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Axle Weighbridge | Dynamic Axle Weighbridge

20+yrs weighbridge & truck scale manufacturer/supplier | High quality weigh motion truck scales with cost-friendly solutions addressing your budget and safe production issue

Capacity: 20T/30T/40T/60T
Dynamic accuracy: 1%-2%
Static accuracy: +/- 0.5%
Controller protect class: IP65
Load cells protect class: IP68

Platform Size: 3.0×0.9×0.3 | 3.0×1.8×0.3m | more options
Interface Terminal: RS232, RS485

Weighs axles whilst in-motion

Designed for fast and accurate weighing, the Avery Weigh-Tronix Axle Weighbridge weighs any vehicle up to 40,000kg per axle ‘in motion’ at speeds of up to 5 km/h.

Simple to install and relocate, this vehicle axle weigher is ideal for sites where space or access is limited.

Factors You Should Consider When Selecting An Axle Weighbridge


Since the chain of responsibility Legislation, Axle weighbridges have become an almost essential instrument for avoiding overloading fines. Chain of Responsibility Legislation can implicate anybody engaged in the loading, transportation, and obtaining products from an overloaded vehicle. Due to development of many different axle weighbridges designs now, much research is required to ensure that the correct design type, physical positioning, and configuration are used to produce the most significant outcomes for each application.

When selecting an axle weighbridge consider these factors.

1. Type of Axle Weighbridge


The type of axle weighbridge you require is the first factor to consider when purchasing a weighbridge. You have a lot of choices available to you. You might just be looking for a portable truck scale, a pit type weighbridge, or an above-ground weighbridge ( ie. Pitless weighbridge).

Then there’s the matter of the material. You can choose between a concrete weighbridge and a steel weighbridge based on your demands. Seeking professional advice from the start can help you avoid costly changes or upgrades later on. It is vital to consider the specific type of axle weighbridge you’ll require.

2. Location

It is critical to evaluate the site’s grade, vehicle turning circles, and closeness to adjacent structures. The type of  axle weighbridge you choose will be determined mainly by your proximity to existing roads or infrastructure. Many weighbridges are mobile facilities that do not require cars to come to a complete stop.

Environmental circumstances, such as flooding, lightning, and severe winds, are also critical considerations. Concrete platform weighbridges are popular, but they may not be permitted on leased land or in environmentally sensitive areas, so keep that in mind. Furthermore, while many vendors only offer off-the-shelf equipment, finding a weighbridge manufacturer/supplier who can custom-design a weighbridge is advantageous.

3. Maintenance and Assistance

Axle weighbridges are expected to perform in some of the harshest conditions on a regular schedule. As a result, it’s vital that they’re repaired and constantly monitored. When your axle weighbridge machine is repaired, it will continue to perform promptly and precisely.

Through knowledgeable and experienced professionals, network operators may provide full regional support and maintenance. Starting with a systematic, user service agreement will guarantee that all major weighbridge components and applications are protected. You should also look for a company to help you with your axle weighbridge if you have any problems. You can get answers to your questions faster when you have great support.

4. Warranty

You want to be confident in your weighbridge purchase because it is a significant investment. A reputable weighbridge manufacturer & supplier will offer you a warranty that covers any defects in the weighbridge. It will assure you that your weighbridge supplier fully supports the products they sell.

If one weighbridge (truck scale) supplier does not provide a guarantee, check for other weighbridge companies who do. It will help you prevent having to pay for expensive repairs. Any calibration work should come with a warranty.

5. Calibration

Axle Weighbridges which aren’t trustworthy are unlawful, and they can cause you to lose money in the form of lost income and damaged customer trust. As a result, weighbridges must be calibrated on a routine basis. If crucial components are repaired, re-verification is also essential. Collaborating with an approved weighbridge self-verification firm and its inspection weight equipment ensures all your weighbridge calibration can indeed be re-verified rapidly and easily, cutting down on delay.

6. Vehicle Size

Another thing to think about is the size of the vehicle you’ll be using on the weighbridge. If you’re using a weighbridge to weigh big trucks loaded with ore, you’ll need something much bigger. If you’re using it for smaller vehicles, tinier axle weighbridges will be enough. It would be great if you factored your needs in the future; you don’t want to find yourself outgrowing your weighbridge as your business expands.

7. Budget

Your budget is the final factor to consider when purchasing a weighbridge.

It would help if you tried to find the best weighbridge that fits your budget once you’ve set one. It’s all too simple to be tempted by a low-cost weighbridge that’ll save you money. Cheap axle weighbridges are likely to be less accurate and durable, and as we’ve already mentioned. If they don’t come with a strong warranty, you might find yourself with large repair bills before long. You should also put in the cost of installation, which will vary depending on the type of weighbridge you want to buy. For example, in-ground installations are more complicated. If you choose wisely and buy from a reputable supplier, your weighbridge should last you for years.

We offer various types of weighbridges for our customers. Some of these weighbridges include; steel-concrete weighbridges, portable weighbridges, and so much more. Our extensive range of weighing products includes precision weighing systems to heavy-duty weighbridges for the quarrying and mining industries. You are in the right place.

We also offer support services to clients such as calibration and weighbridge maintenance, and software solutions.









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