How Floor Scales Improve the Efficiency in Air Transportation

It is crucial to move your air cargo efficiently while maintaining the highest levels of safety.
Floor scales and systems from CUBLiFT can help achieve the ultimate efficiency and can bill accurately and load planes optimally.
scales are required for this application. Meanwhile, the floor scale should offer exceptionally accurate weighing data in constant use, yet long durable.
CUBLiFT’s vast line of floor scales makes air cargo and luggage loading and unloading easy and quick.

Floor Scales Improve efficiency in air transportation

Air Freight Demands for Quick & Accurate Weighing

The different designs of floor scales can work as air freight scales and can suit the particular weighing needs in the busiest airports.
At CUBLiFT, our technological advancements in the manufacturing of floor scales help complete weighing tasks and processes rapidly in air transportation environments. Airline cargo does not only need to be secure by avoiding damage but also requires fast transportation that is now possible with floor scales.

Cost-Effective: The portability and minimal installation make our floor scales cost-effective.

They’re affordable to maintain and have extremely low power requirements.

These precision weighing systems offer numerous advantages and offer the fastest way to perform weighing tasks and processes in air transportation.

Advantages of Industrial Floor Scale in Air Transportation

Air transportation requires accurate data to achieve operational efficiency in cargo weighing and that’s what makes floor scales extremely productive.

      • Accurate: With different capacities, floor scales can produce accurate results by maintaining precision in cargo weighing.
      • Durable: Custom-engineered floor scales from industrial-grade stainless steel components make them extremely durable.
      • Versatile: Floor scale functions like an LCD, in-motion checkweighers, parts counting, and moisture analyzers optimize it for the weighing process.
      • Seamless Integration: Floor scales are compatible with digital systems and can be connected to computers, printers, and other hardware devices.
      • Easy Loading: The low profile structure and portability enables floor scales to handle the cargo efficiently.
      • Safe Operations: Floor scales meet weight regulations to prevent overburden and ensure accurate weighing measurements.
      • Reduces Paperwork: Floor scales allow easy printing of important information require to be affixed to the cargo.

The Need for Weight Management Solutions

CUBLiFT’s floor scales are unparalleled in reliability, accuracy, and innovation.

Overloading and precise weighing are extremely critical in air transportation and require precision equipment that can respectively eliminate and achieve that.

Air transportation requires industrial floor scales as accurate and reliable weighing solutions in cost-effective manners.

Optimizing Air Cargo Transportation Through Floor Scales

A floor scale is designed to accurately measure the weight of air cargo and improve the transportation process through the following:

      • By saving operational costs: Floor scales are resistant to environmental factors, wear, and tear that makes them incredibly operational in the harshest conditions. It boosts the weighing process and produces accurate results.
      • By improving efficiency: Floor scales are available in different designs, sizes, and types to suit different air transportation requirements. With the right floor scale, you can boost your productivity, speed up weighing processes, and make it more efficient.
      • By reducing human error: Technologically-enhanced load cell technology is implemented in-floor scales that make them incredibly accurate and precise.
      • Improved measurement accuracy: With proven technology, the floor scales accurately measure the weight of the load.
      • Ensure correct loading: Floor scales typically allow correct and even loading of storage and vehicles by also increasing the efficiency of air transportation.
      • Increases load safety: Floor scales often come with a variety of applications including check-weighing of incoming and outgoing goods and alarm systems to ensure the weight does not go beyond maximum capacity.
      • Versatility: Due to the advancement of technology, there are several floor scales to choose from. The versatility of our floor scales enables smoother operations and increased efficiency.

Speed Up Operations

In air transportation, floor scales can save tons of time by allowing quick portioning without any manual zeroing, keystrokes, or tare weights.

Moreover, it eliminates the need for extra wires through its Wi-Fi capabilities.

It also saves time on:

      • Classification
      • Checkweighing
      • Filling and dosing
      • Piece counting
      • Increasing Process Efficiency: The rich connectivity of floor scales increases its process efficiency by collecting, sharing, and visualizing real-time weighing data to computers.
      • Easy, Safe, & Efficient Cleaning: The majority of airport environments are hygienically approved and require compatible floor scales. The open construction of our floor scales with no traps for bacterial contamination and fully electropolished hermetically sealed load cells along with the stainless steel construction makes them perfect for your hygienic environment.

Improves Productivity

CUBLiFT’s floor scales boost your business efficiency by becoming more competitive in the market.

BY providing accurate & efficient weighing, floor scales meet your weighing efficiency perfectly in air transportation.

      • Eliminating costly errors: In air transportation, mistakes could be costly. Identifying errors and eliminating any chance of incorrect weighing is what you can expect from our floor scales.
      • Weight verification improves accuracy: Improved functionality and precision weighing lead to weight verification that is considered crucial for accurate weight measurements.

Instant Overload Identification

Overloading is a serious issue in air transportation and can be proven costly on many different levels.

A floor scale is effective against overloading and enables overweight detection at an early stage.


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