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CUBLiFT Manufactures Quality Pallet Jack Scale since 1999

Pallet Jack Scale manufacturer

Pallet Jack Scale

20+years pallet jack manufacturer, CUBLiFT manufactures & supplies selected pallet jack scales. Its dual function of pallet truck & scale in one offers you palletized loads lifting & weighing at one time effortless and precisely.

  • CE TUV approved pallet jack scale products
  • Accessible to most standard pallets
  • Power way: built-in rechargeable battery
  • Capacity &  readability: up to 500lb at the accuracy of 1lb
  • Fork size: 48″ x 27″ and more options available
  • Weighing unit: Pound (lb), kilograms (kg)

Customized pallet jack scale or electric pallet jack with scale, electric stacker with scale, and drum lifter with scale are available upon request.

Pallet Jack Scale 2500kg 680mm

● Capacity (kg): 2500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: A 27E
● Wheel (type): NYLON

Pallet Jack Scale LIST (13)

● Capacity (kg): 2500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Screen: AE12E W Printer
● Wheel (type): NYLON

Pallet Jack Scale 3000kg 680mm

● Capacity (kg):3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Display Screen: AE12E W Printer
● Wheel (type):  NYLON

Pallet Jack Scale 2000kg 550mm

● Capacity (kg): 2000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 550
● Display Screen: Waterproof
● Wheel (type): PU

Pallet Jack Scale Stainless Steel 3000kg

● Capacity (kg): 3000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Display Screen: Waterproof
● Wheel (type): Rubber
● Material: Stainless Steel

Pallet Jack Scale Stainless Steel 1000kg

● Model: BHA
● Capacity (kg): 1000
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 680
● Display Screen: AE12E
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON
● Material: Stainless Steel

The pallet jack scale refers to pallet jack with scale, or many times, it is known pallet jack with a weight scale. CUBLiFT is one of the most competent pallet jack manufacturers in China. We have been in the forklift trucks manufacturing and supplying chains since 1999. We offer hand pallet trucks with weighing scales, also supply electric pallet jack with scale.

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The pallet jack scale comes as a combo of lifting and weighing. A pallet jack is an effective means of loading/unloading cargo in a narrow and tight warehousing environment. Plus the built-in weight scale turns into a pallet jack with scales. The pallet jack scale can help you move and weighing palletized loads all in one operation, which is remarkable speeds up your working efficiency and less the operators’ burn.

CUBLiFT’s pallet jack scale lift capacity varies from 1500kg, 2000kg, 3000kg and up to 5000kgs. A highly oil-sealed hydraulic system allows stable and safe lifting. Nylon, PU, or Rubber wheels provides all-terrain floor rolling. All of our pallet jack scales is made with a back-lit display screen powered by AA removable batteries, which immediately gives you on-spot weighing results. Since it is frequently used in high-demanded construction or logistics transportation sites, our pallet jack scale was made from applied reinforced steel and other reliable quality components. The standard fork-sized pallet jack scale is applicable to most of the pallets in the market.

Pallet Jack Scale Manufacturer

Highly sealed hydraulic pumps, strong and reinforced angel steel frame, adjustable push-rod, ergonomically designed control handle, precise weighing, etc. all of these make CUBLiFT’s pallet jack scale a great all-in-one material handling equipment in different industries. Find us for more detailed forklift trucks series to meet your every lifting need.

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Pallet Jack Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide


Pallet jack scale is a specialized weighing type of pallet scale with a mounted scale to assist give accurate weights of the various pallets being moved from one point to another in warehouses and even in manufacturing firms. They are made in a manner that provides an accurate weight reading. This is made even more easier and convenient even without the assistance of an operator. Acquiring this pallet jack scale guarantees the buyer of efficiency in pallet ad other weight-carrying activities from the advanced features that the pallet jack scale possesses. It is capable of withstanding heavy commercial/industrial weight lifting, with minimal operator control

Figure 1: Manual Pallet Jack Scale               Figure 2: Pallet Jack Scale

How best can a Pallet Jack Scale be used?

A pallet jack scale, from the way it is designed, with adherence to safe use, easy ways of handling, through the use of the ergonomic handle, high-quality wheels, sturdy fork hands, with easy-to-use and read terminals makes it the best suit for use. The most important thing for the user, however, is that the operator should be explicitly prepared on how to utilize the pallet jack scale. Secondly, the operator should check the pallet jack scale status before using it. This is to guarantee its fitness for use and safety. Thirdly, the user should strictly uphold all the safety guidelines as indicated about the pallet jack scale manual, which also depends on the particular type of pallet jack scale being used at the time.

Which is the best type of Pallet Jack Scale available for purchase?

While picking which Pallet Jack Scale to purchase, several factors run through the mind of the user. Among them is the configuration of the pallet jack scale against his/her necessities. In such a case, a manufacturer, therefore, knows that he should mainly focus on the user’s need on its applicability on the distribution center or the warehouse. This includes the pallet jack scale’s ergonomic features, its fork hands, which are on it. This kind of handle makes pallet jack scale simple to lift, move, and gauge pallets. The smooth wheels of the pallet jack scale give a smooth ride over a rugged floor area in the warehouse/workplace. Easy controls allow the operator to work smoothly and efficiently. Having strong forks made of steel on the jack scale, its capability to withstand heavy loads. Our pallet jack scale comprises a battery-powered battery for 95 hours of operations before recharging. It also has the capability of moving weights from one point to another of up to 4000 pounds.

Therefore, a pallet jack scale that has dependable terminals that include, effective and noticeable below features, is advisable for purchase. The features of the scale include 5 keys. These are on & off, Zero, Clear, Print & Tare keys). While there is no single best Pallet Jack Scale, this type of jack scale saves time while in use by allowing the operator to move and gauge each pallet simultaneously. This greatly increases efficiency in the warehouse/workplace.

What are some of the Pallet Jack Scale’s outstanding features?

Definite/clear display – the pallet jack scale has an excellent LCD-enabled reading display that is easy to read from under any type of light condition. One can easily adjust it depending on the lighting of the room.

A fully functional ergonomic handle – this type of pallet jack makes lifting easier, less difficult to move loads, and weighing of the loads much easier, and convenient.

Easy steering – the pallet jack scale is fitted with moldon polyurethane wheels which enables it to move easily with minimal effort even on a rugged surface.


Figure 3: Electric Pallet Jack Scale

Figure 4: Electric Pallet Jack Scale

What advantages does one get from using a pallet jack scale in his/her warehouse or industry?

  • Saves time – due to the availability of a weighing scale that has a very clear display, it is, therefore, easy to weigh goods/loads being moved from one point to another as they are being transported. This saves lots of time since the operator does not have to move the load from the pallet jack to another weighing scale.
  • Offers convenience – one key advantage offered by the pallet jack scale over other pallet jacks is its ability to transport and weigh loads simultaneously. On the other hand, it is easy to maneuver since it has high-quality wheels which can move even on a rugged or uneven surface.
  • Reduction in cost of labor – this is also a key benefit to the user/purchaser of this pallet jack scale. Once the operator can save on time, that translates into saving money for the employer. Further, a single operator can perform two tasks by him/herself. Therefore, more work is done by fewer people and the employer does not spend so much on labor-saving on overheads.
  • Highly adaptive – it is a crucial aspect of any warehouse equipment that it should be versatile. The pallet jack scale is made with adaptability capability in mind. The material used is of high quality which includes stainless steel, high-quality wheels made of moldon polyurethane making it easy to ride on an uneven surface. The pump jacks are made of stainless steel also which can be used under all weather conditions. Other types of jack pallet scales have the capability of printing.
  • Powerful – pallet jack scales are made of high-quality material which fosters their longevity and accuracy in weighing loads. Most of our pallet jack scales are made of steel, while others are fitted with heavy-duty cells for a prolonged operating lifespan.
  • Ability to handle over-size loads – due to its long forks, a pallet jack scale can handle loads that surpass their capacity. This, therefore, makes it more useful and reliable since one does not worry so much about the loads that slightly weigh much than its weight load capacity.
  • Safer to use – the ability to have all loads being transported away from a warehouse by vehicles is crucial to avoid dangers during transportation. Therefore, through the use of a pallet jack scale, accurate weight can capture, since it has a fitted scale and makes it effective to know when the weight has exceeded.
  • Guaranteed continuous performance – this pallet jack scale is made of the best quality of materials which adds to the lifespan of the pallet jack scale. To make sure that your pallet jack scale retains its accuracy and reliability you should contact the manufacturer to avail an engineer to ensure the equipment retains its sharp accuracy from a proper maintenance schedule.
  • Easily customizable – pallet jack scale offers a wide range of options to a buyer’s needs when it comes to weighing. That notwithstanding, even when one is unable to find a pallet jack scale that is compatible with their needs, one can reach out to the company and get a customized one depending on his/her needs.

How much height can a Pallet Jack Scale lift?

Ordinarily, a pallet jack scale can lift a pallet or load up to 120mm. This is sufficiently high to lift and transfer any load that can fit on a pallet jack scale.

What’s the weight of a Pallet Jack Scale?

Essentially, a manual pallet jack scale weighs about 79Kg. This amount of weight guarantees enough strength to the pallet jack scale on rugged surfaces while on a heavy load/pallet. Hence, for smooth operations, while transporting pallets, the design of the pallet jack is crucial. They are made in a way that they can bear rough rides for a long time, and easy operator usage, and with high accuracy to track both the inbounds and the outbound loads efficiently.

Can a pallet jack scale incline?

Fundamentally, Pallet Jack Scale has not been made to go up on a slope or to an inclined surface. They are supposed to be used on flat or leveled surfaces. Nonetheless, if there is a need for a pallet jack scale to go up a slope, slowly pull it instead of pushing it to guarantee its safety and that of the pallets. When going down a slope, the user should push to be able to control its speed. However, it’s advisable to avoid using pallet jack scale on sloppy areas and more so when handling heavy loads.

Should a Pallet Jack Scale operator have a license to use it?

Ideally, no license is required for one to operate a pallet jack scale. However, the user of the pallet jack scale must be well versed with the necessary safety precautions and be thoroughly trained before handling it. Failure to observe the set measures may lead to serious injuries.

Which is the recommended way of using the pallet jack scale?

Just as in many other types of pallet jacks, a pallet jack scale should be pulled when loaded. While it’s free from any load, then the operator can be repositioned and push the pallet jack scale.

How can one malfunctioning pallet jack scale be fixed?

Malfunctions are a common phenomenon with the pallet jack scale. However, if it is unable to lift, it means that the pump system needs repair to restore its lifting capability. Nonetheless, the following steps may be adopted.

  • Unload the pallet jack of any load, and immediately lower its forks.
  • Use a screwdriver to pry the end of the lowering fork (14) end and disconnect both the adjusting nut (12) and the controlling rod.
  • Adjust the nut by making a ½ turn in a clockwise direction to lower the nut’s position with the help of a small wrench.
  • Afterward, reconnect both the controlling rod and the adjusting nut, to the lowering fork.
  • Thereafter, follow the stipulated procedures on the pallet jack manual to test if the problem has been rectified.
  • If not yet solved, repeat the highlighted steps.


In case the jack is not lowering: The following steps may be used to solve the problem.

  • Pry the fork-end of the lowering fork-arm (14) so to bypass the handle switch and directly engage the valve involved in lowering the handle using a screwdriver.
  • Secondly, the controlling rod and the adjusting nut should be disconnected with the help of a screw-driver.
  • Thirdly, the adjusting nut should be turned half anti-clockwise so the nut can be raised.
  • Thereafter, re-connect the controlling rod, and the adjusting nut to the lowering fork-arm.
  • A test should be done following the standardized procedures as prescribed in the manual’s guide.
  • Failure to resolve the issue, one should repeat the steps as described above.

If there is no one with such specialization nearby, then, you should contact the manufacturer/seller.

How can one drain air from the Pallet Jack Scale?

For one to drain air from the pallet jack scale, you should keep the control switch in a lower position, thereafter, move the handle over several times. This activity eventually ousts air from your pallet jack scale and can be used comfortably.

What are some of the safety tips for operating a Pallet jack scale?

Just like any other workplace equipment, if the pallet jack scale is not used/handled correctly, then there are chances that it can lead to injuries to the operator or even the operator ends up injuring others. This is because this equipment is made of steel and heavy metals. Also, if the pallet jack scale is overloaded, it may pose danger to the user by destroying it or even hurting himself with the loads. However, there are safety tips, which are well observed and adhered to, chances of injuries are significantly minimal. They include:

  • Operator training – it is important that whoever takes the pallet jack scale is trained on how to use it effectively. Thus, if a beginner is assigned to use the pallet jack scale, an experienced operator should first train the beginner. This should include the reading of the weight, weigh capacity, when to push and when to pull the jack scale.
  • Weight limit observation – any manufacturer of the pallet jack scale is required to provide information on every type of pallet jack scale. This helps the buyer to understand what amount of weight the type of pallet jack scale can carry to avoid dropping loads or injuring himself. The buyer should ensure that that information is availed and put into practice.
  • Avoid riding a pallet jack scale – some new operators are times tempted to ride pallet jack scale for fun. This can be dangerous since it’s easy to lose control over the pallet jack scale while riding it. Moreover, the rider’s feet can be serious injuries if caught by the pallet jack scale’s blades. Accompanying personnel must be together with the operator to assist in a case where the operator has reduced front view. That notwithstanding, the operator should be cognizant of the passersby and should stop whenever he comes across them.
  • Electric pallet jack scale vs. manual pallet jack scale – injuries are more prone while using the manual pallet jack scale as compared to when using the electric pallet jack scale. This is because, manual pallet jack scales are manually operated, and therefore it is important to observe all the safety measures put in place all the time while operating it.
  • Load size consideration – just as the handling manual describes, an operator is supposed to be aware of the load capacity that the type of pallet jack scale he is using. This is because, for instance, if the loads are too wide, or even long, it may lead to destabilizing the pallet jack scale, it can also lead to the pallet jack scale slipping as well as the load. It is also likely that the operator may lose control of the pallet jack scale, with the potential of turning dangerous with one sustaining serious injury.
  • Pallet Jack scale speed limits – when an operator is transporting pallets from one position to another, it is recommended that the person using the pallet jack scale is well trained or is an experienced operator. This is because he understands that the pallet jack scale should be pushed while one has a clear front view and in safe corners or limited spaces, and pulling should be done when on an inclined surface.
  • Case of electric pallet jack scale – while handling it, the operator should be well versed with how it works. Should load pallets carefully, start the electric pallet jack scale gradually, and also do the same when stopping it. It’s also crucial that when operating the electric pallet jack scale, special attention be given to un-even or inclined grounds/surfaces, also be aware of the tight/narrow spaces.

What are the dos and don’ts to ensure the pallet jack scale serves you for a long period?

To ensure that the pallet jack scale serves you for a long period, certain specific conditions must be maintained or observed during operations. This includes;

  • Switching off the pallet jack scale while doing an installation, changing of parts, servicing, or even clearing of parts. This should be applied without fail, otherwise, it may lead to the body of the equipment being damaged.
  • One should never use the pallet jack scale close to water, swimming pools, sinks, laundry rooms, or in humid rooms.
  • In case an operator has to pull the pallet jack scale, this should be done by the handles of the scale. The handle makes it easy to move the pallet jack scale as well as its forks. Likewise, when the pallet jack scale is well handled, its hydraulic system is also protected.
  • It is paramount to read all the manual instructions before attempting to use the pallet jack scale.
  • The use of the pallet jack scale should only be limited to those who have read and understood the handling manual, as well as those who have received the necessary training.
  • The operator should never carry people, or ride on the pallet jack scale himself.
  • Avoid coming or getting too close to passersby while operating the pallet jack scale during transportation.
  • Always place the load on the center of the carrying forks to avoid spillages or even falling off the load.
  • The pallet jack scale should not be overloaded by ensuring that the weight limit of the pallet jack is observed.
  • You should not operate the pallet jack scale close to the fire.
  • No other devices/equipment should be used to load the pallet jack scale.

What are the most important features to consider while acquiring a pallet jack scale?

One key factor whenever a buyer chooses to acquire a pallet jack scale is the exact features of the pallet jack scale, he/she wants to buy. Below are some key features/attributes of the pallet jack scale that one should have in mind before buying one:

  • Lifting capability – it is most likely that you have an estimate of the kind of height that you lift your loads in your warehouse or industry or store. Therefore, that should be very clear in mind while purchasing a pallet jack scale. Normally, a standard pallet jack scale has a lifting height capacity of a load of up to 6000lb.
  • Calibration of the in-built scale – it is imperative to have an accurate reading scale with a clear display, and one that has the right calibration units. This is normally provided in the manual guide where it’s easy to confirm if it’s functioning as described.
  • Approved standard models – due to many companies manufacturing pallet jack scales, the market has been flooded with make jack scales that do not meet the approved standards. It is therefore important to check if it’s UL, or NTEP approved model. Normally the supplier should provide certification to prove this.
  • Measurement units of scale – different pallet jack scales have different units of measurement. Some measure in pounds, while others in kilograms. It’s recommended to acquire the one that can convert from one unit to another interchangeably.
  • Manual or electric operated – one should be able to decide which type they want depending on the nature of work in their workplace, as well as their budget. Realistically, the electric-powered pallet jack scale is more expensive than manually operated.
  • Low profile forks or standard forks – the height levels of the forks are also important in deciding what type you need. However, having one with low profile forks is considered better since it can be put almost in all manner of use.

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How to make sure the weight data from your pallet jack scale is accurate?


  1. Make sure you are using a quality pallet jack scale from a reliable and qualified pallet truck manufacturer or supplier
  2. Make sure to load and weigh the content being weighing not to exceed the weighing capacity of the pallet jack scale.
  3. Make sure your pallet jack scale is working on leveled floor/ground.
  4. Make sure your loads are centered loaded on the pallet jack scale forks.
  5. Make sure the pallet jack scale’s spirit level bubble is central

Make sure no foreign objects were pushing down on the goods being weighing

How does the pallet jack scale weigh for you?

The weigh sensors on the pallet jack scale are resistance strain gauge load cells, which are frame-mounted, measure deflection caused by the applied loads, then work out the weighing digital weighing data. The pallet jack scale weighing accuracy is closely related to sensor accuracy. So, the load cells equipped on the pallet jack scale decide what kind of accurate reading you can get.

How to get the net weight of your load of goods?

Simply weigh the empty pallet with the indicator in flush position and press ‘zero’, this zero out the pallet jack scale with the pallet still on the truck. From here, you can place the desired load for weighing and continue to weigh goods without adding the weight of the pallet.

How to convert pounds and kilograms simply?

Just press the POWER button once, the weighing unit will be converted, then you can choose the one you want.
How to Shut-off the pallet jack scale and indicator?
Hold pressing the POWER button for 3 seconds. Meanwhile, the scale can also shut down automatically after 3 mins of idle use.

What capacities and accuracy of your pallet jack with scale?

The standard pallet jack scales offers weight capacity includes: 500kg,1000kg,1500kg,2000kg,2500kg,3000kg.
As per the pallet jack scale capacity, we have a simple list below:

kg/lb L x W ACCURACY
1000kg /2200lb Standard 48 x 27″ 10lb / 1 lb.
2000kg / 4400lb Narrow 46 x 21″
3000kg /6600lb Standard w/ Printer 48 x 27″
Printer optional Thermal Paper:  2 1/4″ x 85′

What are the pallet jack scale main attachments?

Basically, the pallet truck scale combined the great features of the pallet trucks with the addition of a single sensor.
It can quickly verify the inbound and outbound freight without the need for additional scale helping you increase productivity.

1. the pallet jack scale body part, which is the whole steel frame of the pallet truck scale.
2. four compression load cell sensors, are used to determine the pressure changes endured by the onboard hydraulic system.
3. five-hole junction box, is used to gather the compression signal borne by the four load cell sensors and transmit the signal to the onboard instrument.
4. LED display, which calculates the weighing data and displays the weighing results on the screen of the weighing indicator.

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