required to operate a 5-ton pallet jack. Because the individuals at 18 years comprehend the art in which they can handle 5-ton pallet jack, an 18-year-old is an adult who can fully understand how to operate a 5-ton pallet jack.  When handling the 5-ton pallet jack one has to be careful when recruiting operators into their industries, without proof of an identification card is critical safety purpose.

When operating a 5-ton pallet jack, what personal protective (PPE) gears should one wear?

When handling the 5-ton pallet jack, it’s essential to take care by wearing the recommended protective gear. They include:

  • The use of safety hand protectors to avoid getting bruised by the discord when propelling the handle of a 5-ton pallet jack.
  • Ensure one wipes their hands when done opening and checking the volume of the hydraulic fluid in the tank to avoid spillages.
  • Ensure the use of steel-capped shoes to protect you from hurting your feet when manning the 5-ton pallet jack.
  • Ensure always to use a safety helmet on your head to avoid getting hurt when offloading a pallet.
  • Ensure there is a hearing aid protecting from the noise that may be more than  89-92 decibels. Wearing ear protectors prevents hearing impairments that can lead to deafness.
  • Wear a long-sleeved shirt, long pants, or an overall to avoid being harmed.
  • The uses of safety eye protectors are also essential when operating the 5-ton pallet jacks to stop visual problems from occurring.
  • The first aid kit is essential when operating a 5-ton pallet jack. Basic first aid training is critical when working with 5-ton pallet jacks due to minor accidents.
  • An afflictive visibility vest is important for body case protection when operating with a 5-ton pallet jack.

The comparison between a forklift and a 5-ton pallet jack?

The forklifts have a load capacity bigger than that of a 5-ton pallet jack, thus lift more and has more moving capabilities than the 5-ton equipment. Forklifts are greater than the 5-ton pallet jack, thus lifting heavier pallets and moving many items. The forklift capabilities include:-

  • Lifting of the workers when working on overhead jobs.
  • Loading and offloading trailers, trains, and ships.

The  5-ton pallet jack on the other side is inexpensive and requires fewer repairs in likeness to the forklift that requires a professional to assess them and offer maintenance. The two are necessary to ease maneuverability and effectively fasten the warehouse’s activities, such as lifting and moving heavy loads and loading and offloading storage or transportation.

Does a 5 ton manual pallet jack have breaks?

The 5-ton pallet jack does not have breaks; thus, the 5-ton pallet jack should be operated using controlled speeds when in use. The 5-ton pallet jack should also be parked out of busy traffic areas. Thus workers should operate at safe speeds to avoid accidents in the workplace.

What if we want a 5-ton pallet jack with Scale?

Usually the standard 5 ton standard pallet jack are with out weight scales. We can customized the 5 ton pallet jack with scales according to your requirements.

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  • “I have been engaged with CUBLIFT for many years and I appreciate their work attitude and production capacity.

    I award them as the most reputable and professional manufacturer and supplier around the world. They understand the urgency of our urgency and can think what we think to act in the interests of my position.”

    Chris Campbell(Mechanical Engineer)
Pallet Trucks Manufacturing Certificates

Our factory are ISO9001 certified material handling equipment provider.

Most of our hand pallet jacks codes are CE approval and other necessary approval available upon required

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5 ton pallet jack forklift DESC (7)In the Manufacturing, building site, container loading/unloading, etc. You must meet the toughest task of moving/lifting heavy-duty loads. Under these circumstances, a 5-ton pallet jack is the ideal aid.

A 5-ton pallet jack is definitely the superstar in the heavy-duty pallet jacks. It is designed and manufactured for lifting and moving heavy loads. Usually, the frame steel should be reinforced so as to get extra strength.

5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 1 5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 2 5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 3 5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 4 5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 5 5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 6 5 ton Pallet Jack quality certificate icon 7

In order to cope with the heavy-duty loading, CUBLiFT 5 ton pallet jacks adopt nylon wheels so as to support the heavier loads. The strict power coating over the whole pallet jack body makes the jack more durable for wear and corrosion in the most demanding environments.

If you are considering the budget for choosing a proper 5-ton pallet jack, you have come to the right place. CUBLiFT is one of the leading fork truck manufacturers based in China. The benefits of being in the largest forklift truck production center, CUBLiFT 5 ton pallet jack are very good in cost-controlling, yet very good price too.

Contact us today, our 5-ton pallet jacks are reinforced in chassis, strong in hydraulic pump, and equipped with wearing nylon/steel wheels for your options. Make your job easier and safe.  We believe that CUBLiFT will be one of your best pallet jack manufacturers and suppliers based on the long term.

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