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CUBLiFT manufactures and supplies a wide line of industrial floor scales. Whether you want to weigh a newborn baby or a huge truck/vehicle, we can offer you a proper weighing tool that meets your specific need and cost budget.

Today we will focus on one of the industrial scales – Floor scales we provide to different industries. Considering the various applications of floors scales/platform scales, we are going to introduce some types of floor scales that significantly acerate your efficiency. Based on the need and industry you are in, you can choose the suitable floor scales.7 Types of Floor Scales that Boosts Your Efficiency

Standard Floor Scales

First, we come to the standard floor scale. It is a basic type, and simple in operation. This type of floor scale comes in the square weighing platform, sizes range from 80mm to 300mm as per capacity difference.

The standard/basic floor scales are normally made of mild steel or stainless steel for specific application needs. The basic floor scales are available with ramps per different buyers’ requests.

CUBLiFT’s standard floor scales can be installed in a pit utilizing way, or you can directly place it on the oven floor in your working sites. Simply put your loads on the weighing platform, you can read the real-time weighing data from the LCD display, which is simple and easy.

Wash Down Floor scale

If your applications are in chemistry, medicals, or any hygienic conditions required, the aforesaid mentioned basic floor scales may not be the best fit.

CUBLiFT offers IP66 rated washdown floor scales. The washdown floor scales are structured of 304 stainless steel along with a capacity from 6 kg/15 lb to 150 kg/300 lb.

Whether you are in caustic chemicals or food processing, or in hazardous area environments, a washdown floor scale can be the best option for your need. Although you are in a wet and harsh/hostile environment, you can still expect fast, accurate weight measuring results and long-durable platform floor scales.

In short, the washdown floor scales are accurate, easy to clean and perform perfectly in anti-corrosion.

Portable Floor Scale

In some of the industrial weighing operations, a portable and movable weighing solution is a little bit tricky choice for users. A portable floor scale comes to the answer.

From the outlooking, a portable floor scale is equipped with 4 flexible wheels (be either heavy-duty castors, solid rubber wheels, or a combination), which allows easy movability.

It is somewhat a combo of a pallet truck and industrial scale. The portable floor scales are of steel constructure for hazardous use.

Portable floor scales are low-profile floor scales. Normally a portable floor scale is factory calibrated for hassle-free setup and installation. It normally comes with an optional portability frame and ramps at each end of the scale. You can lower down the ramps or frames to load the barrels, drums, and pallets.

After one location weighing, you easily move the floor scale to another working site for new loads weighing tasks. It is convenient for drums; barrels weighing. Certified load cell inside the scale allows high accuracy to 0.001kg as per models.

U Shape Floor Scale

The U-shaped floor scales are horseshoe-shaped, smart designed floor scales that fit all standard pallet jack trucks, skid, and tote weighing needs. It is a low profile with a height of 2.4 inches.

The U-shaped floor scales are made of reinforced steel and equipped with high-quality sensitive load cells. Weighing capacity ranges from 1000kg to 5000kg yet has high accuracy.

It fits most standard weighing open bottom pallets in different industrial fields. It is anti-corrosion treated and can withstand harsh/severe weighing environment use.

Portable Floor Drum scale

This is a type of low-profile industrial drum scale with integral ramps. Barrels, drums, laundry carts,s and other heavy-duty goods packed in rolls are difficult to keep steady while weighing.

A floor drum scale normally comes with live side rails to stop the barrels or drums from rolling, built-in wheels allow portability; Strength handles ensure portability. Adjustable scale mount feet for fitting different surfaces. Dimond checkered steel-structured platform with various sizes.

You can also ask for special size and designed floor drum scales as per your specific requirements.

Heavy-capacity floor scale

In some heavy industries, such as steel, nonferrous metals, mining or logging, forestry, there are often overweight items to be weighed. A specially designed floor scale is required to fit the heavy-capacity weighing need.

These heavy-capacity floors must handle the heavy impact or sudden movement while loads weighing. For example, if you want to weigh the dense coils of steel, the standard floor scales are far from meeting the heavy-duty weighing needs.

CUBLiFT is in a position to offer special floor scales. The scales must be structured of strengthened and reinforced steel plates for platform cover.

This type of heavy capacity floor scales load capacities can be high up to 5000~ 80000lb and allows pit-mounting. If you are in need of this special heavy-capacity floor scale, CUBLiFT can customize the type as per your specific requirements. These floor scales can come in mild steel and stainless steel as well.

NTEP Certified Floor Scale

CUBLiFT manufactures & supplies a huge range of NTEP certified floor scales that are cost-saving, high-quality, and built to perform.

Many buyers are in the business of selling or shipping by weight. In this case, you need a quality NTEP certified floor scale in your applications.

The NETP certified floor scales are high precision floor scales. The accuracy of the scales ensures customers get the exact goods they pay for. The NETP certified floor scale is equipped with the most advanced load cells and an easy-operating interface.

The NTEP legal for trade floor scales come in various platforms and capacities. All of the NTEP approval floor scales from CUBLiFT are factory calibrated and shipped with LED indicators and interface cables.

Choosing an NTEP approval floor scale means you are getting the highest possible accuracy for your scales.

Explosion-proof cylinder scale

Cylinder Scales are designed to accurately measure the weight of liquefied gases such as chlorine, sulfur dioxide, ammonia, hydrogen chloride and carbon dioxide packaged in cylinders.

The cylinder scales are widely used in chemical, food, semiconductor, medicine, and more industries. it must be manufactured by qualified industrial-scale manufacturers and suppliers so as to meet stringent safety requirements.


CUBLiFT is here to help

As one of the most competent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, CUBLiFT is striving to offer different types of high-accurate floor scales to you.

Since efficiency is playing the biggest role in the cost of your business, you are in a position to find the most suitable floor scales for your business. We are confident to be your long-term floor scale supplier and thank you for choosing us from so many floor scales companies in the market.


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