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From 1000lb up to 10000lbs capacities

Low Profile Floor Scale

CUBLiFT offers low-profile floor scales which are ultra-low for easy access and meeting various weighing applications.
From agriculture to aviation, veterinary offices to manufacturing factories, industrial settings to medical fields, and even scientific research, you can always find suitable platform scales from us fitting your specific need of each industry.
We are thrilled to present our state-of-the-art Ultra-Low Platform Scale to you at a very competitive price.

CUBLIFT offers a customized range of low-profile industrial floor scales with various advantages.

CUBLIFT offers a full range of ultra-low industrial scales that are highly customizable. Here are the key advantages of our ultra-low industrial scales:

1. Factory Advantage: Our factory has the capacity to export 100,000 ultra-low scales annually, resulting in a significant cost reduction of 20% in scale production.

2. Product Advantages: Our scales have a weighing height of only 40mm, which is 50% lower than ordinary platform scales. This eliminates the need for moving goods up and down during weighing. Additionally, our scales can be customized with guardrails, handles, moving wheels, and wireless displays.

3. Warranty: We provide a 10-year warranty for the metal parts of the scale body and offer 2 years of maintenance-free service for the electronic sensors.

In summary, our ultra-low industrial scales offer a comprehensive range of customizable options, cost-effective production, compact design, and generous warranty coverage.

Low Profile Floor Scale with Ramp Carbon Steel
Low Profile Floor Scale With Ramp Carbon Steel

FS-LRC series
Mitel: Carbon Steel
Weighing height: 40mm
Capacity: up to 3000kg
Ramp: 300mm

Low Profile Floor Scale with Ramp Stainless Steel
Low Profile Floor Scale with Ramp Stainless Steel

FS-LRSS series
Metal: Stainless Steel
Weighing height: 45mm
Lowest weighing height: 40mm
Capacity: up to 3000kg
Ramp: 300mm

Low Profile Floor Scale Carbon Steel
Low Profile Floor Scale Carbon Steel

FS-LC series
Mitel: Carbon Steel
Weighing height: 40mm
Capacity: up to 3000kg

Low Profile Floor Scale Stainless Steel
Low Profile Floor Scale Stainless Steel

FS-LSS series
Metal: Stainless Steel
Weighing height: 40mm
Capacity: up to 3000kg

Low Profile Floor Scale Flushable, reversible
Low Profile Floor Scale Flushable, reversible

FS-LG series
Metal: Stainless Steel
Weighing height: 40mm
Capacity: up t0 3000kg

Low Profile Floor Scale for Medical Wheelchair
Low Profile Floor Scale for Medical Wheelchair

FS-LM series
Metal: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
Weighing height: 40mm
Capacity: 500kg

We Manufacture and Engineer the Floor Scales For Long-Stand Utility

Quality Selected Material

Customizable steel materials as per international standards.

Quality-proved Weigh Load Cells

High-precision load cell with cantilever beam design.

Adaptable to multiple environments

Dustproof, waterproof, and rodent-proof industrial scale parts.

Accuracy & Simplicity

1/6000 High-precision weighing with CE and OIML certificates.


Our platform scales are made from either carbon steel or stainless steel SUS304, providing durability and reliability. They feature an inspection port for easy maintenance and monitoring. With a maximum capacity of up to 3000kg, our scales can handle a wide range of weighing needs.

We offer standard platform sizes from 800*800mm to 1500*1500mm, The ultra-low series floor scales come with a single-layer plate or double-layer metal plate, and an optional ” live” ramp as an accessory.

load cells

When it comes to load cells, we only offer top-quality options. such as  ZEMIC, Keli, or CUB brand Shear Beam load cells, all of which come with IP67 protection. Rest assured, our load cells are CE, OIML, and NTEP certified, meeting the highest industry standards.

Low Profile Floor Scale General Details 670x380 Content Blocks
Low Profile Floor Scale 670x380 Content Blocks

Indicator (Optional): Choose from the YAOHUA XK3190-12 series or CUB series certified with CE, OIML, and NTEP standards. These indicators feature an ABS housing and a stainless steel bracket. They are  Equipped with a switching power supply, built-in battery, and LCD display, offering the convenience of a rechargeable battery and the option to display weight in kg or lb units. The indicators support counting, animal weighing, hold function, power saving mode, sum function, standard RS232 interface, and printing function.

Accessories (Optional): Optional accessories include a 5m load cell cable for stable data transmission, as well as a junction box for convenient connectivity options.

The indicators with a wide range of features and options can definitely meet your various weighing needs.

G Series Waterproof

Our G series provides a hydraulically reversible tabletop that is waterproof and ideal for wet environments. the scale has a size range of 800mm to 1500mm and a maximum weight capacity of up to 3000kg. It is an ideal weighing tool that can play an important role in industries such as chemistry, warehousing, pharmaceuticals, and food.

The stainless steel material ensures the scale’s durability and rust resistance. Whether it is regular daily use or environments requiring wet and water wash treatments, the scale can perform weighing tasks stably and reliably.

The stainless steel G series ultra-low scale offers you an accurate and convenient weighing experience. It can easily handle both small items and large bulky loads weighing with consistent and stable accuracy.

Low Profile Floor Scale-list1

Ultra-low Floor Scale Customized Solution Available

Load capacity: up to 5000 ~10000lbs
Accurate division: within 1 or 2 lbs
Platform size: from 3 x 3′ ~ 5 x 5′
Extra low profile height to 4″
Diamond tread surface to prevent slipping
Stainless steel low profile floor scale available allows fee use in wash-down environments
Various selections of models & sizes for your needs
The quality low-profile floor scale offers accurate weighing for loaded pallets, drums, barrels, and oversized items.

Agricultural Production
Aviation Industry

Our low profile floor scale is perfect for accurately weighing luggage and cargo, ensuring compliance with weight regulations and seamless operations at airports and airlines.

These floor scale with weighing capacities up to 500 pounds or 1000 pounds, offer simplicity and stability for precise weight measurements.

Agricultural Production
Agricultural Production

If you are a farmer, our weighbridges can help you accurately measure the weight of your livestock and monitor the optimal health of your farm animals, thus facilitating effective farm production management practices.

The durable carbon steel construction of our platform weighing scale ensures it can withstand the demanding conditions of the modern Large-scale agriculture which involves various production needs.

Veterinary Offices
Veterinary Offices

Our electronic floor scales allow veterinarians to measure the weight of animals of all sizes, facilitating accurate medication dispensing and better monitoring of animal health.

Our scales feature a fastened base plate that makes them adaptable to a variety of field environments, a low profile design that takes up less space, and the floor scales are equipped with high precision load cells that provides reliable readings for better veterinary care.

Manufacturing Process
Manufacturing Process

In modern industrial manufacturing, manufacturers can utilize our industrial floor scales to weigh a variety of materials, components, and finished goods, monitor real-time process data as they are produced, enhance quality control and streamline production processes.

The portable and versatile floor scales are designed for easy use in different areas of the manufacturing facility.

Severe Industrial Applications
Severe Industrial Applications

In some demanding environments, you may need to weigh drums, cylindrical containers or measure water, wastewater and corrosive chemicals such as sulfur, ammonia, fluorine and chlorine.

For accurate and reliable results, you can choose from a wide range of high-precision floor scales, depending on the needs of your operation, to improve industrial productivity and ensure the safety of your operators.

You can also choose floor scales made of stainless steel for challenging environments.

Medical Applications

You can find low profile floor scales playing an important role in healthcare organizations.

High-precision medical floor scales enable healthcare professionals to accurately monitor patient weight, track treatment progress, and assess overall health.

You can choose from floor scales with armrests or extra-low floor scales without armrests, all of which provide accurate weight measurements for effective patient care.

Scientific Research

Our digital floor scales are also widely used in various scientific experiments and research.

Scientists and researchers can perform accurate data collection and analyze it in real time using these highly sophisticated floor scales.

Our floor scales are versatile and can be used in different research environments.

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Revolutionize Your Weighing Experience!

“Certified industrial-scale factory specializing in high precision floor scales. We are dedicated to serving you and assisting you with purchases and sales”.

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Floor Scale Manufacturers in China

Low Profile Floor Scale PAGE Banner (11)Low Profile Floor Scale-The ultimate guide

1. What is a low-profile floor scale?

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are ideal for use in shipping and receiving areas. This model of floor scale eliminates the need for a scale pit and creates optimal workplace conditions.

They are built to provide years of precise and dependable weighing in a variety of industrial situations. They are available in capacities ranging from 300 to 3000 kg.

The platforms of the scale have dimensions of 1.2m by 1.5m and are available in a variety of standard and bespoke sizes. Depending on the application, static painted, galvanized, or all stainless-steel variants are available.

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are 100% compliant and manufactured in accordance with international guidelines. They are highly accurate with a substantial error of 0.1%.

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are used in food, cosmetics, metal and metallurgy, logistics, and chemical industries at all stages of manufacturing and packaging, as well as at the warehouse entry and product shipment.

CUBLiFT, which has been in business for over 20 years, takes pleasure in creating floor scales for industrial applications. We have developed solutions for every area of industrial weighing with the assistance of our skilled engineers and technicians.

We continue to extend the bounds of possibility with various models of weighbridges as need dictates. We are the ideal manufacturers of floor scales, low-profile floor scales, bench scales, among others.

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are perfect for transport and reception spaces. High-duty industrial scales with mild steel platforms offer durability that resists years of everyday operation.

This model of floor scale also features a robust steel plate with an anti-slip diamond surface and strong duty channel support. The scale is powder coated and maybe pit mounted or stand-alone.

Additionally, it has conventional adjustable leveling feet and operator controls for Zero, Unit, and Print. With the addition of a deluxe scale indication, the unit changes to pounds or kilograms.

The transportable display stand adjusts to a maximum height of 42″ and is powered by six AA batteries or 115V, single-phase AC power cable provided.


2. What is the advantage of having a low-profile floor scale

We take pride in manufacturing low-profile floor scales that are of great importance to our customers. These low-profile floor scales bring you numerous benefits when incorporated in your business or industry or even in companies.

CUBLiFT manufactures low-profile floor scales that are perfect for heavy loads. The low-profile floor scales remain one of the most often used weighing scales all over the world.

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are employed in a host of cases that necessitate simple accessibility to the surface. This applies particularly when it comes to large weights.

Another core feature with CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales is the 3200 Series. The advantage of a low-profile floor scale is that loading parts that are difficult to put on other kinds of weighing equipment are readily accessible.

The Series 3200 platform is developed by CUBLiFT scale engineers as the best model that is effective and ergonomic. This makes it easier to get objects in and out of your warehouse or business.

With a capacity range between 500lbs to 1000 lbs, they are the best for weighing trucks that require a low profile for stability, simplicity of use, and accuracy.

These low-profile floor scales have ramps that have been sensitively designed. With a height of only 2 inches, these low-profile floor scales make it simple to move goods onto their surface.

If lifting is not possible, they are constructed with a ramp to allow goods to be moved on and off without jeopardizing the accuracy of the weighing process.

Due to the fact that the ramps may be secured using decks that maintain a tiny space between the scales, they do not affect the load’s weight.

Numerous business ramps are placed too near to the scale, obstructing precision. Our engineers, with their customary attention to detail, have discovered a method to prevent this from occurring.

All our floor scales are designed for the best utilization of less floor space. Floor space is a concern in a large number of industrial settings.

Numerous sizes take up too much space, particularly platform models, which need a ramp with a steeper slope and a longer length. Pit-type weighbridges can justify a shorter slope owing to the scales occupying less inclination area.

CUBLiFT low profile floor can sustain massive weight. Perhaps the most critical consideration when choosing a scale is its capacity to handle the high impacts caused by big weights dropping to the surface.

This is a constant issue with floor scales, particularly when they are created with a small number of load cells. Some industrial floor scale manufacturers have only single load cell construction.

This makes the scales insufficient for handling situations that cause significant damage on the surface of the weighbridge. This is in the case where the scale is used regularly like in typical production settings.

CUBLiFT recognizes the need for durable scales and has designed all of its models to be sturdy and technologically sophisticated enough to survive indefinitely.

Our low-profile floor scales are constructed with an incorporated stainless-steel load cell in each corner. This helps in ensuring a completely stable environment for any weighing need.

Industrial climates imply harsh circumstances, whether it’s placing big trucks on the platform of the weighbridge or small trucks, dealing with corrosive substances that might eat away at equipment, or dealing with other circumstances that jeopardize a scale’s integrity.

At CUBLiFT we understand that when you purchase one of our scales, you are making a significant investment. We want to ensure that this investment is backed up by offering highly durable low-profile floor scales.

Also, all our floor scales have been coated with epoxy supplemented with zinc to avoid disintegration under extreme circumstances. Additionally, by including this functionality, we ensure your scale is protected from harm caused by prolonged exposure to sunlight.

3. What is calibration tolerance in a low-profile floor scale?

The International Society of Automation defines calibration tolerance as a “permissible variation from the value given. This might be indicated in measurement units, percentage of span or % of readings.”

When calibration is concerned, the tolerance is the amount that the weight read on your scale may range from the nominal value of the mass standard, which has optimum precision.

Naturally, ideally, everything would fit flawlessly. Given that this is not the case, tolerance recommendations guarantee that your scale measures weights within a range that does not affect your company adversely.

While the ISA stipulates clearly that the tolerance might be in measuring units, percentages, or percentages of the reading, the measuring units are best for calculation.

It is preferable to eliminate the necessity for any percentage computations, as such extra computations that allow only greater potential for mistake.

The manufacturer will indicate the precision and tolerance of your specific scale. You should not use it as your primary source to estimate your calibration tolerance.

In addition to the indicated tolerance of the manufacturer, you should instead consider the accuracy of regulations and maintenance needs. Also, the consistency of the scale is important.


4. Why is scale calibration necessary?

Calibration of floor scale is crucial for accurate weighing results. Ignoring this vital service activity transforms measurement into conjecture.

In other terms, the weight of an uncalibrated balance or scale is irresponsible. Over time, the precision of balances and scales becomes less trustworthy.

This is the consequence of frequent wear and tear induced by external sources such as mechanical shocks or risky settings. This might lead to a relatively rapid degeneration or deterioration over a longer period.

Regularly planned floor scale calibration combined with periodic regular testing considerably improves the lifetime and weighting precision of your balance or dimension.

However, what is a scale calibration? Calibration is just a quantitative comparison. A reference weight is put on the pot to verify the reading of a balance or a scale.

The error is defined as the difference between the value measured and the real value that is the reference weight. The question of whether or not this inaccuracy is credible is put to test.

A certificate is generated after the balancing calibration that provides the balance or scales readings and compares them to a reference value. The tolerances used lead to either a pass or fail.

Scales may fall out of calibration for several causes. Some of these causes include mechanical excessive wear, environmental changes, and accumulation under the scale.

The issue with an out-of-calibration scale is that someone always loses. In business interactions, the vendor either gives away free merchandise or the customer pays for merchandise that was not received.

Scale calibration is a critical service that CUBLiFT offers for both new and old customers. Our professionals can calibrate electronic or mechanical scales from any manufacturer or capacity.

Our professional’s engineers calibrate using certified known weights traceable to NIST. We produce Certificates of calibration after weight testing and calibration.

Calibration certifications may be customized to fit your specific business requirements. For further information or a sample of our Certificates of Calibration, contact our service department.

5. How do I repair and maintain my low-profile floor scale?

Often a scale is the cash register of a firm. Poor weight and unexpected downtime may lead to loss of income.

One method to reduce these problems is to maintain your scale frequently. Below is the list of tests and inspections carried out during a preventive maintenance standard appointment.

A regularly planned preventive maintenance service will increase the service life, maintain precision, eliminate the downtime of equipment and decrease repair costs.

CUBLiFT scale specialists can tailor a preventive maintenance solution especially intended for your scale. For an appointment or further information call our service department.

The specialists at CUBLiFT are proud to solve incorrect and malfunctioning floor scales. Our technology works to restore the integrity of your equipment as efficiently and economically as possible.

In most circumstances, we can complete repairs on the same day, since we have the equipment, components, and traceable certified test weights on our utilities and test trucks.


6. Where is this low-profile floor scale used?

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are used worldwide in various commercial, industrial, and local applications.

Some of the industries which need a low-profile industrial scale are construction industries, processing industries, retail stores, etc.

Also, another area where low-profile floor scales are highly demanded is in warehouses, docks and airports.

Since they are low-profile scale, they will give you the best experience when it comes to weighing your pallets in all these areas. Basically, they feature low-profile ergonomic characteristics that make them a perfect solution for numerous applications.

They are also used by ranchers to weigh cattle and track the weight of different animals. So, whatever your need is, this low-profile floor scale will solve it.

Numerous variations of low-profile floor scales are also used in fish industries, food, and beverages where lifting heavy boxes is a problem.

In these industries, you only need to move your boxes/pallets via a conveyor belt direct to the floor scale which is located on the floor. Once your pallets have been weighed, they can now be packed for transportation.

This helps you save the time and energy required to move the pallets to where the scale is located. It also protects your pallets from damage caused by manual lifting to and fro scale.

At CUBLiFT we also have low-profile floor scales that are highly portable and can be used in numerous industrial applications that require moving from one point to another.

Also, this low-profile floor scale is used in hospitals whereby they are put on the wall for convenient viewing. You may operate these scales via the main power source or on batteries, enabling the scales to stay portable.

7.  What is the difference between a floor scale and a low-profile floor scale?

Basically, these low-profile floor scales are similar to ordinary floor scales. The difference is that they’re significantly lower to the ground, allowing for simpler access to a pallet jack.

The primary distinction between them is that they seem to have side railings on two of the sides. Since load cells take up some space on the scale, they were put in the standard locations, allowing the cells’ corners to be elevated to regular height.

However, the low profile is achieved at the center of the scale, when the gap between the sides is unnecessary. This is not the case with an ordinary floor scale.

These low-profile floor scales have a weighing platform that is about 1 to 2 inches above the ground. However, this does not exclude the purchase of ramps.

We are both aware that a paper clip is capable of immobilizing a pallet jack and ramming the handle into your chest. Which implies it will have no chance against a 1-inch lip with a full load.

However, the advantage of these low-profile scales is that their ramps are not nearly as lengthy.

The shortest ramp required for a normal scale is 36′”, whereas a low-profile scale requires only a 12′′ ramp and the ultra-low-profile floor scale requires just 6′′ ramps.

You may be wondering, “Wow, why don’t I simply get this instead of a normal floor scale with ramps?” However, floor scales can have certain disadvantages.

The scale’s elevated sides function similarly to rails. These factors might complicate the task of weighing irregularly sized pallets on the scale.

Although these rails are live, weight may be put on them and they will still be appropriately weighed.

Some even prefer to utilize the rails as their principal weighing point. Dropping the pallet onto the rails, lowering the forks slightly to take up a weight, and then taking up the pallet.

Having a low-profile floor scale serves you better than just having a normal floor scale. Certain advantages come along with this low-profile floor scale.

8. What to look for when buying a low-profile floor scale?

There are several aspects to consider when deciding which floor scale to purchase. You must take measures and obtain scales that fulfill your unique criteria for dangerous situations and safety when your company or factory has plenty of dust or combustible material.

If your weighing items are too heavy to carry, then you should get a floor scale instead of a platform scale. A floor scale is the finest way to weigh objects too big to carry.

They are also most suitable for industrial situations such as plants, manufacturers, and recycling plants. The floor scales are arranged on a flat surface or contained in a pit created expressly for the scale.

You can consult the CUBLiFT sales team/customer support for the best option for your company’s needs. The low-profile floor scales are generally used to weigh items such as pallets or other major items in a warehouse area.

The low-profile floor scales are typically 4′ x 4′ up to 48″ x 48″ with the maximum capacity of 5,000 lbs although available in several sizes from 3′ x 3′ up to 14′ × 10′ or largest up to 30,000 pounds.

If you are searching for anything smaller, a bank scale may be suitable and a truck scale may be suitable if you are searching for anything bigger than that.

Over the years, marketing has grown around the use of a floor scale system. However, various low-profile floor scales in today’s world economy provide a very trustworthy and inexpensive solution to customers.

To begin with, locate a model that satisfies your capacity and accuracy specifications. Then consider the characteristics that are necessary for your applications such as computer or barcode label printer connectivity, battery operation, and remote display.

Finally, and maybe most crucially, contact a trustworthy scale provider like CUBLiFT. Because we’ve learned through time which brands, we trust and which we normally avoid.

Some of the scales on the market today lack even approved brands. You can’t tell who manufactures them, or who provides and honors the warranty.

9. What makes CUBLiFT low-profile floor scale unique

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are uniquely made and can be differentiated from other manufacturers in the market. They feature ergonomic features and other customized features.

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scale sturdy structure is enhanced by the inclusion of ergonomic features. Other floor scales feature only one load cell while ours has 4 load cells.

Each of these load cells tends to be smaller and low-profile. These small-sized load cells help in ensuring the platform is lowered to the ground.

The nature of the material used to manufacture the load cells also contributes to the reduction in height.

When four very robust load cells are combined on a single surface, the weighbridge is fully impervious to shock when enormous weights are dropped upon the surface.

Our floor scales are specifically engineered to withstand the frequent overload conditions. This helps in protecting your weighbridge from any mechanical damage.

When a load is distributed among four load cells, the weight may be estimated more precisely than when just one load cell is used. Additionally, the use of stainless steel in the cell design protects against any malfunctions.

You are not likely to experience any malfunction with your floor scale that may arise while weighing big loads, which might result in harm if things are dropped.

Our floor scale is designed to display the results on a digital screen with clear visibility. It also features an internal printer.

The signals generated by each load cell are added together to determine the item’s overall weight. Also, an ultra-precise value may subsequently be shown on a digital display.

CUBLiFT offers weighbridges with high-visual display indicators for easy readability. These can be obtained from the factory at a cost-effective price.

The unit’s pushbutton features enable it to do conversions in a variety of units, including pounds, kilograms, and ounces.

The low-profile floor scale is equipped with specialized software that enables users to make reports and capture data in real-time.

Its low-profile features help in maintaining the CUBLiFT brand name as an international supplier of weighbridges and other scale types.

These standards ensure your reputation and productivity are increased via the use of our equipment’s precise information.

With no moving components to fail and the capacity to design scales in any size to meet any demand, our low-profile floor scale is an unbeatable tool for enhancing efficiency and accuracy in any operation.

For further information about CUBLiFT’s low-profile platform scales and other products, please contact our specialists or fill out the online form available on our website.

10. Why should I choose CUBLiFT scales?

CUBLiFT low-profile floor in various models and designs. At CUBLiFT, you can get different floor scale dimensions like 2 inches by 3 inches, 2 by 2, 1 inch by 1 inch, etc.

And with capacities of 5,000 pounds to 10,000 pounds, CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales will handle your heaviest loads with accuracy within 1 to 2 pounds.

These CUBLiFT floor scale models feature a diamond platform. Select sizes of low-profile floor scales also come in stainless steel constructions.

This makes the low-profile floor scale corrosion resistant and ideal for washdown environments. They can be used in food, chemicals, and pharmaceutical industries.

Once you order from CUBLiFT, the scale comes in a pre-calibration mode ready for use. It is very easy to set up this low-profile floor scale hence a bigger investment to consider for your business.

If you are searching for anything smaller, a bank scale may be suitable and a truck scale may be suitable if you are searching for anything bigger than that.

Over the years, marketing has grown around the use of a floor scale system. However, various low-profile floor scales in today’s world economy provide a very trustworthy and inexpensive solution to customers

11. How to set up a low-profile floor scale?

To count pieces first empty the scale. Press the count button and then press zero to select if you would like to enter a sample weight of either 10, 30, 60, 100, or 200 pieces.

Then put the desired sample number of pieces of what you want to count on the scale and press print. Now add on all additional pieces and the scale will provide a readout of piece count.

If you prefer to use a container or skid for collecting items, you must first subtract the container from the sample weight.

To do this, first, place the empty container on the scale and press Tare. This will set the scale back to zero. Now place your sample quantity in your container to get an accurate weight of the sample minus the weight of the container.

Again, using that container, you can add or remove items and receive an accurate weight. To accumulate the weight of multiple skids of products, use the accumulation feature.

Before starting make sure the scale is empty. Then place the first item on the scale and press total. In doing this you will see N001 shown on the screen.

Unload the first item and place the second item on and again press total. This time you will see N002. Continue this until all items are entered then press total.

Then press total and on/off together to see the total accumulated weight. An optional printer is also available for printing weights from both the standard and the low-profile floor scales.

Simply hook up the printer to the scale indicator and press print on the indicator to receive a printout.

Our low-profile floor scales are covered by a 1-year warranty. You can rely on CUBLiFT scales whatever your weighing needs are.

12. How does a low-profile floor scale increase efficiency?

Whenever mass manufacturing processes are devised, efficiency is the magical word in every business. This applies especially to the weighing procedure.

The ideal weighing procedure for this low-profile floor scale is simple for the employees to use. It provides a weight measurement with a sufficiently high resolution and can be easily documented.

When it comes to these floor scales, a low profile tends to promote productivity, promote safety for goods and staff, lengthen the life of the scale itself, and maintain a constant pace of workflows.

CUBLiFT low-profile floor scales are used in a wide range of sectors. Or perhaps a fully automated method that immediately connects numbers to your data structure.

All our scales are widely used in a variety of industries but not limited to transport, airlines, food and beverage industries, etc. They have also found applications in construction industries over the past years.

A common characteristic of a typical low-profile floor scale operation is that staff put an item manually on the weighing station.

Whether in docks, airports, or warehouses, it is essential to ensure the safety of your employees and your scale also. Ensure you don’t expose your scale to harsh working conditions which might force you to obtain a new one.

A well-maintained scale is highly efficient than one which is not. So, to ensure your scale brings you 100% efficiency, you have to take good care of it.

There is a decreased chance of injury by using this model of floor scale due to tiny profile stubs or stubbed toes. The simpler the weight platform is for the client, the better from the point of view of sensitivity, privacy, and customer service.

At CUBLiFT we engage in a production system that is authentic and legally approved. All our scales have passed the safety regulations for industrial and commercial use.

13. Where will I place the low-profile floor scale for best use?

Some floor scales need smooth surfaces and wide, vast expanses. It is crucial to ensure that the defined weighting zone is not obstructed and that it is big enough not only to fit the size but also containers, boxes, and cages.

The strategic location of your scale is the most important thing to consider. Keep it away from obstacles that might increase, decrease or interfere with your final weighed results.

If you try to weigh an item and see a constantly fluctuating readout, it means your scale is placed on an uneven surface.

Also, this might be caused by vibrating surfaces. Ensure that the scale is not placed on a vibrating surface or in direct contact with air currents.

Ensure that the scale is hooked into a clean power source and that the power cable is free of nicks.


14. Do I need legal for trade in low-profile floor scales?

You require legal trade calibration if you use your scale for business reasons. Low-profile floor scales need authorized calibration for both commercial and industrial applications.

State weights and measurement inspector will monitor the correct calibration of your business scale. A gadget that a state inspector has discovered out of tolerance is usually marked and removed from service.

To minimize difficulties connected with a product identified by a state inspector in calibration, the owners of commercial scales must have them calibrated and adjusted frequently to maintain them operational.

If you are using commercial scales ensure they have the correct calibration for commerce. This implies that the scale has to be measured following “Specifications, tolerances and other technical requirements for weighing and measuring devices”

In most countries, if you acquire or sell things by weight, in particular, if you interact with the public, you require a National Type Assessment Program which is authorized.

This includes weight reduction clinics that charge the lost weight, restaurants that price children’s food so much per pound, and washing facilities that charge the pound.

There’s a lot more. Though you buy an unapproved size, even if it weighs right, it is not sealed and you cannot buy or sell it.

CUBLiFT scales have been submitted for testing and determined to be exact throughout time, temperature, and other variables. They are not likely to defraud clients.

15. Do I need more than one scale?

It may be worth investing in many floor scales to acquire the greatest weighing results. Floor scales provide more capacity and tend to be measured in increments of kg/tons/pounds.

It might be helpful and useful to combine a floor scale with a bench scale that weighs smaller increments.

For example, distributors of coffee beans might operate at a smaller company level and might also be part of a bigger corporate supply chain.

This will imply that they will require the capacity to weigh little coffee shop bags and massive bags of beans, like coffee chain stores or warehouses, for delivery to huge users.

Having more than one scale is an added advantage to both your business and your employees. Contact us for more info on which scale corresponds to the one you have.

These scales are not without their alternatives. Everything you need may be a simple industrial floor scale but it might be in stainless steel, flat plate vs normal, mild steel, tread plate.

We also have low-profile floor scales which are quite different from the basic floor scales. The primary distinction between them is that they seem to have side railings on two of the sides.


16. How does it solve fluctuating weight readings on my scale?

If you try to weigh an item and see a constantly fluctuating readout, it means your scale is placed on an uneven surface.

Also, this might be caused by vibrating surfaces. Ensure that the scale is not placed on a vibrating surface or in direct contact with air currents.

Ensure that the scale is hooked into a clean power source and that the power cable is free of nicks. Additionally, you may disconnect the power cable to verify that no pins are missing.

Some electronic devices, such as computers, mobile phones, walkie-talkies, and electric motors, may interfere with the operation of your floor scales. If you’re seeing strange activity, ensure that these devices are switched off.

17. How many types of floor scales are there?

Industrial floor scales are a key factor in production and distribution. From quality controls for huge batches of the product to pallet weights for shipping and logistical applications, floor scales offer unlimited quantities of practical weighing reasons.

Whatever your application demands are, you know that you require a floor scale more than likely. There are several models available for these floor scales where you can choose the one that meets your business needs.

At CUBLiFT we have basic floor scales. These are simple, often square, scales with common dimensions of 3 inches by 3 inches to 5 inches by 5 inches and capacities ranging from 1,000 lb to 20,000 lb.

These scales are not without their alternatives. Everything you need may be a simple industrial floor scale but it might be in stainless steel, flat plate vs normal, mild steel, tread plate.

We also have low-profile floor scales which are quite different from the basic floor scales. The primary distinction between them is that they seem to have side railings on two of the sides.

Because load cells take up some space on the scale, they were put in the standard locations, allowing the cells’ corners to be elevated to regular height.

However, the low profile is achieved at the center of the scale, when the gap between the sides is unnecessary.

Other scales we have include; high precision industrial floor scales, lift scales, portable floor scales, etc. For scale features and specifications check out our updated catalog at www.cublift.com.

  • 5000 lb Floor Scale
  • 2000 lb Floor Scale
  • Warehouse Floor Scale
  • Standard Low Profile Floor Scales
  • Stainless Steel Low Profile Floor Scales
  • Portable Floor Scale
  • Low Profile Scale
  • Low Profile Platform Scales
  • Low Profile Floor Scales Industrial
  • Low Profile Floor Scale with Ramp
  • Low Profile Digital Floor Scale

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Floor Scale Manufacturers in China

CUBLiFT offers high-quality low-profile floor scales specifically designed for the precise weighing of large loads. They feature a platform size of various options, from which you can find the exact low profile floor scale model that fits your application. They may be supplied in different standard sizes and free sizes according to clients’ needs from 300 kg to 3000 kg capacity up to 120×150 cm. Static painted, galvanized, and complete stainless-steel versions may be chosen, depending upon the working conditions.

Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon1 Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon2 Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon3 Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon4 Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon5 Low Profile Floor Scale QC icon6
The low-profile floor scales are rugged, durable, and designed for everyday use in warehouses, stockrooms and manufacturing areas. They feature a low-profile stainless-steel platform for supporting heavy loads during weighing. CUBLiFT low profile floor scales are powered by either a rechargeable battery, AC adapter, or optional 6 D cell batteries.  For accurate results, the low profile floor scale must be placed in a stable environment that is free from doors, windows, or excessive moisture.
In addition to pounds, the scale can also weigh in kilograms and tones. Also, calibrations can be done using metric and imperial weights. CUBLiFT has a complete line of scale calibration weights available once needed.  In addition to weighing and counting, CUBLiFT low profile floor scales will also perform check counting, weighing, and accumulation.
CUBLiFT low profile floor scales come with a good deal of a 1-year warranty that fully covers repairs and maintenance. We have various scale alternatives in stock that are ready for immediate shipment from any of our outlets. This low-profile floor scale represents a weighing solution that eliminates many of the shortcomings of the traditional floor scale in the warehouse environment. You can have a chat with any of our representatives on phone or by email for the low profile floor scale-related inquiries.
Get your materials weighed using this simple and affordable low-profile floor scale from  CUBLiFT. Hopefully, we will be your long-term low-profile floor scale partners from so many floor scale manufacturers in the market. Order or no order, we will always here to offer you our best low profile floor scale products and other floor scales to meet your material weighing needs.

Top Names of Low Profile Floor Scales Globally

1 Mettler-Toledo Limited

Manufactures scales that are Easy for loading without costly installation. Accurate weighing in rugged industrial environments.

2 Avery Weigh-Tronix

Here you can have an Overview of Portable, convenient low profile floor scales. High capacity with extreme accuracy.


offers scales that are Suitable for all industrial and commercial applications. Stainless steel structure for durability. Adjustable and shock-proof.
4 Scalesgalore Find here versatile electronic floor scale for various applications. Rugged steel design for heavy industrial use. Certified “Legal for Trade”.

5 RoughDeck 

Low Profile Floor Scale Low profile scale for tight spaces. Durable and easy to access with built-in ramps.
6 Atrax

Low profile floor scale platforms for weighing cargo and pallets. Compatible with Atrax Digital Weight Indicators. Customizable sizes and capacities available.
7 Vestil  Offering ideal floor scales for shipping and receiving areas. Heavy-duty mild steel platform for durability. Adjustable leveling feet and operator controls.
8 uline

Supplying floor scaless that weigh loaded pallets on a heavy-duty steel scale. Optional ramp for easy access. LB/KG convertible and high capacity scale available.
9 Loadmasterscale

Supplies low profile industrial platform scale. Stainless steel junction box with high-quality seal. Powder coat baked-on finish.
10 Losangelescalibration

Offers ultra-low profile Container Floor Scale for chemical and food industries. Made with stainless steel for durability. Complies with safety standards.
11 Scalesmart

Provides low profile floor scale with customizable indicators. Epoxy powder coat finish for durability. Suited for various applications.
12 Lbsiscales

Manufactures low profile floor scale with easy loading and unloading. Portable with low ground clearance. Ideal for industrial use.
13 Directindustry

Find here Drive-through scale for incoming and outgoing goods. Flat design for easy access. Stainless steel construction for easy cleaning.
14 Pennscale

Supplying Compact low profile platform scale. Rugged construction for various applications. Includes side rails and optional ramp.
15 Arlynscales

Offering customizable low profile platform scales for industrial use. Experienced engineers and technicians for tailored solutions.
16 Hardysolutions

Hardy Steel Industrial Low Profile Floor Scale suitable for hazardous areas. Durable with weightless calibration and operator diagnostics.
17 Standardscale

Supplies extremely low profile platforms suitable for various loading methods. Available in different materials for different applications.
18 Thescalestore

Offers Ultra-low profile industrial floor scales for general purpose weighing. Easy access and maneuvering with additional functions.
19 Vetmax

Find here  ultra-low profile floor scale for veterinary clinics and hospitals. Durable and easy to clean with wall-mounted remote display.
20 Allscaleseurope

Low profile floor scale suitable for humid environments. Stainless steel with included ramps and separate weight indicator.
21 .Bsiscales

Extremely rugged low profile floor scale. Easy loading and safe with unique construction. Available in different sizes and capacities.
22 Contechindia

Stainless steel low profile floor scales with optional ramp. Multiple high-quality load cells for accuracy. LCD display with backlight.

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