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Pitless Weighbridge

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Pitless Weighbridge

Surface-mounted weighbridge offers Accuracy Stability Durability, it saves your pit excavation work for foundation; sloped ramps are required.  simple & quick installation. 

  • Capacity: 5 ton to 150 ton Heavy-duty vehicle weighing
  • Type: Pitless Weighbridge  OIML(III) standard
  • Platform sizes : 3 m X 6 m to 3.2m X 24 m varies as per models
  • Brand: CUBLiFT – reliable Weighbridge manufacturer & Truck Scale Supplier in China
80 ton Pitless Weighbridge

● Model: TS-80T
● Max. capacity: 50 ton/ 60 ton / 80 ton
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 14m ( 6 ~ 24m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

100 ton Pitless Weighbridge

● Model: TS-100T
● Max. capacity: 100 ton/120 ton
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 18m ( 6 ~ 24m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

Pitless Weighbridge list TS-120T318

● Model: TS-120T3224
● Max. capacity: 120 ton/150 ton
● Measurement units: kg / lbs convertible
● Length: 24m ( 15~ 24m options )
● Width: 3m; 3.2m
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

Quality Weighbridge Ensures Accurate Vehicle Weighing & Road Safte

CUBLiFT offers pitless weighbridges with compact & modular, low-height deck structures, the latest technology-supported load cells, and necessary components to fit your very specific vehicle weighing requirements.

Heavy-duty Truck Weighing Capacity
Vehicle weighing up to 150Ton capacity
( 200Ton capacity for mining industry options)

The reinforced mild steel deck design of thickness of 8-18mm
Modularized, Standardized, serialized, or multi-combos 8-18mm fit/convenient for container/truck loading
Size varies from 3×6m to 3.2×24m and more
Specific platform size customized available

LOAD CELL & Digitizers
OIML approved load cell, hermetically sealed. Stainless steel material. IP68 Protection
IP65 super sealing housing indicators with large LCD display. Multi interfaces such as RS232, RS485, Ethernet, etc. 30M long-distance Bluetooth automatic recognition subsystem support. Double shielded cable

 Panting & Finishing
Sand Blasting finishing
Epoxy painting for long working lifespan

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Reinforced Structure & High Durability
V8~20mm double-deck platform, U shape mild steel beam. Sand-blasting, Anti-rusty, anti-corrosion finishing, high acid resistance, good alkali resistance make the weighbridges functional all-weather.

Easy Maintenance
All parts are above ground level installed to allow easy inspection and maintenance

Save Cost & save time
Eliminate pit construction excavation work, quick above-ground installation.

Tailor-Made Available
Analog or digital mode as per your request; optional printer; optional rails or ramps per your choices; customized platform size; let us know your specific requirements today, let us see how well can serve your side.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

Why should you Invest in Pitless Weighbridge?

 – System & Solution

Pitless weighbridge is widely known because of its quality, maintenance, repair, spare parts availability, and productivity. It is quite the useful weighbridge type that can be used where most civil work is not possible. However, even if the civil work is expensive these pitless weighbridges are considered the best solution for weighing equipment and other products.

If you are looking for a weighbridge that can be installed above the road surface level, then it is confirmed that pitless weighbridges are best for the job. It can be easily installed above the road level surface, but, it also requires sloped ramps through which vehicles can access the weighbridge.

How Big Weighbridges Should You Be Using?

Well, our weighbridge scales do come in different sizes. You can find 3x12m, 3x16m, 3x18m, 3x20m, 3x22m, 3x24m, and more. The weighbridge widths are in the range of 3.0, 3.4, 3.5, and 4.0mtrs.

If you have specific requirements for your project, we can tailor-made the truck scales to your order. Accordingly, truck scale load cells with brands will be chosen to match the weighing capacity which your weighbridge needs.



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