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5500 lb Pallet Jack

Check out heavy duty pallet jack from CUBLiFT.  Your premier Chinese pallet jack manufacturer offers you superior 550 lb pallet jack at most most affordable prices

  • No MOQ required for standard hand pallet jack
  • CE approval pallet jack product
  • Load-capacity: 5500lbs/2500KG
  • Fork Size(mm): 550*1150 / 685*1220 varies
  • Wheel Options: Nylon/PU/Rubber wheels
  • Steering Wheel(mm):  180*50
  • Power source:DC Motor

Customized Hand Pallet Jack or any other hand pallet jacks, electric pallet jacks are available upon request.

Standard Manual 5500 LP Pallet Jack

● Model:BH standard Style
● Capacity (lp): 5500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 520/550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/195
● Turning Radius(mm): 1265/1265/1335
● pump type :BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon
● Custom: Stainless steel / extra-low

Manual 5500 LP Pallet Jack Scale

● Model:BHC (Custom Pallet Jack)
● Capacity (LP): 5500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1000~2000
● Fork overall width (mm): –
● Height Min/Max (mm):85/195 (55/165 extra-low)
● Turning Radius (mm):1265/1265/1335
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): PU / RU / Nylon
● Weight:135~175

Custom 5500 LP Pallet Jack

● Model:BHA
● Capacity (LP): 5500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1160/1220
● Fork overall width(mm: 460/550/680
● Height Min/Max (mm): 80/220
● Display Scree: Waterproof / AE12E W Printer / A 27E
● pump (type): BF/DF/AC
● Wheel (type): NYLON
● Weight (kg): 90
● Custom: Stainless Steel

Electic Walkie 5500 LP Pallet Jack

● Model: BE1 (Walkie Rider)
● Capacity (LP): 5500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1150/1220
● Fork overall width (mm): 550/685
● Height Min/Max (mm):85/195
● Overall Height (mm): 1225
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm):1250
● Voltage/ Capacity/type: 24V / 65AH
● Wheel Type: PU

Electic Walkie Rider 5500 LP Pallet Jack

● Model:BE2 (Electric Rider Style)
● Capacity (LP): 5500
● Fork overall length (mm): 1200
● Fork overall width (mm): 560/685
● Height Min/Max (mm): 85/205
● Overall width/Height (mm): 870/1900
● Minimum Turning Radius (mm): 1545
● Voltage/ Capacity/type:24V/210AH/270AH/340AH
● Wheel Type:PU

All-Terrain 5500 LP Pallet Jack

● All-Terrain Pallet Jack
● Capacity (LP): 5500
● Height Min/Max (mm):50/200
● Fork overall width (mm): 700/850
● Fork overall length (mm):950
● Weight (kg): 280
● Voltage/ Capacity:48V/32AH

CUBLiFT: Your Premier 5500 lb Pallet Jack Manufacturer in China

5500 lb pallet jack DESC (22)5500 lb pallet jack is the best value for your material handling needs around your warehouse, industry, etc. CUBLiFT is honored to offer you a cost-effective, high-performance 5500 lb jack.

We are located in China for over 15 years now with clients all over. Our 5500 lb pallet jack comes with a spring-loaded loop handle to help you move heavy pallets and other items.

5500 lb pallet jack is comprised of a fork length with dimensions 27″ W by 48″ length. The jack is designed to lift 5500 lb pounds in 3 shifts within a 24-hour operation.

Besides, it is designed with the perfect durable powder coat finish of red/yellow/blue/green. The control steering wheel can be held at any angle and is used to raise and lower pallets.5500 lb pallet jack DESC (14)

CUBLiFT 5500 lb pallet jack is made of galvanized steel to prevent it from the effects of corrosion and rust. The wheels are made of a 3 ²polyurethane layer to withstand heavy use and last longer.

Once you purchase our pallet jack we guarantee you a 1~year warranty with technical and customer support. This will help you accomplish your plans without any worries about machine failures.

If you encounter problems with your 5500 lb pallet jack, call us immediately.  We also rent out our pallet jacks for use in short-term projects.

5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 1 5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 11 5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 13 5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 14 5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 15 5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 14 5500 lb pallet jack Certificate 17

For spare parts, you can request from us as we stock over 1000 replacement parts for your forklift. We also stock other pallet jack capacities like 1 ton pallet jack2 ton pallet jack, 2500kg pallet truck, 3 ton pallet jack, 5 ton pallet jack, 5000 lb pallet jack, 6000 lb pallet jack, etc. All of these are hand/manual operated pallet jacks or semi-electric pallet jack options.

At CUBLiFT, we work day and night to ensure you get the right material handling equipment with the best features. If we don’t have what you need at the moment in stock, we will make it fresh order for you.

Within 7~10 working days, we will have finished processing your order and shipment done. Trust us with your investment and we won’t disappoint you. Order or no order, we will be all the time here for you.

Pallet Truck manufacturer CUBlift team

5500LB PALLET JACK: Ultimate FAQ Guide

Who came up with the invention of the 5500lb pallet jack?

This idea of the creation of this pallet jack was from George Raymond Senior. This idea was implemented by his company that used to be known as the Lyon ironworks and later transformed into the Raymond Corporation.

How much can a 5500lb pallet jack lift?

This pallet jack has the capability of lifting between 700-5000 kg and move them from place to place efficiently. The wheels as well as the rollers are made from polyurethane that is resilient and provides more drip for support when moving on surfaces that are smooth.

What are the parts of a 5000lb pallet jack?

  1. Chassis
  2. Tiller’s arm
  3. Hydraulic pump
  4. Lifting mechanism
  5. Steering(Front-) wheels
  6. Load rollers (single/ tandem)
  7. Control lever
  8. Parking-/ Footbrake (Option)
  9. Progressive parking and drive brake, lever with drum brake(Optional)
  10. Identification plate (ID-plate)
  11. Company logo and/or capacity sticker
  12. Lifting function instruction sticker
  13. Eventually capacity sticker

What is the use of a 5500 lb pallet jack?

This pallet jack is used in warehouses to provide support when moving heavy things on pallets especially where the forklift is not needed. It can be used to move loads that have less weight for short distances. The manual effort is not required when lifting materials that are heavy by use of hydraulic lifting or winch. This gives much more support and control of the load.it is built with forks that slide under pallets which enables the machine to raise and lower workloads and also position them to fit in small spaces by moving them over flat surfaces. It can manage up to 5 tonnes of weight. There are mini-jacks that lift lighter loads of up to 150kgs. The mini-jacks are mainly used to load small pallets into vehicles.

Which maintenance practices should be carried on the 5500lb pallet jack?

Which maintenance practices should be carried on the 5500lb pallet jack?

  • After 5 to 6 months there should be a regular check on the level of the hydraulic oil… The recommended oil to be used should be ISO VG32.
  • The piston rod may contain air which should be eliminated regularly by raising the control handle up and then moving the handle up and down several times.

Air can also enter the hydraulic pump in the process of transportation.

  • It is recommended that an operator should be certain to check on various parts of the pallet jack such as the wheels, axle. After an operator is done using the pallet jack the forks should be lowered to the lowest point.
  • There should be regular lubrication of all moving parts of the machine using lubricants like grease or oil.

What are the common problems that may occur on the 5500lb pallet jack and how to fix them?

  • Oil usually leaks when the seals are worn out or damaged which causes the oil to spill through any cracks on the sealing parts. The only solution is purchasing new ones and replacing them.
  • When the forks cannot raise to the required height it shows that hydraulic oil is not adequate and more oil should be added.
  • In case the forks cannot be lifted up there are a number of possible reasons:

Semi-electric 5500 lb pallet jack BMThis problem can possibly be caused by the use of oil that is impure or if there is no oil in the system. The same can happen when the nut FS116 is too high or the screw FS223 is too close which makes the pumping valve open. When the air has got into the hydraulic oil this may also cause a similar problem. This problem can be solved by filling in with fresh oil or remove the air that has entered.

  • Sometimes the forks may descend without the release valve is used. This occurs when there are impurities in the hydraulic oil which makes the release valve not be tight enough when closed. This can be solved by replacing the oil. This problem also can be caused when the adjusted nut or the screw is not positioned correctly. This is solved by adjusting the nut or the screw.
  • When the forks cannot descend when the piston rod or the mast or is not in good condition which can be caused by slanting the load to one side or overloading past the required limit capacity. When the fork is kept in a raised position for a long period of time hence the piston rod can be blocked from movement due to rusting that jams the rod’s path. The adjusting nut must also be in the right position. The rollers should be well lubricated. This may also be avoided by keeping the fork in a low position when not in use and practicing lubrication on the rod. The adjusting nut or screw should also be in the right position.

What are the safety guidelines when using the 5500lb pallet jack?

Stainless Steel 5500 lb pallet jack BH1SThe pallet jack should not be loaded past the maximum capacity it can handle which is 5000 kilograms.

The machine should only be operated after an inspection is done paying attention to the pilot wheel, door frame, wheels, and handle.

The operator should read and understand all warning signs and the instructions that are provided on the machine before operating it.

The machine should not lift people.

The equipment should not be used on a slope.

The jack should not be used by personnel that is not trained and authorized by the company.

An operator should be in protective gloves for protection before working..

All people must be 600mm away from the forks when the loads are being used.

The weight of the workload being lifted or transported should be distributed on the two forks and not on one fork. The center of gravity should be in between the two forks.

For safety reasons, it is recommended that the jack should not be loaded with weight even close to its limit.

Forks should be around 4 to 6 inches above the ground to avoid catching the ramp or the floor when going up an incline.electric 5500 lb pallet jack

If the 5500lb pallet jack is stopped manually, there should be adequate stopping room for slowing down and also be wary of other people and workers close by. This is because heavy workloads that are being transported can build up a lot of momentum when slowing down without brakes and so space will enable it to come to a controlled stop.

The operator should reduce speed on slopes.

Individuals that are under the influence of drugs and alcohol are not permitted to use the truck.

The load should be pulled rather than pushed so as to see obstacles as well as prevent injuring people.

Make sure it has sufficient overhead clearance.

The machine should not be left in front of firefighting equipment or fire escapes or on the path with traffic.

The operator should not move the loads unless raised more than 300mm from the ground level.

What checks are made before operating a 5500lb pallet jack?

Hand 5500 lb pallet jack Scale BH1ACheck that all labels are in place.

Check if there is any oil leakage.

Check the smooth movement of the wheels and if brakes are functional.

Check if there are damages on the wheels.

Check if there all the nuts and bolts are firmly tightened.

Check for structural deformation or cracks of arms, forks, or any other part of the 5500lb pallet jack or the unusual noise in its movement.

Check the vertical creep of the lifting mechanism.

What might be the advantages of the 5500lb pallet jack compared to the electric pallet jack?

Hand 5500 lb pallet jack BH1The 5500lb pallet jack has low support as it has no electric highlights. It is easy to configuration makes it simpler to fix and substantially more rapidly than electric pallet jacks and the extra parts are handily gotten to.

The 5500lb pallet jack does not need as much instruction and training.

The plan of the jack likewise permits the 5500lb pallet jack to ship substantial loads effectively and easily without causing harm.

The 5500lb pallet jack is likewise known to be dependable and entirely solid. It is worked with a lot more grounded plan that makes it simpler to likewise keep up it over a drawn-out period. These jacks are considerably tougher in taking care of troublesome work in working environments.

On account of the low expenses when contrasted with electric pallet jacks, they are generally utilized in the business.

The plan of the 5500lb pallet jack likewise serves the upside of empowering them to fit numerous sorts of pallets. This adaptable trademark permits it to be utilized in different activities. The forks are additionally bought with shifting determinations to all the more likely serve the applications.

What are the disadvantages of the 5500lb pallet jack?

They can likewise be more tedious to work in contrast with the electric pallet jack.

The 5500lb pallet jack has the impediment of perhaps putting a strain on the worker and causing injury.

In view of the restriction of the measure of weight a worker can proceed onward his own, these jacks are not gainful when stacking weight close to its suggested limit.

Does one need the training to use the 5500lb pallet jack?

The 5500lb pallet jack is not hard to work and does not really require specific preparing anyway mishaps may happen because of other outside components and the absence of consistency with security precautionary measures. In any case, there is some essential preparation required, for example,

A presentation

Hypothesis and video

Workers code

Battery charging

Truck soundness

Hydraulic controls
Pre-shift checks record

How do I operate a 5500lb pallet jack?

Find the delivery switch. The operator should remain behind the pallet jack with hands on the metal controlling handle confronting the forks or prongs which will do the lifting of the pallets. The operator ought to distinguish a plastic delivery switch on the handle that is connected to the middle bar. On most occasions, it is typically of an alternate shading that makes it simple to distinguish since it sticks out.

Move to the pallet and press the switch. The operator should then move the pallet jack to whatever is to be taken out or lifted. At that point press the delivery switch upwards then inwards to bring down the fork, in any event, one inch off from the beginning. At the point when low the prongs will not move when the switch is squeezed.

At that point slide the forks under the pallet to stack. At the point when the folks are brought down totally, the operator can slide them under the pallet that will be moved. For a situation where they are too high to even think about sliding under the pallet effectively, this implies the prongs haven’t been brought down totally and subsequently the operator should press the delivery switch once more. One should ensure the prongs are pushed through under the bed so the wheels are laid on the floor and an extraordinary piece of the pallet.

Raise the pallet. When the forks are under the pallet, the operator should then draw the metallic handle and the whole place bar towards the operator at a point. You should feel some sort of opposition and the forks ought to continuously lift the pallet. This ought to be done a few times so the forks are far enough starting from the earliest stage that it does not drag the heap.

What are the upsides of utilizing the 5500lb pallet jacks?

It is profoundly reliable hardware. The 5500lb pallet jack does truly difficult work execution that is needed in numerous businesses. The machine is intended to slip into difficult situations to control and guarantee the security of the heaps.

This machine additionally builds the effectiveness of work and profitability of the business. They help organizations with little working spaces to move around gear and transport substantial hardware. This machine can likewise build requests in the stockroom making other ordinary working schedules run productively and furthermore expands efficiency.

This machine guarantees the security of laborers in the work environment. Lifting can be exhausting to laborers and can cause wounds. This machine lessens the actual exertion required as the water-powered lifting measure or the manual pallet jacks winch do all the troublesome work making the workplace more secure. The expanded control guarantees the security of the remaining task at hand and items during lifting and transportation.

There is a wide assortment of 5500lb pallet jacks that are accessible for various lifting cycles and capacities that accompany a scope of costs that will fit the requirements of each purchaser and business.

The 5500lb pallet jack is a conservative option in contrast to the forklift since they are of more modest size and significantly less weight making it reasonable for stockrooms and light producers.

Do you need a permit to work a 5500lb pallet jack?

To work a 5500lb pallet jack one does not bother with a permit anyway the organization that utilizes an operator for the 5500lb pallet jack ought to give the fundamental preparation to evade laborers from harming themselves. Some different organizations offer declarations to show the ability of the machine while different organizations just give preparation. OSHA requires preparing where individuals are assessed following three years. There is no prerequisite for a permit when utilizing a 5500lb pallet jack in any case, all operators ought to be equipped in working with the machines. Despite the fact that there is no lawful prerequisite it is critical to prepare all operators for wellbeing purposes.

How does one change the delivery gadget?

On the drawbar of this hand jack the operator can discover the control handle which can be managed in three positions:

Lower: to bring down the forks.

Neutral: to move the heap

Lift: to raise the fork.

These positions have been set as of now by the processing plant. On the off chance that they are transformed you can transform them through the accompanying advances:

In the event that the forks are raised while siphoning in the Neutral position, the operator should turn the changing fastener clockwise or turn the changing screw until the siphoning cycle does not lift the forks and the neutral position has worked fittingly.

In the event that the forks plunge while siphoning in the Neutral position turn the nut or the screw clockwise until forks do not lower. In the event that the forks do not bring down when the control handle is lower, the operator should turn the nut or screw clockwise until it raises the control handle brings down the forks

In the event that the forks do not raise while siphoning in the lift position, the operator should turn the nut or the screw clockwise until the forks hoist while siphoning in the lift position. At that point check the lower and neutral positions.

How would I append the handle to the siphon unit?

The operator should eliminate 3 jolts from the handle section

Set the idea about the section, one should see that it permits the chain and changing jolts to go through the opening in the focal point of the section and shaft.

The operator should embed the 3 jolts through the handle into the section at that point fix them safely.

At that point, the operator will raise the switch plate and acquire the changing screw to the opening at the front at that point keep the changing nut on the underside of the switch plate.

What are the variables to consider while picking a 5500lb pallet jack?

A purchaser ought to consider if the pallets being moved whether are ‘open’ or ‘shut’. This is important to pick the significant sort of jack for the pallets. On the off chance that the pallet is ‘shut,’ that is, there are no holes at the base of the pallets then there will be the requirement for a ride pallet jack to facilitate the lifting cycle. Notwithstanding, on the off chance that the activity includes ‘open’ pallets then there is no requirement for legs to ride the pallet as they can go into the bed straightforwardly.

One ought to consider what weight is to be conveyed by the pallet stack and the size of the beds to be moved. It is essential to comprehend the work likewise and to guarantee the 5500lb pallet jack picked can deal with the work.

Bigger offices will require electric pallet trucks instead of 5500lb pallet jacks. 5500lb pallet jacks are utilized for short distances for products up to 5tonnes. Moving pallet s over a significant distance physically can be bulky. Anyway in little working territories where moving is required the 5500lb pallet jack is more reasonable. This is additionally on the grounds that it does not need a ton of room for it to back off to a stop.

During the acquisition of the pallet jack, one ought to consider where the heaps are being moved to and how high up will the pallet need to go.

A potential purchaser ought to likewise consider activity necessities, for example, the number of lifts to be done per move, regardless of whether it is feasible to work a manual lift in a workplace that is occupied, and furthermore consider whether the manual tasks will put pressure that is superfluous on the operators utilizing the jacks.

Potential purchasers ought to consider that jacks utilize eight hours to charge thus it is imperative to ensure that there is sufficient reality to charge ideally expedite.

One ought to consider the workplace that the 5500lb pallet jack will be utilized in. While picking a 5500lb pallet jack one ought to consider if there are any limitations in the workplace if there are overhead hindrances like pillars and lights and if there is sufficient space to move.

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