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Walkie Stacker

CUBLiFT is a Chinese forklift truck manufacturing company that deals with walkie stackers and other forklift machines. Our walkie stackers have been performed very well in the market for 20+ years.

  • Lift up to 1000kg~2000kg
  • Minimum running costs
  • Better operators visibility
  • Increases warehouse capacity+ efficiency
  • Low Upfront cost + Highly maneuverable
  • No exhaust emission+ no noise pollution + no low energy requirements
Straddle Semi-Electric Stacker (ES-S)(1500kg-2000kg 3500mm)
ES-S Series

Straddle Semi-Electric Walkie Stacker
Max load capacity:1500kg/2000kg
Max lifting height:3500mm

Straddle Electric Stacker (ES-DA)(1600kg 3500mm)
ES-DA Series

Straddle Electric Walkie Stacker
Max load capacity:1600kg
Max lifting height:3500mm

Straddle Electric Stacker (ES-DD)(2000kg 3500mm)
ES-DD Series

Straddle Electric Walkie Stacker
Max load capacity :2000kg
Max lifting height:3500mm

Straddle Electric Stacker (ES-FBD)(1500kg 5000mm)
ES-FBD Series

Straddle Electric Walkie Stacker
Max load capacity:1500kg
Max lifting height:5000mm

Counterbalanced Electric Stacker (ESB-A)(800kg1000kg1200kg 3000mm)
ESB-A Series

Counterbalanced Electric Walkie Stacker
Max load capacity:800kg1000kg1200kg
Max lifting height:3000mm

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Walkie Stacker Manufacturer in China

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team


Walkie Stacker 1500kg

Drum Walkie Stacker DLE-420

● Capacity(kg): 420(custom)
● Lift Max (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork width(mm): 640/800
● Over size(mm): 1560*980*1860
● Wheel type/size(mm): PU 150
● Turning Radius (mm): 1650
● Weight(kg): 680/1012
● Tilting: Electric
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V/210AH

● Capacity (kg):1500/2000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Overall Height (mm): 600/1850/2150/2350
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 780

Walkie Stacker 1000kg

● Capacity (kg):1000
● Load center (mm): 500
● Lifting height (mm): 1600~/3500
● Fork overall length (mm):1100(custom)
● Fork overall width(mm):560/680
● Height Min (mm): 90
● Overall L * W (mm):(2050/2550)* 860
● Overall Height (mm): 600/1850/2150/2350
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1530
● Voltage/ Capacity: 24V / 120AH
● Wheel Type: PU
● Weight (kg): 750

Walkie Stacker – The Ultimate FAQ Guide

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1. What is a walkie stacker?

Many organizations’ material handling procedures require the use of a walkie stacker. It is important to know about the equipment operations, its parts, controls, and its load-carrying capacity.

With this, you will have the necessary knowledge to buy and use this walkie stacker from CUBLiFT. A walkie stacker is different from any other type of forklift you use.

Its activities, in particular, revolve around the way it treats pallets vertically and it’s center of gravity. In certain instances, it functions similarly to a forklift, but in others, it is distinct in its operations.

This walkie stacker model is built to be powered by a person walking rather than riding the equipment.

This stacker is designed for low-demand loads and short travel distances, unlike other forklifts or counterbalanced equipment that are designed for heavier loads.Walkie Stacker Forklift Vimage (40)

The walkie stacker is a piece of equipment that stacks pallets on warehouse shelves or in storage. You must have permission from your organization to operate this stacker.

If you obey the rules, operating the walkie stacker is simple and secure. There are several buttons on the handle, each with a different feature.

This model’s throttle controls are twist grips, and rolling the grip forward moves the stacker forward. When you roll them toward the back, the walker stacker reverses the course.

If you’re new to running a walkie stacker, mastering these controls is important, or you risk causing an accident. The stacker’s speed is determined by the setting options.

The button switch can be used to control the walkie stacker’s quick and slow movement. A switch for raising and lowering the load is also included.

You’ll need a lot of practice to be able to use these switches properly. The walkie stacker horn is triggered by pressing the horn button, which is a significant function.

On your walkie stacker, you’ll find a red button called “security reversing switch.” If the handle of the walkie stacker collides with a wall, it immediately reverses the path of the stacker.

It’s a protection device that prevents walkie stacker operators from colliding with the wall. This walkie stacker’s handle also serves as the steering mechanism.

This walkie stacker has two control mechanisms: one that extends the forks and the other that controls the load’s tilt.

These walkie stackers also have a battery disconnect switch in case of an emergency. If the stacker fails or if there are any emergencies involving the load or the operator, this switch will be triggered.


The battery is disconnected and the walkie stacker is turned off when the lever is pressed down. We have some walkie stacker models that vary slightly from one another.

2. How does a walkie stacker work?

CUBLiFT walkie stackers feature fully extended reaching heights. With a powered lift and drive, these walkie stackers are more convenient than other forklifts.

It is an economical alternative for lifting materials in large, medium, and small warehouses. When setting up to use the walkie stacker, bring it into the cooler or freezer that you need to be operated inside of.

Then you need to put the staging pallet a long way facing the doors or entrances. You can now put the product pallet on top of the staging pallet using the forklift.

You can now turn on the walkie stacker by putting the key to the right and pulling the red button up/down. Pushing the red button-down acts as the emergency shutoff for the walkie stacker.

You can pick up the pallets by inserting the top force of the walkie stacker into the long side of the pallet. For standard pallets, you can insert the top and bottom parts of the walkie stacker into the staging pallet.

Make sure you don’t increase the height of the product pallet by more than a couple of inches when in transit. Place the product pallet into the rack where it is being put.

You will notice that n each truck there is white tape and a sign that says do not exceed this height for second-level pallets. Make sure your product pallet is shorter than the white tape.

The sigh will also say make sure second-level pallets are the lighter ones. It is always best to put lighter pallets on the second level to make sure there is no overloading the walkie stacker.

You should also try to line up the product pallet with white tape on the beams and floors. This is where the staging pallet on the bottom will be stationed.

Lining the product pallet up with these tape makers will make it easy to place them on the rack. Make sure to follow all these staging hierarchies while putting your products on the second level.

To operate this walkie stacker, you need to raise the product pallet to the desired height on the second level of the pallet rack. There is a guard rope at the top of every pallet rack to signify the maximum height that the pallet rack can be raised.

If you go above the guard rope, you risk damaging your walkie stacker parts like the LED lights. Once the weight is on the pallet rack, pull out the walkie stacker forks from the product’s pallet.

Lower the walkie stacker forks to a normal position before pushing in the product pallet. With the walkie stacker in position, make sure the steering is straight to easily feed the bottom parts.

There are staging pallets on the low levels of pallet racks for walkie stacker movement. Make sure the labels for the product on the pallet are facing towards the vending machine.

3. Which are the types of walkie stackers?

Every day in warehouses across the world orders are filled by workers picking individual case boxes and putting them on the pallet for stacking. Sometimes the order filling process is back-breaking.

Predominately, some of these warehouses use walkie stackers to fill orders and reduce manual straining. There are various walkie stackers available for this work which include the following.

The walkie straddle stacker

CUBLiFT offers these straddle stackers to ergonomically transport pallets in the tightest area spot.

We design and build the best straddle stackers in the market. When you need to maneuver in tight spaces, turn to this walkie straddle stacker.

This walkie straddle stacker is versatile, adaptive, and practical to use. It also helps customers to better utilize vertical space in storage around congested areas.

It enables the operator to maneuver with the handle in the upper brake position resulting in a tighter turning radius. The control provides step-less speed transitions.

This means you can move the truck an inch at a time giving you more controlled operations at all speeds. It also offers variable speeds at the lower lift with a cushion mass stop that gives you a smooth, precise, and controlled load handling experience.

You will also find that the base legs for this walkie straddle stacker are adjustable. This will give you the option of accommodating various load sizes on your stacker.

They have very strong straddle legs that allow them to distribute the load during lifting. With this walkie straddle stacker, you can lift to 5500 lb capacities at 7 inches.

The walkie reach stacker

We also offer a walkie reach stacker which has a similar design as the walkie straddle stacker but is slightly different in operations. The difference between a straddle stacker and a reach stacker is that the latter is fitted with a scissor mast design.

This means it can move loads forward before the walkie stacker which can only move in the vertical direction. This is one of the commonly purchased stackers among our many collections.

They are commonly used in loading pallets in trucks, shelves as the scissor mast can move forward and stretch from the body of the stacker. It is highly economical especially in small/medium stores.

It is commonly used by retailers in their stores for stacking boxes in tiny spaces. It is essential to ensure good maintenance of this walkie reach stacker as it is quite expensive than other stackers.

Your narrow aisle operation demands efficiency safety and performance. CUBLFT’s new walkie reach stacker with a scissor mast is the perfect addition to your warehouse distribution center.

It is designed to complement your fleet of other forklifts. It ensures productivity and a low cost of ownership.

Ride on walkie stacker

These ride-on walkie stackers feature an operator stand board and the operator can ride them during operation. They save hours of back-breaking labor every day across different warehouses.

Not long ago almost anybody could grab a walkie or use a walkie stacker. Now, this new ride-on walkie stacker is available in capacities of 2000kg, 3000kg, 4500kg, 5000kg, etc.

Correct fork placement can be difficult when lifting a pallet of racking more than 300 inches off the ground. Struggling to get correct fork placement means a loss of productivity.

With this ride-on walkie stacker, your lifting problems are all solved. The fork guide options give the forks a perfect alignment with the pallets even when the mast is fully extended.

If you are lifting large loads, this walkie stacker features a perfectly designed mast that allows you to lift with confidence. It is also very convenient for the operator as there is no much strain you just ride on it to take you where you want.

Counterbalance Walkie stacker

With a load capacity of 2000 pounds and a raised height of 118 inches, it makes it more convenient than any other stacker.

Unlike most stackers that support the weight of a load with base legs that extend out past the mast, counterbalance walkie stackers achieve their lifting capacity by offsetting the weight of the load on the forks with an equal or greater weight behind the mast.

This design makes them ideal for applications where base legs could interfere with operations. Another benefit of having this counterbalance walkie stacker is that it can be used with any type of pallet or skit even those with closed bottoms.

All lifting, lowering, and driving functions are easily accessible on the ergonomic control handle. Redundant lift, lower, and drive switches allow for left or right-handed use.

Another crucial feature with these counterbalance walkie stackers is the horn which is within easy reach. They also have a belly bumps switch that reverses direction on contact to protect the operator.

These counterbalanced walkie stackers feature a wire safety screen for protecting the workers from coming into contact with the mast. The forks are mounted on a steel shift where they can be adjusted.

This counterbalance walkie stacker is the result of years of design and thorough testing to build in performance. You will be delighted with the improvement in working time with this CUBLiFT counterbalance walkie stacker.


Standard walkie stacker

Standard Walkie Stackers have legs that rest under the forks to distribute load weight. They can also lift and handle two pallets at once, making them ideal for pallet transportation and stacking applications.

In addition, of all the walkie stacker groups, they have the smallest turning circle. Since the legs rest under the forks, they can only lift bottomless pallets or similar bottomless containers, which is a significant drawback.

They’re made for medium-level racking, with lifting heights ranging from 2000mm to 4000mm.


4. What is an electric walkie stacker?

An electric walk stacker with a mast capable of lifting and lowering loads is known as a walkie stacker. CUBLiFT offers a range of electric walkie stacker models, including the following:

  • Stacker Walkie up to 5000lb. capacity limit
  • Truck with a Walkie Reach up to 3,000 lb. capacity limit
  • Industrial Stacker on Wheels up to 4,000 lb. capacity limit
  • Walkie Stacker with Counterbalance up to 4,000 lb. capacity limit

If you’ve determined that a walkie stacker pallet jack is the best option for you, you’ll want to know what to look for.

CUBLiFT electric walkie stackers, when compared to counterbalance forklifts, allow you to stack more items in the same amount of space by narrowing the necessary aisle width, resulting in more usable space and improved selectivity.

They are energy-efficient, low-maintenance, and free of emissions, fuel costs, and noise.

An electric-powered walkie stacker is driven by an individual on foot. In the material handling industry, a walkie stacker, also known as a pedestrian walk-behind stacker, is a walk-behind pallet truck with a mast for lifting pallets to various heights.

They come in a variety of configurations. The most popular walkies are used to lift and carry pallets over short distances.

The walkie comes to a stop when the motor is not engaged. The operator carries the tiller, which is an arm or handles with buttons. They allow the operator to move back and forth or lift and lower objects, depending on the situation.


5. What are the main benefits of a walkie stacker?

Pallet handling in specialized warehousing parts such as customer-designated storage areas and storerooms is often performed with walkie stackers.

They’re also great for offering backup and adding extra handling capability for order fulfillment without having to buy a new forklift.

If you’re interested in buying a walkie stacker, send us a message or send us an email. One of our forklift experts will assist you in selecting the appropriate equipment for your needs.

Operators do not need a license to operate a walkie stacker unless it is a ride-on, but they must be familiar with all controls and safety procedures and receive approval from their employer.

It has a low upfront cost as compared to other materials handling equipment.

Running expenses are kept to a minimum. In comparison to diesel, battery-electric equipment has a lower ongoing operating cost.

They produce no waste, fumes, or noise, making them suitable for handling materials indoors. They, therefore, use less energy and generate fewer carbon emissions as a result.

They offer extreme maneuverability, allowing them to operate in tight spaces while still increasing inventory levels.

Higher driver coverage; workers have complete insights when performing tasks due to smaller scale.


6. Which features do these walkie stackers have?

Our walkie stacker is equipped with several safety mechanisms. It has a standby warning that alerts other staff when the system reverses.

Besides, the stacker has a strobe light as an added safety feature to warn staff that it is in use. When working in a very noisy factory, this feature comes in handy because the alarm cannot be heard.

The walkie stacker has a range of features that make it simple to operate while still increasing efficiency and maintaining workplace health and safety.

An electric drive mechanism is normally included in the walkie stacker. If the operator has to stop the operation, they can do so safely and quickly.

The walkie stacker is relatively easy to maneuver, despite being a robust and powerful piece of equipment. This is thanks to the simple tiller handle, which helps you to precisely place the stacker.

The walkie stacker is operated by a superb lithium-ion battery, and the indicator light lets you know when the battery is charged. There’s even a red signal to let you know if there’s a problem with the battery.

Another important advantage is that the walkie stacker can be designed to withstand both high and low temperatures, making it suitable for use in cooler or cold room conditions.

The moderate speed choice is very simple to use if you need to move the stacker at a slower pace.

7. in what types of businesses are these walkie stackers useful?

A walkie stacker can be beneficial to several different forms of businesses and industries. Industrial production, warehouses, manufacturing plants, retail processing units, freight packing, limited storage rooms, refrigeration, and the medical industry are among the various industries.

CUBLiFT walkie stackers are mostly used indoors, and they are the obvious option for lifting and stacking objects, regardless of industry.

The walkie stacker is the perfect equipment to use when dealing with awkward and irregular pallets on a regular schedule because it is the best, most efficient, and simplest to have for these types of loads.

The walkie stacker is an excellent all-rounder because it can handle a wide range of materials in a limited, constrained space. So, in your warehouse environment, you get the consistency of a forklift.

The walkie stacker excels at transporting heavy pallet loads of varying sizes and weights. Since it is better controlled and easier to navigate in a warehouse or storeroom environment, It is much more comfortable and safe to use than a straddle walker.


8. How is a walkie stacker a high-efficiency production tool?

The initial cost is low. If you’re starting a new company, you’ll want to keep your start-up costs as low as possible.

When compared to other warehouse moving equipment, walkie stackers are typically pretty affordable to employ or purchase.

Low-battery maintenance. The expense of maintaining the battery during its operation is also minimal. This is particularly true as compared to other forklifts available.

They do not emit any gases or toxins. This is a significant benefit because we all want to do more to protect the environment.

Since walkie stackers do not discharge gases or harmful exhaust emissions into the air, they are incredibly healthy for indoor applications. They also emit very little carbon dioxide.

Exceptional visibility. Since the walkie stacker is small and you run it from behind, you have excellent visibility when running it.

As a result, it’s a safe machine to use, particularly in restricted areas. It provides a peaceful working atmosphere.

Walkie stackers are pretty much silent equipment, making them suitable for mitigating noise emissions. This also makes them ideal for use in indoor applications.

It’s extremely quick to shift and control. They are very simple to transport and run, which is particularly useful in a co-working space.

This ease of management is particularly beneficial for small businesses with a limited customer base, as it helps you to maximize load capacity and turnover rates. It’s also budget-friendly.

The walkie stacker needs very little or no maintenance costs at all. These costs are further minimized if you use a refurbished walkie stacker or recruit one.

A license is not a requirement. Finally, a walkie stacker does not need a forklift license to work.

However, you must also familiarize yourself with all of the stacker’s security measures and functions before using it. The well-being of your workers is always the priority.


9. Which walkie stacker is the best for heavy lifting?

A forklift is probably the first thing that springs to mind when thinking about the type of equipment that can be used to handle various pallets and loads in a warehouse facility.

While these are important pieces of machines, many other items can be used to transport materials in these lines of work situations.

The walkie counterbalance stacker is one such piece of equipment. When you walk behind the gadget, it’s often referred to as a ‘counterbalance stacker’ or a ‘pedestrian counterbalance stacker.’

The walkie counterbalance stacker is one of the five main types of walkie stacker. A few are manual, while others are powered.

We’ve provided some detail on counterbalance stackers below. It is one of the best walkie stackers among our many collections that we can advise you to consider buying.

All walkie stackers are good for lifting and stacking pallets. It all depends on your budget and lifting needs.

We have stackers that are quite expensive than others. Like electric stackers are double priced as hydraulic or manual stackers.


10. Where can I get a quality walkie stacker?

Walkie stackers can be found in a variety of locations, but only at CUBLiFT can you find an original one. We offer walkie stackers that are robust and can withstand any lifting impact.

We are delighted to be the best dealers in China and Asia. Walkie stackers made by us have been accepted in several countries around the world.

Various certifications have been awarded to us as a result of our diligent material selection and fabrication. We are ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified, as well as CE approved.

We have various models available besides this walkie stacker to support your load. We’ve also had the most successful sales in the last 15 years.

We are well-known by customers from Asia, Europe, and America. With all these experiences gained from interacting with various clients, we believe we know what you want.

11. Does CUBLiFT offer walkie stacker parts?

We provide a broad variety of walkie stacker parts and spare parts to meet each customer’s specific needs. From one-time operations to multi-shift applications in warehouses.

CUBLiFT is committed to designing the best walkie stacker parts for each use with high frequency. A walkie stacker is a type of forklift that is used to move, clump, and elevate packaged goods.

Manual lifting is excessively difficult. Its main function is to raise and lower pallets onto vehicles, as well as to move pallets from one place to another.

Walkie stackers are usually made of heavy-duty parts to support a lot of weight. They can be worked from a sitting, standing, or walking position.


12. What is the weight of a walkie stacker?

CUBLiFT walkie stackers have been configured to handle a wide range of loads. It is entirely up to you to provide us with accurate information about your lifting specifications.

Light commercial walkie stackers with a lifting capacity of 1.7 tons are available. Other massive stackers are available, with a weight capacity of up to 8000 pounds.

The size of the walkie stacker also matters when deciding the lifting power. The fork dimensions of massive walkie stackers are 680 by 1125mm, while light commercial stackers are 500 to 540 by 1125mm.

We have walkie stackers for any warehouse design since most warehouses have different shapes and sizes. We’ve got you covered, whether you’re looking for something small, medium, or big.

The lowering speed varies between 0.1 and 0.12 meters per second. To prevent damaging the pallets or the floor, this means that they are lowered gently and steadily.

The forks can also be adjusted to fit oversized pallets. For successful stacking, make sure the pallets are aligned in a logical order.

Please let us know the load capacity you need in the contact information given. You can also send orders in your questions so that we can process them at our leisure.

13. Do I need a license for this walkie stacker?

The International Human rights watch Licence is not required to operate walkie stackers since they are known as walkways lift trucks.

Employers, on the other hand, can keep track of the performance and competency checking for approved operators.

When working with any forklift equipment, it’s crucial that you and your staff are aware of all applicable regulations and are well qualified on how to operate it safely and efficiently.

Operating a forklift truck necessitates a license on some occasions. Sometimes a license may be used to give assurance to your workers that they are safe and covered.

You should also be cautious of the accidents that may be caused by this walkie stacker. Always wear protective clothing to prevent any of these accidents from happening to you.

14. Why should I choose a walkie stacker and not any other forklift?

In a variety of circumstances, walkie stackers can be a good substitute for forklifts, especially in warehouses or smaller facilities with less challenging material handling requirements.

A walkie stacker is a good option if load-carrying equipment is required for less than five hours per day and is commonly used for small to medium-sized loads.

When compared to forklifts, walkie stackers have the benefit of not having a license to run the equipment. This guarantees you won’t be spending that much time and energy teaching staff to run walkie stackers, and you’ll be able to hire more people to do so.

Walkie stackers are also a more budget material handling option for a company. They’re less costly to purchase than other equipment of this kind.

You can choose between manual and electric walkie stackers. They also have lower operating costs because they don’t need fuel.

This means less noise and emissions, as with all-electric forklift machinery. Why should you not choose a walkie stacker?

Since walkie stackers are less cumbersome than forklift trucks, they are more maneuverable and suitable for the tight spaces found in retail rooms and small warehouses.

The lightweight chassis of walkie stackers also makes them simple to control and provides the operator with excellent visibility.


15. Does CUBLiFT rent out walkie stackers?

The only place where you can get a loan for new and used walkie stackers is CUBLiFT. We know that some of your work is on a seasonal basis, so you might not need to purchase the stacker and just keep it in your shop.

You could also be running low on cash, so we’ve taken care of you with what we have. We assist you in renting and returning our walkie stackers.

This is CUBLiFT’s most cost-effective approach in contrast to its rivals. Both long-term and short-term tenants are subject to the rent terms and conditions.

Make sure you look after the equipment because it will be tested when you return it. Any damage to the stacker will be your responsibility.

Both domestic and foreign shipments are handled by us. If you need your equipment shipped to a specific venue, send us an email with the details and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

We also have shipping discounts for all of our local and international customers. You will be able to take advantage of huge discounts on every purchase you make.

If you’re purchasing or enquiring, we’re always here to help. We’ve set up shops in other countries for convenience and to speed up delivery times.


You will find out whether your country is responsible for our foreign shipments by contacting us. If we are unable to ship in your region, we will refer you to one of our trusted partners for assistance.


16. What is a reach stacker used for?

In local terminals or moderate ports, a reach stacker is equipment used to handle passenger rail cargo.

Reach stackers will easily move packages over short distances and stack them in different rows depending on the container’s access.

As opposed to forklift trucks, reach stackers have made headway in container maneuvering in most markets with high flexibility and better mounting and storage capacity.

Because of the second row entry, container blocks can be held four deep using reach stackers. Reach stackers from CUBLiFT are based on decades of consumer reviews and application experience.

We have the perfect reach stacker for your application, from nimble, lightweight empty container stackers to laden containers and industrial heavyweights.

CUBLiFT is at the forefront of lift truck innovation. All CUBLiFT reach stackers have powerful, low-emission engines that meet ecological regulatory standards while ensuring energy consumption.

We have a large selection of these reach stackers and we are well known for creativity when it comes to creating custom attachments for unique industrial automation applications.

17. How will I maintain this walkie stacker?

You can properly maintain your walkie stacker by having regular checks. Maintaining a walkie stacker involves oiling and greasing the moving parts.

Walkie stackers are extremely useful tools in the industry. They will provide years of efficient and healthy service if handled properly.

A walkie stacker that is not regularly managed may become a burden, if not worse. It might even endanger your staff or your goods/items

If you own a walkie stacker within your business area, you have some legal obligations towards it. To begin with, you must have the walkie stacker serviced regularly.

Ensure you keep your walkie stacker in a safe place to prevent theft of the machine. It is quite expensive to buy a new walkie stacker.

The checks should be conducted by the stacker operator. Since the forklift can be operated by several people during the day, it’s important to delegate pre-checks to a single individual.

When conducting operations, you can also wear a reflector jacket. Carry out the procedure as quietly as possible.


18. CUBLiFT walkie stacker R&D Ltd Co,

CUBLiFT R&D team involves 300 engineers, customer sales team. Research and development is the engine that propels CUBLiFT to be where it is now.

Our team works day and night to enhance and improve our forklifts with every single technology advancement. We have modern labs within our facilities where we check on quality, material, and fabrications.

Walkie stackers being our latest innovated forklifts we aim at having more forklifts innovations by end of 2021. We also consult with various warehouses on the latest material handling forklifts.

We work with various lifting companies to help come up with something which will profit their business as well as benefit us. Get the latest forklifts inventions from our website.

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Walkie Stacker forklift DESC (26)CUBLiFT offers a wide range of walkie stackers for use in raising and lowering items from shelves. You can use a walkie stacker in stores, warehouses, industries, and construction sites.

We offer the best walkie stacker at CUBLiFT which can be manually or electronically controlled. With a walkie stacker, you can ride on it or walk behind it while handling items.

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At CUBLiFT, we manufacture a wide range of walkie stackers that are suited for different applications. Walkie stackers are perfect for use in transporting small capacities of pallets.Walkie Stacker forklift DESC (30)

Walkie stackers are the best for use in inn-warehouse applications or premises. We design them with small wheels that are compatible with any floor and they don’t make any unnecessary noise.

With a walkie stacker, you can achieve a couple of activities that manual employees can’t. They are very fast and you can rely on them to accomplish your business needs in seconds.

If you want a walkie stacker with specialized inbuilt features, we will make it for you. We also upgrade our walkie stackers to have features that match your business needs.

Our wide selection of walkie stackers depends on how they can handle the load, the height at which they can lift the load, and their capacity. You are welcomed to choose the best that suits you!

By using a walkie stacker, you won’t encounter any unnecessary spending on repair, maintenance, etc. We ensure we offer you a high-quality, durable walkie stacker at a cost-effective price.

If you are interested in purchasing a walkie stacker from CUBLiFT, call or contact us online. One of our sales team specialists will help you purchase the right equipment for the right application.

You can also view our full range of Walkie stackers from our catalog. Welcome to CUBLiFT and get your business rolling!

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