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Cublift provides an extensive selection of custom-made industrial floor scales

Available in a range of sizes and capacities from 500kg to 5 tonnes to cater for any type of weighing project.

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    Our custom industrial floor scales are designed to give you the accuracy, reliability, and performance you need to get the best results from your industrial operations. From raw materials to finished products, our custom designs ensure that you get the perfect scale for your application. Get the precision and performance you need to maximize efficiency and minimize downtime with an industrial floor scale built just for you.

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    Our wheelchair scales make it easy to accurately weigh people with disabilities or those who are too weak to stand up. Our scales offer precise measurements, robust construction that can stand up to the toughest conditions and 2 year warranty . With a wheelchair scale from us, you can be sure you’re getting the best accuracy and reliability for your weighing needs.

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    Monitor the growth of your livestock and maximize the efficiency of your agricultural operations with high-quality scales for agriculture and livestock. Our selection of scales provide accurate measurements and optimal performance to ensure the best results. Get the perfect scale for your application and start the herd management process today.

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    Try out our custom price computing scale today! Get reliable and accurate readings with this highprecision instrument. Unbeatable durability and stability with its rugged construction. Experience the ultimate convenience with its easytoread digital display.  15kg~60kg with o.5g  resolution. Essential tool for retail busines and order your custom price computing scale now!

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    Experience the power of precision with our Stainless Steel Floor Scale! providing accurate readings and features a rugged design for long-term use in industrial environments. Enjoy hassle-free usage with its bright LCD display and a variety of weighing modes. Get your Stainless Steel Floor Scale today and take your warehouse operations to the next level!

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    Elevate your counting and weighing tasks with our Floor Scales! Our high-precision platform scales provide accurate and reliable weighing from 3kg to 60kg and feature a rugged design for long-term use in industrial environments. Rechargeable battery, unbeatable durability, stability, and convenience. Get your Floor Scales today and streamline your warehouse operations

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    For all your weighing needs, our floor scales are the perfect solution. With a range of sizes and capacities, you can find the perfect scale for any platform. Our 0.8mx0.8m and 1.0mx1.0m scales are perfect for smaller applications, while our 1.2mx1.2m and 1.5mx1.5m scales can handle heavier loads of up to 5 tons.

What companies are the 11 Best Floor Scale Manufacturers and Suppliers in Spain? There are different weighing manufacturers that produce and design weighbridges and scales required for multiple purposes and used in different industries or fields. Floor scales are manufactured to weigh different loads with the help of the ramps. Ramps certainly make off and on-loading of the goods simple plus convenient.

They produce scales and weighing solutions that are reliable and durable. Indeed, floor scales are considered the best quality weighing equipment that acts as a great tool for measuring weights. These floor scales are suitable for industrial environments and also for all kinds of the toughest environments as well.Top Floor Manufacturers Companies You'd be Using in Spain blog (8)

These manufacturers and suppliers of floor scales are operating actively and efficiently in Spain to meet all the requirements of their clients. However, they produce scales made up of stainless steel, corrosion-resistant, and steel. The 11 best floor scale manufacturers operating in Spain are mentioned below.


Address: Astintze Kalea, 26 48160 Derio-Bizkaia, Spain 

DIBAL SA is a renowned manufacturer of floor scales, weighbridges and other weighing solutions for industries and traders. Since 1985, they have been providing quality products to the Spanish market, with customized labeling and weighing solutions for commercial and industrial purposes.

Their expertise and commitment to excellence make them the ideal choice for any weighing requirements..


Address: Área Texvigo – Calle C – Nave 6 – Pque. Tecnológico de Valladares, 36315 Vigo-Pontevedra, Spain 

MAISSINAL is a leading provider of weighing equipment for industries in Spain, offering a comprehensive range of solutions for coding, labeling, rewinding labels, labeling machines and weight control.

Their weighing management systems ensure reliable packaging for various brands and companies. With their expertise and commitment to quality, MAISSINAL is the go-to choice for any weighing requirements.


Address: Pol. Ind. Santiga – C/Flassaders 13-15 Nave 1 08130 Santa Perpetua De Mogoda, Spain 

Established in 1984, BACSA is a leading manufacturer of weighing instruments and scales for a variety of industries. Their expertise in dosing, weighing equipment, weighing machines, bag filling machinery, dosing instruments, and equipment scales make them a trusted partner for any floor scale requirements in Spain.


Address: C/ De Mequinenza, 4, 28022 Madrid, Spain 

ANALITICA DEPRECISION ANAPRE is a company based in Madrid, Spain that operates in a variety of industries and fields of work. In particular, it specializes in the weighing equipment and dosing industry, precision scales, balances, and scale industry. Additionally, the company provides spare parts and other related accessories and services.



Address: Calle de Canillas 52 28002 Madrid, Spain 

MUNDEPE is an experienced manufacturer and supplier of floor scales and other weighing instruments for industrial use. Our products are designed for accuracy and reliability, and feature a durable construction for long-term use in industrial environments.

Our Industrial Floor Scales are perfect for a variety of weighing needs, with a bright LCD display and a variety of weighing modes. We provide all the services and products you need to ensure accurate and reliable weight measurements – perfect for industries that require precise data.


Address: Avellano, 11 14006 Cordoba, Spain

This company is one of the most efficient and reliable companies operating in Spain, which has the potential to manufacture all types of weighing equipment, balances, and scales like floor scales, counting scales, hanging scales, and weighbridges. It also operates in the cash registry industry as well as the scales and balances industry.


Address: C/ceramica 1 08110 Montcada I Reixac Barcelona, Spain 

MOTORMAN S.A is a pioneer manufacturer that introduced weighing hooks, weighing equipment, and material handling equipment in the scale manufacturing market and field. They are strong in its high-precision instruments that are designed for accuracy and reliability, with a durable construction that ensures long-term use in industrial environments.


Address: Pol. Empordà Internacional. C/ de Molló 15-16 17469 Vilamalla, Spain 

GIROPES is a renowned floor scale and weighing instrument manufacturer and supplier, established in 1996. They provide services and products for a range of regulatory instruments, mass-measurement, and dosing industries. The company also specializes in precision scales and weighbridge technology. Their products are designed for accuracy and reliability, with a robust construction for long-term use in industrial environments. Customers can trust in GIROPES to provide the services and products they need for success.



Address: anta Clara 1 b 06300 Zafra VAT No. ES80047369D, Spain 

BALANZAS DIGITALES a distributor and a manufacturer of different types of scales, balances, and weighing equipment, which operates in the measurement, weighing scale, and mass industry. It can also operate in the electronic platform scale weight for scales, balances, and precision scale industry.


Address: Carretera de Ronda, 19 04009 Almería, Spain This company is a distributor and a manufacturer of floor scales and other weighing solutions along with their components. It also operates in the weighbridge and balances industry. This company offers all kinds of customer care and support services to their clients that are required by them.


Address: Calle Torneros 12, Poligono Industrial La Ermita 45215 El Viso De San Juan VAT No. ESB01628627, Spain 

TECBAS is a manufacturing and supplying company that specializes in scales and balances. It operates in the dosing equipment, weighing, industrial weighing tools, weighing machines, and industrial weighing systems industries, and can produce weighbridges and all types of scales for multiple purposes. Customers can trust in this company to provide them with the products and services they need to achieve success in their businesses.


Above is just a part of Spain floor scale manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in more industrial-scale products, you may refer to here for more information. Meanwhile, CUBLiFT is one of the prominent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, if you have any industrial floor scale requirements, please contact here for the most cost-effective industrial scale products.


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