Top Weighbridge Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in China

Top Weighbridge Manufacturer Companies You'd be Using in China blog (8)This is a complete list of top weighbridge manufacturers & suppliers in China.
We have collected 10 of the best weighbridge suppliers from around China. This is just a partial list of the manufacturers. There are other weighbridge companies that are experienced but our page is limited so we decided to just list below ones that we are familiar with:
From below you will know:
Each brand’s history
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Best Weighbridge Manufacturers & Suppliers in China 2021


Hangzhou Hangding weighing equipment Ltd was founded in 2004, an ISO9001 certified weighing system provider. Hangding business scope includes heavy-duty weighbridge, floor scales, heavy-duty pallet truck scales. HangDing focuses on automatic weighing instruments control systems and intelligent weighing management system R&D over years. HD has become a famous name in the industrial scale field. Superb weighbridge scale plus rich experiences of industrial-scale manufacturing, HangDing is always prepared to be your long-term partners of vehicle weighing products and other industrial scales.


Hebei Boyun Weighing Equipment Ltd., is one of the fastest growing weighbridge manufacturers and suppliers focusing on weighbridges, weighbridges software, weighbridge systems, truck scale & weighing instruments in NC (North China). BY weighbridge has always been the first choice of various industries and the public in general to attain the world-class truck weighing solution.


Shandong Taili Scale Ltd started their weighing equipment manufacture over from 1999. It is one of the main weighbridge manufacturers & suppliers in Shandong. It’s ISO 9001 2008 certified weighbridge company in the market. It offers CE, OIML/NETP standard vehicle weighing scale products to different lines of industry. TAILI has the ability and rich experience to cater to the different types of weighbridges, truck scales, axle scale, and other industrial-scale as the most cost-saving prices.


Henan JinDali Weighing Equipment Ltd was in the weighbridge scale industry for over 20years. Jindali is one of the largest industrial scales manufacturers and suppliers in the center of China. Jingdali owns rich experience in manufacturing weighbridge, truck scales, electronic platform scales, industrial floor scales, weighing indicators, and weighing systems. Jingdali industrial-scale series are strictly made under ISO9001 production system and cable of offering OIML, NTEP standard vehicle weighing scales products. You are welcomed to send inquiries at any time.


Fuzhou Kejie Electronic Scale Ltd was founded in 1993. Kejie is one of the leading weighbridge and truck scale manufacturers/suppliers in the south of China. KeJie strives providing a full line of industrial scales to all works of life. KeJie scale products range from precious balances to industrial standard heavy-duty weighbridges and weighing control systems. Kejie aims to be the top name of weighbridge manufacturers and suppliers in the coming soon future.


KeLi is one of the best sensing technology suppliers in China. KELI sensing technology is located in Ningbo Jiangbei investment zone. KELI is the largest steel load cell manufacturer and supplier in the industry. Meanwhile,Keli is China’s largest weighing components manufacturer and supplier. Keli owns 6 subsidiaries in China and 4 overseas branches. Keli manufactures and produces various types of load sensors, weighing indicators, vehicle weighbridges/ truck scales. They have a global distribution network, by which, KELI industrial-scale related products have been sold to different markets in over 100 countries and regions across the world. Today Keli is the largest weighing components manufacturer, and they are eager to be the first name in the scale industry with endless efforts.


METTLER TOLEDO International Trading (Shanghai) Co., LTD. (METTLER TOLEDO) is a manufacturer of precision instruments and scales with a long history. Headquartered in Shanghai, METTLER TOLEDO also has r&d laboratories, manufacturing bases, and maintenance centers in Shanghai, Changzhou, Jiangsu, and Chengdu, Sichuan. We have more than 30 branches and offices in various provinces and cities throughout China, and more than 200 distributors in close cooperation. MT’s scale weighing technology was regarded as the industry standard in the market. It produces industrial scales such as weighbridges, truck scales, floor scales, bench scales, livestock scales, platform scales, wheel scales, and weighing system software. MT is definitely one of the best weighbridge and truck scale companies in China and the worldwide market.


Jiangsu Changjiang weighing instrument Co., Ltd. is one of the China’s top 10 weighing manufacturers. Their main products: weighbridge scales, digital truck scale, loadometer, electronic loadometer, truck scale, electronic truck scale, automatic weighing system (loadometer), electronic crane scale, unattended truck scale, automatic truck scale. Changjiang scale was established in 2001. It has a highly professional technician team and rich-experienced workers. So they are capable of manufacturing different superb industrial scales with very cost-effective solutions.


Jinan Jingzhong electron weighing Co., LTD. Is a high and new technology enterprise of Shandong province, leading products for the “golden bell” brand electronic weighing apparatus, weighing sensor, weighing displaying controller and system integration and software development based on weighing technology, etc., Jingzhong has passed ISO9001 quality system certification and ISO14001 environmental system certification. Jingzhong weighbridge /truck scale and other industrial scales are widely used in manufacturing and national defense and other fields.


Jinma scale is one of the biggest industrial-scale manufacturers and suppliers in the north of China. Jingma is a professional scale manufacturer and supplier engaged in the automatic weighing devices, non-automatic weighing device research, development, sales of new high-tech enterprises. The headquarters and manufacturing base of the company is located in Dalian with a construction area of 24,000 square meters. Jingma mainly produces SCS/ZCS-elephant series electronic truck scale, weighbridge scale, automatic weighing equipment, automatic batching system, electronic platform scale, ladle scale, hook scale, electronic waterproof scale, storage scale, and other scales, a total of 136 varieties, widely used in metallurgy, mining, chemical, food, machinery, construction, and other industries.


Shanghai Yuheng Industry YH industrial located in Pudong new area, ShangHai. It is a sino-foreign joint venture high-tech enterprise engaged in electronic weighing apparatus development, sales service, and manufacturing management. Their products scope includes weighbridges, electronic truck scales, floor scales, crane scales, wheelchair scales, explosion-proof scales, pallet truck scales, batching scales, liquid filling scales, and weighing control systems. Their industrial-scale products have been selling well for over 20 years both in domestic and overseas markets.


SIMEI Weighing Apparatus Co., Ltd is specialized in weighing equipment located in Qingdao, China. It is an ISO9001 quality system certified manufacturer and supplier in industrial-scale fields.
SIMEI mainly manufactures and supplies industrial scale such as truck scales, floor scales, bench scales, pallet scales, axle scales, livestock scales, stainless steel scales, cranes, counting desk scale, price scale, weighing desk scale, electronic balance, weighing indicator, junction box, weights, and so on. SIMEI always choose premium materials to make the superb weighbridge scales products to meet buyers need from different industries.


Weighbridge scales are vital equipment for logistics and any applications where you need to get accurate vehicle weight and truck loading content weight.  The logistics and shipping industry thrives on the accuracy of measurements as it helps in preventing accidents and avoiding penalties. The above list is a small part of China-based weighbridge manufacturers and truck scale companies. We still hope it is helpful for you to choose the best weighbridge supplier from so many suppliers.  CUBLiFT is one of the most promising weighbridges manufacturers and suppliers in China as well. If you are in need of a weighbridge scale or truck scale with precise measurement of loads that are being transported, contact us today, we are sure you can get the most cost-effective vehicle weighing solution from us.

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