Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd be Using in Ireland

multifunctional floor scales or platform scales are required for multiple purposes and used in different industries or fields.

Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd be Using in Ireland blog (5)Most floor scale manufacturers and suppliers produce industrial weighing solutions that consist of precision factor and speed. They also produce high-accuracy weighing solutions with platforms and industrial bench scales. Floor scales manufacturers offer a wide range of solutions for flexible weighing and data management. These companies also provide accurate weighing scales for mail and postal applications. They also produce heavy-duty scales, balances, and counting scales for multiple purposes.

These manufacturers also provide all types of services that include repair services, accurate weighing, and rugged construction safe services, and retail services along with product installation. Floor scale manufacturers and suppliers make floor scales for most applications.

These companies also produce digital floor scales, mechanical floor scales, electronic floor scales, and other types of industrial floor scales. There are 8 best floor scale manufacturers and suppliers operating in Ireland, which have the potential to produce high-quality and reliable floor scales suitable for every weighing need.

1.     Weighing Machine Services Limited

Address: Unit 4 Greenhills, Business Centre Greenhills Road, Tallaght, Dublin 24, Ireland

Weighing Machine Services Limited manufactures different products plus, they also provide sales services and other customer support services. They provide customized products along with different product specifications and reliable product lines. This company offers products that are manufactured by this company, which produces multiple spare parts and accessories. This company provides a money-back guarantee related to the product you buy. While visiting the official website the customer can shop online as well and communicate with the operator who will help them to solve their weighing solution needs. They also have contact numbers through which the customers can communicate with the audience.

2.     Avery Weigh-Tronix

Address: Foundry Lane, Smethwick, West Midlands B66 2LP  United Kingdom, Units 52/58, Mallusk Enterprise Park, 2 Mallusk Drive, Newtownabbey BT36 4GN  Northern Ireland

Avery Weigh-Tronix is a company that offers different products to the customers because they also manufacture and produce weighbridges, floor scales, hanging scales, counting scales, weighing equipment, and retail sales. They also produce intrinsically safe scales and balances along with vehicle axle weighing instruments. They also produce and design vehicle weighbridges along with calibration, retail services, and verification. They also provide services and maintenance support services to their clients. With the help of these services, the customer can maintain and keep their business running and functional. They are a market-leading company that develops weighing equipment, which can operate in different weighing equipment and dosing industries.


Address: Addinstown, Delvin, Mullinger, Co. Westmeath, Ireland N91P207

DMC technologies are a floor scale and a weighbridge manufacturing company that manufactures weighing scales, Checkweighers, and other weighing equipment. They also supply a wide range of weighing instruments that has specialized in portable weighbridges, industrial weighing systems, and the weighbridges industry. They provide weighbridges made up of stainless steel and concrete. Their product line consists of the access control system, services, and maintenance of the spare parts that also involves product installation, calibration and verification, scales, balances, weighbridges, and software solutions. This company is having almost 36 years of experience in the field of weighing equipment and manufacturing weighing solutions.

4.     GlobeWeigh

Address: 118A Portadown Rd, Tandragee, Craigavon, BT622jX

Globe Weigh floor scale and weighbridge manufacturing and supplying company are located in Northern, Ireland. They have the potential to manufacture products like industrial software, industrial weighing equipment, industrial weighing scales, weighbridges, and tools for product labeling, and it also develops products suitable for different weighing industries. They provide innovative services along with exceptional solutions to their customers. Plus, this company also offers labeling, inspection, and industrial weighing solutions.

5.     Minebea Intec

Address: 2670 Kings Court, The Crescent, Birmingham Business Park B377YE, Birmingham

Minebea Intec is a manufacturing company that manufactures bench and floor scales and balances. They have an extensive portfolio of weighing solutions and equipment used for multiple purposes. It provides the weighing solution for Checkweighing, filling, and piece counting. They are indeed a leading manufacturer and a supplier operating in this field of weighing and inspection technology. All of the scales and balances that they produce are considered as reliable, precise, user-friendly, and high-quality. They also provide massive services and maintenance to their customers. It can also produce all types of industrial scales and weighing instruments for different industries.

6.     Gravitation

Address: Unit 2B, Section 5, Dunshaughlin Business Park, Co. Meath, Ireland

Gravitation is also a manufacturing company that produces a wide range of weighing equipment to give better results and outcomes. This company manufactures different weighing products like test weights, load cells, software solutions, laboratory scales, vehicle weighing, industrial scales, mobile weighing, ATEX weighing, medical scales, marine scales, weight indicators, and agricultural scales. They also provide routine maintenance with quality products along with the calibration service provider. They also provide insurance to their customers as per the requirement. It is a certified company that issues verification and calibration along with the product.


Address: OHAUS Europe GmbH, Heuwinkelstrasse 38606 Nänikon, Switzerland, Ireland

OHAUS Europe is a leading floor scale and industrial-scale manufacturing company that develops and design products like industrial scales, laboratory balances, weight and accessories, instrument, and equipment. This company can also operate in the weighing equipment and dosing industry. It has also launched a wide range of new products that can also be used by different industries. Their weighing scales give an outstanding weighing performance in the field and when installed.


Above is just a part of Ireland’s floor scale manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in more industrial-scale products, you may refer to here for more information. Meanwhile, CUBLiFT is one of the prominent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, if you have any industrial floor scale requirements, please contact here for the most cost-effective industrial scale products.

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