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Pit Type Weighbridge

CUBLiFT: Your #1 Truck Scale Manufacturer& Weighbridge Supplier since 1999

Pit Type Weighbridge

Pit Type Weighbridge

  • CE approved pit type weighbridge
  • ISO9001 authorized truck scale manufacturer & weighbridge supplier
  • Weighbridge length(m): 3/3.2/3.4/2.5
  • weighbridge width(m): 6/7/8/9/10/12/14/16/18/20/21/23/24
  • Weighing Capacity up to 150ton with 10 or 20kg increments
  • Type: electronic, digital, computerized weighbridge
  • Material: Q235steel in 6mm U-shaped beams
  • OIML(III) accurate load cell
50 ton Pit Type Weighbridge

● Model: TS-50T
● Max. capacity: 50 ton/50,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Length: 12m ( 6 ~ 24m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

80 ton Pit Type Weighbridge

● Model: TS-80T
● Max. capacity: 80 ton/80,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 14m ( 6 ~ 24m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

120 ton Pit Type Weighbridge

● Model: TS-120T
● Max. capacity: 100 ton/100,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 18m ( 6 ~ 24m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

60 ton Pit Type Weighbridge

● Model: TS-60T
● Max. capacity: 60 ton/60,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 15m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m

20 ton Pit Type Weighbridge

● Model: TS-20T
● Max. capacity: 20 ton/20,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 6m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m

40 ton Pit Type Weighbridge

● Model: TS-40T
● Max. capacity: 40 ton/40,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 6m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width: 3m

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Truck Scale Manufacturer in China

CUBLiFT has rich truck-scale manufacturing experience to provide the right weighbridge for your needs. With 15+ years of research and development, CUBLiFT has designed the pit type weighbridge model which delivers the reliability and accuracy needed in today’s marketplace.

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This pit-type weighbridge does not have ramps and it can weigh between 10 to 150 tons. With added safety features such as lightning surge protection, traffic lights, printers, touch-screen monitors, and any automation you can think of, CUBLiFT listens to your needs. Our pit-type weighbridge ensures accuracy in quickly loading your trucks and helps you avoid any overloads or underloads. While removing inefficiencies of underloading and overloading, will save your time and money.

The pit type weighbridge is constructed with universal 6mm U-shaped steel beams which reduce bending and flexing when fully loaded.  In addition, CUBLiFT also offers other weighbridge models which can be mounted using different designs. The new pit type weighbridge manufactured by CUBLiFT has solved a couple of weighing challenges experienced by truck owners. It also features heavy-duty pads that make installations secure and accurate in quickly loading trucks.

The chain of responsibilities legislation means that all companies in the supply chain must provide the tools to verify axle weights and vehicle gross mass limit. As one of the best truck scale manufacturers and weighbridge suppliers from China, CUBLiFT’s full team of engineers works with you to customize the weighbridge to suit your workflow.

CUBLiFT will deliver you a pit-type weighbridge that will save you money by ensuring you are not overweighed or no one is stealing from you. If longevity and durable designs are important, then the CUBLiFT weighbridge system is the solution. After comparing many different weighbridge companies that supply pit-type weighbridges, CUBLiFT is certainly the best. It’s CUBLiFT dedication to quality and full testing facility that ensures your pit type weighbridge is 100% accurate.

CUBLiFT offers full after-sales support with test trucks to ensure your pit-type weighbridge meets all legal requirements. Both trade and non-trade configurations are available depending on your needs.

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Pit Type Weighbridge – The ultimate guide

1. What is a pit-type weighbridge?

At CUBLiFT we manufacture several kinds of weighbridges, such as Pit Type Bridges. This model of weight bridge is best suited for regions with limited space such as non-hill regions.

This is because it is economical to install and operate. Because the platform is level with the ground in non-hilly terrain, vehicles may enter the weighbridge from any direction.

This results in significant savings of both space and money. Most public Pit Type Weigh Bridges favor this design because it takes less space.

The platform of the weighbridge has dimensions ranging from 7.5m by 3m to 20m by 3m. The largest of all is 20m by 3m and it can fit all trucks regardless of their sizes.

It can weigh up to 200 tons in one round. With this popular weighbridge, you can weigh several trucks in a single day hence ending up increasing efficiency by 10 times.

This model of weighbridge has a precision range of 5 kg/10 kg/50 kilogram. The minimum order you can request from CUBLiFT is 1 with no maximum order limit

With this model of weighbridge, rickshaws may be weighed also since the platform is flush with the floor level and no traffic ramp requires moving since it is located on the ground floor.

It is the perfect weighbridge that is used to weigh large goods. At CUBLiFT, we also manufacture electronic fuel or pit type less, digital fuel or fuel tankless, rail weighbridge, mobile weighbridge, RCC weighbridge, mechanical weighbridges, etc.

Each weighbridge is designed for a sturdy design, strong weight sensors, and high-quality production. All supported by leading-edge warranty options of 1-2 years.

This pit type weighbridge lets you compute the quantity of arriving and departing goods. The profit from pit weighbridges may be better appreciated from the point of view of a company where big and heavy products are active in a regular bulk.

Some firms or individual firms find it difficult to monitor the products they ship and the number of products/raw materials they produce. Pit type weighbridges enable this purpose to be solved.

Pit-type weighbridges serve a wonderful function here to keep track of your business. Particularly, when your company calls for the shipping and receipt of products to and from you.

A pit-type weighbridge is a long-time investment that needs proper evaluation and thorough thought before making the ultimate purchasing desire. Cost is an essential consideration but it may only lead you to certain issues by selecting the price.


2. What are the features of a pit type weighbridge?

This pit type weighbridge is perfect for people operating in limited space. It is highly compatible and does not take up much of your space.

It can weigh up to 200 tons in one round. With this popular weighbridge, you can weigh several trucks in a single day hence ending up increasing efficiency by 10 times.

This model of weighbridge has a precision range of 5 kg/10 kg/50 kilogram. The minimum order you can request from CUBLiFT is 1 with no maximum order limit.

This weighbridge model is electronically operated. It features durable load cells that help you complete your weighing requirements.

Other manuals or mobile weighbridges are also available upon request. Its electronic features make it highly ergonomic and dependable in both normal and harsh environments.

The load capacity of this pit type weighbridge ranges between 10 tons to 200 tons. For other capacity variations, you can check other types of weighbridges or email us your specifications

Once you order this type of weighbridge or any other model expect it within 2~3 working days. We ship where other manufacturers can’t reach due to certain restrictions or so.

Also, another ergonomic feature with this pit type weighbridge is the inbuilt printer. With a printer attached to your weighbridge, you can easily generate the weighed results in seconds.

This pit type weighbridge is constructed in real-time at our factory and tested on-site. The digital display shows you the date, time, units and the items weighed.

The platform of the weighbridge has a dimensions range of 7.5m by 3m to 20m by 3m. The largest of all is 20m by 3m and it can fit all trucks regardless of their sizes.

3. What to look for when purchasing a pit type weighbridge?

With increased strength, more dependability, and quicker installation, our pit-type weighbridge is ideal when space is limited. The whole deck of a pit-mounted weighbridge will be filled with some concrete to make it leveled with the ground.

In this way, it will not be possible to see the pit or experience any ramps when driving your truck through the pit type weighbridge. Due to the lack of ramps, pit type weighbridges need much less space than surface-mounted weighbridges. Quality design and construction

Whether you select an above-ground weighbridge or a pit-type weighbridge, the structure must be properly planned, constructed, and fitted.

Choosing a pit type with the features you want is everyone’s dream. At CUBLiFT we are your dream come true by offering weighbridges with exclusive features.

Choosing your pit type weighbridge, you need to make considerations on the size and capacity. Searching for professional guidance may save enormous expenses, modifications, or future improvements.

You also need to make considerations on the production of key units. The overall performance and dependability of pit type weighbridge are associated with the outstanding of the major components.

The initial low-cost weighbridge solutions quickly develop into costly replacement, downtime, and undesirable maintenance issues, which makes it essential to take all the essential aspects into account.

Weighbridges are exposed to high duty usage infrequently which may result in wearing and tearing of the metal covering.

For this reason, you have to choose a weighbridge with heavy-duty and durable materials like stainless steel and aluminum. In this way, you won’t end up getting disappointed after a while.

Also, when choosing a weighbridge consider good drainage. Have a chat with your dealer to confirm the weighbridge you are buying whether it can sustain the drainage changes in your area.

Choose a weighbridge that is easy to access and use. A major component of every weighbridge is traffic control.

Ensure that trucks or vehicles can easily access the pit type weighbridge without complications. The solution you select must be suitable to the site circumstances and must satisfy your vehicle traffic needs.

Choose a weighbridge that features quality cells and instruments that can support the entire weighing process. For more clarity, get an approved manufacturer to be your esteemed supplier of weighbridge and its spare parts.

At CUBLiFT, we also specialized in providing extra maintenance to your weighbridge as we are aware of the dangers it gets exposed to. They are exposed to frequent usage in hostile settings.

4. What is the function of load cells in weighbridges?

The load cells for the pit type are used to ensure the weighbridge functions correctly under normal circumstances. They are the source of power for the weighbridge. Choosing a load cell for your weighbridge needs a lot of attention, time, and determination.

The mounting components of the weighbridge are sufficiently resistant to function effectively under prolonged high strain.

Ensure that the pit type weighbridge is highly versatile and has future-proof software functionality and system integration.

The greatest development in weighbridges has occurred in the area of software capability. Your system can offer support for management information.

This helps in ensuring improved cost control, increasing efficiency, and fleet management, to simplify operations, and limiting fraud cases.

You need to evaluate what features you need from your pit type weighbridge and make sure it guarantees you a return on investments. You should only buy a weighbridge if you have proof that it will be beneficial to you, otherwise, you can just loan a weighbridge.

CUBLiFT pit type weighbridge offers incredible services and 100% support in all daily operations. We also give you the option of renting the pit type weighbridge at an affordable cost.

We have been offering weighbridge for the last 15 years to our local and international customers hence we understand what it takes to have one. It is always advisable to choose a dealer who you can trust in terms of quality, service, and maintenance.

So, it’s best to select an established, respected provider like CUBLiFT. At CUBLiFT, we have the best services, quality control is assured and we offer technical support to all our local and international clients.


5. How does a pit type weighbridge work?

Nearly all weighbridges have similar components that operate to the degree of weight together. For a customer to grasp these components effectively, it is essential to choose the best weighbridge which is outstanding for their requirements.

You need to understand certain principles before you decide on whether you need a pit type weighbridge for your company. The gross weight of the truck is one of the considerations.

The gross weight is determined by weighing the empty truck and when it is loaded. It is very essential to ensure that the overall weight of the vehicle or a load on a set of axles for street engines at a particular place is within the range of offense values.

Whether you are a customer or a product dealer, whether or not you have to import inventories or verify their compliance, the weight limit of the pit type weighbridge is essential.

This has an important function to play in setting fees, income margins, good controls, inventory management, regulatory compliance, among others. The proximity of the pit type weighbridge must be completely thoughtful.

6. What is the importance of a pit type weighbridge in a business?

If you are using a pit type weighbridge in your company am pretty sure you have enjoyed its maximum benefits. If you are yet to decide if you need a pit type weighbridge, you are missing a lot.

All pit type weighbridges are economical and they help you in cost savings. If a truck is not completely loaded, it may cost the business a lot of money, which means that some of what could have increased the business’s income is wasted.

However, the truck area is utilized to its optimum level when a pit type weighbridge is utilized. As you may imagine, overload speeds up automotive wear and tear and shortens their lifetime.

Overloading may be avoided using a pit type weighbridge. Because overloaded trucks and trailers cost more on petrol and maintenance, companies will preserve a lot of cash to prevent overloading.

This pit type weighbridge will help you escape sanctions and fines for truck weight compliance. We all know overloading your truck is illegal and is punishable by law.

You don’t wish to reimburse these costs. A pit type weighbridge ensures that your vehicle is compatible with payloads in particular.

Using a pit type weighbridge ensures the safety of your truck, employees, and your goods. Nobody in the place of business must ever feel unsafe if they go ideally to artwork.

A pit type weighbridge will help you know the amount of load your truck is supposed to carry. The heading off vehicle overload also improves the performance of the truck and guarantees safety during travel. I bet you have heard of cases where trucks have overlapped inroads due to overloads.

You will experience excessive improved productivity after using a pit type weighbridge. Productivity and efficiency ensure 100% profits for any company.

By constructing a pit type weighbridge, the trucks/vehicles are always loaded appropriately. Therefore, you will not spend any time and effort reloading the freight of a vehicle.

This pit type weighbridge also enhanced control of trucks. It is automated hence you can know which truck has been weighed and which has not.

A pit-type weighbridge may be used as an integrated vehicle management system to connect with other business software to provide thorough analysis and reporting.

The business may then optimize its fleet management operations with such analyzes and reports. In this way, you may gain a competitive advantage over your rivalries.

7. Why do I need a pity-type weighbridge?

A pit type weighbridge enables a company to stay informed about the precise measurements for items received and delivered. However, if the pit type weighbridge has any mistake, the performance of a weighbridge will be greatly impacted.

Unbalances in incoming and departing commodities may be associated with an imbalance in earnings.

For such a company, the correct functioning of a pit type weighbridge is very essential for its effective operation. However, it is more essential to select a weighbridge properly, since this decides its viability in the longer term.

Some of the incredible advantages include cost savings, fewer bottlenecks, better traffic flow, and increased safety at the workplace. Perhaps you wondered how a weighbridge might benefit your company.

8. What do I need to consider when choosing between a pit or surface mounted weighbridge

When you decide to build a weighbridge, you choose between a pit type one or a surface-mounted one.

It’s a choice that requires careful consideration of a variety of variables to guarantee that your investment is both cost-effective and works effectively under all circumstances.

It’s important describing the fundamental distinctions between the two kinds before going into how to choose the one that’s most suited to your circumstance.

As the name indicates, weighbridges installed at the surface are placed above ground, whereas pit type weighbridges are floating with the road, the load cells, etc. being stored in the dug area below.

Because pit-type weighbridges need considerably less surface space and do not need on- and off-ramps or guide rails, they are ideal for use in very restricted locations or where a compact footprint is needed.

Surface-mounted weighbridges need the installation, on each side of the deck, of entrance and departure ramps and clear areas.

10. Should I choose a steel deck or a concrete deck?

There are several different things to consider when choosing a deck for your pit type weighbridge.

The material of the weighbridge deck of your scale is essential when selecting a new vehicle scale. There is no correct or incorrect response, the optimum choice for your weighing operations ultimately depends on a range of variables specific to your facilities.

The installation time is one of the most important variances between concrete and stainless-steel weighbridge decks.

Typically, steel decks can be erected and calibrated in one day. They merely have to be moved to the scale after fabrication off-site, put in position, and calibrated in readiness for usage.

On the other hand, concrete decks take about one month to build and calibrate completely. Once installed, the dumped concrete should be cured for 3-4 weeks in advance of the scale.

The installation procedure may also be supplied with extra costs and coordination by the concrete, usually made by a third-party contractor.

If you have to build a new scale under a time constraint or can no longer tolerate a drawn-out installation, your best choice is usually a steel deck.

Steel deck platforms made of conventional steel are easy to build and extremely customizable to suit your specific requirements. However, concrete platforms may be longer-lasting, cheaper, and of great durability.

11. Which health & safety regulations should be followed when installing a pit type weighbridge?

Health and safety are of primary significance, especially in the carriage sector where HSE has identified vehicle accidents as a priority issue.

The pit type weighbridge should not be placed where pedestrians are probable. Vehicles stop at a weighbridge to gather information, not only weight but also vehicle details and potentially contents.

Once the ruck has been weighed, a ticket is given to prove that the truck has been weighed. This helps you avoid being stopped on every check unit.

These pit-type models are frequently placed close to the entrance to avoid traffic; therefore, it is important to consider prevent creating traffic bottlenecks to the main road.

It is good to have a car wash on the exit so that once a truck is weighed the pit-type weighbridge is cleaned. This helps to pave a healthy environment for the next truck.

While this may be a good idea, it is essential to ensure after cleaning the weighbridge it is dried immediately to avoid rust on the metal.

Furthermore, water may efficiently accumulate on the steel or aluminum construction and generate needless extra rust on the surfaces when mixed with grain and grime.

12. How do I determine the type of weighbridge I will need?

Various basics help you determine the best weighbridge for your business. This includes the surroundings, any obstacles, and how easily you can access your weighbridge.

Also, your choice should be based on the many kinds of weighbridges that are now available.

Weighbridge may be either placed on the surface or mounted in a pit.

Your selected provider can advise you on the appropriate kind of weighbridge for your location. At CUBLiFT, we first assess the area then we recommend a suitable weighbridge compatible with that site.

13. How do you select a site for pit type weighbridge installation?

To emphasize the position of the pit and/or overhead services, it is necessary to acquire or plan the area.

Pit type weighbridge installation services, such as water, wastewater, gas, electricity, and associated inspection panels, may influence where the weighing bridge is located.

For example, a pit-mounted weighbridge needs significant foundational work to avoid subterranean utilities that may significantly increase costs.

With a complete site assessment, such problems may be identified and addressed by either your manufacturer or a private hired specialist in weighbridges.

The level of water drainage is also a crucial concern for a pit-mounted weighbridge. This may lead to difficulties if the load cell(s) are kept beneath the water for a long time.

While many load cells have an excellent IP rating, it may cause weighing mistakes and higher maintenance costs to be submerged in the water forever.

Whether a pit or surface is installed, it may be very easy to install the selected weighbridge on a crane.

While electricity lines may be used to operate which makes additional caution and future planning necessary.

It may be worth contacting your supplier to see whether the pit-type weighbridge is a feasible alternative. Let us know if you are stuck between choosing the perfect spot for your pit-type weighbridge installation.

14. How do you install a pit type weighbridge?

The pit type weighbridge is composed of a framework of girders that are strengthened with transverse beams. The whole framework is placed on a strain gauge ball cup depending on the length of the platform.

As you install the pit type weighbridge, you should leave room for expansion during warm temperatures. These weighbridges are made of steel and aluminum metals which expand during hot days and contract during cold temperatures.

While these are extreme instances, it is worthwhile to examine the turning radius of the largest trucks that will likely visit the pit-type weighbridge.

Although some architects provide turning circle software, CUBLiFT makes it easier by customizing the platform of the pit-type weighbridge to a simpler one that can be operated by anyone.

A site visit from your prospective provider is also recommended, as they should be ready to offer further advice. Always let your dealer know before installing this pit type weighbridge.

Due to a lack of sufficient space for vehicles to properly navigate their way into a pit-type weighbridge, it is common for ramps to be installed at an excessively steep angle.

This results in traction issues as a result of the lack of sufficient space.

Determine the length of the Weighbridge that will be needed. It is also essential to examine the length of the pit type weighbridge.

This can be determined by the number of vehicles that will use it. In many cases, bridges are constructed for far greater lengths than are needed.

It is only essential to consider the wheelbase of the vehicle, not the entire length of the vehicle since just the wheels of the vehicle must be on the pit type weighbridge for the vehicle to be weighed.


15. What is a portable weighbridge?

Portable weighbridges are used in specific instances when moving a weighbridge is simpler than weighing cars. This is frequent for rural areas or operations with many loading sites, such as forestry and mining.

Portable weighbridges may be put on or connected to bigger vehicles or trailers. You may weigh your whole fleet of vehicles at your distribution or manufacturing location using a portable weighbridge.

You may save considerable gasoline if you have a big fleet by weighing your truck on-site rather than going to the weighbridge.

In addition, portable weighbridges are straightforward to maintain, since they may be immediately connected to a suitable service facility.

Various extra aspects such as regional requirements and authorization procedures have to be taken into account when purchasing a weighbridge.

In addition, your weighbridge performance will depend on your manufacturer’s trustworthiness and experience. The choice of a provider providing appealing evaluation in your weighbridge is recommended.

At CUBLiFT we provide a portable weighbridge with accessories such as printers and a digital display for your scale. To more about this portable weighbridge check out our page about portable scales on our website www.cublift.com.

16. What is the difference between an in-ground weighbridge and a pit weighbridge?


There are several uses for in-ground weighbridges. They are all embedded in the ground and come in a variety of configurations, including pit, semi-pit, flush, and in-ground weighbridges.

They do not need ramps, in-ground weighbridges are ideal for areas with limited space. Because the platform is flat with the ground around it, there is no need for steps to access it.

Furthermore, the vehicles have complete control of the weighbridge entering positions. They can get in using any of the end sides.

The excavation and civil work required for the building of in-ground weighbridges varies with bedrock.

This approach should be used in locations with limited space and at inexpensive excavation prices.

17. What other types of weighbridge does CUBLiFT offer?

CUBLiFT not only offers pit type weighbridge but also other models of weighbridges to make your operation more successful and reliable. We have above-ground weighbridges.

This model of weighbridge needs the greatest floor space, though. For instance, the go straight to and from ramps should be at least 5 m and the ‘easy regions must be at least one meter along with each element of the weighbridge deck.

To use this type of weighbridge, you need to have a large space for installation. This kind of weighbridge is available in one deck, two decks, or multi-decks depending on the length of the vehicles to weigh.

We also have a weighbridge Semi-pit. Half-pit weighbridges are conventional and bespoke settings available and maybe a multi-deck, dual deck, or a single deck, depending on your requirements.

No ramps are needed which makes it a valuable option, however certain civic works are obligatory Semi-pit weighbridges feature sidewalls that support partitions and they must be placed at least one meter from the deck face. Additional strengthening of the retaining walls may be necessary.

We also have a custom weighbridge semi-pit. These weighbridges are usually installed when the barrier is an issue.

This pattern is essentially a variation of the daily half-pit concept that requires modifications to include obstacles of size.

If the width of 1 or both partitions is reduced and when the entrance to a few loading cells is limited or avoided, access holes must be provided inside the deck or on the aspect wall next to the loading cells affected. This is to enable maintenance of the weighbridge

Another model is the in-earth weighbridge. This model has the lowest footprint of all choices and is suitable for locations where space constraints are necessary.

They are also ideal for common weighing and site visitor locations where cars are weighed by utilizing forklifts during loading. They need to be coached, excavated, and strengthened.

They are the most expensive option that is worth investing in. The floor of the fully grounded weights is fully rounded and access to the cells of the weighbridge is very easy ans swift.

Also, their preservation and maintenance interventions have been highly praised by our clients from all over the world.

Some deck-weighbridges may be constructed as overground, semi-pit, or completely floor-mounted weighbridges, therefore a design difference may certainly be additional than a specific one.

The number and duration of decks may vary according to requirements and decks. With more than one deck weighbridge, axles or axles may be weighed concurrently.

This makes it suitable for use at stations where the number one feature is to record the weight of an axle split.

We also have portable weighbridges. They are a high-cost option, in particular for non-trade and on-site activities such that they are utilized on a short-term basis.

They are an option for designing a weighbridge above the floor and utilize square concrete sheets as a stiff guide foundation for the loading cells and a deck for the loading locations.

The deck may be constructed completely of steel metal or the additional typical metal and concrete aggregate. The steel construction makes them light-in weigh hence portable.

Trucks gain access to the grounds deck via ramps. If the weighbridge is to be utilized for exchange purposes, concrete stop walls should be constructed.

If you are interested in any of our weighbridge models, fill in the online form and we will get back to you. For more information about weighbridges, you can call us, visit our website or email us.

18. Why should I choose CUBLiFT weighbridges?

We have been in the weighing industry in China for a long period. We are also recognized as the main producer of weighbridges with a broad variety of weighbridges.

Our weighbridges are available in different sizes and capabilities. Our weighbridges are verified by area-based reliability and precision in harsh industrial settings.

CUBLiFT weighbridges have more than a range of operating installations throughout China. Each weighbridge has modular deck systems.

These systems are manufactured in our own in-house ISO-certified production plant. We use high-quality raw materials like the highest steel from reputable metallurgical manufacturers.

These robust constructions are supplemented by unique synthetic and extremely precise load cells. Most of our weighbridges feature a durable steel construction or even aluminum.

Our excellent production is strongly backed by a network of qualified and trained engineers from all over the world. Our purchaser-oriented service delivery engine uses a world-renowned platform to make sure you use your weighbridges with the greatest uptime.

We provide weighbridges that are worth your cash investment. We are always quick to respond to customer concerns, troubleshoot, and other demands that may arise.

We manufacture various kinds of weighing and weighing scales. We also provide NTP-certified ISO 9001 scales.

All our scales are also CE-approved for use in various industries. We have a production unit with a full production facility in Weighbridge.

We have the capacity and enough work to provide you with the perfect weighbridge that meets your business demands. They are manufactured following the buyer’s needs.

All weighbridges provide complete, customized solutions with standardized needs for the simple person. We provide state-of-the-art technologies at very competitive costs in the market.

Our focus was the use of load cell era and technical devices to deal with different procedural issues that in addition to being uncommon for any company, are so frequent. In this field, our persistent efforts have gained our expertise.

All our weighbridges provide computer-friendly online documentation. The automation software is also designed inside a broad variety of packages to make it compatible with the user organization’s existing operating system.

The technology utilized makes the database simple to access and manipulate while the front-end shows attractive displays for graphical interfaces to enter and manage a wide range of settings.

19. What is the advantage of having vehicle scale management software?

The advantage of having vehicle scale management software is to enable consumers to regulate the scale at their comfort zone with either their laptops or phones.

It also helps in keeping a track record of every weighting transaction. This very customizable package provides your company with a strong tool to take photos and analyze data from basic features such as reviews and tickets to sophisticated choices like unattended terminal controls, invoicing, and image sizes.

Also, this software may allow customers to adjust scale functions on their portfolio and maintain a detailed file of each weighting transaction.

This particularly customizable program offers your company an excellent device for shooting and analyzing data. It also brings contemporary features such as producing reports and tickets to sophisticated alternatives like unattended terminal controls, invoicing, and picture sizes.

A large variety of pit type weighbridge software may be purchased. It is essential to look for a business that offers a solution that can meet your real needs or compose a personalized response if not more.

This ensures the general performance of your software pit type weighbridge. If you have not installed this software please let us know.

It is very easy to install and it will save you time, money and energy. You can access your truck records at your comfort. You don’t need to travel where the truck is.


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