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Buyer: DESTIA GROUP Finland
Shipper: CUBLiFT
Item:  Weighbridge / Truck Scale)
Model: CTS#3016 100Ton capacity
Type: Pitless Weighbridge

Port of loading: Shanghai
Port of destination: Helsinki
Mode of Transportation: FCL by sea
Terms: FOB

Destia is a reputed infrastructure and construction service company in Finland that covers services including subterranean construction, extensive overground operations, and ranges from demanding foundation engineering projects to energy and engineer construction.

So Destia has continuous requirements for truck scale weighing products. Suggested by one of their associated partners, CUBLiFT was recommended to Destia.

Since we have sold different industrial scales products and served many users in the European market with full certifications, we are finally selected as one of the candidate truck scale weighbridge suppliers.

After close studying and price/service comparing, Destia finally decided to place the first order to CUBLiFT – A set of 50ton weighbridge + 60-ton weighbridge (truck scale)

CUBLiFT Weighbridges Ship to Finland-1

Considering the weight and volume of the 80ton weighbridge, and the long transfer time from ShangHai to Helsinki, Destia decisively choose to ship the weighbridge in FCL by sea to their side.

What CUBLiFT Do:

  • As per Destia specific requirements, manufacture the weighbridges with 20days.
  • Offer videos and images of the weighbridge (truck scale) material selection
  • Offer videos and images of the weighbridge (truck scale) manufacturing/assembly
  • Offer videos and images of the weighbridge (truck scale) coating, finishing stage
  • Offer videos and images of the weighbridge (truck scale) electronic components testing
  • Offer videos and images of the weighbridge (truck scale) container loading
  • Book the shipping container from the buyer’s appointed shipping forwarder agent
  • Prepare & confirm all the paperwork with the buyer team for both bank and custom clearance purposes.
  • During the shipping: Confirm the BL information and make necessary Forms for saving buyer’s duty from the destination port.
100 Ton Weighbridge /Truck Scale Technical Specification
Width * Length 3m * 16m
Power supply 110V±10%;220V±10% AC or DC,50 or 60Hz
Accuracy class OIML(III)
Capacity range 50 TON
Safe overload 150%
Material Q235steel
Thickness of plate 20mm
Structure 6mm U-shaped beams
Painting Anti-rust and anti-corrosion
Quality system ISO9001:2020
Certificate CE
Packing details Modulized weighbridge/truck scale platforms fastened by bolts in container
A9P – indicator
Stainless Anti-explosion load cell & other accessories in cartons.

CUBLiFT Weighbridges Ship to Finland

Destia is a respectable buyer from Europe. CUBLiFT is one of the best weighbridge manufacturers and suppliers from China. The global supply chain remains in the shadow of novel Coronavirus, although deciding on an order is a hard process, we still managed to close the first deal. We do hope we can cooperate together soon.

We are confident that we will win from so many weighbridge company competitors. And we will be one of the buyer’s long-term weighbridge manufacturers & truck scale suppliers.

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