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Pallet Truck Scale

CUBLiFT Manufactures Super Pallet Truck Scale for Precise Weighing while Lifting

Pallet Truck Scale

Pallet Truck Scale

CUBLiFT pallet truck scale offers precise maneuverability and makes lifting, weighing in one step efficiently and effortlessly.

  • Weighing capacity up to 5000lb varies on models
  • A perfect combo of accurate weighting, heavy-duty lift, mobility, and flexibility
  • 2″ LCD read display with 1lb accuracy
  • AA battery powered display Designators: On/Off, Zero, Tare, kg/lb
  • A highly sealed pump system allows quick and easy lift
  • PU(Polyurethane) wheels allow smooth steering even for heavy-duty lift
  • Low profile designed forks allow access to extra-low palletized loads

If you meet difficulty in weighing pallets because it was simply too awkward to fit on a desk scale, then CUBLiFT’s pallet truck with a weighing scale is the answer.

● Model: BHA-2000W
● Capacity (kg): 2000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 550
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: Waterproof
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU

● Model: BHA-1ton
● Capacity (kg): 1000WS
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 550
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: Waterproof
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type):  RU
● Material: Stainless Steel

● Model: BHA-2000S
● Capacity (kg): 2000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: A 27E
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON
● Material: Stainless Steel

● Model: BHA-3000P
● Capacity (kg): 3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160
● Fork overall width(mm: 550
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: A 27E Printer
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON
● Material: Stainless Steel

● Model: BHA-3000P
● Capacity (kg): 3000
● Fork overall length (mm):1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: A 27E Printer
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON

● Model: BHA-2500P
● Capacity (kg):2500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: A 12E W Printer
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Pallet Truck Scale Manufacturer in China

Pallet Truck Scale Manufacturer in China (2)  Pallet Truck scale or pallet truck with weighing scale, which also goes by the name pallet jack with a weight scale, pallet jack with scales. It is used to move, lift, and weigh items. It can be used around your store, warehouse, industries, big companies, etc.


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Pallet truck with scale is designed with highly selected raw materials to withstand overloads and general exposure to heavy environmental usage. It is highly durable with a long shelf life. With this pallet truck scale, you can accomplish a series of activities within a span of a minute. The scale makes it possible to weigh items before loading or offloading or arranging them on shelves.


Pallet Truck Scale Manufacturer in China (1)With this pallet truck scale, you can weigh goods of up to 2 tons or 4,000 lbs. The scale is highly accurate with a 0.1 error. The pallet truck scale is fitted with a printer for printing the weighed results for record-keeping. The scale indicator is fitted with an LCD screen for clear visibility of the weighed results.

Pallet truck scale has replaced forklift for its ability to weigh and lift merchandise around your warehouse. It saves you a lot of time, costs and it is highly mobile compared to other lifters. If you might need this type of pallet truck with scale around your industry or construction site, order today! We have 24/7 customer support to serve your order.

Pallet Truck Scale The Ultimate FAQ guide BUYING TIPSPallet Truck Scale: The Ultimate FAQ guide


Pallet truck scales helps to measure the weight of palletized loads. These digital scales are mostly built into the pallet truck’s design with smooth integration techniques. It uses the latest weight distribution engineering technologies to accurately determine the weight of the load on the pallet truck.

Measuring the weight of pallets comes is very important for so many reasons like accurate inventory. It also makes it easy to ensure compliance with workplace safety rules that have to do with overloading.

This guide provides comprehensive answers to the frequent questions to some of the burning questions about the pallet truck scale. It also addresses some of the difficulties that operators experience while using the pallet truck scale.

What is the Pallet Truck Scale BUYING TIPS (1)What is the Pallet Truck Scale?

Pallet truck scales are industrial pump trucks that can lift and move pallets and measure the weight simultaneously. It uses an internal digital weighing scale to perform this function. It, however, does this without interfering with the pallet truck’s normal operations.

This multifunctional equipment is available in the manual and the powered models. Visit our website and get the one that will suit your business.


How does the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale work?

The addition of the weighing scale to a pallet truck makes the equipment’s operation a little more delicate.

Firstly, operators have to ensure that the weighing scale is on the appropriate calibration. Also, the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale has to be on an even surface.

Naturally, the pallet truck scale weighs the loads, including the wooden pallets’ weight or any other form of the pallet.

You can resolve this by measuring the empty pallets first. Then proceed to subtract this value from the screen’s figure while calculating everything.

The operator has to lift the loads from the ground and ensure stability before measurement or even movement.

If the load is not stable, there is a tendency for instability. You also have to select a metric system to measure the weight in. It can be in ounces, pounds, or kilograms.

How much does a Pallet Truck Scale cost?

It is a fact that the pallet truck scale costs more than the ordinary pallet truck without the scale. However, the pallet truck scale will provide many benefits in both material handling and inventory functions.

CUBLIFT offers numerous models of the machine with different specifications that you can choose from. The price of the pallet truck scale generally depends on a lot of factors like:

  • Lift capacity
  • Manufacturer
  • Build material

However, with manufacturers like CUBLIFT, all the available range of the machine’s models is cost-effective.


Why do I need the Pallet Truck Scale?

The weighing pallet truck scale is an essential tool in a warehouse or any distribution center. It is one machine that is very essential in moving through those narrow aisles.

Due to the integrated digital scale, you can now weigh the pallets, move them to different points in the warehouse simultaneously.

This multi-functionality helps to reduce the weighing time and increase productivity in the warehouse. However, its functions are not limited to the confines of a warehouse.

It also finds application in industrial farming and any other center where loads will be weighed. Maybe you already have a scale in your business, but is it sufficiently functional?

You need a machine that will improve productivity or reduce the weighing time in your business. You can log onto and get your preferred pallet truck scale.


Are there alternatives to using the Pallet Truck Scale?

A viable alternative is using an industrial floor scale for weighing pallets. This scale needs to be used alongside a pallet jack or a Forklift. This approach is more expensive and can quickly reduce productivity in the warehouse.


Using separate scales lead to many delays as the pallets have to be on the weighing scale before the scale can be measured.


After obtaining the weight, the pallets will have to be loaded back into a truck or forklift. There is also another type of scale that weighs oddly sized loads using beams.


What are the advantages of using the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

  1. With the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale, there is no need to disturb the flow or transition of loads by stopping to weigh. It has an integrated scale, so you read the weight of the pallets on the go. This little delay that the machine eliminates per time eventually increases the speed of operations.
  2. It is a very economical solution to the problem of measuring the weight of pallets. The manual versions of the pallet truck scale require a very low maintenance level. Operators do not have to continually recharge or refuel it.
  3. It can carry out these functions even in the narrowest parts of the warehouse. If your warehouse is very compact, the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is definitely one machine you should consider purchasing.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale also features the following

  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Reinforced forks
  • Numerous electronic functions like pallet counting


What are the disadvantages of using the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

The pallet truck scale generally offers some limitations as the pallet truck scale readings are usually not 100% accurate.

The machine’s accuracy is partly dependent on its use as a pallet truck. The separate platform scale and the industrial scales will be more accurate.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale has a maximum weighing capacity. So, there are specific amounts of loads that this machine cannot handle. The error of the pallet truck scale is also proportional to the levelness of the floor.

In a bumpy terrain, you might require a different platform scale for your weighing functions. The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is very effective but still constitutes some operational limitations.

What is unique about the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

When you buy a CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale, you get a very reliable scale indicator. The indicator includes a very visible LCD alongside a keyboard.

Operators do not have to stress themselves to read the values as they are glaring. You can also adjust the backlight of the display for optimal visibility.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale’s design incorporates thorough attention to detail. From its handle, scale down to the steering wheels. It consists of a quality polyurethane wheel, which ensures a smooth ride and incredible traction.

Even at its maximum loading capacity, the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale movement results in little or no noise. The scale works for an awe-inspiring number of hours before recharging.

The scale keyboard comes with straightforward keys and buttons that anyone can operate. The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale will go a long way in speeding up the processes in the warehouse.


Can the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale go through an inclined surface?

It is not advisable to move a pallet truck scale or even a pallet jack up an inclined surface. But if you must, do make sure to pull it.

And if you are going down the inclined surface, pushing is the only way to ensure proper control.

However, it is unadvisable to use the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale on inclined surfaces or bumpy terrains. For one, the vibrations and disruption of its motion can eventually lead to faults or even breakdown. Also, movement through the rough terrains can lead to errors in the machine’s reading.

The digital display of the pallet’s weight is usually accurate to about one pound. This error is due to the vibration and the disturbance as a result of the motion. The floor surface also plays a significant role in this error.


What type of industries and environments would the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale find applications in?

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is a critical machine in any industrial unit that requires measuring pallets’ weight. If you have a business wherein weighting is a frequent part of the daily operations, you should get the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale.

This machine is most suitable for indoor activities but is not limited to it. This integrated digital scale also helps in quickly moving from one weighting job to another. The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale finds typical applications in farming, manufacturing, warehouse, shipping and receiving, etc.

For more information on the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale, get in touch with our sales team by sending an email to


What are the differences between the Pallet Truck Scales and Forklift Truck Scales?

The Forklift truck scale is a weighing scale integrated into the forklift. This machine uses a weight measuring technique different from that of the pallet truck scales. It comes with a hydraulic sensor system to measure the load’s resistance on the machine.

This resistance then translates into the weight of the loads. The Forklift truck scale tends to maintain a higher level of accuracy even with environmental disturbances.

The forklift truck scale offers more sophisticated functions like onboard diagnostics and predictive warnings. It also provides users with better data management than the average pallet truck scale.

The forklift trucks are usually powered, so it is only natural that they have a higher weighing capacity than the pallet truck scales. The forklift truck scales, however, require a higher level of maintenance and upkeep.

Both machines have unique functions, and they are very relevant in the material handling industry.


What functions does the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale perform?

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale performs two primary functions: weighing and movement of palletized loads. However, to properly perform these functions, the machine encapsulates some necessary scale functions like:

  • Autozero function
  • Adjustment of the display’s backlight
  • Filtration
  • Totalizing
  • Setting the baud rate
  • Automatic functions
  • Printouts
  • Counting of pallets
  • +/- mass control
  • Memory of tare
  • User calibration
  • Inscription of tare value
  • The measure of percentage deviation

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale performs these electronic functions to ensure an accurate reading. There are also other functions that users can access through the machine’s menu screen.


What are the precautions to take when using the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

During the truck’s movement, it is vital to ensure that the machine is in an upright position. The positioning of the pallet truck scale is critical as wrong positions can lead to air pocketing. And when this ever happens, you should ensure the following precautions…

  • Place the steering handle in the ‘lower’ position
  • Pump the hydraulic set
  • While pumping, ensure that you do not reach the lowest and highest parts of the beams.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is meant for horizontal movements on smooth and even surfaces. Using this machine on uneven surfaces may cause the wheels and suspension to wear out.

This exposure also endangers the mechanical parts of the equipment. It can also cause overloading of the load cells. After using the machine, the pallet truck scale should be in a lowered position and without loads.

Operators would need basic knowledge of electronic functions to operate the machine. Operators have to make sure that the pallet truck scale is in good shape.

Lastly, there is more information on the manufacturer’s manual to ensure the machine’s proper use.


How do I load the pallets into the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

Operators should ensure that the pallets are centrally and adequately on the fork arms. Ensure that the loads are well balanced on the two fork arms.

The loads should not also exceed the machine’s loading capacity. The pallets should be placed on the pallet truck scale gently without strokes.

It is not advisable to place the pallets on the forks dynamically or rapidly. This can cause damage to the load cells.

Operators also have to ensure that the heavier pallets are at the bottom of the stack as the loads are being placed on the forks.


How do I keep the pallet truck scale in good working condition?

To keep the pallet truck scale in good working condition, operators must develop a good maintenance culture. You have to check the oil level of the machine at least twice a year. Using hydraulic oil can also be of great help to the equipment.

If you frequently use the pallet truck scale, then there might be a need to pay exceptional attention to the wheels, axles. There should be proper lubrication as at when due. It is crucial to perform periodic maintenance at least once a month.

The maintenance activities should involve cleaning, oiling, change of oil, etc. You frequently need to clean the machine and prevent dirt and foreign matter from sticking between the weighing forks.


What are the conditions for the safe operations of the Pallet Truck Scale?

  • It is essential to switch off the pallet truck scale before making installations, repairs, servicing, fuse change, etc.
  • Do not operate the pallet truck scale close to water or in too humid conditions.
  • Operators should only pull the pallet truck scale through the handles as this eases the movement of the pallet truck scale and the forks. Proper usage or handling of the machine goes a long way in improving the working of the machine
  • Read the manufacturer’s manual and stick to the stated cautions before using the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale.
  • During the pallets’ movement, ensure that other personnel and pedestrians are not too close to the pallet truck scale.
  • Do not use different devices to place loads on the pallet truck scales.


Are there variants of the Pallet Truck Scale?

You might not find other machines performing the same functions as the pallet truck scales, but few come close.

There are industrial weighing scales, crane scales, floor scales, pallet beam scales, platform scales. These scales can adequately perform the weighing function.

The pallet beam scales use strong beams to measure the weight of oddly sized and shaped loads. You can adjust the lever through the use of a lever in the machine.

These different types of scales can have various weighing capacities. Some include a different form of weight indicators, while others come with printers and additional ramps.

It has four load cells in the forks, which helps in providing reliable readings. Some versions or models have different connectivity functions.

Some use Bluetooth & USB connectivity, which allows these readings to be sent to external systems. It can be a warehouse management system through FTP, TCP/IP.


Pallet Truck Scale cost-effective BUYING TIPS (1)Is the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale cost-effective?

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is a pallet jack that includes an integrated scale for measuring weights.

This manual pallet truck stands as one of the most cost-effective materials handling equipment. It is very affordable, and you can even rent it from some agencies before purchasing it.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale consists of many components that are very easy to maintain. You do not need to regularly refuel or recharge it. However, the scale comes with batteries that last for a long time before recharging.

It is most useful for a low volume of loads, and for more heavy-duty operations, other machines might be more appropriate. The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale plays a unique and essential role in material handling, and its effectiveness offsets its cost.


Do I need any special training to operate the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is relatively easy to operate when it comes to moving loads from one point to another. The operator needs some basic knowledge of arithmetic and electronic functions.

Nonetheless, the screen makes it very easy with menus that operators can easily use to achieve any function. Since the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale performs multi-functions it is easy to lose concentration.

Operators need to remain conversant with the environment and vicinity to avoid accidents. Make sure that pedestrians and other personnel are not too close to the machine.

Nonetheless, even with all the training, operators have to be extremely cautious and follow the laid down rules on using the device.


Pallet Truck Scale find applications in BUYING TIPSWhat is the difference between CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale and industrial scales?

The most fundamental difference between these two is that the industrial scales are for industrial use. Workers place loads on it to be weighed and then taken for shipping.

You can connect some of these scales to a printer for easy printouts of the readings for official use.

The industrial scale has unique functions, and the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale also has a unique place in material handling.

It might not be suitable for the hefty loads. It can, however, help with the movement and weigh those regular pallets in your warehouse.


What are the key features to look out for in the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale plays a significant role in executing the day-to-day activities in the warehouse. However, for optimum performance of the machine, you need to consider the following factors.

  • Model
  • Load capacity
  • Minimum height
  • Maximum lifting height
  • Overall height
  • Fork adjustable width
  • Fork length
  • Overall width
  • Weight
  • Scale functions
  • Battery capacity

Before buying any pallet truck scale, you have to know the functions that the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale should perform. You also have to consider how the pallet will be loaded into the scale. Also, if you need printouts for the measurement data, some models can provide that.


Is the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale durable?

One of the most crucial durability attributes of the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is the IP68 stainless steel protection. The IP in the term represents Ingress Protection. So with IP68 stainless steel protection, the CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is adequate to water and dustproof.

The fork arms are also made from reinforced steel. This makes them resistant to chemical reactions and is easier to clean. Reinforced steel also offers properties like increased tensile strength, higher modulus of elasticity.


Why choose the CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scale?

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is a very economical way of handling and weighing pallets in the warehouse. It significantly cuts the labor cost, and the labor as workers will not have to keep loading pallets.

It also drastically reduces travel time as it performs several functions at the same time. All of these improve efficiency and the general level of productivity in the distribution center.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale will minimize the congestion in the warehouse. It is also very useful in maneuvering around those narrow parts of the warehouse.

CUBLIFT, as a company, revolves around quality, efficiency, and brand differentiation. The product utilizes several innovations to ensure that customers get more than their money’s worth.


Pallet Truck Scales waterproof BUYING TIPS (1)Are CUBLIFT Pallet Truck Scales waterproof?

Many machines do not go together with water or perform optimally in very humid conditions. The CUBLIFT pallet truck scales differ a bit in this regard. You can clean this pallet truck scale with water without compromising its performance.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale can therefore be used in food applications. However, the fact that the machine is waterproof does not mean that it is okay to deliberately expose the appliance to water and extreme levels of moisture.



Choose CUBLIFT, the forefront company, when it comes to manufacturing the best material handling equipment.

The CUBLIFT pallet truck scale is sure to guarantee you 99% uptime. It utilizes the latest technology in weight distribution to achieve these functions.

CUBLIFE is one of the most reputable materials handling solution providers globally. Its hand pallet stacker will serve all its functions for the longest of time.

There are a lot of models and variants available for you to choose from. You can make more inquiries by visiting our website or sending us a mail


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