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Top Floor Scale Manufacture Companies  & Suppliers You’d be Using in France

multifunctional floor scales or platform scales are required for multiple purposes and used in different industries or fields.

Floor scales are manufactured by different industries and companies that have the potential to manufacture different types of reliable scales, including bench scales, floor scales, hanging scales, and other various weighing solutions. There are multiple leading manufacturers operating in France that have the tendency to manufacture a variety of precise floor scales, which are considered best for the job.

The scales from these leading floor scale manufacturing companies can be used in the day-to-day function of many different industries like containment drums, counting scales, livestock, pallets, and heavy machinery manufacturing industry.Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd be Using in France customized

Some of these companies are the floor scale distributors and suppliers that function all around the country and produce multiple products like load cells, truck scales, conveyor scales, rail scales, floor scales, bench scales, in-motion Checkweighers, counting scales, weighing scales, airport baggage scales, and many more. These manufacturers also produce portable scales that can be carried anywhere at any time.

Below is the list of the 12 best floor scale manufacturers and suppliers operating in France, who guarantee all their products to last for a long time.

1.     ZWIEBEL

Address, Grand Rue, 67700 Saint Jean Saverne, VAT No. FR67558022900010

A leading company like ZWIEBEL is a manufacturing and supplying company that manufactures and produces products like floor scales, hanging scales, retail scales, rail scales, weighbridges, and other types of various weighing instruments that can be used in multiple industries. Plus, they are the manufacturing company that manufactures precision and weigh masses on a larger scale. Their products and weighing solutions are certified and approved by the laboratory. Their product line has made them one of the best manufacturing companies in the calibration and weighing field.  Customers and clients can easily access their skills, expertise, and extensive experience by visiting their official website.


Address: 290 route de Saint Dionisy, Bp11 30980 Langlade, France, VAT NO. FR381306224 This company has the potential to manufacture all types of weighing solutions that can be used in various fields and by different industries. It produces floor scales and other weighing equipment for water treatment plants and water treatment or sewage plants.  It has also produced and designed robust and highly professional weighing systems specifically made for weighing sludge containers and other vehicles as well.


Address: PARC d affairesTechnopolis Bâtiment Sigma,  3 Avenue du Canada  91978 Les Ulis, Cedex Company like MINEBEA INTEC FRANCE produces a reliable product line they also play a role of the manufacturers and producers, which largely operates in the mass and weight measurement. Plus, these products can also operate in various industries like the dosing and weighing equipment industry.


Address: 128 Rue de la Boetie, Bureau 46 75008 Paris This company is a manufacturer and a producer of different types of weighing scales like floor scales and counting scales. These scales can easily operate in the weighing and dosing equipment industry. Plus, it can also be used in industries like precision scales for laboratories, industrial weighing systems, medical scale industry, and weighing scale industry as well.  


Address: 3 Rue Claude Debussy 59155 Faches Thumesnil, VAT No. FR388581340, France The company like CAISS’ MAG SYSTEMS operates in France and manufactures various weighing scales, including floor scales that were founded in 1992. These products can operate in the cash register industry because of their potential, capability, and experience in manufacturing different scales and weighing equipment.  


Address: 7 Impasse Maniou 31140 Launaguet, VAT No. FR323139113, France This company has the ability to manufacture different weighing scales and instruments as it is a wholesaler as well that was founded in 1981. It can also operate in the weighing and dosing equipment industry. Plus, it can also operate in the electronic scales, weighing scales, electronic weighbridge, and weighing scale industry.


Address: 77 B Avenue Pierre Piffault 72100 Le Mans, VAT No. FR330176215, France SOC RENAUD PESAGE operates in Le Mans, France because it is a service provider along with the manufacturer of the floor scale and weighing machinery or weighing scales. Besides, it can also operate in the truck or pallet scale industry and also in the Metrology scales and flow meter industry.


Address: 28 Avenue Du Fond De Vaux,  Z I Du Vert Galand 95310 St Ouen L Aumone, VAT No. FR385212840, France SCALES is a well-known company and a manufacturer of different scales that can produce, design, and manufacture all types of floor scales and weighing equipment. This company has the potential to operate in the weighing and dosing equipment industry and also in the road transport industry.


Address: 28 Boulevard Victor Hugo 92200 Neuilly Sur Seine, VAT No. FR11840702815, France This company also produces beauty products while it is also famous for producing and manufacturing different weighing scales like floor scales and others which can be used in industries like cosmetics and treatment of any chemical ingredients. This company has the ability and opportunity to operate in most of Europe and also in other parts of the world.

10.     CALIBREX

Address: 291 rte d’Avignon 84304 Cavaillon Cedex, VAT No. FR64262039700017, France CALIBREX is manufacturing and designing weighing scales like floor scales since 1955. It also produces grading machines for different fragile vegetables and fruit machines as well as industries. It is an exclusive distributor of all types of scales.

11.     VULCAN

Address: 6 avenue Louise Michel 77100 Nanteuil Les Meaux, VAT No. FR55793566779, France VULCAN is a multi-category manufacturing company that can manufacture different types of scales and weighing instruments. It was founded in 2013, which also operate in the equipment and the water softening industry, plus, it can also operate in the magnetic fields, domestic water softeners, and industrial water softener industries.

12.     HELICEO

Address: 6 rue Rose Dieng-Kuntz CS 40760  44307 Nantes Cedex 3, VAT No. FR513281279, France It is an industrial-scale company that manufactures scales and weighing equipment for the weighing and dosing industry. The product line of this company is quite unique and reliable. It is also considered a technological brain that can also manufacture drones for precision and measurement professionals.


Above is just a part of France’s floor scale manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in more industrial-scale products, you may refer to here for more information. Meanwhile, CUBLiFT is one of the prominent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, if you have any industrial floor scale requirements, please contact here for the most cost-effective industrial scale products.

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