9Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd Using in Pakistan

multifunctional floor scales or platform scales are required for multiple purposes and used in different industries or fields.

Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd Using in PakistanFloor scales and weighing equipment are highly-beneficial for different industries like agriculture, construction, mining, farming, and retail shops as well. As we all know that Pakistan has a huge market, where floor scales and other weighing scales are in great demand therefore, a lot of manufacturing companies are building their brands and taking initiatives to construct or establish their branches in this part of the world to gain experience, enhance manufacturing quality, and refine their skills. All these manufacturing companies have the ability to manufacture different types and models of weighing equipment and skills for the betterment.

These weighing machinery industries, manufacturers, supplies, and distribute these weighing products in this particular area also across the border to enhance their productivity. They manufacture reliable plus accurate weighing scales that can operate in various industries. Moreover, most of these weighing equipment industries have established a complete network of manufacturing weighing high-quality products that can operate in multiple industries and has the potential to introduce the most durable weighing system.

Below is the list of the 12 best floor scale manufacturers and suppliers operating in Pakistan to fulfil the customer’s need.

1.     General Weigh System

Address: Suit # 314, 3rd Floor, Anum Trade Centre, Estate Avenue, Ghani Chowrangi, S.I.T.E.Karachi., KarachiSindh

General weigh system is a well-reputed manufacturing company that manufactures all types of floor scales for commercial, industrial, and mechanical purposes. They have introduced an extensive product line that includes spare parts, bench scales, floor scales, weighing equipment, and weighbridges as well. They also provide customer services for the clients to satisfy them and fulfil their needs.

2.     PACE Engineering

Address: Suite#602, 6th Floor, Marine Faisal Building, PECHS Block-6, Main Shahrah-e-Faisal, KarachiSindh

PACE Engineering includes all the best working masterminds working behind the manufacturing and supplying weighing scales and other weighing equipment. Moreover, they also provide customer care services to their clients for their betterment. They also manufacture digital scales, commercial scales, and industrial scales for various purposes and projects. These weighing systems can operate in the dosing and weighing equipment industry as well.


Address: Suite # 32, 2nd floor, Lodhi Arcade, 42 Ferozepur Road Lahore., LahorePunjab

This type of manufacturing company can manufacture weighing scales that are used in different industries and for different projects. They also produce instrument control scales along with floor scales, bench scales, weighing tools, spare parts, Checkweighers, and weighbridges. ASIAN SCALES are quite famous in this region because of their performance, reliability, and productivity.


Address: Shop #20-A, Raja Ghazanfar Ali Road, Blees Shopping Centre, Karachi

These two brothers are famous in Asia because of their reliable products and latest manufacturing techniques. They use modern technology to process, develop, design, and manufacture weighing scales and equipment that can operate in dosing or other weighing equipment, agriculture, or construction company. Moreover, these weighing instruments can weigh heavy vehicles and other products as well.

5.     Avery Scales (Pvt) Ltd

Address: Waras St., Multan, MultanPunjab

Avery scales have the potential to operate worldwide, therefore, they also operate in Pakistan because of its product line and latest technology. Their workforce is also very professional and can fulfil their tasks within days.


Address: Ebrahim Building 20-West Wharf Road, Karachi 74000, Sindh, Pakistan, Karachi

This company is located in the posh industrial area of Karachi due to which it can fulfil the demand of the clients quite easily. They can produce all types, sizes, and capacities of weighing products and scales within the given time and at a low price. Plus, their products are quite affordable as well.


Address: Office #6, Mian Plaza, Near Sharif Motors, West Canal Road, Faisalabad

As the name suggests that this industry or a manufacturing company produces weighing equipment and accurate scales suitable for different tasks and projects. They also have the potential to design and manufacture high-quality products along with offering different services.


Address: Suite #3, Orison Tower, Mezz. Flr , Block-10, Rashid Minhas Road, Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

This is an electro enterprise that has established itself within the industrial state to perform better and produce even better. They are famous because of their productivity potential, quality products, and services that they offer to their clients.


Address: A-136, Bhayani Shopping Centre,1st Floor, Block-M, North Nazimabad, Karachi

Ali brothers have also established a highly-professional weighing and manufacturing weighing equipment of all sizes and capacities. They can also manufacture different products like bench scales, weighing scales, floor scales, weighbridges, hanging scales, Checkweighers, weigh control and checkers, indicators, and software. They make use of quality materials in the manufacturing of different weighing products and equipment.


Address: 13, Qaddafi Market, Nishter Road, Lahore

AMEER SONS are famous because of their weighing equipment, weighing scales, and floor scales. Plus, they have quite an efficient workforce and labourers as well as engineers who are competent and well-deserving.  They launch different products in this field that can be used by various industries. They also provide repair, maintenance, and spare parts installation services to their clients.


Address: 2-Jan Muhammad Road,New Anarkali, Lahore

This company also plays the role of distributor and wholesaler, operating in the industrial zone like Lahore. They also provide all the customer services to their clients through which they have gained the trust and liability of the customers in this field. They manufacture a wide variety of quality weighing scales, floor scales, weighing equipment, and weighbridges.


Address: Suit #4,Fine Center,Block-5,(Behind Madina-tul-Elem),Gulshan-e-Iqbal, Karachi

A.Z. Scientific product is also a leading industry that manufactures weighing scales, floor scales, weighbridges, bench scales, and indicators with the help of high-quality material. They make use of modern technology to enhance their productivity and to keep a quality check with the help of modern techniques. Likewise, they also offer all types of services to their clients that will add more value to their product and the company’s reputation.


Above is just a part of UAE floor scale manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in more industrial-scale products, you may refer to here for more information. Meanwhile, CUBLiFT is one of the prominent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, if you have any industrial floor scale requirements, please contact here for the most cost-effective industrial scale products.

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