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Portable Truck Scale

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Portable Truck Scale

Portable Truck Scale

All CUBLiFT Portable truck scale and wheel load scales are designed and manufactured to fit high-demand heavy-duty vehicle weighing needs.

Capacity: 30T per paired axle weigh pads

Accuracy: OIML III & NTEP approved load cells

Platform Size: 2.1×0.76m | 3.6×0.76m | 4.2X0.76m

Interface Terminal: RS232, RS485

5 ton Portable Truck Scale

● Model: AS-5T8430
● Max. weighing: 5 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 800x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 800x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

10 ton Portable Truck Scale

● Model: AS-10T7430
● Max. weighing: 10 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 700x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

Portable Truck Scale

● Model: AS-15T8430
● Weighing Capacity: 10 ton / 15 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size:800x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

20 ton Portable Truck Scale

● Model: AS-15T7430
● Weighing Capacity: 10 ton/15 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 700x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

30 ton Portable Truck Scale

● Model: AS-30T
● Weighing Capacity:20 ton/ 30 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 800x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 800x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

50 ton Portable Truck Scale

● Model: ATS-50T3222
● Weighing Capacity: 20~50 ton
● Platform Dimensions: 3.2mx2.2m
● Ramps can be removable
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

CUBLiFT: Your Premier Portable Truck Scale Manufacturer and Supplier

Manufacturer & Brand

CUBLiFT manufactures & supplPortable Truck Scale Manufacturer and Supplier (1) ies a full range of portable truck scales for different lines of industries. From light-weight race car scales to heavy-duty axle scales or wheel load scales, you can find the best one that is suitable for your vehicle weighing needs. CUBLiFT portable truck scale is your ideal solution for weighing vehicles to adapt to various situations without compromising accuracy and functionality.

Accuracy & Specs

Wheel load Scale capacity up to 30Ton/pair with overload protection
Load cell: OIML approved alloy steel with IP68 protection finishing
Manufacturing Standard: CE, ISO9001
Power supply: 110V±10%;220V±10% AC or DC,50 or 60Hz
Convertible measurement units: Kg/lb



Portable Truck Scale Manufacturer and Supplier (2)Material & Components

CUBLiFT portable truck scales are made with the thickest steel plate and beams compared to other same sort wheel load scales
A set of standard portable truck scale comes with a pair of weighing platforms plus 4 pcs matching ramps.
The platforms are made from mild steel or aluminum plate per models
Optional Printer are available per request
Analog Indicator or digital indicator with 6 digits reading optional
Rugged ABS suitcase
Connection: Wire or wireless per model
Stainless steel sheathed cable with clear polymer protective coating

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30T per paired axle weigh pads blog Shipment (2)Capacity: 30T per paired axle weigh pads

Accuracy: OIML III & NTEP approved load cells

Platform Size: 2.1×0.76m | 3.6×0.76m | 4.2X0.76m

Interface Terminal: RS232, RS485

  • Weight unit in Kg or lb
  • Dynamic or static weighing
  • 2, 4, or 6 pads configured as a set
  • Cable connected and wireless optional
  • Touch screen display, easy-to-use
  • Water-resistant, corrosion-proof
  • Shock-resistant design for accurate weighing
  • XM6 Indicator with built-in printer
  • Battery working time of 40 hours
  • Auto power-off function
  • Records stored internally
  • Runs on Windows CE 6.0 system
  • 2/4/6/8 channel system selectable
  • RS232, USB 2.0 default output for cable version
  • USB 2.0 and WiFi as default for the wireless version
  • Records of the wheel, axle, and total weight
  • Excel text or database file output
  • 4 Cores ARM CPU, 2GB memory, 4GB hard disk


The CUBLiFT portable truck scales are developed, tested, and approved based on Roads Transport Safety Services.

If you looking for a low-profile truck scale, mobile and accurate, our portable truck scale will meet your business need. This type of portable truck scale provides a wide weighing surface and ensures accuracy is maintained due to its twenty load cells.

Our portable truck scales are developed and have test-proved load capacities from 10ton to up to 120ton. They consist of a steel deck that ensures the stability and durability of a truck scale.

As a reliable truck scale manufacturer and weighbridge manufacturer, we understand that a portable truck scale is a long-term business investment. We guide on installing correctly, carrying out the equipment maintenance, and regular inspection to ensure a long performance life.

We complete orders to our client’s needs by offering customized truck scale equipment. Portal truck scales have a wide range of specifications that a buyer can consider. including the various range of weight capacities, Guide rails, Portable frame sizes, Steel or concrete decks, pitless truck scale type, or above the ground truck scale profiles.

Portable truck scales come with optional features such as Printers, custom length and widths, battery-operated, or Power supply AC. Portable truck scales are one of the most durable and reliable vehicle weighing scales used by public and private organizations. Portable truck scales have many benefits, including the ability to transport them to service sites for maintenance.

Their use is also likely to bring benefits in fuel consumption as you can weigh your whole fleet in one place, rather than having to drive all your trucks to a location with portable truck scales. Portable scales do not take up a lot of storage space, are resilient, easy to transport in harsh environments, and user friendly. For more types of truck scales or weighbridge scales for your investment, contact us today and get the most cost-effective solutions.

Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (3)


The use of portable scales which are modern truck scales is designed to weigh the scales of trucks. The truck is first weighed empty and then loaded and weighed again.

They have made it easy to weigh heavy trucks in real-time, accurate weight measurement reading. This kind of truck scale is well-known in development enterprises and logging.

Portable truck scales have numerous advantages, including the capacity to ship them to specific destinations for upkeep. Their utilization is likewise prone to get benefits fuel utilization as you can gauge your entire armada in one spot instead of driving every one of your trucks to an area with a permanent. They are helpful where there are multiple trucks to be measured and multiple loading locations.

Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (1)

What is the kind of portable truck scale?

As always, portable truck scale manufacturers ensure it comes in a wide range of sizes, designs,s, and types. This type comes in three different designs:

  • Portable Weigh Pads– It offers adaptability amazingly in ascertaining and overseeing load loads.
  • Portable Axle scale: This empowers ranchers and farmers to gauge contributions during cultivating or creation times rapidly.
  • Wheel load scales: They can weigh different truck units or entire trucks. Have a height of 3m and are wirelessly connected with the ability to handle multiple loads at once.

Why choose a portable truck scale?

Truck scales, regardless of the sort, are an essential piece of any transportation business. You can envision by having some unacceptable estimation of your items. Enormous misfortunes will build on your company and may even disable it in the future. Ranchers utilize them to gauge their collection, fabricating organizations to measure their crude materials, and different sorts of entrepreneurs to monitor their litter.

Your business could be dependent upon consequential damages fees when the truck is found to have surpassed the lawful weight limit. It’s likewise a verifiable truth that it becomes challenging to control trucks as their brakes will, in general, work less proficiently.

Likewise, numerous laws and well-being guidelines identify the weight that should be clung to during transportation. So, a quality portable truck scale must be vital for your business list. Portable truck scales are the absolute best scale alternatives for gauging during transport. They give dependable measurements and can be moved from one area to another.

What merits does one have with a portable truck scale?

Portal truck scales from construction, shipping, farming, and transportation accurate weight measurements are attained. The truck scale ensures law and safety standards are adhered to during equipment operations.

Putting resources into portable truck scales is a savvy technique that assists organizations with remaining consistent and safe while keeping away from over-burdening fines and guaranteeing reliable estimations every time.

Constructed tough, portable scales are simple to move and fast to introduce yet additional accurate weight measurements and savvy.

Another high-level element of Portable scales that make them productive for numerous ventures is the say something movement capacity. With this element, your trucks presently don’t need to arrive at a stand-still to estimate burden weight or potentially net vehicle weight.

Large numbers of the different designs accessible can find a way into the rear of a vehicle and be moved easily. They are extraordinary in saving you transport costs because with writing material scales, trucks conveying produce from the ranch or mine need to meet at one point for gauging—reduced fuel costs. Also, in spite of their weight and size, Portable truck scales are still profoundly solid and ready to withstand the load and stress of mechanical applications.

A portable truck scale has many benefits from accuracy and efficiency in the measuring truck’s weight. An additional benefit is that the portable truck scale easy to set up and takes up less time.

  • It has a compact design and convenient size that do not take up large storage space.
  • They are resilient, durable, and easy to operate and transport.
  • User friendly requires less training and is easy to assemble.
  • Ideal for heavy-duty tasks and operations.
  • Accurate weight measurements.
  • Optional ramps for uneven surfaces and accurate weighing.
  • Ability to take an accurate measurement on a drive speed of 3mph.
  • Have overload protection.
  • Due to their heavy-duty design, they can handle harsh environmental conditions.

    Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (4)

Does a portable truck scale require calibration?

Portable truck scale alignment is crucial for ensuring that your truck scale conveys exact and dependable measurements reliably because any unit of estimation that influences dynamics in any industry must have an incredibly undeniable degree of accuracy.

A truck scale that is off by even a minor edge can cost your company a large number of dollars throughout the timeframe, mainly if your business includes incessant item shipments that gauge a great many pounds.

Proficient alignment professionals can assist you with getting your portable truck scale adjusted quickly to keep on measuring accurate trucks’ weight.

The portable truck scale can be out of calibration for many reasons: Environmental factors, Components wearing out, and debris under the scale. The demerits of having a truck scale that is out of calibration are inaccurate measurements and losses.

Truck scale alignment is likewise imperative to guarantee consistency with state and government rules and guidelines.

When portable truck scales are first bought or introduced, they are tried by the overseeing state’s loads and measures association.

This assists with guaranteeing the scale’s exactness, ensuring the purchaser, vendor, and established organizations. A scale assessed and approved by the authority is confirmed and prepared for utilization, yet that doesn’t guarantee it proceeded with exactness.

What signs show that your Portable truck scale is worn out and needs repair or replacement?

Companies make huge investments through the acquisition of portable truck-scale. Its performance life can be longer if regular inspection and maintenance are done.

The following are signs that indicate that a portable truck scale may be worn out and repair or replacement is needed:

  • Shock loading on a scale

Portable truck scales can handle heavyweights, but when not operated effectively, sudden overloading of truck scales with extreme weights will experience shock loading.

Shock loading on portable truck scale affects both truck scale and scale system. If this is done more often may lead to a replacement of your portable truck scale.

  • Inconsistent truck scale readings

Portable truck scale consistent weight readings are vital for a business and company. When your truck scale experiences inconsistent reading, the mobile truck scale needs repair or replacement. If this issue becomes consistent, seek a professional guide, or the truck scale should be calibrated.

  • Extreme corrosion and rust

The portable truck scale operates in many different environmental conditions. Sometimes the harsh environmental conditions may cause corrosion of the truck scale and temper with loadcells, thus mechanical issues. When the portable truck scale has extreme rust and corrosion, replacement is advised.

Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (6)

What weight can be lifted and weighed by the Portable truck scale?

The portable truck scale has a wide variety of sizes, designs,s and weight capacities. The equipment buyer needs to understand what weights are handled by the business and the equipment capacities.

Portable truck scales are more preferred truck scales due to their durable design and ability to handle both small and large weights.

Portable truck scale designs have weight capacities ranging from 4000kgs to up to 120000kgs.

The businesses opting for Portable Truck-scales have a broad capacity range to operate from.

Is there a need to clean the portable truck scale after every use?

Regular cleaning of portable truck scale is also a maintenance practice. This practice helps in extending the equipment’s performance life. Cleaning a portable truck scale does it requires any training, and the operator can do it.

By cleaning the truck, the scale helps it function effectively with no obstruction, and removes debris and dust build-up on the equipment.

Before planning the portable truck scale cleaning schedule, the following factors should be considered:

  • Operations

When deciding on the cleaning of the portable truck scale, ensure that the equipment is not in use as it provides no interference with daily duties.

  • Environment

The portable truck scale operating environment act as a key to determining how often the equipment needs cleaning. An example is; that the truck scale used in food production processes needs more cleaning schedules than a portable truck scale used in shipping processes.

  • Scale material

Portable truck scale building material determines how it should clean the equipment. Stainless portable truck scale commonly used in food production processes can handle natural water cleaning.

Debris build-up on a truck scale and its component require regular cleanup. Debris inspection on the portable truck scale is essential as this protects it from rotting and wearing out.

When inspecting debris beneath the portal truck scale, use a right length broom to clean. Also, equipment beneath cleaning should be done with the use of a water hose pipe.

The following are portable truck scale cleaning procedures:

  • Cleaning truck scale floor

Lift the truck scale, and use a broom to clean the debris away. If the truck scale floor is not stainless, wipe it with a cloth with water and soap. As for the stainless truck scale floor, you can use water and soap directly to clean debris and oil.

  • Truck scale bench

Remove the pan on top. Clean and wipe the truck scale with a damp cloth with soap for a bench scale that is washdown safe. You can use water directly. Can a hose to clean oil, dirt, and debris.

  • Scale indicator cleaning

To clean a scale indicator effectively, use a forming product, and wash it until the scale screen is clean.

What materials are used to make a portable truck scale?

Portable truck scales not only come in different designs but also the materials used in making them are different. They are mainly made from aluminum and stainless steel. The interior is made up of gear, pins, and metal springs. For gears, they can be made from zinc, plastic, iron, stainless steel, and aluminum. The portable truck scale has a non-slip mat that is made from rubber and polyvinyl chloride.

Where can I find an operator for the portable truck scale?

Any company or organization deciding on using a portable truck scale must identify first within the company or organization they can find an operator. In cases where no particular employee can operate a portable truck scale, The company can decide whether to train its staff on how to use the equipment by hiring authorized and trained personnel. Another option is outsourcing labor.

Which areas does the portable truck scale apply to?

Due to durability and ease to use portable truck scales, are applied in many areas:

  • Commercial trade
  • Overloading elimination
  • Inventory management
  • Short term projects
  • A large volume of trucks

How does an operator operate the portable truck scale?

Truck scales work by estimating weight through mounted switches associated with an equilibrium system or through sensor load cells that convey data to electronic gear. These substantial or steel scales are intended to gauge huge trucks and business vehicles while moving or halted.

The following is how to use the portable truck scale:

  • Ensure the stability of the load, and the truck being weighed.
  • Place the weighing truck or load on a level surface.
  • Use a suspension hook on a truck being weighed.
  • Ensure the truck is well fitted on the portal truck scale.
  • After reading the measurement of the empty truck, release the truck.
  • Load the truck with a load, and repeat the procedure of weighing the truck.
  • Ensure precise and accurate weights are recorded.

Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (1)

What amount of time does it take to fix a portable truck scale?

Portable truck scale buyer needs to understand the time and period it takes to install the truck scale before use. The following factors determine the length of mobile truck scale installation:

  • Type of foundation

It is a crucial determiner of the length that it takes one to install the portable truck scale.

Standard over the ground foundation making can be done within 2 to 3 days.

A pit establishment requires more work altogether; this implies it will take more than 4-5 days to shape and pour. In projects where it is urgent to limit time, we can regularly run a high-early powerful blend. The primary concern, pit-style establishments take more time to introduce than over the ground. This blend will fix a lot quicker than the standard blend, although it costs more due to the substantial added substances that must be utilized.

Other types of foundations for portable truck scales:

  • Floating slab foundation
  • Pit foundation
  • Shallow pier

The other factor determining the length of Portable truck-scale installation is when the foundation is readily established. It helps reduce the time used on equipment installation.

Another Portable truck scale with establishment will take around seven days, while another substantial Portable Truck-scale and establishment will take more like three weeks. Notwithstanding, if you are overriding a current truck scale and reusing the establishment, you can introduce another truck scale in 1 day.

Is your portable truck scale performing to standard?

On occasion, the Portable Truck scale that you use in your business can agitate the technique for assignments. For instance, if you use the scales that don’t meet the required set standards for a specific use, they end up getting harmed and may become of no use. That is why it’s consistently ideal for working with a portable truck-scale master for proficient exhortation.

Having a portable truck scale professional can guarantee the use of original scales, that you can rely on, and give you confidence while using them since they can perform to the required standard. The authorized operator can likewise help you get scale programming frameworks that empower you to gather weight information with speed and improved precision.

Can I rent out my portable truck scale?

As a portable truck scale owner, you can decide whether to utilize the equipment or offer rental services.

Truck scales rental services have different periods depending on the operator’s workload. Portable truck scale owners can decide to rent the equipment on a longer-term or monthly basis.

The minimum equipment rental period is one month.

At times, it bodes well to lease a portable truck scale as opposed to buying one. It is particularly so if the scale isn’t required routinely.

Additionally, it very well may be that you have a portable truck scale, for your business tasks. You can get a wide scope of versatile truck scales for lease accessible nonstop in such a case. Guarantee that rental scales accompany a testament of cutting-edge adjustment to guarantee you that your estimations will be nothing not exactly precise.

Can a portable truck scale use a charge battery or electricity?

The entire reason behind having a Portable truck Scale can move the load weight to where it should be the point at which it should be there. Having your scales stuck in one spot since they should be connected to the wall plug is a quick disappointment to a buyer. Note that if you buy a portable truck scale, it has options of choices on the best way to control it.

Generally striking, battery and mains power; you need to have the option to connect it and not stress over the batteries when you need, just as remove it from power (or into the field) and have it keep going for a lot of time.

On the off chance that adaptable power is available, search for a system that has replaceable batteries. Replaceable batteries can save a great deal of time, trusting that scales will charge, and can be an enormous cash saver if a battery breaks. Inside battery disappointments are a lot harder and more costly to supplant.

Guaranteeing that you have great adaptability and connection from the start will set aside cash and time down the line when you need to stretch out and interface with different equipment.

Both rechargeable batteries and power supply can be used on a portable truck scale.

Who invented the portable truck scale?

As with every piece of equipment, the machine has originality and a brain behind it. The portable truck scale was initially developed in the year 1929 by an inventor named Thaddeus Fairbanks.

The portable truck scale has experienced a lot of development and various design, and technology has also played a key in the development and advancement of the equipment.

What warranty does a portable truck scale have?

Portable truck scale investment is crucial for organizations and companies. As a rule, it is essential to your continuous efficiency, benefit, and much of the time security, which implies a scale’s reliability and exactness become basic when choosing the perfect equipment.

CUBLiFT offers portable truck scales with the advanced technology with a wide range of concrete scale desks and steel decks. We help the client find the correct truck scale to fit the client’s needs.

A portable truck scale is considered a piece of large equipment; thus, there is a guaranteed warranty upon any purchase.

Truck scale warrants various from one equipment to another. For trucks, a scale warrant can be between 1 year to 10 years after purchase of the equipment.

A portable truck scale warrant is available only when the equipment is purchased and not rented.

Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (5)

What are vital factors one considers before buying a portable truck scale?

When a company or organization decides on a portable truck scale purchase, the need and budget of the equipment are determined. But before the purchase is made, one ought to check on various factors:

  • Site Selection

The following should be considered for the portable truck scale site section:

  • The layout of the site
  • Space requirements
  • Soil condition

Examination of the chance of stream of trucks all through a chosen region absents a lot of traffic.

  • Selecting the correct truck scale

Thou there are various truck scales, the following are vital in selecting the right portable truck scale:

  • Width
  • Length
  • Capacity

Determine the average and maximum load that the truck scale can handle

  • The construction processes

For foundation construction processes:

  • Pour concrete foundation
  • Install ramps
  • Install scales
  • Setup

Install load cells, wiring, scoreboards, printers, and indicators.

  • Calibration

Guarantee the truck scale is very much adjusted and fitted on a superficial level.

Use the test truck for approval of your calibrated portable truck scale.

Once the truck is approved, it is ready for installation.

Calibration of truck scale ensures it is performing for decades.

Does a portable truck scale require any training?

The portable truck scale operator ensures trucks don’t surpass their most extreme load by law without getting a license preceding the excursion.

The operator ensures the safety inspection and drivers don’t surpass the hours they are legitimately permitted to drive. It also trains drivers on the best way to dump and discard trash and recyclables, checks for risky substances and encourages drivers on how much weight to convey.

Most companies prefer the operator who has a high school or college diploma. For truck scale operators’ a driving license is vital.

Employees can be trained to operate the portable truck scale by an authorized trainer or authorized operator. Other factors that the operator needs to have when using the portable truck scale:

  • Adaptability to work under harsh environmental conditions
  • Good hearing and vision abilities
  • Good in simple record-keeping and calculation

What components make up a portable truck scale?

For a portable truck scale to be functional, different parts need to be installed and fitted.

  • Load cells
  • Indicator; Truck scale displays the weight readings.
  • Weighbridge; This acts as a driving surface.
  • Ticket printers
  • Guide rails; help in directing the truck traffic.

What are portable truck scale load cell malfunctions?

Load cell malfunctions on a portable scale can be indicated by:

  • Not having the option to adjust the scale
  • Zero float
  • Not having the chance to reset the scale
  • Readings that are conflicting and variable
  • No examining at all when the scale is idleness

Load cells in a portable truck scale are vital to how the truck scale performs. Its malfunction leads the truck scale to have faulty. Load cells are prone to frequent falls; their installation and maintenance must be done right.

The following causes of loadcells malfunctions:

  • Dampness Damage

Dampness can unleash devastation on a load cell’s electronic segments and cause consumption that can influence the construction and uprightness of the load cell body and entire truck scale system.

Check regularly for dampness gathering in and around your portable truck scale. It is especially significant for more established truck scales, as dampness can all the more effectively invade a truck scale system. the old truck scale system is because of twisting and general mileage throughout the long term.

  • Truck scale overload

Overloading of portable truck scales is vital with regards to truck scale damage.

Truck scales are assessed subject to what their load cells can deal with, and going over as far as possible can achieve outrageous destruction of its load cells.

It could achieve anything from making it less exact to making it unusable overall.

Chemical Admission

Chemical damage has an enormous piece of comparative damage as water when they tamper with the load cell compartment.

Ensure chemicals storage is away and safely kept from the working area, and ensure nothing spills from anything being gauged, for example, trucks conveying a load of chemicals compounds or different liquids.

  • Electrical Damage

Electrical power floods and lightning strikes can genuinely destroy its load cells and even render it unfunctional.

Setting up and ensuring can both ease the peril of electrical damage to the load cell.

A suitably in-the-ground truck scale establishment is safe from the effects that may emanate from a lightning strike.

Over the ground, units are more endangered. For non-lighting-related harm, ensure the electrical connections take enough power into the working area and appropriately appraise and not extend past their ability. When there is too much power supply on a working surface can lead to a dangerous power surge.

Does a portable truck scale require any certification?

If you are anticipating an impermanent area, helpless soil conditions, migrating, extending or potentially exchanging the truck scale later on, at that point, a Certified Portable Truck Scale would be a decent decision.

With our safety, truck scale designs, Certified portable truck scales take under one day from the time you take it off the truck until you can be utilizing it.

On the off chance that you are hoping to move your scale to a few areas as the work requests, portable truck scales are ideal.

With our unique designs, Certified portable truck scales can be reached out in 20-30ft modules in case you require a truck scale to assist you with your gauging necessities.

A portable truck scale costs over a perpetual truck scale; however, the cash you save in establishment costs certainly makes a Certified Portable Truck scale a keen decision.

Let one of our weighing systems experts meet with you and assist you with figuring out which scale arrangement turns out best for your application.

What is the inspection routine done on a portable truck scale?

Portable truck scale owners and operators need to have an inspection schedule regularly.

  • Determining the legal for a trade of the truck scale

The weights and measures Act outlines that any weighing equipment used in business, the type and design must be approved and inspected by authorized personnel. If the portable truck scale is found fit for operation, the inspecting authority provides the inspection certificate to the equipment owner. Also, an inspection label is attached to the equipment.

  • Inspection of foundation, equipment, and installation

For weight tests, a certified portable truck scale needs to be re-certified annually.

Inspectors performing scale exactness tests should utilize certified loads; anyway, they

must be re-certified yearly as long as they are not being used for scale accreditation purposes.

When the loads have been certified to weigh effectively, they are fixed with a carefully designed lead plug that is stepped with the year that they got legitimate.

For foundation inspection, the following are things inspected:

  • Soil type: Portable truck scales require stable soil. This ensures the stability of both the weighing system and the weight load.
  • Drainage: Ensure proper area drainage. This protects the truck scale from corrosion and damage.
  • Debris: Remove any mud and bushes built upon the portable truck scale as this may interfere with accurate load measurements.
  • Scale capacity and length: The scale should be long enough for trucks to fit on it. Ensure the scale capacity accommodate full loaded trucks.
  • Bumper bolts: The truck scales have two bumpers that ensure the weighing truck is in check from excess movements.
  • Cabling: All truck scale cables are well protected from damage. Ensure all connection cables and wires are intact before equipment operations.
  • Deck Scales: Check for broken wooden deck scales. And replace the missing one.
  • Junction Boxes: Check if they are in good condition. Ensure the seal are intact.
  • Sub Frame: Which is allocated under the weighing scale.
  • Bolts: Ensure the bolts are tightened during movements and transportation.

How does one install the portable truck scale?

The portable truck scale comes with a manual from the manufacturer that acts as a guide for its installation.

After receiving the portable truck scale delivery, the owner, and operator should ensure all parts are intact, and the manual is available.

Proper truck scale installation is vital for its performance.

Here is how the portable truck scale should be installed:

  • Site preparation: Ensure you have a stable and leveled surface considering the design and truck scale dimensions. For temporary installation, a compressed stone is enough. For an installation that is semi or permanent concrete foundation is recommended.
  • Determine indicator installation: Locate where the junction box and indicator should be installed in a truck scale.
  • Setup of the first module: Ensure the chains are hooked on the beam.
  • Module separators installation: The module separators should be fitted on the frame end.
  • Placement of end module: Ensure the end module is well placed, then fix the bolts.
  • Spice bolts installation: Spice bolts should be installed in four corners and at the center.
  • Bulkheads: Use bolts to fix the bulkheads on track scale.
  • Steel ramps: these may be optional,
  • Bumper bolt adjustments: All four corners’ bumpers should be adjusted.
  • Load cells installation: All load cells should be installed on a truck scale.
  • Digital indicator: If provided, it should be placed and installed in a weatherproof area.
  • Deck cover plates: This acts as a final step of installation. Install the deck cover plates. The portable truck scale is now ready for calibration and use.

How do you transport the portable truck scale?

The portable truck scale is considered a piece of heavy equipment, and its transportation is critical for its safety. For transportation, the following are steps on how to the truck scales:

  • Remove all covers that include the junction box cover and corners.
  • Disconnect the cables and store them in a junction box.
  • Adjustment of bumper bolts to stop deck movement.
  • Install bolts.
  • Remove the center spice bolts.
  • Remove the weighbridge, and it should be loaded last on the truck.
  • Remove the steel and remove bulkhead bolts.
  • The bulkheads should place on top.
  • The digital indicator and printer should be loaded with care, and the surface placed on should be dry.

Portable Truck Scale Ultimate FAQ Guide-1 (2)

How do you do an accuracy test on a portable truck scale?

An accurate weight measurement of a portable truck scale is key for a business. In cases where the operator isn’t sure of the scale accuracy, the operator should determine the following about the equipment:

  • Zero balance

When the truck scale does it read zero when the scale is not loaded, automatically the measurements will be inaccurate and not precise. For the electronic truck scale, press the zero button, while for the old truck scale, use a screw to adjust.

  • Motion detection

The digital truck scale indicator has a feature whereby the load is in motion; the indicator reads zero until the weight load stabilizes.

  • Limit Error

The truck scale operator should understand the equipment capacities limit, and avoid overloading the portable truck scale as this helps to attain precise and accurate weight measurements.

Other tests that can be done to attain the accuracy of the truck test include:

  • Strain test
  • Zero scale test
  • Standards test

These four factors affect the accuracy of the portable truck scale:

  • Load cells accuracy

Portable truck scale load cells are vital in weighing loads. Once the weight is loaded on the truck scale, the load cells bend. The load compression produces an analog output that is later transmitted into digital weight measurement readings.

Any truck scale load cell malfunctions lead to inaccurate weight measurements.

These malfunctions can be due to:

  • Temperature
  • Hysteresis is the difference in truck scale measurement readings when the same load is measured and provides different outputs.
  • Creep-weight measurements change due to load being on the cells for an extended period.
  • Timely response. Refers to the time the accurate readings are received.
  • Environmental conditions

Different environmental conditions can affect the rate at which the accurate truck scale weight measurements are attained.

  • Dampness
  • Shock loading
  • Wind and debris
  • Truck scale Interference

For accurate weight measurements, load cells transmit the electrical signal that is the output that is shown on the indicator display. Any type of interference during weighing processes can lead to inaccurate measurements.

  • Moisture build-up can lead to weight measurement accurate reading interference. The presence of moisture or dampness affects the load cells which leads to inaccurate weight measurements.

                                Figure 5: An image of the Portable Truck Scale


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