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1 Ton Pallet Jack | Hand Pallet Truck

ISO9001 authorized pallet jack manufacturer supplies high-quality manual pallet jack to you at most cost-effective solutions.

  • Lift capacity up to 1 ton ( 1000kg)
  • Standard fork size(mm): 550×1100, 685×1200
  • Wheels: PU; Rubber and Nylon options available as request
  • 3-position hand control lever – Raise, lower, neutral
  • Easy to operate foot brake system for the quick load command
  • Powder spray finish offers protection from corrosion

Check out the full line of hand pallet trucks of different specs directly from stock.

1 ton pallet jack standard Style

● Model:BH standard Style
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 520/550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195 (55/165 extra-low)
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon
● Red or Yellow options; More colors can be customized

Stainless Steel 1 ton pallet jack

● Model: BHS (Stainless Steel)
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm):1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm):550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Turning Radius (mm): 1265
● pump type: BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): Nylon
● Weight: 76
● Material: Stainless Steel

● Model: BHC (Custom Pallet Jack)
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1000~2000
● Fork overall width (mm): Custom
● Height Min/Max (mm):85/195
● Turning Radius (mm):1265
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): Nylon
● Weight:135

1000kg Jack Sacle

● Model: BHA
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 460/550/680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: Waterproof / AE12E W Printer / A 27E
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / NYLON
● Weight (kg): 80

stainless steel 1 ton Pallet Jack with scale

● Model:BHA-SS
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 460/550/680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Scree: A 27E
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON
● Weight (kg): 80
● Material: Stainless Steel

High Lift Pallet Jack 1000kg

● Model: BHX (High Lift Pallet Jack)
● Capacity (kg): 1000/1500
● Lifting height (mm): 800
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150
● Fork overall width (mm): 540/685
● Height Min (mm): 85
● Weight (kg): 108
● Wheel (type): PU

All-Terrain Pallet Jack 1000kg

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack: BH-1000AT
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Height Min/Max (mm): 50/200
● Fork overall width (mm): 700
● Fork overall length (mm): 950
● Weight (kg): 195

1 Ton Pallet Jack Scissor Lift Table BHT-1000A

● Model BHT (scissor lift table)
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Height Min (mm): 210~530
● Height Max (mm): 720~2000
● Table Size (mm): 1016*516*60
● Wheel Diameter PU (mm):100/125/150
● Weight (kg): 142

CUBLiFT Manufactures Quality 1 ton pallet jack for You in China

pallet jack manufacturer supplies CUBGet yourself a 1-ton pallet jack from CUBLiFT and enjoy the great maneuverability of items/pallets to, from, and around your workplace. Choosing the right pallet jack can be difficult as there are a lot of them in the market. At CUBLiFT we offer a 1-ton pallet jack based on their quality, power, performance, and price. We have made a research for sufficient time to find out what our customers need.

The 1-ton pallet jack comes in variations in its design and specifications. These hand pallet jacks are great for versatile features. They can provide exceptional performance as many times as you want. You will also know why they are the best for use in warehouses, docks, and dispatch centers. If you are torn between knowing which pallet jack to consider for your business, don’t worry we will offer immediate assistance. These pallet jacks are ideal for use in food industries including offices where they can come into contact with destructive chemicals and acids.




1 ton pallet jack 618518 (1)The weight load capacity of this pallet jack is 1000kg or 1 ton. The forks of these 1-ton pallet jack measure 48L ×27W. The stain-resist steel frame is durable enough for a longer lifespan and heavy use applications. The welded edge works with the 210-degree turning radius. They have simple moving nylon wheels which are corrosion resistant. Other wheel options include rubber, polyurethane, and plastic. Assembling of these pallet jacks is super easy with guidelines to introduce rubber handles on the way. Overall, this 1-ton pallet jack is a nice option to buy.

1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (3)1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (1) 1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (2)  1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (4) 1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (5) 1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (6) 1 ton pallet jack quality certificate (7)

They have durable constructions and amazing welding that make them ideal for different types of material handling tasks. They also come with polyurethane directing handle rollers. As one of the most competent forklift manufacturers in China, CUBLiFT guarantees you a 1-year warranty, 24/7 customer support, annual upgrades, and updates, etc for each purchase you make. This 1-ton pallet jack is good enough for use in different jobs. This is the correct Chiese forklift you are looking for all the time.

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1 Ton Pallet Jack: The Ultimate FAQ Guide

About us!

CUBLiFT is one sturdy company destined to transform the lifting industry by offering versatile forklifts and pallet jacks. Our services are incomparable over the past decades.

We offer pallet jacks, pallet trucks, forklifts, and scissor lifts each with different models, designs, and features. All this information about our forklifts is available on our website if you need it.

Join me as I take you through our buying guide for one of our renowned pallet jacks. It is the perfect guide for use when deciding on the choice of forklift you are looking forward to in your business.

This 1-ton pallet jack is one of the many collections we have in the factory. If you have any questions concerning this particular product you can leave them in the comment section below.

If you are also interested in this product, let us know. All our forklifts are inspected before shipment not forgetting they have CE approval.


1. What is a 1-ton pallet jack?

A 1-ton pallet jack is a type of improvised forklift used in moving and lifting pallets. It is strengthened by triple frame steel which is used to make the forks.

It is also equipped with a handle that enables the operator to jack up the forks as well as move the pallet jack around the warehouse. This 1-ton pallet jack is made with articulating back wheels swivel for portability and permit.

This makes our pallet jacks to be utilized on uneven suffices. Also, this 1-ton pallet jack comprises a trigger found on the handle for discharging and bringing down the forks for offloading.

This pallet jack has a load capacity of 2000 pounds. If you need higher load capacities, we can provide them.

These pallet jacks are ideal for use in industrial environments as they offer great resistivity to chemicals and toxic gases. Their compact shape makes them ideal for maneuvering in tiny spaces.

The handle is elastic covered with rubber to provide comfortability and less strain while moving items around. The push poles enable the stature of each fork to be balanced in the event of unevenness.

All our pallet jacks are coated with stainless steel. At CUBLiFT we prefer steel as it opposes wear and makes our pallets durable. This pallet jack can be used to lift pallets to a height of 6~7 inches.

We have been able to come up with different varieties of pallet jacks for use in handling different industrial materials. We have heavy-duty pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks, hydraulic and manual.

These pallet jacks are user-friendly and cost-effective as compared to other forklifts. You can always consult with our technical team before lifting anything unfamiliar with this 1-ton pallet jack.

There are lots of benefits that arise from using pallet jacks as they are maintenance-free and require less attention. You can also consider them for their maneuverability and how they can easily adapt to warehouse environments.

Let us know what you think about this machine in the comment section below.


2. How does a 1-ton pallet jack function?

Pallet jacks are divided into manual, electric, semi-electric, and hydraulic. All these models use different mechanisms and they also operate differently.

The electric pallet jack uses a lithium-ion battery and it’s much faster compared to the other models. The semi-electric pallet jack uses partially battery power and manual lifting.

We have also improvised heavy-duty electric pallet jacks for lifting heavy and oversized pallets. They have great acceleration and their performance is stunning.

CUBLiFT 1-ton pallet jack is normally designed for handling purposes, in warehouses depending on the truck model and warehouse environment. They are used for first-level order picking.

Some of the pallet jacks are walk behind, ride trucks and stand on the platform. It all comes down to the choice of your pallet jack model.

For instance, the stand pallet jack has a platform that provides plenty of room to stand comfortably. They also feature the grab bar which helps to keep your hands securely on the truck.

For more stability, the operator platform is located between the truck’s control handle and the forks. All these CUBLiFT pallet jacks have a control handle that performs multiple functions and accommodates a range of hand positions.

3. What are the features of a 1-ton pallet jack?

This 1-ton pallet jack comprises a variety of features that facilitates the easy maneuverability of pallets. These features include a display on the control handle that provides valuable information about the operating condition of the truck.

They also comprise meter readings battery state of charge and troubleshooting codes. This 1-10 pallet jack features a patented new frame design and weighs only 200 pounds.

It has a capacity of 2000 pounds. Its stronger motor pump is powered by a 24volt rechargeable lithium-ion battery that delivers up to 3 hours of operation on a single charge.

They also feature a 110volt AC external charger that can plug into any standard wall outlet. It only takes 2 to 3 hours to charge the battery.

When the battery is fully charged, the 1-ton pallet jack can operate for 8 hours non-stop. The steering arc can rotate to 180 degrees and enables the pallet jack to make tight turns.

It also features an ergonomic control handle that allows for safe and accurate operation. This 1-ton pallet jack also features dual controls and infinitely variable forward and reverse travel powered lifts.

They also have a quick manual lowering bar and electronic horn to alert people when incoming or outgoing. Not forgetting the battery discharge indicator to show you how long the battery will be in use.

The 1-ton pallet jack incorporates a belly reversing switch as a safety feature that acts upon an obstacle preventing any harm to the operator. The battery clip is solid and there is a robust driving wheel to protect the operator.

Another safety feature with this 1-ton pallet jack is electromechanical brakes which are engaged when the tiller handle is in the full upright position or the lowered position.

The forks are designed for use with standard pallets. They also have a chrome-dated cylinder and DC pump that allow for smooth hydraulic operations.

The forks can reach a lift height of about 7~8 inches. The travel speeds of this 1-ton pallet jack vary from 0~2.8 miles per hour when empty and 0~2.5 miles per hour when loaded.

Not only is this 1-ton pallet jack safer for operators but can also allow operators to be 5 times more productive. With simple hand tool maintenance on the pallet jack, we guarantee you a long-time operation.

When you combine ease of operation with the affordability of this product you can see why the 1-ton pallet jack is a great upgrade from other forklifts. You can check the specification brochure and download it from our website www.cublift.com

 4. How many varieties of pallet jacks are there?

So many;

There are lots of pallet jack models available in the market today. Some have been customized to meet customer demands.

Pallet jacks are really useful for moving things around whether in a staging area, warehouse, or if you don’t have any racking or shelving, they can be used to stack your boxes on the warehouse floor.

At CUBLiFT we have 3 main different kinds that are manual hand pallet jack, electric, and walk behind electric pallet jack. All 3 have different benefits and uses as well.

The biggest benefit of the manual hand pallet jack is its features and price. It is quite economical for low-budget customers as it will come at a much lower price than the other 2 options.

It has a capacity range of 2000~5000 pounds and it steers very easily with a 180-degree steering arc. It is very small, low-profile, and easy to store anywhere near your warehouse.

And due to its mechanical nature of not having many moving parts, it is easy to service. You can easily enter any palleted object from any side using this hand pallet jack.

The electric pallet jack on the other side has a load capacity of 5500 lbs. It makes moving things around very easy and simple because you just walk behind or in front of it.

This electric pallet jack has a wet cell battery pack with a built-in charger of 24volts. It has ease of operations with push-button functions for raising and lowering pallets.

It also has a red safety stop switch meaning if you back it into yourself and that red button is engaged the pallet jack will immediately shut down.

There are two different capacity options available at our factory. Walkie pallet jacks offer you the flexibility of riding on it or walking on it.

The controls are there to facilitate riding, raising, and lowering the forks. There are also options to raise and lower your speed while riding and sound the horn.

Check other varieties of this 1-ton pallet jack on our website or contact us for more.

5. Why should I use a 1-ton pallet jack?

There are many scenarios in which a 1-ton pallet jack can come in handy. Your business right now needs a pallet jack to keep the smooth running of operations.

Your workers need a pallet jack to reduce the risk of any injuries caused by handling pallets manually. Pallet jacks help boost the performance of a business as all the day activities are completed on time.

They require less maintenance and are very easy to use around. With a pallet jack, you can transform your business into a multimillionaire company.

It might seem like a small tool, but its usage is unimaginable. They help create a conducive working environment where employee needs are taken care of.

They also require less training and they are quite affordable as compared to other forklifts. They are not bulky hence very easy for ideal and occasional for use.

Thanks to its compact construction it can be stored in your field of vision where it can be reached any time it is needed. The pallet jack switches off after 30 minutes when not in use.

Take advantage of this favorably priced entry-level opportunity in the CUBLiFT pallet jack segment and buy the 1-ton pallet jack. Your business future depends on the kind of machines you use.

6. How much weight can this 1-ton pallet jack lift?

This 1-ton pallet jack is limited to lifting pallets of load capacities 2000 pounds and below. It is occasionally used to lift and transport light pallets or loads over a precise distance.

Under any circumstance, you are not obligated to lift or transport pallets of higher capacities than the given one. This might damage your pallet jack, especially the forks that may end up with distorts.

This in turn will force you to spend extra cash in fixing your pallet jack a mistake you could have avoided. Always check on the capacities of the pallets you want to move or lift.

If you intend to lift high capacities you can acquire a big pallet jack like 2 tons, 3 tons, 5 tons, etc. If not so you can lift your pallet in turns and in the end, you will have saved time and maintained your machine in good shape.

We also offer other load capacities of these pallet jacks depending on what you want to lift. Always take note of the forks as each machine has different dimensions.

7. Where can I use this pallet jack?

You can use this 1-ton pallet jack both indoors and outdoors. It can be used in all companies like food industries, manufacturing, processing, construction companies even in retail.

It works on all warehouse floors whether even or uneven. The tires are quite considerate as they don’t leave marks on the floor or impact unnecessary pressure on the floor.

The available wheel options we have to include; rubber, nylon, polyurethane. These pallet jacks can also be used in docks for loading and offloading cargo.

For any other application apart from the mentioned one you can consult with us to advise you accordingly.

8. How do I ensure my pallet jack is in good shape?

CUBLiFT always takes pride in ensuring the quality of our forklift is uniformly maintained throughout the entire manufacturing process. This means our forklifts come in good shape so it’s up to you to maintain them.

Maintaining involves not overworking the pallet jack, this may be through overloads, hitting obstacles, not checking on the battery condition, etc.

For the high durability of your pallet jack ensure you follow the instructions provided by your manufacturer or dealer. If your pallet jack needs some repairs be sure to contact us.


9. What is the function of rollers?

The presence of a roller in the pallet jack is to helps balance gravity. This will then prevent any items from falling off while they are being lifted or transported.

Generally, rollers are used to enable the pallet jack to have even balance. They are not essential as some pallet jacks may operate without them and still do a perfect job.

Rollers are also used to guide the pallet jack in the direction of travel. You can use them to project the travel direction to avoid encountering obstacles on the pathways.


10. Do I require pallet jack training before use?

Sometimes training is essential for assuring your workers of safety. It is also good to train before operating a pallet jack to know what you are dealing with.

Remember that since pallet jacks can stack higher and heavier pallets, stopping the truck on short notice would be difficult. They can also lift much heavier loads while relieving the handler of much of the physical labor.

Pallet jacks are available in a variety of configurations, including starter models, stand-ins, and sideways-seated models.

Consider enrolling in a course, determine what kind of pallet jack is used in your warehouse, and look for a course that teaches you how to use that model.


11. What are pre-tests and why are they done on a pallet jack?

These are preparation done to check the performance of the pallet jack before use. Operators can ride on a platform on certain types of pallet jacks during longer runs around facilities.

These end-controlled riders can be controlled both on and off the platform and have longer forks. When riding, keep one hand on the control tiller and the other on the grab rail, with your front-facing the center of the rig.


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