Price Computing Scale

CE listed
NTEP Approved
OIML Certified

Precise Weighing & Computing Label Printing

CUBSCALE offers quality price computing scales with various designs, capacities, and structures at wholesale prices.
Whether you run a small or chain store business, or a scale wholesale business. You can find the correct economical price computing scales which is suitable for your specific requirements.
Our retail scales are robust, easy to operate, and NTEP-approved, facilitating smooth and efficient transactions for your staff and customers.

  • Easy for operation
  • Shock impact resistance
  • Weigh Accuracy: III
  • One button conversion
  • NTEP, OIML, CE, ISO9001
  • IP65~IP68 Sealing protection
  • Multi-language customization
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Precise Scales for Retail Weighing & Price Computing

3kg Price computing Scale
3kg Price computing Scale

Capacity: 3kg
Readability: 0.05/01g
Certificate: CE, OIML, NTEP
RS232 output and relay output

6kg Price computing Scale
6kg Price computing Scale

Capacity: 6kg
Readability: 0.1/0.2g
Certificate: CE,OIML, NTEP
RS232 output and relay output

15kg Accurate Retail Weighing Scale
15kg Accurate Retail Weighing Scale

Capacity: 15kg
Readability: 0.2/0.5g
Certificate: CE,OIML, NTEP
RS232 output and relay output

30kg Easy Weigh Pricing Scale
30kg Easy Weigh Pricing Scale

Capacity: 30kg
Readability: 0.5/1.0g
Certificate: CE,OIML, NTEP
RS232 output and relay output

60kg Standard Price Computing Scale
60kg Standard Price Computing Scale

Capacity: 60kg
Certificate: CE,OIML, NTEP
RS232 output and relay output

Customization Price Computing Scale
Customization Price Computing Scale

Accuracy: III
Capacity: tailor to order
Panel: tailor to order
Certificate: ISO9001. OIML, NTEP
MOQ: Negotiable
RS232 output and relay output

Price Computing Scales For Diverse Retail Business Settings

  • Price Computing Scale with Tower Display
    Standard Price Computing Scale

    Perfect for retail settings and commercial weigh operations. EC type and OIML approved digital scales offer legal for trade weigh operations.

  • Standard Price Computing Scale
    Price Computing Scale with Tower Display

    Advanced price computing scales with high capacity up to 60kg. The scales are engineered to be compatible with most PCs and cash registers conflict-free.

  • Price Computing Scale with Integral Printer
    Price Computing Scale for Operator & Customer Displays

    Built-in large backlit displays are visible by both operator and customer which offers user-friendly and efficient operation in any retail weighing setting.

  • Price Computing Scale with Integral Printer

    Auto labels or receipts printing, the larger platter and auto span adjustment durable platter, tower mount display. etc make it perfect for commercial weighing operations.

  • Price Computing Scale for Operator & Customer Displays
    Washdown Retail scale

    Grade 304 stainless steel constructed precise scale shows perfect performance in severe weighing environments and more industrial uses.

Legal for Trade Scale Goes Everywhere For Price & Quantity Verification

  • Produce Market Price Computing Scale C1 (1)
    Produce Market

    NTEP – legal for trade retail scales are vital in weighing large bulky items such as packs of potatoes, corn, poultry, meats, and more.

  • Postage & Shipping Price Computing Scale C1 (3)
    Postage & Shipping

    Smart weigh digital shipping and postal weight scale help you easily calculate the postage of all your shipments and fill in the correct shipping cost.

  • Food Industry Price Computing Scale C1 (4)
    Food Industry

    The weighing scales for the food industry have been calibrated and tested to be accurate, durable, and reliable which acceleratesthe efficient food processing.

  • Manufacturing Price Computing Scale C1 (2)

    Precise weighing scales can help drive manufacturing initiatives. The scales collect, manage and analyze all the data to reduce waste and enhance productivity.

Quality Price Computing Scales Offer Accurate Measure By One Glance

Price Computing Scales (1)
Premium Quality

stainless steel pan allows durable weighing for any loads.
Waterproof ABS plastic housing allows use in severe market environments.

Price Computing Scales (2)
High Accuracy

Comply with class III accuracy for commercial weighing; Capable of counting 0.1 grams and weighing up to 120 pounds/60kg

Price Computing Scales (4)
Multiple Fucntions

capable of memorizing price,  tare weight, accumulation,  store up to 40 PLUs, and more, depends on scale modes.

Price Computing Scales (3)
For Various Application

Commonly used in the commercial and retail industry for freefall weighing of food or medicine, as well as liquid materials such as chemicals, oils, etc.

Hassle-free, User-Friendly

As one of the trusted names of price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers, CUBSCALE offers durable, precise, and user-friendly price computing scales

With built-in precision sensors, this price computing scale has you weighing, measuring, and calculating quickly without breaking a sweat. Great for butcher shops, delis, markets, and more.
Our price computing scales boast convenient functions like weighing, accumulation, counting, percent weighing, and more with just one simple key large LCD display, and advanced technology.

Hassle-free, User-Friendly price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers 1 (1)
Variety of Weighing Capacity price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers 1 (1)2

Variety of Weighing Capacity

From weight capacity of 3kg, 6kg, 1o, 15kg, 30kg, up to 60kg, CUBSCALE’s price computing scales are the right scales designed to streamline your operations and help you save time.

It is with an absolute accuracy standard of ±0.5g, that delivers the accuracy you need and it can be used for various purposes, such as food manufacturing, chemical, and medical fields, etc.

With its versatility to meet the different weighing need from marketable products to custom-made products, its programmable capacity and division make your job easier and faster.

Certified Scales

OIML & NTEP-approved
We know that the scales in the US must be legally approved for buying or selling goods by weight. We offer legal-for-trade scales for you and your customers with reliable measuring weight.

CE Listed Scales
Our certified scales can be sold in the European Union (EU), which means our price computing scales are assessed & tested by the authorities and deemed to meet EU safety, health, and environmental protection requirements.

price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers 1 (5)
price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers 1 (5)32

Convenient Connectivity

Our powerful and durable scales are equipped with communication ways of RS232 & a USB port, which gives handy alternatives to transfer data receives from scales to the PC.

The built-in USB port makes it easy to transfer data to your computer or another device.
The foolproof connection allows you to quickly become familiar with using our scale products

Market Leader of Industry Scale Manufacturer & Supplier in China

As an ISO 9001 registered industrial scale manufacturer and supplier,  we develop our quality weighing products considering your interests & requirements in mind. From the first simple functioned 3kg weighing scale to the sophisticated analize balance, we always upgrade our scales products according to market trends.

We combine industry-leading service with the assurance that state-of-the-art modern quality price computing scales and your valuable satisfaction are at the center of everything we strive for.

Through a worldwide distributing network of price computing scales, we have gained a high reputation in both domestic and global markets as one of the most trusted names of retail scales. for proving durable, sustainable, precise scales.

Quality Price Computing Scales Meet Your Precise Weigh Every Need

Convenient Connectivity price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers 1 (1)6
Variety of Commercial Scales

CUBSCALE is a reputable industrial scale manufacturing supplier with over 20year experience.
Our scale products are widely used in supermarkets,   manufacturing, courier companies,  the aquaculture industry,  and many other retail food locations, which help reduce operating costs by 15% to 20%.
You can find a variety of weighing scales from us such as:
price computing scales
postage scales, counting scales
analyze balances
jack scales
Weight Load Cells

Certified Scales price computing scale manufacturers and suppliers 1 (1)5
20+ Year Market recognition

When you are reading this paragraph, means you have come to the right place where you can get the correct price computing scales for meeting your weight requirements.
From the very first generation of weighing scale from us 20year ago, we have developed and supplied over hundred types of industrial scales for the market.
Over 25 countries and districts users’ feedback and praise, make us the best and most competent vendors and suppliers of the weighing scale products.

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The Right Price & Weighing Solution for Retail Settings

Full-featured weighing table scales
with full choices of capacities & designs.
Shock and fall resistance

FAQs about price computing scales that help you on wise purchase these products

CUBSCALE’s  price computing scales are a type of quality digital scale that is commonly used in retail and commercial settings to determine the weight and price of goods being sold.

Below are some valuable FAQs about price computing scales which hope help you somehow:

What is a price computing scale used for?

Price computing scales are used in retail and commercial settings to calculate the weight and price of goods being sold. The scale uses a built-in database of pricing information to calculate the total cost of the goods based on their weight.

Can price computing scales be used for other applications?

Price computing scales are primarily designed for use in retail and commercial settings to calculate the price of goods based on their weight.

However, some models may have additional features or functions that allow them to be used for other applications, such as calculating the weight of items for shipping or inventory purposes. In this case, it is functioned as a type counting scales instead.

How do I choose the right price computing scale for my needs?

When choosing a price computing scale, it is important to consider the specific needs of your application. Consider factors such as the weight capacity and accuracy of the scale, as well as any additional features or functions that may be necessary for your application.

It is also a good idea to read reviews and compare models from different manufacturers to ensure that you are choosing the right price computing scale for your needs.

What are some common features of price computing scales?

Some common features of price computing scales include a digital display for showing the weight and price of the goods, a built-in database of pricing information, and the ability to calculate and display the total cost of the goods. Some of our models may also have additional features such as the ability to print receipts, QR code or connect to a computer or other device for easy data transfer or precise analysis.

How does a price computing scale calculate the price of goods?

A price computing scale calculates the price of goods by using a built-in database of pricing information. The user selects the item to be weighed from the database, and the scale uses the weight and price of the item to calculate the total cost.

What are PLU or Price Look Up?

Price lookup codes, commonly called PLU codes, produce codes or label look-up numbers, are a system of numbers that uniquely identify bulk produce sold in grocery stores and supermarkets.

The codes have been in use since 1990, and over 1400 have been assigned.
Price Lookup is the process of determining a product’s code in bulk produce to create a SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) and make products easier to find.
PLU (Price Look Up) codes help grocery retailers and consumers accurately identify items available for sale.
For example, if you see a package of bell peppers that you want to purchase at the supermarket, there is no need to pull out the price list or type in the product code yourself.

CE Listed Weighing Scale

CE Listed weighing scales means the item complies with the standards imposed by the Conformance European (CE), a division of the Intertek group.
CE marking is mandatory by law in the EU market. In order to circulate freely in the EU market, products, whether produced by enterprises within the EU or by other countries, must bear the CE mark to show that they comply with the EU’s “The New Approach to technical harmonization and standardization” basic requirements of the Directive.

What are NTEP Certifications for Digital Weighing Scales?

Weighing is an important part of conducting business in a regulated industry.

The NTEP certificate is an official certificate of compliance issued by the American Weighing and Metrology Association

It indicates that the product has been accurately measured by NTEP and meets the requirements of U.S. weighing and metrology regulations.

Why Is Trade Approved Scale Important for You?

When you are buying any retailed goods which is sold by weight, the shop or business owner is required by law to use the trade-approved scales.
Legal For Trade Retail Scales For Retail Setting Commercial Uses .
Using NTEP, OIML, or EC retail scale, which sometimes we call it price computing scale, ensures that you get what you pay for.
In other words, precise legal for trade retail scales boost both business owners’ and customers’ confidence during the business.

What are the main features of the price computing scales?
  • Accurate weighing: using advanced digital weighing technology, capable of providing accurate weighing information.
  • Automatic calibration: With automatic calibration function, it can ensure the long-term accuracy of the scale.
  • Clear display: Equipped with a large LCD display with clear font, it is convenient for customers to view weighing information.
  • Easy to operate: simple design, easy to operate and easy to master.
  • Easy to connect: with USB interface, it can be easily connected to a computer for data storage and management.
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