How Floor Scales Used in Commercial Laundry Applications

Multifunctional floor scales or platform scales are required for multiple purposes and are used in different industries or fields. There are a number of floor scale manufacturers, functioning in New Zealand because of their performance and high-quality product line. All the products that they manufacture operate in weighing equipment, weighing scales, and dosing industries.

They all have established themselves after a long time of working and gaining experience in this field. They also manufacture industrial weighing scales and platform scales that are recommended for industrial environments. These products that they manufacture are suitable to be used in harsh environments as well.

They offer a diverse and versatile range of products to their customers amongst which they can choose the most suitable one. These manufacturers have made weighing and measuring products easier with the help of using the latest technology that will last longer and is considered a reliable source of a weighing solution.

Below is the list of the 11 best floor scale manufacturers and suppliers operating in New Zealand, who has the potential to meet the customer’s need and requirements.

1.      CAS New Zealand LTD

Address: Unit 1, 4 Freeman Way, Manukau City, Auckland 2104, Postal Address: P.O. Box 17 249, Greenlane 1546

CAS is a floor scale manufacturing company operating in New Zealand they are also playing the role of the wholesalers, who work efficiently and actively in different fields of weighing products and dosing and weighing equipment industry. They have specialized in manufacturing products like floor scales, electronic weighing equipment, bench scales, weighing machines, and all models of weighing instruments. They manufacture all types of scales like from bathroom scales to industrial weighing scales. They also manufacture digital counting scales, platform scales, and computing floor scales.

2.     Scaletec Weighing Technology

Address: 24 Tiromoana Road, Raumati South, Wellington 5032, Unit 11, 903 Tremaine Avenue Palmerston north 4410

Through this manufacturing company, customers can easily and conveniently purchase the weighing products along with other weighing equipment. It is a well-known company that has a wide range of quality and reliable products. They also provide services like repair, maintenance, and calibration. Products can also be made on customized demand because they are experts in it. Their product line includes portable and fixed weighbridges, axle and container Weighers, platform and floor scales, hoppers and bench scales, hazardous area scales, hanging and crane scales, retail scales, and laboratory scales.

3.     Wedderburn New Zealand Head Office

Address: 18 Vestey Drive, Mount Wellington, Auckland 1060, New Zealand

Wedderburn is a leading manufacturing company that manufactures high-quality weighbridges, crane scales, and floor scales. They are also the distributors of wide range of platform scales that can be operated in the weighing equipment and dosing industry. They also provide an extensive range of customer services along with a suitable weighing solution that is best for your business or vehicle industry.

4.     Sensortronic Scales & Calibration

Address: 17 Te Arakura Road, Feilding 4775, New Zealand

This company manufactures all types of scales, balances, and weighing equipment along with services, installation, and calibration. This company also provides verification of the weighing instruments that can be used in different industries. This company also exports retail scales and other industrial weighing scales. Their product line includes load cells, trade-approved printers and labels, indicators, and weighbridges.

5.     Meltrons NZ

Address: Unit 6/9 Chonny Crescent, Manurewa, Auckland 2102, New Zealand

Meltrons is a very famous and influential floor scale manufacturing company that manufactures all types and models of weighbridges, load cells, crane scales, balances, floor scales, and industrial weighing tools as well. They also offer various services to their clients. They also manufacture stainless steel platforms, ramps, and scales, they also manufacture bench scales and various other weighing instruments also.

6.     Wedderburn Tauranga

Address: Unit 4/45 Aviation Avenue, Mount Maunganui 3116, New Zealand

It is also one of the leading companies that manufactures weighbridges, floor scales, and bench scales for different industries. They also have the potential to compete with other competitors in a similar field and they are also considered best in their job. Besides, this company is famous because of its scales, labels, packaging, and food weighing equipment. Wedderburn delivers high-quality weigh scales along with other tools like label manufacturing, automated packaging systems, POS systems, cash registers, commercial food equipment, and labeling equipment.


Address: 2a Kerwyn Avenue, East Tāmaki, Auckland 2013, New Zealand

METTLER TOLEDO is a famous floor scale manufacturing company that works across the country and in most of the world as well. Mostly it is functioning and operating in different countries and different industries due to its product line, product demand, and service worth. They are recognized worldwide and their product line is also quite extensive and high-quality.

8.     Sensortronic Scales Industries Ltd

Address: Unit 1/4 Freeman Way, Manukau City Centre, Auckland 2104, New Zealand

This company is truly an inspirational manufacturing company that has set different standards of trade, export, distributing products, and manufacturing a wide variety of product lines. They can manufacture almost every kind of weighing equipment and tool that is old, contemporary, or modern.

9.     Wedderburn Palmerston North

Address: Unit 5/15 Bounty Place, Kelvin Grove, Palmerston North 4414, New Zealand

Wedderburn is famous because of its name and because of the product quality, reliability, durability, and efficiency. Most of the customers and clients of this company are always interested in its new project or product launches.

10.    Wedderburn Whangarei

Address: Unit 8/33 Commerce Street, Whangārei 0110, New Zealand

This company is also a leading company that is working inside and even across the country. They are also the distributors of the weighing equipment and scales that are in demand and preferable by the clients.

11.    Millennium Mechatronics Ltd

Address: Unit 6/9 Chonny Crescent, Manurewa, Auckland 2102, New Zealand

Millennium Mechatronic is a floor scale and weighing equipment manufacturing company that has the potential to develop and design all the modern weighing tools with the help of the latest technology. They also provide various customer services to their clients along with repair, calibration, verification, and maintenance.


Above is just a part of New Zealand floor scale manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in more industrial-scale products, you may refer to here for more information. Meanwhile, CUBLiFT is one of the prominent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, if you have any industrial floor scale requirements, please contact here for the most cost-effective industrial scale products.

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