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    Reputed Name in Manufaccuturing Best Industrial Floor Scales

    CUBLiFT offers a wide selection of Industrial floor scales with various capacities.
    These high-precision universal heavy-duty industrial pallet scales fit different business applications.
    You can monitor your business or manufacturing inventory more closely so as to establish a healthy & efficiency processing distribution system.

    • CE & ISO approved floor scale manufacturers and suppliers
    • Weighing range: up to 1 ton, 2 ton, 3 ton, 5 ton, 1o ton, 20ton
    • Multiple weighing units: (lb/kg/g/oz/lb:oz)
    • Gross/Tare/Pre-Set Tare/Zero
    • 4 alloy steel shear beam load cells
    • ABS NEMA 4x junction box
    • 200% overload protection
    • Platform size rages from 0.8m to 3 m per model/capacities
    • Big screen A12E indicator w/ Rs-232 output
    • Meet OIML, NTEP, and CE accuracy standards per models
    • Custom industrial floor scales available per request
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    Floor Scales for Variety of Industrial Use

    Stainless Floor Scale
    Stainless Floor Scale

    Added corrosion protection Stainless Steel construction, stainless steel load cells, and advanced digital algorithms, make the floor scales superior in rust resistance

    NTEP floor scales
    NTEP Floor Scales

    Designed specifically for Legal for Trade applications. These certified floor scales are compulsory for businesses that sell goods by weight, which is at affordable and cheap rates for your need

    Floor Scale with Printer
    Floor Scale with Printer

    Heavy Duty Floor Scale with Printer  & Ramp. Quick print weights from standard, all-weather industry floor scales. Accurate, Easy Setup, and free of maintenance.

    Bench Industrial Floor Scale
    Bench Industrial Floor Scale

    ● Max. Weighing kg: 100~1000
    ● Convertible unite: Kg/lb/g/oz
    ● Platform mm:300*400~1200*1200
    ● Material: Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
    ● Load Cell: L6E3(standard/OMIL)
    ● Display: A12E(standard)
    ● Indicator: Bluetooth optional.
    ● Interface: RS232 (optional)
    ● Certificate: CE, ISO9001

    Low Profile Floor Scale
    Low Profile Floor Scale

    ● Type: All-weather low profile
    ●  Low overall height of 35 or 45 mm
    ● Max. capacity: 1 ton ~ 5 ton
    ● Size:1.2*0.84*0.08 m or customized
    ● Measurement units: kg / lbs
    ● Display:A27E /A12E Normal /A27P print
    ● 48″ L x 4″ W bars / 5mtr signal cable
    ● Steel/stainless steel structure optional
    ●  Optional RS-232 connection

    U Shaped Industrial Floor Scale
    U Shaped Industrial Floor Scale

    ● Mode: BSU 2000U
    ● U Shaped Floor Scale
    ● Max. capacity: 1 ton ~ 5 ton
    ● Size:1.2*0.84*0.08 m or customized
    ● Measurement units: kg / lbs
    ● Display:A27E /A12E Normal /A27P print
    ● 48″ L x 4″ W bars / 5mtr signal cable
    ● Steel/stainless steel structucture optional
    ● Certifciate: CE, ISO Calibration

    Industrial Floor Scales By Capacities

    • Industrial Floor Scale 5 ton
      Industrial Floor Scale 5 ton

      ● Model: FS-5T
      ● Capacity:5 ton/5,000kg/11,000lb
      ● Platform(m): 1.3*1.3(varies per model)
      ● Readability: 0.5kg
      ● Platform Material: tread plate mild steel
      ● Display: A12E W/printer
      ● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)
      10000lb floor scale

    • Industrial Floor Scale 500kg
      Industrial Floor Scale 500kg

      ● Model: FS-500C
      ● Capacity: 0.5ton/500kg/1,100lb
      ● Platform(m): 1.0*1.0 (varies per model)
      ● Readability: 0.1kg
      ● Platform Material: tread plate mild steel(Custom)
      ● Display: A12E W/printer
      ● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

    • Industrial Floor Scale 1 ton
      Industrial Floor Scale 1 ton

      ● Model: FS-1000S
      ● Capacity: 1 ton/1,000kg/2,200lb
      ● Platform(m): 1.5*1.5 (varies per model)
      ● Readability: 0.1kg
      ● Platform Material:Stainless Steel
      ● Display: A12E W/printer
      ● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)
      2000lb floor scale

    • Industrial Floor Scale 1000kg
      Industrial Floor Scale 1000kg

      ● Model: BS-1000L
      ● Weighing up to 1000kg
      ● Convertible unite:Kg/lb/g/oz
      ● Platform: 1000*1000mm
      ● Material:  stainless steel
      ● Zemic load cells L6E3
      ● Logistics applications
      ● Interface: RS232 (optional)
      ● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

    The Distinguished features of Industrial Floor Scales

    Industrial Floor Scales Feature 1
    Durable Platform Design

    Manufactured to withstand heavy Industrial use and intensive weighing activities. A  diamond treadplate steel frame ensures durability suited for loading by two-wheel hand trucks, four-wheel forklifts

    Industrial Floor Scales Feature 1
    Precise Weighing

    These sleek, innovative scales ensure years of reliable service and accurate weight data for loading and unloading area applications such as industrial, shipping, warehouse, and animal weighing.

    Industrial Floor Scales Feature 12
    Fits Various Industries

    Large platforms are Best suited to evaluate all sectors in which heavy and bulky loads. Multiple designs and indications options fit different industries to weigh food, metal, barrels, palletized loads,etc.

    Industrial Floor Scales Feature 15
    Withstand Severe Environment

    Be versatile and equipped with high-quality weight load cells,  stainless or mild steel structure, plus advanced production process, certified floor scales are qualified in any tough working sites.

    Material Selection

    Stainless Steel – Stainless- steel-structured floors scale is one of the most durable and quality platform scales for applications where hygiene or quarantine conditions are critical. These products are basically types of wash-down scales, it shows perfect resistance to dangerous pests, pathogens, and germs.

    Mild Steel – Mild steel are traditional floor scale material; Our choice of steel perfectly combines the toughness and high performance of this material. It is also competitive in cost control compared to other material options.

    Aluminum – Aluminum floor scales are basically tailored and made to order. For it is gleaming in appearance and light in weight. It meets some specific weighing needs for some buyers.

    Material Selection Floor Scale Content Blocks 1 (3)
    Production Runs Floor Scale Content Blocks 1 (2)

    Production Runs

    CUBSCALE has strict monitoring of all production processes from material/electronics selection to final calibration. Here are the main processing techniques of our scale products.

    Laser Cutting
    Shot blasting
    Testing, and more.

    Whether order is big or small, whether you are a large or small customer, you can always expect to get superior floor scale products.

    For Various Industries Use

    Industrial standard floor scales are widely used in all works of life. CUBSCALE premier platform scales are made to fit various work conditions such as in industrial, commercial, medical, high temperature, high pressure, and high pollution fields. The variety of application sites includes the following.

    Manufacturing Plant
    Dock & pier
    Research Labs
    Waste & recycles

    We are always seeking distributors of our versatile platform floor scales based on mutual benefit terms.

    For Various Industries Use Floor Scale Content Blocks 1 (1)

    Industries & Applications

    Shipping & Logistics

    Provide an easy solution to retrofit legacy equipment and a higher degree of accuracy for loads shipping and transferring.

    Beverage & Food Processing

    Stainless floor scales, are a type of efficient means to quickly process, register and differentiate weights for the demanding food industry.

    Material Handling & Warehousing

    Low profile large platform scales are environmentally protected and sealed (nickel/chrome-plated) to assure resistance against corrosion


    livestock scales: offering highly diverse compatibility with existing equipment) and are convenient to move and portable for easy weighing tasks in the farming industry

    Bagging & Batching

    Industrial floor scales with capacities up to 10,000 lb for solutions of weighing and filling paper or plastic open-mouth bags, boxes, drums, and totes.

    floor scale
    The Preferred Name In Industrial Scale Technology

    Industrial Bench & Floor Scale
    Warehouse Floor Scale

    Best Floor Scale Manufacturers & Suppliers in the UK

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    Industrial Floor Scale 500kg

    Industrial Floor Scale 10 ton

    Industrial Floor Scale 5 ton

    Bench Industrial Floor Scale

    Industrial Floor Scale 1000kg

    U Shaped Industrial Floor Scale



    CUBLiFT Floor Scale for Your Heavy Duty Industrial Weighing

    CUBLiFT offers a wide selection of Industrial floor scales with various capacities. It is the universal heavy-duty industrial pallet scale fit for different business applications.
    As the name suggested, the industrial floor scale is basically a low-profile scale. Its deck height can be lower to 2”, which makes it easy to load and unload goods with forklifts and hand trucks. Our industrial floor scale allows efficient weighing for bulky goods, heavy packages, or machines in different industrial environments.
    The industrial floor scales mild steel structure makes it durable and sturdy in any harsh industrial standard weighing working sites. This industrial-scale can be mounted on the floor surface or embedded in the floor and keep the upper plane of the floor scale level with the floor surface.
    As per your specific weighing requirements, you can choose the correct floor scales since CUBLiFT available industrial floor scales capacity include 500kg, 1000kg, 2000kg, 500kg, and up to 10ton. You can choose a single deck floor scale or double-deck platform scale.

    Industrial Floor Scale QC icon1 Industrial Floor Scale QC icon Industrial Floor Scale QC icon2 Industrial Floor Scale QC icon5 Industrial Floor Scale QC icon4 Industrial Floor Scale QC icon6 Industrial Floor Scale QC icon7

    Normally our industrial floor scales are made of Q235B carbon steel which is suitable for most heavy-duty industrial weighing applications. If you have strict hygiene requirements at your side, you can choose a 304 standard stainless steel-made scale for your application. You can also choose the floor scale with a ramp. It is easier for you to access the loads weighing.
    As one of the best floor scale manufactures and suppliers in the market, we ensure to offer you accurate and advanced scales yet simple/easy to use. With connecting to the external terminals, you can easily read the weighing weight data. CUBLiFT’s high-quality industrial floor scales are ideally good material handle tools in managing your stock inventory system.
    CONTACT us today, CUBLiFT’s support representatives are ready to find the well-built industrial floor scales for you. We are confident to be one of your long-termed floor scale manufactures and suppliers based on the basis of equality and mutual benefit in the coming soon future.


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