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Weighbridge Scale

  • CE type weighbridge scale products
  • ISO9001 authorized weighbridge manufacturer and tuck scale manufacturer
  • Weighbridge width: 3M
  • Weighbridge Length: 6m,7m,8m,9m,10m,12m,14m,16m,18m,20m,21m,22m
  • Weighing Capacity: 10~ 150T
  • Accuracy Class: OIML(III) approved double shear beam load cells
  • Structured with 6mm U-shaped beam + 8~20mm steel plate
  • Safte overload: 150%

Leading weighbridge manufacturer manufacture and export pit type weighbridge and pitless weighbridge with cost-effective solutions.

Weighbridge for Trucks

●Max. capacity: 50ton/50,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs
● Length: 12m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
●Certificate: CE

Semi Truck Sale

●Max. capacity: 80ton/80,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
●Length: 14m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
●Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Weigh In Motion Truck Scale

● Max. capacity: 100ton/100,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 16m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Vehicle Scales

● Max. capacity: 20ton/20,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 6m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Vehicle Weighing Scale

● Max. capacity: 40ton/40,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 7m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Portable Weighbridges for Sale

● Max. capacity: 150ton/150,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 18m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Pit Type Weighbridge

● Max. capacity: 40ton/40,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 7m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
●  Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Pitless Weighbridge

● Max. capacity: 60ton/60,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 15m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Commercial Truck Scale

● Max. capacity: 100ton/100,000kg
● Displays LB and Kg units of measure
● Length: 18m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Truck Axle Scale

● Max. capacity: 80ton/80,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 14m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Small Weighbridge

● Max. capacity: 40ton/40,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 7m (6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

Portable Weight Scale For Trucks

● Max. capacity: 80ton/80,000kg
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 14m ( 6 ~ 22m options )
● Width Options: 3m / 3.2m
● Safe overload: 150%
● Certificate: CE

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Weighbridge Manufacturer in China

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Weighbridge Scales – FAQs


Weighbridge scales are a set of scales used to weigh vehicles and the loads carried. The weight of the load is derived by weighing the vehicle while empty and when loaded. Several types of Weighbridge scales are available to suit various operations.

The scales are either made of steel or concrete depending on the model. Weighbridge scales made of concrete are known to be more durable and have a longer lifespan compared to those made of steel. You can also choose between a permanent or portable weighbridge scale. Portable weighbridge scales are very popular in the construction industry.


What is a Weighbridge scale?

A weighbridge scale is a huge set of scales, normally used to weigh road vehicles and the load they are carrying. Mostly, they are permanently fixated on a concrete surface. They are highly utilized in companies or industries that manufacture or transport bulk items such as bulk flour, construction materials, or electronics.

Weighbridge scales are the most reliable machines used to weigh trucks and the load on the vehicle. They are also placed along highways to ensure vehicles adhere to the legal axle weights set for various roads. Since they mostly weigh loaded trucks, these scales are enormous and built to withstand the tough conditions they are subjected to. In other parts of the world e.g., in Europe, weighbridge scales are popularly known as truck scales.


Figure 1 Weighbridge scales

How does a weighbridge scale work?

A weighbridge scale is mainly used to determine the weight of the load on a vehicle. To determine the overall weight of the vehicle, the weighbridge scale measures each axle’s weight. The vehicle is driven over the scales.

The scales have metal plates, which determine the level of pressure emitted by the vehicles’ tires, placed underneath. The higher the pressure on the plates, the greater the weight of the vehicle. The weight of the vehicle’s content is calculated by weighing the vehicle when empty and when it’s loaded.

Here are short clips of Weighbridge scales in operation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ukz_t7wDZzk



Where Are weighbridge scales used?

Weighbridge scales play a significant role in a variety of businesses. From transportation and agriculture to construction and shipping.

In agriculture, high-volume traders of agricultural products and farmers, use weighbridge scales to ensure accurate precision when weighing the farm products. There are weighbridge scales customized for agricultural use. The ability of weighbridge scales to weigh bulk loads saves a lot of time for the farmers and traders.

In the shipping and logistics industry, weighbridge scales are very crucial in day-to-day operations. There are strict regulations on the maximum weight various trucks are allowed to carry. Weighbridge scales are used to establish the accurate weight of loads being transported by the various trucks. These machines are also able to accurately weigh several trucks in a short while, which is very important in the logistics business.

Figure 2 Weighbridge Scales On Use


What Is the Current Market Price of Weighbridge Scales?

Weighbridge scales cost between $30,000 and $100,000. The price varies depending on the size and model of the scales. The modern weighbridge scales are more expensive due to their advanced technology. However, for specific prices please contact us and you will rest easy as we organize for delivery of your product.


How Is a Weighbridge Scale Installed?

How a Weighbridge scale is installed plays a vital role in determining its performance and efficiency. You should follow the following steps when installing the scale;

You should ensure you choose an accessible and functional location as the installation site. The location should be easily accessible and spacious enough for vehicles of different sizes.

Clear the site of any debris and excavate the installation site. Pour the foundation, preferably concrete.

Prepare the load cells installation by positioning the base plates and wiring. After that, the next step is to align the scale and secure the base plates. Once that is done, the load cells are installed and concrete poured on the deck to avoid cracking. Finally, the weighbridge scale is now calibrated and tested to ensure its functionality.

Figure 3: Weighbridge scale installation

What You Should Consider When Choosing an Installation Site?

Local authorities’ approval – You should consult the local authorities in your region to get the required approvals and licenses.

Space for vehicle maneuvering – Ensure you have enough space to accommodate even the longest vehicles. Vehicles of various sizes should be able to easily enter and exit the weighbridge.

Site survey – Ensure you fully survey the surrounding environment of the installation site. The underground services such as electric cables and sewer can affect your installation processes e.g., excavations.

Width and length requirements – Ensure the site is spacious enough to accommodate a bigger

Scale in case of future expansion.

Safety – The location should be safe for the workers and also the drivers and trucks using the weighbridge scale.


What Are The Components of a Weighbridge Scale?

Indicator – This is the component that displays the weight functions. In a modern weighbridge scale, it serves as the command center with printers and remote displays. Its commonly referred to as the controller.

Weighbridge – This is the driving surface where vehicles drive over. Weighbridges are made of concrete decks or steel.

Load cells – These are principal components of a weighbridge scale. They are made of scale and installed within the weighbridge. Load cells take the analog measurements which are converted digitally at the junction box or indicator.

Junction boxes – They manage all load cells and the weighting system. They reconcile all signals and send an accurate weight reading to the indicator

Accessories – These are data management softwares and printers that record and write a report of each weighing.

Which are the different Types of Weighbridge Scales?

Weighbridge scales platforms are useful in determining the accurate weight of heavy-duty trailers, trucks, and other high-capacity vehicles. There are different types of a scale suitable for different industries and functions. They include;

  • Above-Ground Weighbridge Scales

This is the most affordable weighbridge scales available in the market. They are also easy to install because you don’t excavate at the site you will be setting up. They are very easy and affordable to maintain since all parts are above the ground, therefore easily accessible.

However, unlike other weighbridge scales, this model requires a bigger installation space.

Figure 4 Above-ground Weighbridge Scale


  • Portable Weighbridges Scales

Portable bridges are commonly used in remote regions or during projects such as mining and construction. This is cases where it is more economical and easier to move the portable truck scales to the project site than move the vehicles to the weighbridge scale. This saves a lot of time and fuel. This portable truck sales are also very easy and affordable to maintain.


Figure 5 Portable Weighbridges Scales


  • In-Ground Weighbridge Scales

This model of truck scales is most suitable for you if you have limited space. This is because they built into the ground. There are various designs under this model. They include Flush, pit, and semi-pit weighbridges. One of the main advantages of In-Ground weighbridge scales is that vehicles can safely drive over the platform since they are no ramps in this design.

Figure 6 In-Ground Weighbridge Scales


What You Should Consider When Buying a Weighbridge Scale?

Choosing the right Weighbridge Scale for your operations is a serious task that requires attention and due diligence. The following are some of the factors you must consider to ensure you buy the perfect scales for your operation.

Durability – Weighbridge scales are generally installed outdoors, therefore should be rigid enough to tolerate the tough working conditions. The truck scales should comfortably handle the heavy weight of loaded trucks.

Accuracy – The main purpose of installing a weighbridge scale is to correctly weigh vehicles and the loads they carry. It is therefore vital that the scale you choose is able to collect this data accurately. An inaccurate weighbridge scale leads to lose of revenue and future business.

Maintenance costs – You should choose a weighbridge scale that is easy and affordable to maintain. This means it should rarely break down. Its spare parts should also be easily accessible and at affordable rates. It is also very important that you use genuine parts. You should also ensure there are professional and qualified engineers that can frequently service it.

Reliability – You should pick weighbridge scales that will function efficiently with minimum break-down and malfunction issues. A reliable weighbridge scale should handle a huge fleet of vehicles on a single day without falling apart.

Availability of Professional service providers – You will be required to regularly service the weighbridge scale. It is therefore important to check whether there are qualified and experienced service providers in your location.

What Are the Advantages of Weighbridge Scales in the Construction Sector?

In a huge construction project, having an accurate weighing system is vital to maintaining the productivity and profitability of your business. Weighbridge scales offer the following benefits in a construction site;

Accuracy – Using weighbridge scales, the contactors can keep an accurate track of the amount of construction material brought in and used in the different sections of the project.

Saves Time – The ability to weigh many loaded trucks in a short while reduces time wastage during construction.

Saves Money – Construction workers can easily determine the accurate weight of construction materials brought in by various suppliers.

Convenience – The portable Weighbridge scales can be moved from one construction site to another. This means a single scale can be utilized in multiple construction sites.

Enhance Safer operations – By ensuring the various trucks are not overloaded, unnecessary accidents are easily avoided.

What Are the Benefits of Weighbridge Scales in the Logistics and Transportation Industry?

Weighbridge scales are now the preferred weighing systems in the logistics and transportation business. Their main benefits in improving the logistics operations include;

  • Weighbridge scales enhance compliance

In the logistics industry, overloading your truck can attract huge fines from the authorities. You therefore need the accuracy of weighbridge scale systems to make sure you are complying with the load limits set by the regulators.

  • Efficiency

While loading your trucks, a weighbridge scale will guarantee they are loaded accurately, therefore saving you time and money.

  • Enhances Safety

By ensuring the trucks are not overloaded, road accidents are significantly minimized

  • Saves Fuel Costs

Weighbridge scales ensure the transportation is not overloaded or underloaded, hence minimizing fuel costs.

Which are the Benefits of Using Weighbridge Scales in Agriculture?

Weighbridge scales are also ideal for the farmers running high-volume operations. They help streamline the farming operations in the following ways;

  • Accurate Weighing

It is easier for the high-volume farmer to check the accurate weight of his or her bulk output. Weigh bridge scales are designed to derive accurate measurements. This guarantees the farmer will not lose any money through inaccurate weight figures.

  • Saves Time

Weighbridge scales can accurately measure the weight of trucks loaded with different products within a short time. This ensures the high-volume can run his operations seamlessly.

  • Easy to use

Other than the installation process which requires to be done by a qualified team, operating the weighbridge is quite easy.


How to Maintain a Weighbridge Scale?

In order to extend the longevity of your weighs scale, you need to observe the following maintenance tips.

Regularly inspect the scales – Ensure the weighing scale is routinely inspected and all broken parts fixed or replaced with genuine parts

Professional servicing – You should ensure the machine is frequently serviced by professionals and preferably specialists.

Lubricate the parts – All moving or mating surfaces should be constantly lubricated to minimize wear and tear.

Quickly fix malfunctions – Whenever the weighbridge scale has a malfunction, minor or major, it should be fixed as soon as possible. You should also avoid using it when it has malfunctioned.

Avoid overloading – There are different models of weighbridge scales. All models have different load capacities. Exceeding the set limits can damage the load cell, which is a crucial component of the weighing system.


Are Weighbridge Scales Expensive to Maintain?

Weighbridge scales are not costly to maintain. You just have to ensure you are observing the manufacturer’s maintenance tips. Regularly servicing the scales will enable you to spot and fix any wear and tear before it leads to a major malfunction issue.

Genuine spare parts are also available from your manufacturer at affordable rates. Using counterfeit spare parts will lower its performance and gradually lower its life span.

Which Are the Major Causes of Weighbridge Scales Malfunction?

The most affected part of the weighbridge scale is the load cell. In most scenarios, these are the major causes;

Electrical damage – Load cells are often damaged by power surges. This can be mitigated or minimized by shielding or grounding the load cell.

Overloading – This is a major cause of load cells breakdown. Different weighbridge scales have different maximum load capacities. Exceeding this will eventually damage the load cell.

Moisture damage – When moisture enters the load cell, the electrical components are bound to fail.

Chemical ingress – Chemicals leaking from the vehicles being weighed are another contributor to the breakdown of the load cell.


How Do You Know that Your Load Cell Is Damaged?

The Load cell is the most important component of a weighbridge scale. It is therefore important for you to know when it’s malfunctioning or not performing well;

  • When the weight readings are inconsistent.
  • When the scale cannot be reset.
  • When the scale does not give any readings.
  • When you are unable to calibrate the scale.
  • When the Load cells don’t reset to zero after taking measurements.


Are There Digital Weighbridge Scales?

Yes. Manufacturers of weighbridge screens are now making advanced scales that are very efficient and easier to use. In modern scales, the load cells support the weighbridge. Manufacturers of these modern scales are now incorporating advanced technology to improve efficiency and ease of use.

The digital weighbridge scales also have large display screens which make it easier to read the weights. The screens can also be mounted further from the weighbridge scale.


How Do Weighbridge Scales keep Drivers and Other Road Users Safe?

You may have spotted weighbridge scales along major highways. They are mainly used to monitor the weight of trucks and other heavy-duty vehicles. This exercise is very important in minimizing accidents on our roads. This is several ways these machines keep road users safe;

Vehicle safety – Overloaded trucks are always prone to causing accidents and causing unnecessary loss of life or property damage. By weighing trucks and imposing huge fines on overloaded trucks, we are able to limit these accidents.

Structural Road safety rules – By positioning weighbridge scales on various highways, authorities are able to mitigate overloaded vehicles. This minimizes road damage which is a major cause of road accidents.

What Are the Advantages of Permanent Weighbridge Scales?

Permanent weighbridge scales are mainly used by trade and government authorities. You can spot them along major highways, ports, and also border points. These are some of their advantages;

  • Very durable.
  • They are not expensive to maintain.
  • Permanent weighbridges can handle high volumes.
  • Ideal for long-term operations.
  • They have a huge load capacity compared to portable weighbridge scales.


What Are the Disadvantages of Permanent Weighbridge Scales?

Even though they are very durable and ideal for busy operations such as weighing cargo in ports, permanent weighbridge scales have the following disadvantages;

  • They are more costly.
  • Installation requires to be done by qualified and experienced personnel only.
  • Require a concretes surface, therefore more expensive and time consuming when installing.
  • It is hard to update compared to portable weighbridge scales.


What Are the Advantages of Portable Weighbridge Scales?

Portable weighbridge scales are becoming more popular due to their convenience. Their ability to be relocated to various sites is a major advantage in today’s industries. Other advantages include;

  • They are modern and come with the latest technology.
  • They are easy to clean.
  • They are easy to install.
  • They are user-friendly.
  • They don’t require a huge space.
  • They can be relocated easily.
  • They are affordable.
  • They are ideal for use in temporary work sites.
  • Portable weighbridge scales can also be placed on level ground, with no need for a concrete surface.


Which are The Disadvantages of Portable Weighbridge Scales?

Despite having modern futures such as huge display screens, portable weighbridge scales have shortcomings too. These include;

They are not durable compared to the permanent weighbridge scales.

They handle a lower capacity than permanent weighbridge scales.

They can not handle various tire sizes.

You have to tear down and reset up the entire system during every relocation.


What are The Safety Precautions for a Weighbridge Scale?

  • Maintain a spacious and well-lit environment.
  • Wear the appropriate industry PPE such as Gloves, helmets, aprons, and safety boots.
  • Ensure it is only operated by well-trained and experienced workers.
  • Always follow the manufacturer’s operations guidelines.
  • Keep distance when a vehicle is approaching the racks.
  • Ensure all electrical components are well insulated.
  • Fix or replace any worn-out parts and components.
  • Quickly clean any spilled liquids such as oils from the vehicles.


How Often Should You Inspect the Weighbridge Scales?

You are advised to inspect the weighbridge scales frequently. This exercise is important in maintaining the performance of the machine and also to avoid a permanent breakdown by spotting and fixing minor repair issues.

You should also seek the services of a professional so as to ensure all parts are checked thoroughly. Most manufacturers provide a service kit and schedule outlining all major issues that you should look out for.


How Long Does a Weighbridge Scale Last?

Normally, proper maintenance determines the lifespan and performance of the weighbridge scale. The longevity of your scale is obviously a serious concern for your business operations. The lifespan of the weighbridge also differs, with concrete decks having a longer lifespan than those made of steel.

Concrete decks last 4-7 years longer than steel decks. This is because concrete decks are heavier than steel decks and are capable of withstanding the tougher working conditions such as constructions sites.

Do You Require a License to Operate a Weighbridge Scale?

Yes. You require to acquire an operating license from the ministry of transport and other relevant authorities. They also provide the weight limits which you will use in calibrating the weighbridge scale.

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