6 Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd Using in Greece

multifunctional floor scales or platform scales required for multiple purposes and used in different industries or fields.

Top Floor Scale Manufacturers Companies You'd Using in Greece blog (6)Weighing scale demand is gradually growing in the world, and so does the weighing scale manufacturers. There are multiple floor scale and weighbridge or truck scale suppliers and manufacturers operating all around the world while some are working with great zeal and power. They manufacture weighing scales that are suitable for different industries and can operate in the dosing as well as weighing equipment industry. They manufacture weighing scales that are highly compatible, affordable, and good for the job.

These manufacturers, manufacture weighing scales that can work in any environment and harsh conditions. They manufacture measuring equipment so that they can be used in industries like cosmetics, pharma, agriculture, food, and other related industries.

Below is the list of the 8 best weighing scales and floor scale manufacturers and suppliers that are operating in Greece. Plus, they have set standards according to which they design these scales and turn them into one of the industrial solutions that you were always looking for.

1.      Industrial Scales

Address: 8A Kazantzaki Nikou Street, 546 28 Menemeni Thessaloniki 

Industrial scales are a manufacturing company that operates in most of Europe. It has the potential to manufacture all types of weighing equipment including bench scales, truck scales, floor scales, hanging scales, counting scales, weighbridges, CCheckweighers, and other measuring devices. They also offer customer services to their clients along with repair, installation of spare parts, and maintenance services. Moreover, they are also famous for their professional skills, capabilities, and professional workforce who are well-trained and know how to do their job.


Address: Industrial Area Da9, 570 22 Sindos, Greece This manufacturing company was established in 1974 in Greece to facilitate the clients and their industries while manufacturing different types, sizes, and capacities of weighing scales. They are famous because they can design and produce all kinds of weighing machinery. They believe in developing quality, durable, and accurate weighing equipment that can give expected results and can operate in various fields of industry. It consists of an extensive product line that includes weighing machines like floor scales, bench scales, truck scales, mechanical and electronic scales, crane scales, hanging scales, industrial floor, stainless steel scales, desktop scales, indicators, load cells, conveyors, bale pallet, and others.  Along with these products, they also provide customer services.


Address: 6th KLM National Road Chania – Rethimno 732 00 Chania, Greece This company was founded in 1995 and was established to benefit the clients of Greece and other European countries.  They can manufacture, design, supply, export, and distribute all types and kinds of weighing types of machinery like floor scales, bench scales, truck scales, hanging scales, crane scales, and load cells as well. They are also known as the wholesaler of these industrial and mechanical weighing scales and devices that manufacture these scales to be used in the dosing and weighing equipment industry.  It can also operate in the scale and weighbridge industries.


Address: 12th Klm. Thes/Ki-Kilkis 545 00 Thessaloniki, Greece


This company was founded in 2001 and it is the manufacturer and producer of all kinds of weighing equipment that are required by the customers for their industries. The weighing machinery that they manufacture can be used or operated in different dosing and weighing equipment industries.  They also offer all types of services to the clients that including repair and maintenance services. Plus, they can also manufacture all types of weighing scales and instruments like floor scales, bench scales, and other equipment.


Address: O.T. 25, BI.PE. Patron 250 18 Patras, Greece TOMASSIS ENGINEERING is also a weigh scale manufacturer that produces all types of weighing scales for their customers with reliability and a guarantee. Their competent and well-trained staff will soon turn it into a leading company operating in the dosing and weighing equipment industry.  They also provide all kinds of services to their client to ensure customer satisfaction. This company also plays a vital role in establishing itself in one of the leading industrial zones in Greece, which is famous because of their manufacturing products, product line, and services that they offer as compared to other companies.

6.     DINI ARGED Scales & Weighing System

Address: Via della Fisica n. 2041042 Spezzano di Fiorano, Modena, Italia, Tel.: +39 0536 843418, This name is famous all overall Europe because of its product line, services, and manufacturing techniques.  They also have the potential to stand out because of their extensive product line and quality services. They can also manufacture, packaging, weight, and dimensioning systems.  They offer 24/7 assistance services to their clients along with an online sales network. Besides, their product line includes all types and models of load cells, all sizes of floor scales, weighbridges, weight indicators, mobile weighing, and ATEX weighing.

7.     Avery Weigh-Tronix

Address:  Unit L11, Greenogue Business Park, Rathcoole, Dublin

Avery Weigh Tronix is a famous weighing scale manufacturer that operates worldwide.  They also operate in the dosing and weighing equipment industries and manufacture almost all kinds of weighing equipment. They offer support and services to the clients and repair for scales and weighing systems. Its response system is operational 24/7 while due to its trained and accredited technicians this company is one of the leading manufacturing companies and one of the world’s largest manufacturers of weighing instruments.

8.     BAYKON Industrial Weighing System

Address: Tuzla Kimya Sanayicileri O.S.B Organik Cad. No:31 34953 Tuzla / Istanbul / TURKEY

BAYKON industrial weighing scale manufacturer is famous because of its high-quality, reliable, and affordable product line. Its product line includes weighing equipment and machinery like load cells, weighing indicators, weighing electronics, remote displays, floor scales, test weights, accessories, weighing transmitters, weighing controllers, process indicators, mobile scales, forklift scales, in-motion Checkweighers, vehicle scales, portable and bench scales, industrial computers, crane scales, and various other weighing devices as well.


Above is just a part of UAE floor scale manufacturers and suppliers. If you are interested in more industrial-scale products, you may refer to here for more information. Meanwhile, CUBLiFT is one of the prominent floor scale manufacturers and suppliers in China, if you have any industrial floor scale requirements, please contact here for the most cost-effective industrial scale products.

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