1 (6) Weighbridge Manufacturers Shipment to Vietnam - CUBLiFT

Truck Scale

Two Weighbridge manufacturers combined shipment on one lorry to Shanghai Port for export to Vietnam.

Shipper 1: M/s. CUBLiFT – Truck scale manufacturer & supplier in Jiangsu China

Shipper 2: M/S. M.T(China) Industrial Scale manufacturer & supplier in China

Buyer: Mainly serve the largest agricultural products logistics storage and container terminal in Ho Chi Minh City

Loading Port: Shanghai

Discharging Port:  Ho Chi Minh City 

CUBLiFT Model: CTS#3018 2 sets

Capacity: 3m *18m

M.T. Model: 100Ton 3*16M

Capacity: 120TON heavy-duty vehicle truck sale

This buyer regularly bought the weighbridge (truck scales) regularly from CUBLiFT & M.T.(China). Both companies are reputed weighbridge manufacturers & suppliers in the market.

In the shadow of COVID-19, the purchase was not easy. We met the buyer in Shanghai two years ago. It was only when they started placing orders with us on a regular basis that we realized how much trust we had from the buyer.

We think one of the reasons for this is that our weighbridge products have a very favorable price. Compared with MT products of the same specification, our truck scales are more cost-effective.

Shipping Time from China to Vietnam
Port of Loading Port of Arrive Transit Time
Shanghai Ho Chi Minh 6 ~8 days


What we need to do:

  1. During the production, we sent several tens of times production and packing videos for buyer side confirmation.
  2. Book the shipping space with the shipping forwarder
  3. Preparing INV, PL, BL, FORM E, and any necessary works to assist the buyer side to clear the weighbridge goods.

During the purchase, we really appreciated the trust and support from the buyer’s side. They have regularly purchased from M.T. already, yet, showed much confidence in our weighbridge/truck scales products.

There is one interesting thing. Our selling cost is $7000.00 for the aforementioned weighbridges, M.T.’s sell price is $40000.00 for captioned truck scales. There is a huge price/value gap. Dear friends, your comments on this are welcomed ^-^

Our Suggestions:

At the current stage, the prices for the truck scale & weighbridge products are largely subject to fluctuations in raw material prices. Meanwhile, the shipping freight is terribly affected by the COVID-19 situation.

So, from the order beginning to the shipping stage, sometimes it may take OVER 30days even longer for the normal weighbridge and truck scales products.

During this period, both material and shipping freight soared higher and higher than we expected.

So, dear buyers, we strongly suggest you book and set your order down as early as possible for saving shipping time and manufacturing costs.

Last but not the least, if you are looking for a reliable truck scale manufacturer and supplier from China, no need to look further, CUBLiFT is one of your next weighbridge suppliers.


CUBLiFT Weighbridges Ship to Vietnam


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