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Mobile Truck Scale

CE, ISO9001, NTEP quality Standard
20+yrs truck manufacture & supplier in industrial-scale manufacturing

Big capacity up to 20Ton per pad
Built-in Display with the printer
LCD display, real-time display & print of the vehicle weight

Aviation Aluminum Alloy
Strength Aluminum steel-structured platform
Either wired or wireless Communication
PC Compatible/memory download

5 ton Mobile Truck Scale

● Model: AS-5T7430
● Max. weighing: 5 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 700x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

5 ton Mobile Truck Scale

● Model: AS-5T8430
● Max. weighing: 5 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 800x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 800x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

10 ton Mobile Truck Scale

● Model: AS-10T
● Max. weighing: 10 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 700x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

15 ton Mobile Truck Scale

● Model: AS-15T
● Weighing Capacity: 15 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 700x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

30 ton Mobile Truck Scale

● Model: AS-30T
● Weighing Capacity: 30 ton
● Axle pad dimensions: 700x430x30mm
● Ramp size: 700x350mm
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

50 ton ATS Mobile Truck Scale

● Model: ATS
● Weighing Capacity: 20 /30/50 ton
● Platform :3.2*0.8m/ 3.2*2.2m
● Ramps can be removable
● Durable aluminum/steel construction
● RS232 interface for display or PC output
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Standard: CE, ISO9001, OIML(III)

CUBLiFT's Mobile Truck Scales for Quick Wheel Weighing

CUBLiFT's Mobile Truck Scales for Quick Wheel Weighing (2)CE, ISO9001, NTEP Certified Weighbridge/ Truck Scale Manufacturer & Supplier

CUBLiFT’s mobile truck scale shows perfect performances in vehicle weighing applications. Our mobile truck scales are specially designed and suitable for vehicles of different sizes. The mobile truck scales are strength aluminum and mild steel-structured/framed with anti-corrosion treatment, which makes the scales especially dressing the need of high-accuracy weighing in vehicle weighing within different industry lines. CUBLiFT’s mobile truck scales with various configurations are suitable for your individual applications.






CUBLiFT's Mobile Truck Scales for Quick Wheel Weighing (1)Easy to use | Accurate in weighing | Flexible in Connections

Load Cell – all of CUBLiFT’s mobile truck scales are equipped with NTEP standard load cells (Keli/Zemic), which are highly sealed and sensitive in data measurement. You can expect weighing readability of 0.5kg, accuracy of static ± 0.05%, dynastic ± 2%.
WiFi – CUBLiFT mobile truck scales are offered in both wired and wireless options IF you have access to a WIFI environment, our mobile truck scales can work and allow real-time vehicle weighing/reading.
Power Supply– AC adapter along with the shipment. The truck scale is also powered by rechargeable batteries, which means you can weigh your vehicles as long as the battery is charged.
Steel Braided Cable – 8/10mtr signal cables or more options for choices. The steel braided cable is strong enough to withstand any possible vehicle driving over, although we suggest avoiding trucks rolling over it.

Portable – The mobile truck scale comes in paired combinations. It is made of aviation aluminum alloy with an ultra-slim structure design. It comes in approximately 25kg per pad. which is strong, yet light enough for you to move it easily.
Low Profile –  Our mobile truck scales feature a large weighing surface of 700*430*30 (mm); 800*430*30 (mm), and an extremely low profile (from only 18mm high) with excellent accuracy due to the highly advanced technology backup independent load cells under the top plate.
Easy Install – Any adult can easily install the mobile truck scales within 10 min.  Simply spread the pads out and locate the weighing pads in position, plug in the connecting cable as per the manual instructions along with the shipment.

Easy operation –  CUBLiFT’s mobile truck scales are easy in operations as well. After pulling up the vehicles onto the weighing pads, the LED display will immediately show you the real-time axle weight. You can get the separate wheel’s weights and axle weights. Also, it is operational for you to weigh the vehicle/truck’s axle with 2-paired or 4-paired pads as per your specific applications.
Reliable Service – CUBLiFT has been manufacturing truck scale over decades. You can rely on us for any possible operations/installation/maintenance or calibration troubleshoot. Our technician teams are 24/7 standby to offer our support upon your request.

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Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team


Axle Scale Series
Capacity (Single Axle) 5t 10t 15t 20t 30t
Pad dimension 700*430*30 (mm); 800*430*30 (mm)
Built-in ramps 700*350 (mm); 800*350 (mm)
Precision Static ± 0.05%, Dynastic ± 2%
Load Cell structure Pad is load cell, strain gauge inside
Cable Length One set include 2 weighing pads, Cable length is 10 m and 8 m & more options
Configurable graduations 0.5 kg, 1 kg, 2 kg, 5 kg, 10 kg, 20 kg, 50 kg increments
Inspecting Speed ≤10km/h on average
Work Temperature -45℃~+70℃
Material options carbon steel; Aluminum
customizable with 2, 4, or 6 pads
CUBLiFT can tailor manufacture axle scale per your SPECS

● Portable, low profile truck axle scales
● IP67 watertight outdoor axle scale design
● With Indicator and Printer, accuracy .05%
● KG/LB convertible measuring unit
● Certificate: CE, ISO9001
● Material: ABS + Stainless Steel/Aluminum
● Precision: Static ± 0.05%, Dynastic ± 2%

Mobile Truck Scale- The ultimate FAQ Guide

1. What is a mobile truck scale?

The most versatile, portable, and affordable truck and vehicle weighing scales are known as mobile truck scales. They feature a high-profile design and a greater degree of precise performance than other scales on the market.

CUBLiFT mobile truck scales may be used with a wheel weigher system in a range of configurations, lengths, and capacities.

CUBLiFT truck scales are appropriate for all settings where permanent systems cannot be installed. They are incredibly sturdy since they are made from strong steel and aluminum materials.

These CUBLiFT mobile truck scales are simply nicely constructed high-profile surfaces set on flat soil and driven by a vehicle to compute their weight.

The load cell in the center of the surface measures the weight of the truck and communicates the recorded data to a remote terminal.

The loading cell is adequately secured by a sturdy case that assures that the CUBLiFT scale will continue to perform well for a long time.

The scales are additionally ramped on each side of the loading cell surface to make it easy for vehicles to climb up and leave the surface.

This mobile truck scale measures all the truck axles individually. The average of most of the wheels is then calculated and the mass of the entire vehicle is removed from the total to provide the whole product you are carrying.

2. What is the advantage of using the CUBLiFT mobile truck scale?

There are several advantages of having a mobile truck scale for your transport operations. The most crucial is the efficiency and accuracy of a truck’s weight calculation.

They have been built using today’s technology to provide exceptional precision as their counterparts.

In addition, they are quite straightforward to set up and can be done by just one person. A standard portable truck scale takes only a few minutes to set up.

Their tiny size makes them portable as well. Many of the numerous styles available may be easily carried on the back of a small vehicle.

They also save you on transport costs since trucks bringing products from the farm or mine need to converge at one point for weighting with stationery scales.

It requires less energy, time, and gasoline. Despite their size and weight, the mobile truck scales are nonetheless very long-lived and able to resist industrial loads and stresses.

The weight-in-motion capacity is another sophisticated characteristic of the mobile truck scales which makes it beneficial for many sectors.

With this function, your trucks no longer have to stop completely for load weight and/or gross vehicle weight measurements.

Mobile weigh-in-motion truck scales enable the vehicles to cross the scale at rates between 3 and 5 MPH and the device still collects precise readings as necessary.

3. When is a mobile truck scale the best option?

Scales, regardless of kind, are a key aspect of every transport company. Every business requires a scale to carry out its activities.

Farmers are employed to weigh their harvest, manufacturers to weigh their raw materials, and other company owners to monitor their production of waste materials.

You can assume that by measuring your items incorrectly, your firm will suffer large losses and may even cripple it ultimately. It is good to always use scales to avoid inaccuracy.

There are also several weight rules and safety standards that have to be complied with during transit.

If your vehicle is determined to have exceeded its permissible weight limit, your firm can be exposed to extremely heavy penalties. This means you will have to spend more than expected.

It is also known that it is harder to manage heavy vehicles as their brakes tend to perform less effectively.

That stated, it is important that a quality level be included in your company equipment list. Mobile truck scales are among the greatest weighing alternatives for trucks on transit.

They provide accurate measurements and may be transported from one place to the next. The mobile truck scale is always the best option when it comes to weighing trucks that keep moving from one place to another.

We believe your business needs the best scale and that’s why we have manufactured mobile truck scales.

4. How do you determine the accuracy of a mobile truck scale?

The accuracy of a mobile truck scale relies on two aspects. These two aspects include the quality of the scale and whether it is calibrated or not.

Today there are numerous quality scales on the market, but it might be difficult to achieve the best for your industrial operations if you don’t know how to select the right scale.

If you have any issues in picking the ideal mobile truck scale for your company, feel free to contact CUBLiFT specialist for professional help on the purchase or lease.

The second measurement precision determination component is calibration. calibration requires the use of appropriate test weights and calibration equipment.

Professional calibrators at CUBLiFT will assist you in no time to calibrate your truck scales accurately.

When the scales are originally bought or installed, the weights and measures of the controlling state are tested.

This ensures the exactness of the scale, protects the customer, seller, and installer. A state-approved scale is certified and ready for use, but this does not ensure continuous precision.

Calibration is never totally assured since it relies on how the size is used and cared for. The accuracy of a mobile truck scale may be distorted by elements such as weather, excessive usage, and electric current.

Frequent periodic reviews should thus be carried out to guarantee correctness. Always consult CUBLiFT specialists when it comes to calibration and resetting of your mobile truck scale.

5. Does CUBLiFT mobile truck scale perform to standard?

CUBLiFT has the best scales available in the market for more than 20 years now. The equipment utilized in your company might sometimes disturb the way you operate.

For instance, if you utilize scales that do not satisfy their criteria, they end up being damaged and may even be worthless.

That’s why working with a CUBLiFT scale specialist for professional guidance is always preferable. Our scale specialist can guarantee that your facilities are adapted to your demands and check on your truck scales periodically to verify that they are standard.

You will be advised on the suitable scale for your truck or vehicle, based on the weight and strictness of your daily business activities.

Our specialists may also aid you to get software solutions to gather weight data with speed and increased precision. Let us know in case you need our scale specialist help.

6. Can I rent a mobile truck scale from CUBLiFT?

Yes, we offer a loan on scales for our esteemed customers with short-term needs. In certain circumstances, renting a mobile truck scale is more useful than buying one.

This is particularly the case if the scale is not routinely used. An individual farmer, for example, who harvests his commodity twice or once a year might choose to hire a mobile truck for those few times instead of buying one.

It may also be that you have a set truck scale, but your firm is off-site this time. In this instance, a broad choice of portable mobile truck scales may be rented for a certain period.

Make sure that rental scales include a calibration certificate to ensure that your readings are nothing less than accurate. Consult with the CUBLiFT sales team first before renting the scale.

7. Why is Calibration important in mobile truck scales?

Calibration is crucial to ensure that your mobile truck scale delivers precise and consistently dependable findings.

It is important for any measuring instrument affecting decision-making in any business to be exceptionally highly precise.

A mobile truck scale-off by even a little margin may cost your company thousands of dollars over time. Particularly, if your enterprise entails regular product shipments weighing thousands of pounds.

Calibration of mobile truck scales is also vital in order to guarantee compliance with state and federal standards and regulations.

CUBLiFT calibration professionals can allow you to correctly calibrate your mobile truck scales in no time so that weight data are still collected with greater precision.

8. How do I choose mobile truck scales that are of high quality?

If you want dependable, durable, sturdy, and economical mobile truck scales, look no further, CUBLiFT got your back.

You may either begin by searching online for reviews and ratings or contact CUBLiFT for advice. An online search for approved vendors who can provide mobile truck scales.

Don’t forget to ask our sales team for a no-bonds price on truck-scale maintenance before making a purchasing choice. We are available; line 24/7 on various B2B platforms.

At CUBLiFT, we also provide a specialized software solution that allows you to produce accurate reports and exchange data wherever, anytime.

9. Where is this mobile truck scale applied?

CUBLiFT mobile truck scales are used in a broad range of industries, including shipping, construction, agriculture, and transportation.

The demands of the industry have resulted in the invention of mobile truck scales, which are also suitable for modulated terrains and unstable surfaces.

Such scales also assure complete compliance with relevant regulations and security procedures. Built robust, these portable scales are not only simple to carry and install, but are also precise and cost-effective.

Investing in mobile truck scales is an intelligent approach that allows businesses to remain compliant and safe while avoiding heavy overload penalties. They also assure correct measures every time.

10. How does a mobile truck scale operate?

Our mobile truck scales have a high-profile platform over which a truck is driven to compute the load’s weight accurately.

A load cell is placed in the center of its surface for weighing and transferring data to a distant terminal.

The load cell is secured by a sturdy case to guarantee that the truck scale functions for a long period at optimum performance.

Ramps are installed on both sides of the load cell surface for safe access and departure. If you use a mobile truck scale, each axle of the vehicle must be measured independently.

In order to get the net weight of the truckload, all axles and less the empty vehicle must be measured. This is how simple it is to operate a mobile truck scale.

If you are familiar with how a scale operates, then mobile models don’t vary. Mobile truck scales are highly portable steel made that enables trucks to drive on them for weight calculation.

They feature a load cell that is situated in the center of the surface and is covered by a sturdy case. The loading cell is an integral part of a mobile vehicle.

This load cell curves when weight is used and the output is measured and converted into a digital weight measurement.

Portable mobile truck scales function very much like truck scales which measure the whole vehicle at once. The weights are set in the proper spot on a portable scale and the driver takes the car over to weigh the axle in question.

11. How many mobile truck scales are there?

There are several advantages to using a mobile truck scale, including accuracy, ease of installation, and flexibility. It is easy to move the scale of your job or facility to accommodate changing demands.

CUBLiFT mobile truck scales are available for purchase or rental and come in 40- or 80-foot sizes with concrete support platforms for fast and simple placement.

We have the following models;

  1. AXW-20 mobile truck scale

The AXW-20 is the standard model we have for the mobile truck scale. It is very simple to use and to set up on-site. We have listened to our clients, and agree that they desire an unbelievably cheap price tough, nonsensical, high-value mobile truck scale.

Our leading, portable mobile truck scales are very durable, reliable, and repetitive. This AXW-20 mobile truck scale is intended for hard work teams and imaginative leaders that constantly strive to improve their weighing process.


This fundamental mobile bench scale is a perfect choice for firms who want to monitor the weights of wheels, axles, and whole trucks. We provide a 1-year guarantee for parts and equipment.

It can weigh up to 40,000 lbs with an accuracy of 99.9%. The digital display is easy to read since it is backlit. This model can weigh in both pounds and kilos.

  1. AXW-45 mobile truck scale

The AXW-45 mobile truck scale system is created to provide extra functionality for clients searching for an easy-to-use, dependable truck scale system with a totalizing weighing terminal.

This model can weigh up to 90,000 lbs of load capacity. They feature a touch screen LCSD display screen which is backlit.

It is connected to a digital printer for printing out the weighted results. The battery is highly rechargeable and the scale has an accuracy of 99.9%.

It is highly ergonomic and can be utilized in extremely high-profile activities. For this and other models get them from our outlets or order them online at your preferred comfort and we will deliver.

The pads’ dimensions are 31″ by 27″. We also have customized sizes depending on your needs and truck size.

Because portability is critical when utilizing mobile scales, mobile truck scales are available in a variety of sizes and may be classified as mobile axle scales or mobile wheeled scales.

While all of these scales have comparable functions, companies searching for straightforward weighing solutions with a high-profile construction and resistance to severe environments.

They will find the ideal option in mobile truck scales. These battery-powered mobile scales are simple to use and deploy.

12. Which considerations are needed before purchasing a mobile truck scale?

It is vital to plan and prepare the purchase of a mobile truck scale for your business. A truck is a worthwhile decision for your company.

In this case, you need to do enough study before you buy one. Take into account the following concerns before making this investment.

The strategic location of your truck or vehicle. The physical characteristics of your company location might assist in determining the kind of mobile truck scale that is most appropriate for your location.

Mobile truck Scales installed in-ground and above-ground have distinct placement requirements. After installation, in-ground truck scales are flush with the surrounding landscape and need a hole stable foundation.

This is because no access is necessary, in-ground truck scales are excellent for enterprises with limited space.

The term approach refers to the amount of driving space required for trucks to drive onto the truck scale in order to be weighed.

Because they are elevated above level ground, above-ground truck scales do not need a pit foundation. They do need around 20 feet for the approach on both ends of the scale.

Additionally, the mobile truck scale will need an access ramp at either end. We provide these ramps as accessories of the mobile truck scale, you can also buy them separately.

Truck scales are designed to be mounted on a reasonably flat area. If your site is not level, you must level the area before installing the scale.

13. Why choose CUBLiFT mobile truck scales?

There are numerous reasons which might lead you to our scales one being quality. We offer a heavy-duty high-quality truck scale that will leave you wanting more.

They are highly cost-effective and provide the correct value for your money. You won’t regret investing your money in our truck scales.

We are known globally and internationally. We have clients all over the world who use our scales. We have been approved and certified by the international weighing board.

Our global sales and service divisions guarantee that our clients are served by trained, experienced, and devoted professionals. Everything is explained on site.

Our manufacturing operations are based in China, United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, etc. This proximity to our consumers benefits us not just logistically, but also in terms of responding fast and adjusting to local demands.

You may purchase our truck scales in over a hundred countries. We offer shipment services with 100% product follow-up.

We have received numerous reputations over the years for our high-performing heavy-duty scales. If you want to try our products, let us know immediately.


14. Which are the features of a mobile truck scale?

Mobile truck scales are typically a vital part of a production and profit stream of activities. Whether your business entails weighing 10 trucks per day or 100 trucks a day.

The necessity for a precise and dependable weighing system in terms of productivity and profitability is critical. However, selecting the correct truck scale is easier said than done for your organization.

You want to guarantee that the mobile truck scale you choose is suitable for the operations of your firm and provides the specific features and innovative weighing solutions you require.

If you are searching for a mobile truck scale, be on the watch for these vital features to guarantee that the productivity and profitability of your company are effectively increased.

Heavy-duty construction for your mobile scale will guarantee you long-term business operation. The demand for a sturdy truck scale is significant.

Particularly in harsh industries such as coal, aggregates, steel mills, and mining! When shopping for a truck scale you will want to seek one that has a strong-duty steel structure.

You should choose a mobile truck that can readily bear heavy traffic and axle weights. It should also be in the potential to accommodate even loads over legal road limits.

For applications not necessary for intense usage, the best solution is to search for a mobile truck scale suited for moderate traffic and axle loadings up to road limitations.

The accuracy of a scale is another feature to put into consideration when purchasing a truck scale. Accuracy may be one of the most significant elements to examine in terms of mobile scale.

accuracy is what distinguishes one truck scale from another. Nothing could impede an operation’s productivity and profitability as a CUBLiFT mobile truck scale.

Accurate measurements are required to operate a mobile truck scale. Failures of any kind may lead to substantial expenditures, not to mention the necessity to respect regulatory standards.

If you’re seeking the best truck scale, seek for weighing systems accurately exceeding the legal requirements for a weighting inaccuracy of up to 60 lbs. The more precisely the size of your vehicle, the more profit you may get.

15. How often should I calibrate a mobile truck scale?

Most applications for lawful commerce need a scale to be certified at particular intervals by local weights and measurement authority. This can either be on an annual basis or a monthly basis.

A further aspect to consider when considering how frequently to calibrate is the number of trucks weighed every day.

The demands for high traffic often lead the accuracy of the scale to drift quicker outside of tolerance ranges. Your company may be placed in danger of losing more earnings.

If the scale of your truck is high every day, you might try raising the calibration frequency. Finally, environmental conditions will impact mobile truck scale calibration.

Most of these mobile truck scale structure expands and contracts when temperatures vary. These small alterations have an unfavorable effect on the scale calibration.

Some of the latest scales, such as portable mobile truck scales, may prevent and even offset these impacts, but most do not. Ensure you calibrate your scale more often for a high degree of accuracy.

16. How long should a mobile truck scale be in operation?

CUBLiFT truck scales are designed to endure between 10 and 20 years in operation. However, longevity varies in several circumstances.

First, picking the right scale choice and the best quality manufacturer will set your scale for a long or short life filled with regrets.

When looking for a mobile truck scale, there is a huge variety in manufacturing quality. Environmental variables and the amount of traffic also have a role.

A scale of 200 trucks a day would wear quicker than a scale of only 20 trucks a day. CUBLiFT still has 35 years old scales on the field.

Many of our competitors have produced scales to last for 10 years only. Keep in mind you evaluate a significant positive correlation when choosing a mobile truck scale.

17. How can I safeguard my mobile truck scale from the effects of lighting?

Since mobile truck scales are placed on the ground, they can be subject to lightning. To solve this, CUBLiFT has developed a truck scale system with several lightning characteristics.

The initial line of defense for the home might be a single-point anchoring system with lightning protection devices. There is some amount of protection provided by these passive mechanisms.

Active systems may redirect the electricity from significant components of a lightning strike. CUBLiFT offers load cells that are fitted with the StrikeShield proactive lightning system.

These load cells actively redirect a bolt of lightning hit from the terminal back to the ground. They have been tested in a laboratory for efficiency with up to 80,000 amperes.

18. What is the difference between concrete and steel truck scales?

There is no big difference between concrete and steel trucks. They perform equally well in terms of weight since both are constructed to the same design criteria.

There are several distinctions, though, that may make one deck type more favorable for your application. Steel-deck truck scales need just one day to install and are less in weight.

Scales for concrete decks need a 28-day installation period since the concrete must dry during this time. Additionally, they are much heavier as compared to steel truck scales.

Scales on concrete decks provide superior grip over steel decks. This may become slippery when wet.

Additionally, concrete scales are more suited for point loading than steel decks, which is not advised. Both have comparable maintenance, service life, and overall project cost.

Business owners must choose which option is optimal for their application and requirements. In terms of portability, we advise you to go for steel truck scales.

19. How can I upgrade my mobile truck scale?

Upgrading your mobile truck scale is an ergonomic practice that is quite cheap and affordable. Upgrading is necessary if you are experiencing a cell load break with your truck scale.

If you obtain a brand new mobile truck scale you might need assistance in upgrading it. This is to make sure it is compatible with the mobile truckload cells, cables, and other external connectors.

The upgrade of these components with a CUBLiFT specialist is an economical method to transform a troubling scale into a new one.

With revolutionary load cell technology, CUBLIFT can transform your mobile truck scale to completely new scales. Let us know if you need any scale upgrades.

20. What is the difference between pit and above-ground foundations?

As the name indicates, a pit scale is constructed over an excavation, with the weighing platform’s surface level with the surrounding ground. So you have to dig a hole or a pit.

Although the depth of the pit is subjective, it may impact the ease with which any maintenance personnel can service it.

Pitless or open-sided scales are constructed from the ground up and have a profile of around 28cm to 51cm or 11″ to 20″. They may be open on one or both sides.

While the choice between a pit or pitless installation is frequently subjective, there are a few instances where a pit is required. In the case where there is insufficient space for an approach.

Also, you need a pit if there is a height restriction, or if safety regulations require it because there is no possibility of a truck falling off the sides. The selection will need to be tailored to the business and installation requirements.

It is up to you to choose how you are going to install the scale. Whether in a pit or on leveled ground.

21. What is a junction box?

A Junction Box is an essential tool for connecting a mobile truck scale with load cells. It improves the accuracy of the mobile truck scale by 100%.

It ensures the long-term stability of the mobile truck scale in terms of adjustments and temperature fluctuations. CUBLiFT provides these junction boxes at an affordable price.

You can get them as you purchase your mobile truck scale or buy them separately. We also have a description guide and a video about this junction box available from our website

If you need a junction box that utilizes digital load cells they are also available. Junction boxes aggregate numerous load cell signals and then transmit the combined signal.

A typical mobile truck scale equipped with analog load cells will have between two and four junction boxes. While the one equipped with a digital cell can use only one junction box.

22. How much does a mobile truck scale cost?

When you contemplate buying a new truck scale model, money is frequently one of the first factors. As with all significant purchases of equipment, several models and choices affect costs.

In summary, the price of our mobile truck scale range between $45,000 – $100,000. It is quite an investment to make.

First, let’s start with the original truck scale purchase price. Generally, truck scales are sold across the nation by independent dealers.

Most truck scale vendors represent many manufacturer brands of different scales. Some brands are common like CUBLiFT.

CUBLiFT brands are available all over the world. You may ask for advice from your local dealer to direct you to the brand that fits your budget and application best.

For further price changes, you can check out our websites. We offer discounts for every purchase you make.

When deciding on the price of the mobile pallet scale, you also need to analyze the long-term costs of the scale. Some scales may need more maintenance costs than the initial price them.

23. What is needed in mobile truck scale installation?

CUBLiFT scale offers many years of installation expertise with many sorts of scales. We provide full-solution services from platform truck scale projects to crane scale installations.

At CUBLiFT we can install new scales in various cities and industries across China. We have our in-house service teams and high-quality manufacturing partners that help us in the installation process.

Our installation services are completely incredible and we don’t leave unless the work is complete. We also do removal of scale or shifting scale to another position.

We also replace heavy-duty scales with new and updated ones. If you need our team on site we will be there to install the scale for you.

Installation of this mobile truck scale is not necessary since it is highly portable and can be moved around. Sometimes installation is necessary if the truck is operating from one point to another.

If you experience any challenges with installation, let us know immediately. We will direct you through the process.

24. Which foundation is best for this mobile truck scale?

Scale foundation determines the life duration of a scale. It also determines how much money remains in your pocket.

The base of the truck scale is the lowest load-carrying section of the scale. Even the slightest flaws in the foundation might produce unintentional wear and tear weighing mistakes.

Before construction, the slope of the land and the soil conditions must be carefully assessed, otherwise, the platform might cause some problems.

At CUBLiFT we have 3 types of mobile truck scale foundations. We have the base foundation for the pier, the beam, and the pit style.

The base foundation for the pier helps in sustaining every point of charge for the mobile scale. Typically, some foundation is placed under the frost line to avoid any detrimental impacts on the scale or the base when the earth freezes and thaws.

Pier foundations are popular in cold areas or where snow is commonly experienced. The other foundation for the beam contains concrete beams running along the length and breadth of the scale.

The base of the beam plate is usually stronger than the foundation of the pier, but more sensitive to cold. These foundations are used in warm areas that are free from moisture.

Finally, the foundation of the pit style contains pits of different depths below the scale. Each foundation is based on its scale and its terrain and has varying sizes.

It has a minimum depth to enable technicians to reach components beneath the truck scale. Pits may need further cleaning since waste may collect over time in the pits.

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